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A+ A- Chapter 312: Hell Space

The Ophanim was filled with disbelief!

Everything she knew about Marvin came from Glynos.

Even if the Shadow Prince had met Marvin several times, he actually didn't know Marvin's real strength.

The first time he came in contact with him was that night in White River Valley, when Marvin turned into an Asuran Bear and mauled the Crimson Patriarch to death!

But that battle was also Glynos' most depressing night.

He arrived in Feinan and suffered from the combined force of Inheim, Owl, and Hathaway.

Not only did he lose his Time Molt, but his achievement of stealing the Moon Goddess Faniya's lingerie was also revealed.

Under these circumstances, when he didn't even have time to escape, how could he have the leisure to pay any attention to Marvin?

The second time was the during the Decaying Plateau's war. This actually somewhat drew Glynos' eye to Marvin.

A mortal who wasn't even a Legend was able to kill Diggles with the Golden Scissors.

He was obviously not just any ordinary mortal.

Unfortunately, his attention was again on Inheim and the others, and thus he didn't see Marvin turn into an Asuran Bear, and still didn't know about it.

In fact, they had crossed paths earlier than that, but Glynos didn't know. When he attempted to assassinate Hathaway after the tournament, Marvin was the one who had warned her. But with the appearance of the other Legends, he disregarded the mere mortal that was hanging about, and thus he never considered that it could have been Marvin.

As a result, even if he remembered Marvin's appearance and wanted to investigate him, with the Universe Magic Pool and that layer of fog, he couldn't get too much information.

Thus, overall he knew very little about Marvin. Level 18 Ranger or Assassin? He could use Battle Gunner's tricks? And might possess Constantine's [Brilliant Purple]?

This was all he knew about Marvin.

And the Ophanim had received all this information.

She thought she could easily kill Marvin, but the cruel reality ruthlessly slapped her in the face, and so did Marvin!

Marvin had deliberately been entangling with the Ophanim in melee just for this opportunity.

He lowered his opponent's awareness, and the result was pretty good. Angels were truly a brainlessly haughty bunch.

Marvin's ability to seize an opportunity was first-rate.

The moment the Fierce Asuran Bear appeared, even the Ophanim turned pale!

If her real body was here, she wouldn't be worried about a powerful creature like a Fierce Asuran Bear, but she had rushed over too hurriedly. This body had at most 40% of her strength.

Marvin swiped downward!


The Ophanim flickering with golden light was shot into the ruins!

The pair of Judgement Swords also fell to the ground.

The difference of power between both sides was truly too big!

In a fight against a Fierce Asuran Bear, the Ophanim would normally make use of her flying advantage.

But would Marvin give her the chance to?

The answer was obviously no.

Not only was the Fierce Asuran Bear a lot bigger than before, but his Strength and Dexterity also greatly increased.

Marvin kept swiping, and it was actually very fun!

Thanks to his fight against the Crimson Patriarch, he was now sharper when it came to determining the timing of Divine Spells.

The Ophanim simply didn't have any chances to use a Divine Spell.

Every time Divine Power finished gathering, it would be scattered by a bear slap!

The golden radiance on her body began to dim.

She tried to resist, but it was futile!

The next second, Marvin's right paw ruthlessly swiped down!


The Divine Power covering the Ophanim's body scattered.

Fear was apparent on her face.

She hadn't expected that just as she was going to end a mortal's life with her Judgement Swords, she wou

ld face a Celestial Monster!

She felt extremely regretful. If she had been a bit more careful, if she had chosen to fight in the air… But what was done was done.

The Ophanim's golden radiance began to dim quickly.

The Fierce Asuran Bear locked the Ophanim in his paws and grabbed the angel's wings!

"No!" Gwen let out an heartbreaking cry.

Marvin ignored her scream and savagely tore her wings apart!

The two wings flickering with golden light were pulled off by Marvin.

Numerous feathers scattered, carrying drops of golden blood.

The Divinity flickering in Gwen's eyes immediately began to disappear.

Marvin roared toward the sky. The angel wasn't as awe-inspiring as she was earlier after losing her wings.

The Asuran Bear then quickly and efficiently turned her into a bloody mess!

The High Priestess died!

The Idol shattered!

The Angel fell!

Tonight, the people of Royal City witnessed a mythical battle. The Fierce Asuran Bear was indeed powerful and savage.

But the Angel's death made them feel satisfied!

The Shrine shouldn't be able to make a comeback this time, right?

In the end, Nottingheim was a human kingdom.

On the ruins of the prayer hall, Marvin's figure quickly shrank.

He felt painful all over and very weak.

Turning into the Fierce Asuran Bear while being injured was a huge burden on his body.

Moreover, the Divine Power released by the Ophanim before her death did harm him quite a bit.

But there was still a wan smile on his face.

'Finally done.'

'Without Holy Children, no Angel can descend. This Gwen is truly the perfect example of stupidity.'

Though he regretted not being able to save the children, Marvin was happy with the outcome of the fight itself.

Even if the Angel could fly, she still wouldn't be the Asuran Bear's match, but she would be a lot more troublesome to deal with.

Because of this, Marvin liked fighting Angels and Demons. These two lifeforms usually had a very direct fighting style, rarely involving trickery.

Devils and Evil Spirits were completely different. Marvin would have a headache fighting one of those.

The Hellhound dashed out from a corner of the ruins.

It had watched that whole battle.

Marvin could see that the pup had some respect for him.

This respect didn't come from the aura of the Archdevil he had on his body, but was the acknowledgment of Marvin's strength.

Even at his peak, the Hellhound might not necessarily have been the Angel's match. And Marvin dealt with her easily.

This made the Hellhound feel that his master's strength was really deep and immeasurable.

Tactics weren't part of the Hellhound's vocabulary.

Marvin thought of this and couldn't help but laugh aloud.

The Ophanim would definitely go all-out while being extremely cautious if she faced a Hellhound. But facing a mortal, she inevitably relaxed.

This was the reason for her fall.

Marvin sat on the ground to rest. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed something.

The Judgement Swords were still emitting light.

Marvin frowned. This wasn't good.

If he took them, it would be equivalent to bringing a tracking device with him. Glynos could find him through the Fake Artifact.

But throwing them away wasn't too good either. These things were too dangerous.

'I have to find a proper way to deal with this pair of swords…'

He sank into contemplation.

The Hellhound suddenly barked twice and rush over.

Marvin momentarily froze. He didn't know what the hound was planning.

After arriving in front of the Judgement Swords, he started licking them!

Before Marvin could recover, that guy swallowed them whole!

"Hold on…"

"I didn't know that you were such a foodie…"

"Did you really just eat them?" Marvin was shocked.

The Hellhound shook his head and spit the pair of Judgement Swords back out.

Marvin instantly understood.

This guy's belly had a storage space!

He checked the Hellhound's memories again thanks to the contract and he soon found that the Hellhound had a pleasantly surprising ability!

[External Hell Space]: This Hellhound has an innate Hell Space of three cubic meters. The items in this Hell Space can't be detected by lifeforms that didn't originate from Hell.

That space could actually block Divine perception?

How could he possibly not take advantage of the Hellhound's ability in the future?

Marvin was overjoyed and immediately told the Hellhound to put away the Judgement Swords.

The Fake Artifacts were still Artifacts. Even if the Shadow Prince had a lot of those Artifacts, and they weren't particularly high grade among them, for the current Marvin it was still powerful equipment.

The only drawback was that he would be discovered by Glynos whenever he used them.

There were no other issues. Marvin fit all the requirements to use this pair of Fake Artifacts.

This was the advantage of Divinity.

A lot of people didn't have Divinity and would be stuck. They couldn't use some Legendary items, Fake Artifacts and genuine Artifacts!

After taking care of the Judgement Swords, Marvin continued his search.

Not a soul could be seen in the entire Shadow God Palace.

He looked around and ultimately found the entrance leading downward.

Fortunately, this place hadn't been affected by the fight and he managed to get down without a problem.

Marvin followed the pitch-black tunnel and arrived at an area that had been sealed off.

In front of him was a table covered with many different objects.

The one with the biggest impact was a small sculpture of a cyclops.

Marvin languidly walked over and grabbed the statue. He then used a small knife to pry out the eye.

The Shadow Diamond was finally in his hands!

'Ruler of the Night, it's getting closer.'

Southwest Arborea. A very small temple stood in an extremely gloomy place.

This temple had been hidden there for a very long time.

None of the people of Nottingheim Kingdom knew about its existence.

The temple was abandoned and no one could be seen inside... only an Idol without any trace of spirituality.

But tonight, a unique visitor visited the temple.

'Looking at one's own shrine is really a bit uncomfortable.'

A cloaked man came out of nowhere.

'Gwen was simply useless. I actually have to personally take care of this matter.'

'It's been a while since I've had to adapt to level 18. I should go find a few guys to practice on first.'

'Marvin… Hehe, that mortal. I, Glynos, will give you the honor of being personally assassinated by me.'

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