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Chapter 34: Gathering the troops!

In Feinan world, anything related to a dragon was amazing.

As the existence at the top of the food chain, every dragon had massively destructive power. For a legendary level or lower, getting rid of a dragon was extremely difficult.

And even if the dragon strength potion didn’t have anything to do with a dragon, it still had the dragon name. This meant that it wasn’t ordinary.

This kind of potion descriptor was in fact a generic term in the medicine ranking system.

Taking this potion could temporarily increase his attributes substantially.

It could definitely make the difference at a crucial time of a fight.

Under the conscientious appraisal of Master Cole and that wizard apprentice, Marvin’s five gold coins weren’t wasted. He got the potion’s description.

[Dragon Strength]: Strength +6, Dexterity +4. Lasts 10 minutes.

These kinds of attributes were nearly unmatched. Marvin couldn’t imagine how fierce he could be after drinking it.

His strength was relatively weak, at only 11, but it would reach 17 after drinking the dragon strength potion.

This was close to 2nd rank fighter standards!

Furthermore, there was also a 4 dexterity increase. Having 24 dexterity meant that he would be able to move as he pleased in the sky above and the earth below.

This potion was a priceless treasure.

Fortunately, the ranger guild still had some integrity. Master Cole and that apprentice wizard had appraised a lot of similar medicines together. Up until he left, Marvin didn’t sense any malicious attention from them.

That was the reason why Marvin picked the ranger guild, as major organizations weren’t too messy.

If it was goblin Bane… They also have an appraiser over there, but would he be able to not have any evil plans when seeing such treasures?

Black Horn Eagle Inn.

A list of names was handed to Marvin.

"Only fifteen people?"

Marvin was somewhat surprised.

He had given Anna instructions to recruit about twenty people.

"The fees of high level adventurers are too high, and the highest of the lower level were only there to cheat us of our money, we don’t need them."

"These fifteen are more or less what we need."

"Moreover, the idea that the more the better doesn’t really apply to adventurers," Anna added. "Even if they all signed a contract, if our strength is weaker, we might not be able to suppress them."

Marvin nodded, understanding Anna’s worries.

Relying on these adventurers to recapture White River Valley? It could actually end up being ruled by those adventurers.

The garrison’s strength was somewhat weak, so if they recruited too many adventurers and let them form a force, this could end up unfavorably for Marvin.

The butler girl had thoroughly analyzed the situation.


"The gnolls have a shaman." Marvin said.

"What?" Anna was shocked, "A shaman? How could this be?"

"I saw it myself. He almost discovered me." Marvin forced a rare smile, "They also have a type of mutated aardwolves. Extremely hard to deal with. As for those gnoll fighters, they aren’t much of an issue."

A hundred and fifty gnoll fighters might sound like a lot, but human adventurers levels were higher than theirs.   

For one adventurer to fight two or three wouldn’t be a problem. As long as they could get rid of the leader, their morale would go down.

But that crafty shaman would surely hide in a corner during the fight, not found by anyone.

Those mutated aardwolves were under his control. He needed to find a way to subdue those aardwolves or eliminate that shaman.

Or else it would be quite difficult to win.

"About those aardwolves, when they raided us, I killed one."

Anna frowned and seriously said her opinion, "They don’t have any vitals; my sword pierced their heart and they wouldn’t die.


"This kind of…"

Marvin hadn’t fought with mutated aardwolves so he knew very little about them.

These things are really hard to get rid of. A large body, high speed, great destructive power and no weak points.

If a few were killed by those aardwolves, it would be fine on the garrison side, but the adventurers might get crushed.

As Marvin was thinking, he grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote something down.

Anna calmly stood to the side, looking more and more surprised at Marvin skillfully writing.

‘Young Master Marvin… Is a genius! He already found three ways to restrain those aardwolves in such a short time!’

‘It seems like that misfortune actually awakened his potential. Will his strong and wise side be forced out?’

Anna was deep in thought.

"Yes. Let’s go with this. We will set off three days later," said Marvin firmly.

"But what about that shaman?" Anna asked, worried.

Even if shaman spells weren’t as strong as those of wizards, it was still a powerful class.

"I’ll take care of it." Marvin picked up the list of names of the adventurers and read it meticulously.

There were fifteen adventurers separated into two small teams of six and three solo guys.

The fifteen were all 1st rank adventurers with no advanced class.

Anna wasn’t wrong: even if Marvin had money now, high level adventurers cost too much. It wasn’t worth it.

And if a guy too strong joined, Marvin might actually have his leadership threatened.

What made Marvin surprised was that one of the six-man teams was relatively well-known in River Shore City.


"This Bramble team has quite a bit of fame in the low level adventurers circle, their captain is a level 5 fighter." Marvin’s gaze briefly stopped on the names of the Bramble members, as if he was taking notes.

"Seems like we have good luck," Anna promptly responded. "Normally, based on the Bramble’s strength, the contract fees should be insufficient to hire this experienced team."

"But it turns out that their boss’ daughter contracted some kind of strange illness, and they need a high level priest to save her. They are in urgent need of money and there are no big contracts lately, so as a result, they took ours."

"This team sounds a bit trustworthy." Marvin nodded.

Anna’s efforts could be seen in that list of fifteen people.

The other six-man team also had sufficient strength and reasonable equipment. Although they were a relatively new team, according to the records their mission completion rate was very high.

As for the three solo guys, they were quite strong. One was a level 4 ranger proficient with the bow, one was a level 5 druid able to shapeshift into a brown bear, and the last was a rarely seen pugilist.

All of them had a bit of fame in River Shore City. According to Marvin’s calculations, the portion of the fees for the three solo adventurers was actually the highest.

"There is no problem with that list of names. We will set off three days later. Notify Andre and the others to make their preparations."

Marvin made his decision.

Three days later, they would recover White River Valley!

"Where should be regroup?" Anna asked.

"Night Tide Inn," replied Marvin, indicating a surprising location. "When I came back, I found out that that small family inn was still open. Gather there."

"You command this operation. I won’t go."

Anna was surprised, "You won’t go?"

She was astonished.

Marvin smiled. "I definitely can’t, since I’m a weak and powerless noble. But Masked Twin Blades can."

Anna relaxed and displayed a knowing smile.

Young Master Marvin didn’t conceal it from her. This was the happiest thing to her.

Three days later, in an area outside of River Shore City’s rule, Night Tide Inn.

This small family inn in decline was actually only made by an old crippled farmer who built an house in the surroundings to provide a place to rest.

After White River Valley fell into the hands of the gnolls, there was almost no one using the main road between White River Valley and River Shore City.

But Night Tide Inn was still open. The old cripple didn’t have anything else to do.

As for moving, he didn’t even think about it. He would only consider it if that group of wretched gnolls came over.

But he knew that they wouldn’t dare. This was River Shore City territory, and that group of gnolls wouldn’t dare kill here. They would be eliminated by River Shore patrols.

But tonight, Night Tide Inn welcomed a lot of guests.

His inn could only fit twenty people at most, but tonight, there were actually thirty six people!

And among them was a woman.

But that cripple actually recognized that woman. She was White River Valley’s Butler.

He hurriedly left the room. Entertaining these thirty guests actually made him a little happy.

But when he planned to go in the kitchen, he heard sounds of struggle coming from the living room.

‘Terrible! They won’t cut down my family tapestry, will they?’

The old cripple’s heart sank as he went to check. That was a group of undisciplined adventurers. Something must be happening.

He hurriedly put down the pile of steamed buns and limped toward the living room.

In the living room, thirty or so people were split into multiple factions, standing opposite of each other.

They seemed ready to fight.

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