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Earlier, when Marvin saw that horrifying Astral Beast, he felt a chill.

He knew that the Astral Beast was very far from him and that it couldn’t threaten him…

But that kind of bad feeling made him very uneasy.

Thus, he followed his instincts and secretly used a hidden move.

Shadow Doppelganger!

Marvin’s main body had held the gold scissors for forty minutes, but then Marvin surreptitiously acted.

He jumped back to another tree branch and used Hide, leaving his doppelganger behind, still in his original position.

Rangers had immense affinity with the World Tree. In this place, his hiding skills would have unlimited bonuses.

He controlled the Shadow Doppelganger to continue his work. Though it didn’t have its own Divine Fragment, Marvin did, and he had already activated the scissors. As the remaining work was only physical labor, it could be done even without a Divine Fragment if it finished fast enough.

At the same time, the Shadow Doppelganger had most of Marvin’s abilities, so Marvin had it use Disguise to look perfectly like him.

Disguise was a powerful skill, enough to make a powerhouse like Bamboo unable to sense anything wrong.

After she "killed" Marvin, she still checked her surroundings.

Unfortunately, even though the World Ending Twin Snakes’ Divine Power forcefully raised her to the Legend Realm, her Perception was still unable to find Marvin hiding under the blessings of the World Tree.

This allowed Marvin to escape disaster.

He took a long breath as cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

This world really was crisis after crisis. If he wasn’t cautious enough, he would have already died!

Falling from here would really leave him no hope for survival. A place like the Void would even make gods afraid.

‘The World Ending Twin Snakes are worthy of being Evil Gods from ancient times. Despite their main bodies being sealed by Lance, they clearly still had a way to enter the World Tree Domain!’

‘This is something even the gods can’t do.’

‘There aren’t many tokens of the Ancient Nature God left apart from the Golden Scissors. They unexpectedly got their hands on one…’

‘There really is nowhere safe in this world…’

Marvin looked at the shadow of Bamboo disappearing from the World Tree, ruthlessness appearing in his heart.

There would inevitably be a day when he would pull those snakes out of the Ethereal Plane and chop them into countless pieces.

Making snake soup also sounds good.

As for that Bamboo, he would definitely not let go scot-free. After leaving, he would find ways to make her suffer.

He also had a lot of ideas to take revenge on the Twin Snakes Cult. Unfortunately, inside the World Tree domain, Marvin didn’t know that the Twin Snakes Cult was already being met with a lot of troubles.

Right now, the most important problem was for Marvin to find a way out of the World Tree domain.

In his original plan, Marvin would cut the rotten leaf and then return to the Decaying Plateau before leaving with the Legends.

But that obviously wouldn’t work now.

Marvin didn’t know what happened outside, but he was certain that the Shadow Prince and the Plague God had interfered.

Whether the Legends could survive would depend greatly on whether the Great Elven King was willing to make a move.

But based on the Great Elven King’s character, he would definitely not sit idle and watch Ivan lose his life. With Owl notifying him, their escape should be taken care of.

The Legends should definitely be able to go back, but Marvin… was in a bit of trouble.

He was trapped in the World Tree’s domain!

If no one came to get him, he wouldn’t be able to return via typically known methods.

But Marvin didn’t need to rely on others for this, because he had his own backup plan.

The [Celestial Stairway].

The World Tree wasn’t the only existence linking the multiverse’s planes.

Apart from the World Tree, there was the [Celestial Stairway] and the [River Styx].

Marvin wouldn’t think of using the River Styx. That thing went from the Astral Sea and split into two, one part going to the Abyss while the other part went to Hell, before ultimately converging in a bottomless abyss.

That was also a place where Demons and Devils fought countless bloody battles.

Without the [Boat of the Other Shore], don’t think of crossing the River Styx.

The Celestial Stairway was different. As long as he had the correct number, he could go back to Feinan.

‘If I’m not mistaken, Feinan plane’s code is 0420. As long as I don’t open the wrong door, it shouldn’t be a problem.’

Marvin thought of this and started caressing the World Tree’s surface.

The Celestial Stairway was inside the World Tree.

He just needed to find an entrance.

This was a very long process. Thankfully he had enough water and rations, and the World Tree naturally produced oxygen. He could survive in this place.

A whole week passed quickly.

He finally stood on a strange twig and found the entrance to the Celestial Stairway.

While looking for the entrance to the Celestial Stairway, Marvin was also quite bored, and checked his own stats window.

After such a crazy plan, it could be said that his stats window had undergone big changes.

Right at the beginning of the undertaking, he obtained more than eighty thousand battle exp just from shooting the Moss Prison. Along with what he had before, the total already exceeded one hundred ten thousand!

Such a huge amount of experience could let him reach level 15, a powerhouse on the verge of advancing to 4th rank.

But he was baffled by the fact that he couldn’t distribute his experience in the World Tree Domain.

It was probably related to this mysterious place.

But in any case, the experience was his. Once he left, he would be able to distribute it.

If he was lucky, he might advance to 4th rank directly!

In a bit more than two months, he advanced from a defenseless noble to a powerhouse about to reach 4th rank! This was something ordinary people wouldn’t dare imagine.

The training speed of the natives was a lot slower than Marvin’s.

This was a huge advantage.

And apart from a large amount of experience, Marvin gained the fierce [Plane Destroyer]’s title.

This title was similar to [Dragon Slayer] and would automatically be equipped. It was different from low-level titles, as most high-level titles were stackable.

For example, he could have both [Dragon Slayer] and [Plane Destroyer] at the same time.

This was different from [Chaotic Battle Expert] or [Rope Master], which he had to manually equip.

[Plane Destroyer]

[Description: You destroyed one of the Underworld’s planes, something many powerhouses have been unable to accomplish. Your actions will make the entire multiverse pay attention to you, because you might be someone drunk on bringing forth destruction. But there is good news. Most inhabitants of your plane (Feinan) believe you are the Savior.]

[Property (1): Planar Core Affinity +1]

[Property (2): World Fame +15]

[Property (3): Underworld Enmity +20]

[Property (4): Dignity (Noble) +30]

One title, four properties. And besides the Underworld Enmity, all of them were quite useful.

Hostility from the Underworld was something to be expected, since something like the fall of the Decaying Plateau would clearly be visible from the Evil Spirit Sea.

Many Evil Spirits should have seen Diggles fall past them.

When Marvin shot the Red Dragon, the reason he only gained a bit of Chromatic Dragon Enmity was because no other Dragon actually saw him.

But this time he destroyed the Decaying Plateau in front of the whole Multiverse.

It was obvious that the Underworld Enmity would raise like that.

As for Planar Core Affinity, this was very important.

Marvin opened his right hand, revealing an emerald crystal. This was the Planar Core of the Decaying Plateau.

Marvin had taken so long because he wanted to extract the Decaying Plateau’s Planar Core completely intact.

This thing looked so small, yet inside it were the Plane’s energy and knowledge. This Planar Core Affinity would help Marvin have an easier time controlling it in the future. The prerequisite was that Marvin had enough power to activate it.

From Marvin’s estimations, if he wanted to activate this Planar Core, he would need to at least be a Legend or higher.

Legend Wizards were definitely able to activate a Planar Core because they could already create their own Demi-Planes.

But Marvin wasn’t quite sure about Legend Rangers.

But regardless, Marvin wouldn’t ignore good things.

And of course, there was no need to mention World Fame. After all, Marvin destroyed the Decaying Plateau in front of all of Feinan’s living beings.

Even if it was only an illusion in the sky, and although a lot of people thought it was a hallucination, many people still believed it to be real.

His World Fame kept raising.

‘I became famous this time… I’ll need to disguise myself when I go out in the future.’

Marvin faintly smiled. World Fame was especially beneficial.

As for Dignity, it was also useful. Because the Noble class didn’t gain Skill Points when leveling up, these skills would only slowly increase.

This increase of 30 would make it a lot easier to manage his territory in the future.

The higher Dignity was, the less people would want to go against him. This was the most obvious effect. As for its other effects, Marvin was still only guessing.

The only thing that disappointed Marvin was that even if he destroyed the plane, the Evil Spirits inhabiting it didn’t count as being killed by him.

They didn’t turn into Marvin’s battle exp, or else with that much exp, Marvin would have directly advanced to Legend.

But regardless, he had earned a lot this time.

Even if the risk was high, the profits were even higher. Furthermore, half of the treasures Owl stole from Diggles’ treasury were Marvin’s!

Thinking of this, he was even more impatient to return to Feinan.

He pushed open that door and entered the World Tree.

It was a gorgeously colored space.

A floating flight of steps was in front of him. At the end of the flight of steps was a door. And on that door was a number.

Marvin intended to step on the Celestial Stairway, but who would have thought that a painting would suddenly fly over?

The man on the painting was very familiar!

‘Wizard God Lance!’ Marvin was very surprised.

But he couldn’t have imagined that what happened next would shock him even more.

Wizard God Lance on the painting suddenly smiled:

"Hello, Marvin."

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