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Arborea, after the war with the Shadow God Palace.

The Shrine's arrogance was completely wiped out by Marvin.

And the Shrine's actions had really angered the people. The entire Nottingheim Kingdom even started to act openly against the Shrine's remnants.

North of White Elephant City, the northern rebels returned to their hometowns and nearly fought with the city guards and the Shrine's members.

Fortunately, Prince Aragon arrived there on time.

He acted thunderously and beheaded the Shrine's Senior Priest. Then, relying on his great charisma, he gained the support of the city guards.

The Paladins and Priests were disarmed or killed.

In a single night, the lofty and powerful Shadow Shrine suddenly fell from the skies.

Especially since the news from Royal City quickly spread.

Shock filled the country.

The Idol was smashed!

The Shrine slaughtered infants!

An Angel descended, and was killed!

Everything they heard shook their worldview. After struggling with themselves, most people turned against the Shrine.

The Shrine's staffs had quickly turned into the targets of scorn, everyone cursed or beat them.

Aragon led the army of White Elephant City from the north to root out the Shrine's forces.

And on Royal City's side, due to Marvin's display, the Shrine's forces were already in chaos.

The Nottingheim Royal Family consolidated their military power, coordinated with Prince Aragon and began to clean up the shrines all across the kingdom.

And all the nobles from the Imperial Palace also worked hard in this endeavor.

Practically every single noble sent out their personal army.

And those in the remaining Shrines chose to either give up on their faith or fight to the death.

The fight over faith was this cruel.

In a short half a month, the shadow of the Shrine couldn't be seen in the entire Nottingheim Kingdom, at least on the surface.

And all this was due to Marvin's momentum.

In each crucial military campaign, even if he didn't personally get involved in them, nine Dark Knights attacked preemptively.

With their powerful abilities, and the very brave Aragon, this kind of military success was quite normal.

Regarding Marvin's accomplishments, both Aragon and Nana were extremely grateful.

Of course, Marvin hadn't come to this plane to act as a sellsword.

The costs of Planar Wars were extremely high. Thankfully, Hathaway helped send him and his nine Dark Knights over.

Although he came to Arborea for the sake of the Shadow Diamond and the Twin Fate Flower while conveniently attacking Glynos' forces at the same time, the amount of plundered wealth and resources was quite significant.

Both sides reached an agreement: Marvin and the Nottingheim Royal Family would split the spoils of war 50-50.

Both sides were very satisfied with this distribution.

After all, if Marvin wasn't there, the Royal Family might have faced destruction!

Prince Aragon would definitely have died, and Nana would at most be no more than a puppet ruling under the Shrine's orders, walking on thin ice everyday.

In any case, the biggest cloud over their heads had already dissipated.

Everyone felt the aura of freedom.

Thus, Aragon felt they should give him a reward for this.

In the court.

After handing the day's politics, Princess Nana returned to her small courtyard with light footsteps. Prince Aragon was currently outside Royal City to deal with the remnants of the Shrine. Under the watch of the City Guards and Royal Iron Guards, Nana was temporarily in charge of everything.

No one had a problem with that.

On the night that the Plane Traveller killed the Angel, Princess Nana's courage had convinced everyone. This young girl's political insight and leadership abilities were particularly good. And the measures she took to appease the people even made Marvin nod in approval.

Marvin himself didn't understand much about politics, but its effects could still be seen. The situation of the Royal City was stabilizing day by day and most of it was due to Nana.

As for the old king, he had already died on the day of the Angel's descent.

He couldn't handle his fear of the Shrine and killed himself.

The situation was urgent at the time and Nana directly used the Royal Iron Guard to temporarily keep everything under control. Three days later, when the war's outcome was set, the news of the old king's death spread.

Clearly, the kingdom couldn't go without a ruler, and the newly appointed king would soon ascend to the throne.

But for now, only Princess Nana could handle everything. After all, the old king only had Nana and Aragon as children.

The originally quiet courtyard was now occupied a very strange building.

Wizard Orland was currently beside the building, painstakingly carving a rune with a fanatical expression on his face, as if he had met the fondest thing of his life.

And the few apprentices on the side were completely unable to intervene.

He had been in this state for many days.

Nana looked at her teacher's appearance and couldn't help but smile.

What could make Teacher Orland act like this apart from the mysterious blueprint given by that lord?

She walked over, and sure enough, Marvin was sitting beside the building while holding a puppy in his arms.

From time to time, he would say a few sentences to Orland, but the most important points required Orland to understand on his own.

He was making a Space-Time lighthouse!

Conquering Arborea ended up being a lot easier than Marvin had imagined. His worst case scenario included having the whole plane as an enemy.

But the atmosphere Glynos had created here was so bad that Marvin actually became a savior when he arrived.

Everything went so smoothly that in about fifteen days, this world was already more or less pacified.

The Shrine's forces had been suppressed.

Marvin also gained a considerable amount of resources and wealth. They came from every part of the country every day and were transported by cart.

At that time, no one dared to say anything.

The title God Slayer Marvin already spread through Arborea.

There were rumors that he was the incarnation of a god and had come here to rescue them from their hardships. Marvin gave a clear answer about this: He wasn't a god.

He was just a mortal.

After that night's battle, he only showed his face once, and it was to settle this rumor.

Moreover, he also said a sentence: "No being deserves your blind reverence. Mankind is free."

The entire kingdom went into an uproar.

Marvin's words made them think about it deeply.

There were different from Feinan's humans who had very little faith in the various gods. On the other hand, the Secondary Planes had been influenced and in the end, felt that the gods were supreme.

Only a more benevolent god could defeat a god.

But Marvin denied this.

This made them restless and full of longing.

Humans could really become this powerful?

Some class holders who had been stuck because their hearts weren't firm enough seemed to have found their path.

"Sir Marvin."

Nana walked over lightly. She was wearing informal clothes and looked very pretty. Even if she was a bit young, she was well developed.

She sat besides Marvin, looking at that strange building, "Planar… Lighthouse? Is it the name?"

Marvin nodded.

"How long will Teacher Orland need before the Lighthouse is completed?" she asked softly.

Marvin looked at the busy Orland and estimated, "Around four to five days."

Nana nodded. The two then remained silent.

In another corner of the courtyard was the broken swings that had yet to be restored.

There was something in the girl's heart she wanted to say, but she didn't open her mouth.

She was exceptionally smart and knew that she and Marvin were of two different worlds.

Keeping some words hidden in a corner of one's heart was better.

'Even killing an Angel so easily, Sir Marvin's strength must be on par with gods.'

'I wonder how their world is.' Thinking of this, Nana couldn't help but inwardly shake her head.

Marvin didn't notice the strangeness of the young girl next to him.

He was still planning his journey.

Since Arborea's war went faster than planned, he had more time to prepare for the Great Calamity.

The question now was whether he should quickly advance to Legend, or stay at level 18 and loot more Secondary Planes.

The Shadow Prince's Arborea Plane produced an abundance of deep sapphires. This was a rare thing in Feinan. Marvin recalled a few New Gods' secondary planes that produced other things that were invaluable in Feinan.

While the cost of Planar War was admittedly high, as long as he had a successful one, it would definitely be worth it.

The most important question was whether there was a need to do that.

'I can't stop the Great Calamity, When the time comes, Hell, Abyss, and the Underworld will invade. Celestial lifeforms will also appear on Feinan.'

'In the later stage of the war, lifeforms from the Astral Sea would also appear. The followers from Secondary Planes would become the gods' cannon fodder. The human wave tactics would still be very powerful.'

'But there are many Secondary Planes, and after I took one from Glynos this time, the gods will definitely be on alert, increasing the risk by quite a lot.

Marvin frowned, thinking about it thoroughly.

He didn't want to enter an unfamiliar world next time and fall into a trap. The current him should have already been noticed by the gods.

If he kept walking the tightrope, he might meet with danger that he couldn't overcome.

Marvin ultimately made his decision.

Increasing his strength was most important!

In any case, the Shadow Diamond which was the most important tool to advance to Ruler of the Night is already in his hands. As long as he had enough experience, becoming a Legend wouldn't be an issue!

But, as Marvin was thinking about this, a shadow spread toward him from the outside, like a snake.

"Is it getting dark?" Nana mumbled.

She hadn't noticed the arrival of a crisis.

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