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Chapter 244: 4th Rank!

Wizard God?

This surprised Marvin.

What shocked him was that the other side was actually talking to him.

In Feinan, paintings often had this mysterious ability. After Marvin transmigrated, he met many similar items, such as the Ghost Hallway’s paintings, and his grandfather’s.

In short, they were often enchanted.

As for why the Wizard God knew his name, Marvin wasn’t too surprised. After all, Feinan’s lore described Lance as something like a God of Creation.

"Hello? Sir Lance…"

Marvin didn’t know if this was the Wizard God himself or some remnant consciousness.

He tried to communicate with him.

But unexpectedly, Lance’s painting suddenly took quite a severe tone.

"You shouldn’t have come to this world!"

"You are a stowaway!"

"You don’t belong here, you should be exiled!"

Marvin held his breath.

The Wizard God on the painting suddenly became extremely sinister.

He instinctively felt something wrong.

"Could it be that you want to defy my words?" The Wizard God coldly declared, "You don’t deserve to step foot on the Celestial Stairway."

"You should scram to the Void, and disappear along that Underworld Plane!"

Marvin froze.

Was this what the Wizard God thought of him?

He truly didn’t belong to this world, but… How could he know?

The painting kept floating near Marvin as the Wizard God represented in it kept glaring at him harshly.

Suddenly, Marvin had a realization!

‘Damn, I almost fell for that bluff!’

‘I heard there could be some spirit monsters near the Celestial Stairway that could reflect and confound people’s thoughts, but today is the first time I met one here!’

Ruthlessness filled Marvin’s heart as he suddenly stepped on the Celestial Stairway, grabbing that painting.

The "Wizard God" in the painting suddenly panicked. "What do you think you are doing? Quickly let go! You are profaning God Lance’s prestige…"

"Profaning God Lance’s prestige?" Marvin sneered, "Aren’t you the one doing that?"

After saying this, he unhesitantly and ferociously tore the painting apart!

"Woosh!" The painting shattered into pieces, and the "Wizard God" in the painting turned into a weird small thing.

It was a type of Imp. His main body was similar to a painting, and he could change its external appearance to bluff people.

If Marvin hadn’t experienced that test in the Eternal Night Kingdom, and suddenly recalled the existence of those things, he might have truly believed it.

After all, that thing would reflect a part of this heart. The things he saw or heard would be a reflection of his inner heart.

‘Haha… Is there really something to be scared of?’ Marvin laughed at himself.

His transmigration was an unfathomable mystery. Even if he quickly blended in this world thanks to the system, and busied himself with the Great Calamity that was about to happen...

There was still doubt and fear in his heart.

It was hidden deep within, and Marvin tried to not think of it as much as possible… but that didn’t mean they didn’t exist.

Why did he transmigrate? Was this incidental, or was it something planned?

This world was so real. Then why would it appear on Earth as a game?

Marvin wanted to know the answers to all these questions, but nothing could be done to clear them up.

But regardless, Marvin would eventually find the answers!

But not now.

He had to return to Feinan.

Tossing that small thing away, Marvin finally walked up the Celestial Stairway!

The Celestial Stairway was a long and twisted Stairway inside the World Tree.

Each door represented a plane.

And among these planes, only Feinan was the Prime Material Plane. The others were all Secondary Material Planes.

There were countless Secondary Material Planes, which also had continents and oceans, countless living b

eings and races.

When Lance formed the Universe Magic Pool, he only surrounded Feinan. Those Secondary Material Planes didn’t receive the protection and favor from the Universe Magic Pool.

The gods who rose up during the 3rd Era could only develop their own religions in the Secondary Planes.

And these Secondary Planes also had a flaw. The power of Faith that they offered were far from what the Prime Plane would give. This was the main reason why the gods were dissatisfied.

From another point of view, living beings from Secondary Planes had a limit to the power they could reach, and this problem didn’t exist in Feinan.

In short, countless Planes existed under Feinan. Before Marvin transmigrated, the game company released a trailer of the next expansion, the [Planar Wars].

Feinan was the center stage of the multiverse, but the other planes would also have their own stages.

The Planar Wars originated from fights over beliefs, from people thirsting for freedom, from all kinds of ambitions and desires.

The Great Calamity was only the beginning of a chaotic era. Marvin had a premonition: in the future, after Feinan lost the Universe Magic Pool’s protection, they would definitely be involved in the fires of war from the Planar Wars.

To this end, he could only start his preparations early.



Restraining himself from opening doors to other random planes to take a look, Marvin patiently began looking for Feinan’s symbol.

He kept climbing the Celestial Stairway, passing by dozens of Secondary Planes before finally finding Feinan.

It was a golden door, and once he pushed it open, Marvin would be able to return to Feinan. But if he wanted to come back to the World Tree Domain, he would have to find another token of the Ancient Nature God.

He opened the door without any hesitation.

Then, a dazzling white light blinded him.

‘Feinan. I’m back.’

He was surrounded by flourishing trees. Marvin’s didn’t seem to have made a mistake when returning.

This place was outside the White Deer Cave in the Deathly Silent Hills, where Marvin originally set up a plane mark.

He had made proper preparations before going out to that Underworld plane.

If he hadn’t set up a plane mark, then who knew where the Celestial Stairway’s Teleportation Portal would have sent him, perhaps to that Dead Area, or even in the sea.

But what surprised Marvin was that there was no one in the White Deer Cave.

In fact, he couldn’t seem to contact anyone.

Hathaway’s token was a single-use item, and Owl’s Thousand Paper Crane had apparently suffered some damage. Thankfully, the storage function was okay, and the Red Dragon’s corpse was still there. Marvin didn’t know how to connect to the others.

At that time, he still didn’t know that the scene of him dying after taking out the Decaying Plateau had been seen by Feinan’s people, causing most people to mistakenly think he was already dead.

Thus he wasn’t anxious, and leisurely strolled around the Deathly Silent Hills.

This place was the same as before, but he wasn’t sure how much time had passed.

‘Whatever, I’ll head back to check on White River Valley. I need to figure out exactly what happened meanwhile."

Marvin decided so and started his trip back.

He wasn’t idle on his journey home.

Since he had returned to Feinan, the mysterious power around the World Tree disappeared. He could spend his experience to advance.

Marvin carefully looked at his battle experience that had reached 110770 points!

This included the exp gained from shooting the Moss Prison, the Brain Eating Monsters, and so on.

But this battle experience was enough for Marvin to reach 4th rank!

Moreover, there was also the 20000 general exp, of which 10000 came from the Path of Darkness, and the other 10000 came from the Assassin Alliance quest which was shown as completed. It was clear that after he used the Night Crow to notify the Bai High Priest of the Brain Eating Monsters killing the White Deer, this quest had been completed.

Thus, his total experience reached more than 130000 points!

This was enough to let him reach 4th rank!

Marvin carefully thought for a bit and quickly spent his experience.

First was naturally his Night Walker class level up. After using 35000 exp, Marvin’s Night Walker successfully reached level 5!

That way, he not only got 36 skill points, 100 HP, he also received a new Night Walker specialty!

[Night Boundary]: During the night, you can freely walk inside an fixed area, and your footsteps can distort space. Nightly use: 3.

That was the ability Sean used to frighten Marvin in Thousand Leaves Forest!

A level 5 Night Walker had the ability to distort space during the night. Even if it wasn’t lethal, it could be compared to Ace Assassin’s Shadow Shift!

In a way, Shadow Shift was a skill that needed to be activated. Night Boundary was a specialty, a natural passive ability. As long as it was during the Night, Marvin could twist a small space and step across.

This was an extremely good assassination ability!

Then came the Ranger level up.

Marvin carefully pondered. Even if his goal was Ruler of the Night, his Ranger base class had to have a sturdy foundation.

Moreover, he vaguely remembered that there was a rumor in the game that he could get three extra specialties if he could raise his basic class to full level. This rumor wasn’t verified, but the degree of reliability was still quite high.

Thus he used about fifty to sixty thousand exp to level up his Ranger class twice!

His Ranger class immediately reached level 9 from level 7!

His Hp rose up by 156 points and he obtained 48 skill points. At the same time he obtained one attribute point!

Moreover, he obtained a basic specialty and an extra specialty!

It was [Ruler of the Wilderness] and [Tree Companion].

The former would substantially increase the effects of his skills in the wilderness while the latter would give him a beginner ability to communicate with trees.

The two were very practical specialties.

But most importantly, Marvin advanced to the 4th rank after leveling his Ranger class!

His total level reached 16!

(Ranger lvl 9 + Night Walker lvl 5 + [Halved] Shapeshift Sorcerer lvl 4/2 =16)

At the same time, his body was further strengthened with Fatal Injuries Immunity!

This was the privilege of 4th rank powerhouses!

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