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Chapter 310: Descent

Marvin had never been very good at naming.

He hesitated for a bit before deciding to put this matter to the back of his head; he would pick it up again when he had some inspiration.

Right now he needed to find the Shadow Diamond hidden in the Shadow God Palace.

Marvin remembered that it was hidden in a secret room behind the Idol in the prayer hall.

But now, more than half of the hall had already collapsed. It would take a lot of effort to find it in the ruins.

He held the Hellhound and kept searching. He quickly cleared a path based on what he remembered from the room.

'This is where that Idol originally was.'

'There should be a side hall on this end, right?'

Marvin thought through the scene he remembered.

But at that time, his search was interrupted by an infant's wail coming from one side!

Marvin was shocked!

A feeling of danger made him quickly enter a battle stance!

But he looked around and found nothing strange.

'Where is the baby?'

'What was that feeling just now?'

Marvin hadn't destroyed the Shadow God Palace in the past. He only stole the Shadow Diamond, drawing the ire of the Shadow Prince.

This had formed a deep hatred between them. It was later on in the game that Marvin personally killed the god and ascended as a Ruler of the Night, taking over Glynos' Domain.

That debt was considered resolved.

In fact, Marvin didn't feel like the real victor between the two.

After all, he had died quite a lot of times against him.

But it didn't matter because players were heaven-defying lifeforms. The Golden Children could keep resurrecting. This was something the gods couldn't have!

The wail was getting louder and louder.

Those who were still watching Marvin through the cloud were puzzled as they saw his strange actions.

He had already destroyed the Idol, so what was he looking for?

What did that guy want in the end?

No one could figure out Marvin's intentions.

The cloud in the sky could only reflect the image, so there was no sound. They couldn't hear the baby weeping.

In the ruins of the Praying Hall, Marvin's complexion became more and more unsightly.

'This isn't right!'

'This isn't a baby weeping, this is a bunch of babies weeping.'

'Where could so many babies be kept in the Shadow God Palace?'

He was puzzled.

His steps were light and crafty like a fox as he quickly approached a wall of the side hall.

He frowned and gently knocked against the wall while using Listen.

'Hollow… There is a room inside!'

Marvin instantly understood.

There was actually a secret room between the prayer hall and the side hall.

Somehow, Marvin could hear a lot of babies wailing in that secret room.

This made his blood run cold.

'No way, right…'

Gloom filled his heart!

He recalled one possibility.

At that moment, a mysterious power descended.

It was boundless Divine Power!

Marvin, couldn't help but lower his head and curse. He took the Hellhound and quickly retreated!

Then, the rest of the prayer hall also started collapsing!

Including that wall.

The rumbling sound echoed. Marvin relied on his Godly dexterity to dodge a falling stone.

Dust spread crazily and he had no choice but to pull away.

But when he turned back around, he saw this scene:

A few hundred babies were floating in place in the sky.

A shadowy gray Divine Power wrapped around them as they were frantically crying, apparently anticipating their end.

These babies weren't harmed at all in the building's collapse.

They were protected by a barrier.

'Divine Spell Barrier.'

Marvin was solemn.

Although the secret room was destroyed, what Marvin saw inside gave him an intense sense of crisis!

"Glynos!" He ground his teeth as he whispered that name.

The next second, the cries of one baby became increasingly louder.

Under Marvin's pained and helpless gaze this baby suddenly exploded into a bloody mist!

[Descent Failure!]

On the Royal City's streets, this frightening bloody scene horrified everyone!

Including those originally pious Paladins!

"Heavens! What is going on?"

"That's my child! My child!"

A woman in the street painfully wailed as she fell down on the ground, crying.

A depressed and sorrowful mood began to spread through Royal City.

"Save our children!"

On the streets of Royal City, this phrase echoed here and there.

In the court, everyone's face was solemn.

Even the most cold-hearted person was full of anger and shock when he saw this scene!

How could this be?

Even if the commoners didn't know, most of the people here knew the origins of those babies!

They were babies collected from all over the country under the cause of nurturing them into Holy Maidens and Holy Sons.

Among them were also some of the nobles' children. They were born not long ago and had been taken away by the Shrine's people.

At that time, even if the parents were devastated, they still comforted themselves.

Their children would become powerful in the future. They might even become the Holy Maiden or Holy Son that spread God's glory.

Just like the distinguished Holy Priestess.

But the cruelty they were witnessing shattered their delusions.

In the light yellow divine barrier, these pathetic babies exploded one after the other, turning into a rain of blood!

A few seconds ago, they were still alive.

They should have had a better future.

These babies were originally lying down in cradles, smiling as their mothers sang them a lullaby.

But now, these lives who might have had a wonderful future had been ended!

Babies exploded one after the other.

The speed increased!

Marvin stood beside the barrier, gnashing his teeth in hate!

Sure enough, it was a Descent.

'Glynos, this bastard!'

It was clear that the other was coming for him. The Shadow Prince already had a huge influence on this plane. Thus he was sending a powerful subordinate through [Descent] to come to this plane.

The other side would come to kill Marvin, and destroy the plane!

The Shadow certainly didn't have patience. He mostly likely intended to purge this world of humans before recultivating followers.

This was his final gamble.

But Marvin could only look at this scene, with no way to stop it.

The Divine Barrier was so powerful that Marvin simply couldn't remove it!

'If only… there was one more Dragon Tooth!'

He clenched his fists and ground his teeth.

If he had one more Dragon Tooh, he could break through the Barrier and save these innocent children.

But reality was cruel.

Marvin didn't have any way to remove the Barrier.

He could only pray that the next baby would be relatively compatible with the one descending, so there wouldn't be another explosion!

Cries kept being heard on the streets of Royal City. Even those who didn't cry had bitter faces.

This was the Shrine.

This was the God they worshipped day and night.

The Paladins silently removed their armors one after the other!

They completely lost their faith.

The Divine Power in their body began to burn and their faces looked full of pain, but no one regretted.

This was the punishment for a pious follower betraying their god!

Some Paladins were directly burnt by the Divine Fire.

Most could handle it, but they would contract many hidden ailments and wouldn't be able to work too hard, let alone fight again!

This was the price of freedom.

Nana looked tearfully at the scene while biting her lip. Ultimately, she turned around and entreated the nobles, "Ladies and Gentlemen, are you now willing to join me in completely dealing with the Shrine in Nottingheim Kingdom?"


All the nobles knelt down.

The Shadow Shrine's acts provoked their anger.

No one was willing to watch their own child die like that.

If Marvin previously three-shotting the Idol merely smashed the people's fear of god, then the tragic death of those babies made them recall the Shrine's cruelty!

The Shrine bound them like shackles, tightening a bit more everyday.

They were close to suffocating, but didn't dare rebel.

Today, they finally made their decision.


Mankind was born free in this world and shouldn't be controlled and ruled by something else.

"In that case, follow me."

Nana wiped her tears and was extremely resolute. "Brother already left for the north to meet with the remnants of the army of the three northern Overlords from that time."

"But there are still many forces belonging to the Shrine. We have to thoroughly eradicate them."

A lord pointed at the scene in the sky and said, "That… These children…"

Nana bit her lip, "Regardless of what happens next in the Shrine, let Sir Marvin settle it."

"This has already exceeded the range of our ability."

"I believe that regardless of what difficulty he encounters next, he will prevail."

"Because he promised me."

Outside the barrier, Marvin was silent. The Hellhound already found a place to hide under his command.

A battle was sure to come.

He was actually quite confident he could win.

After all, even if his body was quite weak, he still had many cards in his hands.

But these babies were really too pitiful.

And in order to guard against a sudden attack, he had to pay attention to what happened inside the Barrier!

He unquestionably hated it.

'Fuck, no matter which fucker descends, I'll tear you apart!'

He kept watching the situation.

After almost half the babies were sacrificed, a female baby suddenly floated in mid-air.

She seemed very delicate and very lovely. There were a few golden hairs on her head.

She blinked.

The next second, a cold voice echoed in everyone's hearts!

"Hehe, this body isn't too bad."

Following this voice, the baby began to quickly grow.

In a blink, she transformed from an eight month baby to an eighteen year old girl.

A pair of wings golden wings flickered on her back!

Marvin took a deep breath. 'Ophanim!'

On Royal City's street, a middle-aged couple tightly hugged each other, crying.

"This is Angela's appearance after growing up?"

The woman looked dazedly at the angel in the sky, sobbing silently.

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