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Chapter 245: Profiting From Someone’s Misfortune?

Fatal Injuries Immunity!

This was a property of some 4th rank powerhouses.

Once they reached this level, their vitality would become extremely powerful. Even if they were hit in a vital, they wouldn’t die immediately.

The Ogres Marvin met before were like that.

Of course, not all classes had the Fatal Injuries Immunity ability.

It would be very difficult for the rogue classes such as Thief and Assassin’s classes to get this ability after reaching 4th rank. It was the same for Wizard and Sorcerer’s classes.

Among the rogue classes, Rangers were considered the most frontline class, with decent constitution, so they also gained this ability.

After advancing to 4th rank, Marvin needed to distribute his 2 attribute points and his large amount of skill points.

But he hesitated, choosing to set aside his attribute points for the moment.

Free attribute points were very precious. Generally speaking, he wouldn’t consider putting his attribute points in another attribute until he obtained the 30 Dexterity’s [Godly Dexterity].

But his Dexterity was currently restricted by his Constitution. If he couldn’t increase his Constitution by other means, he would be forced to spend his attribute points on it instead.

Marvin knew some fairly quick ways to increase his Constitution, though nothing that would give results as quickly as he’d like.

Once this matter was resolved, he wanted to take another trip to Rocky Mountain, hopefully less… eventful.

And on the way, there was a special hot spring that could raise one’s Constitution.

But there was a frightening monster guarding the hot springs. It wouldn’t be easy if he wanted to soak in it.

As for the skill points, Marvin quickly took care of it.

48 Ranger Skill Points. He didn’t choose to spend it on Hide. With his large increase in strength, this Ranger skill already had more than enough points in it.

Putting more skill points in Hide would be mostly unnecessary. Moreover, Hide and Stealth already had huge bonus effects from Ruler of the Wilderness and Nocturnal, so further skill points would have diminished returns.

Thus, he chose a passive skill, [Sleight of Hand].

He put all 48 points in it.

This skill could substantially increase the nimbleness of Marvin’s hands. This skill was essential for Thieves. Even though Marvin was a Ranger, he would soon advance to Ruler of the Night and would be able to switch between curved daggers and straight daggers, which would make this skill very useful!

It would make Marvin’s attacks even smoother!

After Night Walker reached level 5, he had received 36 skill points. With the previous 16 SP he kept last time, he reached a total of 52 SP.

Marvin again decided to spend most of it on one skill.

This time he chose to put 50 points on a level 5 Night Walker skill, [Shadow Escape]!

[Shadow Escape]: Shaded areas can be used to quickly flee.

This was certainly an escape skill, and what Marvin lacked the most before was exactly such an escape skill.

Shadow Escape, Night Jump and Night Boundary made Marvin’s offensive and evasive abilities exceed what ordinary people could even imagine.

The most amazing part was that unlike Night Jump and Night Boundary, Shadow Escape wasn’t restricted to a particular time of day.

Though it could only be used twice a day, it could also be used during daytime!

This increased Marvin’s survivability when in danger.

At the same time, those 50 points unlocked a pretty good hidden effect, [Quick Disappearance].

[Quick Disappearance]: Your speed when using Shadow Escape increases by 50%.

One shouldn’t look down on this 50%. Often, a mere instant could influence the outcome of a fight.

And the remaining two points were spent on [Summon Night Crow], since in any case, the skill was still quite practical.


his way back, Marvin impatiently crossed River Shore City and quietly appeared in White River Valley.

When he arrived at White River Valley, it was already the afternoon.

But what shocked him was that there was an army bordering White River Valley!

Marvin frowned. He moved forward and used Disguise, pretending to be someone else.

He quietly rushed over and carefully took a look.

This was actually River Shore City’s army!


Marvin took a deep breath!

He silently checked the command contract. As expected, days had passed, and the contract had already disappeared!

From this he could deduce that she had already become a Legend!

This woman was really ambitious. She advanced to Legend and was itching to settle the score!

Marvin sneered and quietly left.

White River Valley, in the conference room.

A messenger from River Shore City was speaking with assurance, "Viscount Marvin already met with misfortune. This is the outcome that everyone saw."

"Even if I don’t understand those things, the Alliance already made a decision."

"After Viscount Marvin fell, his position was naturally inherited by his younger brother, Young Master Wayne. But with Wayne being still a child, it is clearly not suitable for him to manage White River Valley."

"Thus, our Lord, on account of her Friendship with the deceased Viscount Marvin, decided to bring White River Valley under her protection according to the rules of the Alliance."

"This is a signed letter."

"As long as Young Master Wayne signs and swears an oath of loyalty to Madeline, becoming her vassal, she would naturally protect White River Valley."

The messenger arrogantly handed a scroll over.

Wayne didn’t even glance at it and rejected.

After that, he calmly said to the messenger, "I already said many times, my brother is still alive."

The messenger faintly smiled. "Perhaps. Unfortunately, the Alliance doesn’t believe so."

He took out a certificate of death issued by the South Wizard Alliance. On top of it was listed Marvin’s contributions: Opening new territories for the Alliance, and sacrificing himself for Feinan… After the verbose lines, Marvin’s death was finally printed.

His properties were to be inherited by his younger brother Wayne. This was the traditional way the Alliance would handle it.

But at that time, Madeline made a move. She brought out of large amount of previous rules, and even if on the surface, it said that she was protecting White River Valley, she was in fact simply annexing this territory.

Wayne wasn’t a fool, and clearly understood what he should do.

That was to firmly deny Marvin’s death. Even if the hope was very slim, even Lady Hathaway went berserk and slaughtered all the Twin Snakes Cult’s strongholds throughout the East Coast. It was rumored that she was heading toward the North now.

White River Valley’s people sank into panic.

Even though Miss Anna released a claim saying that Lord Marvin hadn’t died but only temporarily lost contact, the next morning, all the inhabitants saw a notice informing them of Marvin’s death signed by the Alliance.

This made White River Valley become somewhat unstable.

This was definitely a crafty plan from Madeline.

A territory could not be without an Overlord.

An expanding territory couldn’t exist without an Overlord to stabilize his people’s hearts.

It was clear that even if Wayne was capable, he was way too young.

Ever since that happened, all the situations had been suppressed by Daniela.

Even though that girl originally came here for the Archdevil’s head, now that White River Valley had fallen into a real crisis, she didn’t withdraw and stood up to fight!

All kinds of upheavals sprung up in the territory, and Daniela took care of it herself, strongly suppressing them!

And today wasn’t any different.

In the conference room, in front of the messenger, the future Ice Empress moved forward and tore that scroll apart.

"I’ll give you three minutes to get out of here."

"White River Valley doesn’t need protection," Daniela rudely said.

The messenger gloomily replied, "The world isn’t safe recently, and bandits also appeared on the main road…"

But he didn’t get to finish his sentence before he turned into an ice sculpture!

An ice-cold aura spread through the entire conference room.

A surprised expression flashed through Anna and Wayne’s eyes.

Even if they wanted to start a war with River Shore City, it was a principle for the armies to not harm the messengers. Even if this messenger was indeed quite detestable and made people want to drive him away.

But Daniella’s action was like slapping River Shore City in the face.

But they didn’t say anything against it because these days, they had been holding themselves back quite a bit!

In any case, Daniela was an outsider who dared to throw caution to the wind and set herself against Madeline. Anna and Wayne naturally had no reason not to support her!

"Hey, blockhead, do you dare to send that ice sculpture to that cheap woman?" Daniela coldly asked the Dark Knight standing at the side.

The latter was silent for a moment, before grabbing the sculpture, and slowly walking out.

Daniela left the conference room, and, after a short moment, she returned, solemnly telling Anna and Wayne, "Rest assured, I won’t let her have her way."

"I bet the reputation of my Lavis Kingdom on this."

Her expression was resolute.

‘Turns out I’m already dead in the Alliance’s eyes?’

After using Disguise, Marvin walked through White River Valley.

The adventurers apparently already felt that something was wrong and they all hid in the camp on the other side of the river.

There were notices from the Alliance announcing Marvin’s death all over the territory. And Marvin already found out Madeline’s purpose from those people’s mouths!

She actually wanted to take advantage of his "death" to annex White River Valley!

‘Hahaha, this woman is truly courting death.’

‘Did she really think that she has nothing to fear after becoming a Legend?’

Marvin coldly looked at the picture of himself and made his decision.

At that time, he sensed a Dark Knight approaching!

Marvin didn’t show himself and kept hiding!

This critical juncture was the best time to see what other people really thought.

Marvin straightforwardly hid, to see who was really loyal to White River Valley, and who was an opportunist.

Boundary between White River Valley and River Shore City.

River Shore City’s army was solemnly standing up. On the side, the flag of the Silver Church could clearly be seen hanging down. There were the Paladins of the Silver Church.

"Sir, do we really want to do this?" Gordian resentfully asked.

Collins leisurely answered, "The current structure of the south is already different. You should have noticed that Madeline is already a Legend. As for Marvin… That kid died too early."

"Now he cannot pay, so we can only help Lady Madeline."

"If his younger brother tactfully nodded, there would be any need for a war, everything would go along nicely."

"But… It looks like something bad is going to happen."

Following Collins’ words, a Dark Knight carrying the iced envoy slowly walked on the main road.


He suddenly threw the ice sculpture over. The target was that luxurious carriage inside the army!

Daniela walked behind him, alone, her face full of resolve.


An exaggerated Fireball took shape and directly shattered the ice sculpture!

Ice and fire mixed together as blood and flesh sprinkled down on the army.

River Shore City’s soldiers were uneasy.

"Tsk… Killing my subordinate, do you want to start a war?"

Madeline’s seductive voice came over from the luxurious carriage.

Daniela slowly moved forward, a cold trail of ice appearing under her feet:

"Madeline, don’t think of taking one step in this territory.

"Miss Daniela, I already know about you." Madeline calmly sit in the carriage, lazily chatting with Daniela.

She really had the qualifications to act like that, because she already advanced to Legend Wizard. And Daniela was only a Half-Legend!

"You are Lavis Kingdom’s princess. Even if you were engaged with Marvin, he is now dead. You don’t have to fight me." Madeline said.

If it was someone else, Madeline might have already made a move.

But she was somewhat afraid of the retaliation of Daniela’s clan.

But she couldn’t understand Daniela’s stubbornness!

She coldly said, "I’ll repeat once, you and your army, don’t think of taking one step in this territory."

"I might not be fond of Marvin, but I’m quite fond of Wayne. In fact, I like having a cute little brother. Of course, the most important is that I actually like this place."

"You and your army are about to enter the land which I worked hard to build. Do you think I would allow you to trample it?"

Madeline turned silent.

After a long time, a helpless voice came out of the carriage, "In that case, do I have no other choice but to make a move?"

"Retreat or make a move."

Daniela’s body began to slowly change, her skin became whiter as a great amount of cold air burst out of her body!

Ice Angel Shape!

"Ice Angel? Interesting." Madeline’s joking voice suddenly came from behind Daniela!

A Teleportation Door had silently appeared the latter without anyone noticing.

Daniela was caught off guard by Madeline fire whip and heavily crashed on the ground.

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