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Chapter 311: Sword of Judgement

The middle-aged couple didn't really think their child would turn into an Angel.

Back when she was born, they had this kind of wish, so they named her Angela.

But now that their child truly became an Angel, they became utterly pained.

Because they could see the indifference in the eyes of the angel through the cloud.

It was contempt toward life.

This wasn't their child.

'An Ophanim, as expected.'

'The most powerful War Angels definitely can't enter this world because their power is too strong and would be rejected by the plane's Laws.'

'Ophanims could still be considered powerful among the upper tier.'

Marvin coldly looked at the Ophanim. She in fact only had a pair of wings formed from essence, while behind that golden light were fake wings.

Ophanims were used by gods to patrol the mortal worlds.

Compared with Seraphims and others, an Ophanim would have an easier time materializing in planes.

But to descend like that, finding a suitable body was very challenging.

Generally speaking, the regular way of descending involved the shrine putting blessings on these children. At the same time, the angel would choose to either let the baby keep his or her consciousness, or fuse with them. But if they failed to descend, the angel itself would suffer some injuries.

Not every human child was suitable for a pure angel.

To handle Marvin this time, the Shadow Prince allowed the Ophanim to use the method for urgent descent.

It was to disregard everything and try the body of every baby inside the Barrier!

Moreover, she clearly chose to swallow the baby's consciousness.

Thus, she could display more power, but the body would also be terminated!

It was very difficult for the Ophanim to keep her current shape.

In one month at most, her source would return to the God Realm, and the body would die completely.

The baby's soul had already been consumed by her.

The Angel's descent was in fact no different from the soul swallowing favored by Hell's lifeforms.

The Ophanim raised her head haughtily, looking at Marvin with contempt.

The next second, she waved her hand and the Barrier shattered!

Marvin's silhouette flashed like lightning, as he was thinking of saving the remaining innocent babies.

But a strange smile appeared on her face at that time.

"This world only has one angel."

"These Holy Children aren't necessary anymore."

"Remember my holy name, Gwen."

"I'll purge you sinners in the name of the shadows!"

Following her cold words of judgement, the bodies of the remaining babies exploded!

In an instant, blood filled the ruins of the prayer hall.

Blood splashed on Marvin's face!

"What's wrong? Mortal?"

Gwen laughed gently. "Are you sad about the deaths of these ants?"

"You won't have time to care about them because your own end will be a hundred times more pitiful than theirs. Your soul will be nailed down in the Shadow Realm, being burnt by God day and night until the end of the Universe!"

Marvin clenched his fist with an ashen face.

Facing Gwen's lofty attitude, he only answered with a single line:

"Go fuck yourself!"

With two daggers in hand, Marvin's silhouette flashed like lightning as he fiercely pounced toward Gwen!

The Ophanim's wings gathered in front of her as she whispered, "Bone Crush!"

The next second, Marvin felt a burst of pain!

He was squeezed by a strong pressure all over his body!

Fortunately, he had a high Divinity and was very resistant to Divine Spells. He was able to withstand the pain from the Bone Crush and abruptly arrived in front of Gwen!

Shock could be seen in the Ophanim's face.

This mortal was actually immune to her Divine Spell?

Not only that, it was complete immunity!

The Bone Crush which should have dir

ectly broken his arms, legs, and everything else was reduced only to a physical effect!

However, she wasn't worried.

'Just an insignificant mortal, seizing every opportunity to receive some strength. How could it contend with my power?'

'This plane's High Priest was too trashy. We must choose someone more powerful next time!'

Gwen remained where she stood, facing Marvin's charge without flying away.

Both her hands searched through her wings and drew two sharp swords!

Judgment Swords!

Fake Artifacts produced by Glynos.

They had a Divine Spell on them, called Final Judgement. In the beginning, this Divine Spell was created in order to purge planes.

If she used this Divine Spell, the entire Arborea Plane would face a frightening natural disaster!

Mankind might become extinct.

Gwen was expressionlessly holding both swords in her hands, moving forward spontaneously!

It wasn't time to start the Final Judgement.

If she used Final Judgement, the plane's people would die, but this man in front might escape.

This guy's strength was outstanding enough to possibly survive the disaster.

She had to kill him first, take his soul, and then cleanse this plane.

This was Glynos' command.

Clang! Clang!

The Judgement Swords met the Blazing Fury daggers!

This was a pure contest of strength.

Marvin was sent flying, feeling an intense pain on his wrist.

He looked down and the back of the Burning Fury in his left hand actually a crack!

'Magic Weapons and Fake Artifacts are worlds apart after all.'

'Looks like I have to upgrade my weapons after this!' This flashed through Marvin's mind, but his hand didn't stop.

He was like a madman as he chose to fight the Ophanim in close range.

And the Ophanim wasn't showing any weakness.

Even if she wasn't comparable to one of the War Angels which were pure killing machines, Ophanims still had superior fighting skills.

Marvin and the Ophanim kept exchanging blows as he relied on his Godly Dexterity to stay in the fight.

He looked very irritable, very angry.

This made the Ophanim underestimate him even more.

Arrogance filled her face. Celestial lifeforms were always like this toward mortals.

In her eyes, Marvin's blade techniques were still relatively good, but his body clearly had some injuries and couldn't show his full strength.

Even if they were both peak existences on this plane, she felt she could easily crush Marvin!

"Receive God's Judgement! Filthy mortal!" The Ophanim shouted in a heavy voice as her two swords stabbed forward.

Marvin turned and took a Shadow Step with Burst!

In an instant, he arrived behind the Ophanim's back.

His face suddenly became sinister.

'Finally… I've been waiting for this opportunity!'

He let go of the daggers in his hands and pounced over!

"You are courting death!"

The Ophanim quickly turned while grinning, and sneered as she swiped her swords horizontally.

If Marvin took a step forward, he would end up dead!

But that figure in front of her suddenly increased in size!

On the chaotic ruins, the silhouette of the Fierce Asuran Bear could be seen enveloping the Ophanim!

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