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Chapter 247: The Monarch’s Return!

A frightening cloud was gathering.

Marvin solemnly looked at the sky.

‘Damn, another Burning Firerain… Why do these Legend Wizards lack creativity?’

‘Why do they all have to choose Burning Firerain from among all those large-scale Legend spells?’

Apart from Hathaway’s Ashes Storm, all the Legend Wizards Marvin had met so far simply used Burning Firerain!

Daniela raised her hands, and a dense icy mist burst out of her body.

This was the power of the Ice Angel.

The berserk icy mist rushed up to scatter the black cloud.

But this time, Madeline seemed determined to fight it out against Daniela.

When Daniela countered that Legend Ogre Mage’s Burning Firerain, she succeeded because the other side had cast it quickly, controlled it from a long distance, and spent a lot effort to maintain the spell.

This let her gain the advantage.

But it wasn’t the same for Madeline.

Her magic power fiercely surged out as the black cloud mixed with flames and cut into the icy mist as if it it were insignificant.

Soon, the ice began to melt and turn into a warm drizzle, slowly falling on everyone’s face.

But no one withdrew.

Daniela’s face was pale as she mustered her strength!

But it had very little effect. The black cloud was still slowly gathering.

Madeline’s face grew even more sinister. "Want to fight with a Legend Wizard? Wait till your bloodline has thoroughly awakened!"

"The current you is no different from an ant in my eyes!"

Still hidden in the crowd, Marvin drew a deep breath and was about to act...

When suddenly, he noticed footsteps gradually approaching from behind them.

It was a group of people moving quietly.

Wayne’s group all turned around in shock, only to see familiar silhouettes appearing one after the other on the main road.

These were White River Valley’s inhabitants.

They should have already evacuated at Wayne’s command! Just like when White River Valley was in danger before, they should have gone to Green Village or other places to temporarily take refuge.

But this time, they didn’t leave.

They came over.

"Aunt Shili… You…"

"Little Rota…"

"Run away!" Anna’s expression suddenly turned to worry as she loudly yelled.

The usually well-behaved inhabitants didn’t listen to Anna’s command.

They silently stood behind Wayne and the others.

There were approximately seven to eight hundred of them.

"We already sent the young and the elderly to Green Village."

A very plain looking middle-aged man said, "Every time White River Valley met with trouble, we hid and let Lord Marvin and Miss Anna protect us. Countless times, we said nothing and just went."

"After hearing that this time, River Shore City wants to forcefully annex White River Valley, we came to take a look."

"We also don’t know what to do, but we believe that Lord Marvin didn’t die. He will return."

They all nodded.

These were White River Valley’s ordinary inhabitants. They silently farmed and carried out Marvin’s commands.

They believed that Lord Marvin would lead them to a peaceful future.

They also loved White River Valley.

This was their hometown.

More and more people kept appearing from the main road.

They calmly looked at Madeline, and calmly looked at River Shore City’s army. They all consciously stayed silent.

But every person that appeared would increase Madeline’s fury!

These mere ants actually dared to join forces and go against her!

She was a Legend Wizard!

These insignificant humans were actually unwilling to accept her protection and actually believed in that Marvin who was already dead!


"No one can stop me from getting what I want."

"Since you have so much faith in Marvin, so much faith in a dead person, then you can go keep him company!"


Madeline violently roared, "Knights! Listen to my command!"

"Kill them all!"

She pointed at those unarmed and defenseless civilians.

Those strange runes in her eyes were becoming brighter.

The Book of Nalu already completely deceived her mind!

She had already lost control.

But what happened next enraged her even further…

River Shore City’s army didn’t move!

All the Knights were silent.

Some of the guards had fought alongside White River Valley about half a month ago.

They just looked at those civilians, and no one urged their horse forward.

"What are you doing!?" Madeline’s hair crazily danced about as she bellowed.

The Head Knight bowed with a heavy face. "Madam City Lord, they are defenseless civilians."

"I don’t care." Madeline coldly watched him. "I told you to kill them!"


The Head Knight let go of his sword and bowed. "Forgive me for being unable to comply."

The spirit of a Knight made him unable to make a move on defenseless civilians!

Even if he once swore an oath of eternal loyalty to Madeline, the Head Knight couldn’t do something that completely went against his principles.

"Swish! Swish! Clang!"

All the Knights silently let go of their swords.

They said in low voices, "Forgive me for being unable to comply."

On the Silver Church’s side, Collins frowned. "There is something wrong with the City Lord... Issuing such a foolish command is a bit weird."

The actions of River Shore City’s Knights completely sent Madeline into an abyss of madness!

"You dare betray me!"

"Good! If you don’t make a move, I’ll clear out all this trash myself!"

Madeline’s body soared and in an instant, that black cloud expanded over everyone!

Including River Shore City and White River Valley’s armies!

Their expressions changed. Even Collins was startled and hurriedly had the Silver Church’s forces retreat!

The previous agreement with Madeline wasn’t like this. Everything should have been handled according to the Alliance’s rules without harming the population.

Who could have thought that the current Madeline seemed to have completely changed?

Where did that shrewd City Lord go?

Collins instinctively felt something fishy!

The black cloud on the sky had condensed.

Daniela’s icy mist was soon completely eradicated by the black cloud!

She let out a groan and then spat out blood, before falling limp on the ground!

The Ice Angel Shape began to gradually return to her original human shape.

This meant that she already used up all her strength and received a very serious injury!

Anna and Wayne promptly went to her side and supported her up.

But a hint of sorrow flashed through everyone’s eyes.

Now, no one could block Madeline.

All of Marvin’s Legend friends were in the North and fighting the Twin Snakes Cult. It was rumored that they were even preparing to challenge that Azure Matriarch sealed in ice!

Wayne bit his lips and muttered in a low voice, "I contacted Hathaway before this happened. But she has yet to answer."

Anna forced a smile and shook her head, and looking at the gradually condensing firerain in the sky, she urged everyone to run!

But no one moved.

They silently stood there, using their own lives to convey their complaint to Madeline.

They were insignificant mortals, greedy for life and afraid of death, mere bystanders on the grand scheme of things.

But some things would give people the courage to disregard their own lives.

Some beliefs were worth using their own lives to defend.

White River Valley wouldn’t become part of River Shore City. This was their home, and was Lord Marvin’s territory, not Madeline’s.

This was their belief.

Flames were already burning in the black cloud, and in at most ten seconds, the frightening Burning Firerain would begin to fall down.

In fact, if not for Daniela’s efforts, it already would have happened.

Daniela bitterly smiled, "I didn’t think I would die at this insane woman’s hands."

"No, You won’t." A heavy voice could be heard at her side.

Daniela looked at that Dark Knight with shock. She faintly remembered that his name was Zero.

"Yes, we won’t." Another Dark Knight lifted his head.

The Dark Knights couldn’t help but inexorably mumble:

"He is back."

"The Monarch has returned."

They all looked at those Dark Knights with shock!

They had never said a word since Marvin’s death, but they still carried out the orders given by Marvin before then.

The old blacksmith had tried to ask about Marvin’s whereabouts through them, but they seemed to be at loss.

This made him feel very helpless.

That candle representing Marvin’s life had disappeared when Marvin completed the [Path of Darkness].

From historical records, Sean guessed that the candle had shifted to some hidden place in the Eternal Night Kingdom, just like the Night Monarch’s.

But now.

All the Dark Knights repeated that sentence:

"The Monarch has returned."

No one understood what they meant.

Then, under Madeline’s insane laughter, the Burning Firerain began to crazily down!

Pitiful civilians hugged each other, tightly closing their eyes.

And the Dark Knights were looking at the sky with expectation.

The burning rain of fire mercilessly approached!

But at that time, something happened.

A faint dark screen rose up from the crowd, and in a blink, it formed an oval-shaped barrier above them.

The Burning Firerain fell onto the dark screen and was stopped outside!

Everyone blankly raised their heads and saw the stars!

The sky had gone dark, as if night suddenly fell. But the everlasting stars were extremely bright.

That black cloud was still in the sky and Burning Firerain was still pouring down, but they weren’t harmed in the slightest!

"This… What happened?" Anna looked at this strange and unforeseen event, stunned.

At that time, a familiar voice echoed next to her.

"Sorry, I made everyone worry."

"But it is fine now."

"I have returned."

Under the starlight, and under everyone startled and happy gazes, a guard walked out from the crowd.

Marvin removed Disguise.

A mark faintly appeared on his forehead.

The Eternal Night Imprint.

And in the dark screen above them, a pair of eyes flashed.

All the Dark Knights knelt down.

Their monarch had returned.

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