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Hearing Rock, Cat inwardly cursed.

This guy was clearly trying to take advantage, egging on Cat’s people to see if he could get any benefits.

This rough looking pugilist was actually very resourceful.

Anna coldly watched this nonsense. The only thing about this that satisfied her was that after Bramble’s captain took his stance, the Bramble members stood away, meaning that they had no objection to the contract.

But they didn’t leave, and just stood there, apparently wanting to look at the performance.

After all, everyone was curious about how strong Masked Twin Blades was, having suddenly risen to fame.

Cat was helpless, as if he retreated now, that person’s plans would definitely be spoiled.

The penalty fees was a large amount of money, and although that person’s compensation was enough to cover it, it would still be a loss of reputation. This wasn’t worth it.

If they could smoothly destroy the White River Valley’s recovery plan, it would definitely be the best.

It really wasn’t good, but they could only try to benefit as much from the situation as possible. After all, they were adventurers and not that person’s subordinates.

"Green?" Cat asked.

A silent brown haired guy stepped forward when his leader called.

He was wearing a fine set of leather armor, but unlike Marvin, he was carrying a long saber.

That long saber was a little similar to Japan’s katana but wider and thicker. This meant that it would result in a stronger slashing force when attacking a monster.

Green was a cold-blooded blade master. Countless monsters and even adventurers had died under his blade, most of them very gruesomely.

One slash two wounds.

"[Wandering Fighter]?"

Marvin narrowed his eyes, focusing on Green’s movements. That kind of long saber was only used by the 2nd rank class, wandering fighter.

This guy was obviously not a 2nd rank wandering fighter yet but it seemed like he was thinking of going toward that path.

Wandering fighters had impressive dexterity, but their strength was also quite fierce. With enough momentum, their blade could split someone in half.

In his previous life, these kinds of quick and fierce moves were popular with the players.

But for this kind of class… Marvin knew how to subdue them.


"Miss Anna, even if you said that we don’t need to deal with the caster, we still need to check this Masked Twin Blades strength. Let him fight with our level 5 fighter, we need to be sure."

"I believe Sir Masked Twin Blades wouldn’t mind?" Cat coldly said.

"If we win, you shut up." Anna said back with an even colder voice, then, with a hint of disgust, "Either get out of here and pay your penalty, or help us repel those gnolls."

"Sure!" Cat answered straightforwardly this time. If Masked Twin Blades displayed martial skills that could convince him, he wouldn’t mind temporarily altering his plans.

Being able to go along and complete the mission was good. That person… If he had told him that Masked Twin Blades would show up, he wouldn’t have come.

White River Valley’s young lord was truly reckless, actually daring to hire a wanted criminal to recover his lost territory.

According to Cat’s information, things were not that simple. A lot of people were watching that territory.

Even if this territory’s recovery was successful, that young lord might have a lot of troubles afterwards.

Thinking of this, Cat’s mood turned a bit better.

But at that time, Masked Twin Blades coldly said, "I don’t fight, I kill."

The living room was frozen!

‘This guy is too arrogant!’

Green, angrily gripping his long saber, ruthlessly rushed to Marvin who was leaning on the counter, intending to kill.

Anna and Andre were both startled. They wanted to stop him but it was too late.

Anna’s gaze was focused on Marvin, not scared that he would be hurt but rather that he would really kill Green.

Missing a team would be very troublesome. Recovering White River Valley was already difficult as it was.

Marvin, still leaning on the counter, narrowed his eyes.

He didn’t move until Green arrived in front of him. At that time, he acted.

Reaching the 20 dexterity stage gave him a strong ability to react. His eyes locked onto Green’s right shoulder as soon as Green rushed toward him.

That body part would move first when the other side planned to attack!

Green’s right shoulder trembled, giving a sign of him using strength!

Marvin’s body moved forward and he stood in front of Green in an instant.

Everyone shuddered.

‘This kind of reaction speed, along with that weird move…’

Not waiting for their reaction. "Clang" could be heard as Marvin unsheathed a dagger.

This was his right-hand dagger. Because Green was also using his right-hand, and his strength was definitely higher than Marvin’s, in order to stop his assault, he had to use a slightly stronger move first!

Even though [Two-Weapon Fighting] gave Marvin’s hands more or less the same skill proficiency, there was still a strength gap.

Green was shocked. Before he had time to lift his long saber up he already suffered a hit from the back of the dagger.

"Ah!" Green bellowed, before quickly adapting.

He immediately did an attack from below, a small curved slash, the edge of his saber aiming at Marvin’s lower half.

Marvin sneered, ‘Seems like this brother has seen this trick way too often!’

Second stab!

Left hand.

A simple block that didn’t require much skill. As long as he found the spot with the weakest strength on the long saber, he could stop the momentum.

To Marvin, this kind of move wasn’t an issue.


Marvin stopped the attack.

But at the same time, Marvin’s third attack was already on the way!

Two-weapon fighting was powerful because of the ability to multitask.

His left hand was blocking while his right hand was attacking!

The cold blade kept flashing under the candle light.

This dagger was aiming at Green’s neck.

Even if the later was still wearing a leather armor, he would simply be unable to withstand Marvin’s dagger.

The other were watching with a blank look, feeling stifled.

Marvin moves and reaction speed, it felt as if he completely saw through Green’s moves.

Three moves!

He only needed three moves to push Green into a dead-end!

Cat was shocked, he felt his intestines turn green from regret.

If the dagger really kept going, Green’s life...

"Stop!" Someone anxiously shouted.

It was actually Anna.

The next second, Marvin dagger’s momentum slowed, before lightly hitting Green’s shoulder.


Green was sweating. He let go of his long saber and it fell on the ground!

There was an uproar. Green was considered as an expert among the River Shore City’s low level adventurers.

But he couldn’t receive more than three attacks when facing Masked Twin Blades. And looking at his appearance, he had received a huge shock.

As a fighter, to be unable to handle a dagger combo.

If it wasn’t for Miss Anna yelling on time, maybe...

Anyway, the fame of Masked Twin Blades in River Shore City should rise.

As for Green.

As someone aiming to be a wandering fighter, he had received a serious blow to his confidence.

It would take a long time to overcome it. Whether he’d be able to completely recover or not was the question.


Marvin inwardly praised Anna. She yelled at the perfect time.

Otherwise, Marvin would have needed to deal with Green to keep the image of Masked Twin Blades.

Though, it was something that the two had planned previously.

Marvin would be in charge of intimidating them and Anna would be in charge of soothing them.

That way, the group of troublemaking mercenaries would know their place.

Soon, someone came and helped Green up. Anna noticed that this man was sweating.

It was clear that he felt extremely pressured by those earlier moves.

Rock, standing on the side, also didn’t say anything else. This pugilist had a grave expression.

Fear was especially noticeable when Marvin gave him a meaningful glance.

Pugilists would clearly suffer losses when facing daggers. Rock came to the conclusion that he would lose his life if he went against Masked Twin Blades.

This was someone whose blade skills were close to perfection.

Even if some actions were strangely stiff, he was already quite abnormal.

"Is there any more questions?" Anna smiled.

The adventurers in the living room didn’t say a word.

The old cripple, seeing what had happened, served food, coffee, and so on.

The tension eased a little as everyone began to eat.

Anna didn’t let the adventurers go check in at the inn after dinner; she directly started planning.

First was White River Valley’s entrance: there were four gnolls standing guard there, and two of them were archers.

Of course, those were no problem.

The problem was the six mutated aardwolves.

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