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Madeline was very proud of herself.

She had trained hard for many years and finally reached the Legend Realm! Though, the Legendary specialties and abilities she obtained weren’t comparable to what other Legend Wizards obtained.

But in any case, she already become a Legend!

How many Legend Wizards were there in the entire South?

Legend Wizards were even qualified to hold a seat in the South Wizard Alliance’s assembly.

In these times, no one could easily provoke a Wizard. And everyone aspired to be a Legend Wizard.

Unlike other Legend classes, being a Legend Wizard meant true supremacy.

After all, this was the era of the Wizards!

When she split up with Marvin, she returned to her own Wizard Tower, dead set on becoming a Legend.

She immediately began to seek a breakthrough using that page of the Book of Nalu.

Sure enough, in less than two weeks, she miraculously advanced.

Even though she had yet to form her Demi-Plane and just started researching her personal Legend spell, she was itching to retaliate!

But Marvin died!

Madeline still felt a bit of regret at this news.

That crafty little guy forced herself into an humiliating command contract and died before suffering from her retaliation.

Madeline was rather annoyed.

But she was still pleased that she had enough reasons to take back the resources she was forced to give to Marvin.

She originally was someone full of ambitions and wouldn’t be able to be blackmailed by Marvin for long.

Using that page of the Book of Nalu to trade for River Shore City was merely a temporary peace treaty. It was a verbal agreement between both parties with Hathaway as a witness. But the current Madeline wasn’t worried about Hathaway!

They were both Legend Wizards, why would she be afraid of her?

Madeline also heard of Marvin’s Legend friends crazily retaliating against the Twin Snakes Cult.

This caused her to stay a bit vigilant.

Even though Marvin died, he still had many friends. She couldn’t be too fierce when taking White River Valley back.

Thus she used her relationship with the Alliance to make them issue Marvin’s death certificate ahead of time, leaving White River Valley without an Overlord.

The South Wizard Alliance stipulated that the official heir had to be at least 13 years old to inherit the land.

When Jean, Marvin’s father, died, Marvin was already 13 years old. Thus, it was logical for him to inherit White River Valley’s Overlord position.

But Wayne was only 9 years old. He would only be a future heir.

Besides Wayne, there wasn’t anyone qualified to inherit White River Valley’s Overlord position.

At that time, Madeline worked hard and found a convoluted old rule.

When an Overlord of a neighboring territory was unable to formally inherit his territory, a high level noble was entitled to annex the territory, supervising it on his behalf.

In other words, she could make Wayne her vassal.

As a result, White River Valley and River Shore City would become one and the same.

There were no issues with the Alliance’s laws. Those Legends also had nothing to say.

Marvin died after all. They weren’t overly emotional and wouldn’t help him take care of White River Valley.

In Madeline’s eyes, only Hathaway of the Three Ring Towers might interfere.

But as long as she dealt with that matter perfectly, and did everything out in the open, even Hathaway would have nothing to say!

This was Madeline’s plan.

But what made Madeline angry and annoyed was White River Valley’s attitude.

Unyielding and cold.

Whether it was Wayne or those ordinary inhabitants, even though these guys were restless, no one admitted that Lord Marvin died. They were convinced "Magical Marvin" would create another miracle. What’s more, they didn’t want to be annexed by River Shore City.

And Daniela’s appearance was something Madeline hadn’t expected.

This young lady was the princess of the Lavis Dukedom in the North. Even if she was alone right now, who knew when Knights of the North would come to protect this land? Moreover, there were those Wizards of the White Tower, who were existence that were a match for the South Wizard Alliance.

She had to solve this matter fast.

All this was what she had in mind.

Thus, she wouldn’t kill Daniela, but she also wouldn’t be lenient. She had to make her powerless as quickly as possible.

As far as Legend Wizards were concerned, this wasn’t very difficult.

After all, Daniela might be strong, but she was only a 4th rank powerhouse with her Ice Angel Shape.

4th rank and 5th rank, mortal and Legend. There was an insurmountable gap!

Daniela’s ice spells didn’t harm Madeline too much because she had a specialty that gave her high elemental resistance!

And Madeline’s Demon bloodline gave her all kinds of spells that could let her easily subdue Daniela!

That flaming whip in her hand kept cracking against Daniela, and each time it hit her, it would consume some of the Ice Angel’s power.

Soon, the Ice Angel’s body became riddled with scars.

She even scraped a part of her face.

Daniela ground her teeth with an unyielding attitude. She was a stubborn person and she would always do what she wanted to do.

She liked this White River Valley, and she had promised Wayne. She wouldn’t retreat!

These were her principles.

A frightening ice aura suddenly rose up from her body.

Madeline was startled.

"What are you trying to do?!" She flickered and kept her distance from Daniela.

"Hahaha… Madeline." Daniela slightly tilted her head, blood trickling down from her neck, but she didn’t feel it. "You getting White River Valley is simply a dream."

"I would rather destroy it than to let you obtain it!"

Madeline frowned.

Daniela’s spell really gathered a large amount of power, truly enough to destroy White River Valley in an instant!

This warm valley would turn into a cold and barren wasteland.

This was an all or nothing strategy!

Daniela coldly watched Madeline.

This was her final trump card.

She bet that Madeline wouldn’t dare to make another move.

Because she wouldn’t gain anything.

But she couldn’t have expected that Madeline would suddenly sneer, "All or nothing?"

"Have you even asked their opinion?"


Daniela froze.

She noticed a group of people coming from the main road.

Escorted by the Dark Knights were the Sean the old Blacksmith, Anna, Wayne, Andre and the other guards, Necromancer Fidel, and even that nameless Alchemist!

They stood together in front of the army of River Shore City, standing behind Daniela.

"We naturally agree."

Wayne coldly looked at Madeline with clenched fists. "I already evacuated White River Valley’s inhabitants."

"If you think of using military power to seize our land, we won’t yield."

Madeline’s face ashened.

She hadn’t thought that this group would be so troublesome!

She obviously came to "protect" this territory, and her actions could be considered relatively gentle, but they actually didn’t know what was good for them!

White River Valley had lost Marvin; even if she didn’t take over, wouldn’t they be annexed by other Overlords sooner or later?!

Gloominess flashed through Madeline’s eyes.

Suddenly, everyone was a bit shocked to see a rune appearing in her eyes.

"Sure enough… Was I too gentle?"

"What made you think that a Legend Wizard was so easy to send away?"

"I originally wanted to treat you well on account of my friendship with Lord Marvin, and take care of White River Valley’s inhabitants."

"But you have managed to make me angry!"

A huge amount of shadows gathered behind her back. It was a frightening power!

Wayne clenched his teeth. He held Anna’s hand tightly.

Daniela took a deep breath, the spell in her hand about to explode at any time!

At that moment, the old blacksmith took a step forward and loudly said, "Lady Madeline! Are you fearless enough to follow in the Twin Snakes Cult’s footsteps?"

Madeline’s hair was suddenly blown away by wind. She seemed deranged as she faced the sky while madly laughing. "Silly blacksmith. You actually dare to compare me with the Twin Snakes Cult?"

"Who would fight against a Legend Wizard for the sake of a dead man?"

"I didn’t kill Marvin. Everything I did was according with the Alliance’s rules!"

"You really don’t know what’s good for you. Since you are determined to go against me, I’ll let you experience the fury of a Legend Wizard!"


When that strange rune appeared in Madeline’s eyes, Marvin, who was disguised as one of the guards, clearly understood what had happened.

Madeline was only trying to find an excuse.

Even if he appeared, she wouldn’t give up. She might kill him and everyone!

Because she was already insane!

The Book of Nalu.

It was an artifact that could drive people insane. Madeline didn’t advance to Legend in the past because she didn’t have the aptitude!

This time, Hathaway kindly gave her the 6th page of the Book of Nalu and not the 3rd page.

This let her successfully advance to Legend. But the Book of Nalu still managed to cast a shadow in her heart.

She had already lost her sanity.

That rune was clear proof.

The power of the Book of Nalu was constantly corroding her reason.

‘This woman was full of ambitions and desires, but her willpower wasn’t strong enough.’

‘Even if she advanced to Legend, the signs of the Book of Nalu’s control are fairly obvious.’

‘Since that’s the case, there is no need for leniency.’

After thinking of this, killing intent flashed through Marvin’s eyes.

Legend Wizard?

It wasn’t as if he had never killed one!

Most 4th ranks and Legends had Fatal Injuries Immunity.

But the Wizard class didn’t!

Marvin had once successfully assassinated a Legend Wizard when he was still at the 4th rank in the game.

In this world, Marvin couldn’t afford to mess up.

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