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Chapter 241: The Fall of a Hero?

People referred to the emptiness between planes as the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane wasn’t completely empty, with many tenacious species living there, such as God Spawns, and all kinds of Beholders.

And the Astral Beast was one of the most frightening creatures of the Astral Plane.

The body of an adult Astral Beast could be so huge that it could be comparable in size with a small plane.

And they were stronger than Dragons at birth. In the multiverse, Astral Beasts were clearly at the top of the food chain.

They would slowly eat bits of the discarded planes.

But those were the ordinary Astral Beasts.

This Astral Beast was even bigger than the ordinary Astral Beasts.

It had left the boundary of the Void, meaning that it was able to resist the gravitational pull of the Void.

This was very unusual for an Astral Beast.

Marvin took a deep breath and relaxed.

‘That Astral Beast is most likely the one that would try to eat Feinan after the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool!’

‘At that time, the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool sent signals in all directions. This Astral Beast thought it was the sign of a plane being discarded and intended to rush over to take advantage of it.’

‘Fortunately, those gods had a treasure able to kill an Astral Beast. The funny thing was that this treasure was actually left behind by Lance the Wizard God."

"These gods must have known and still boldly used it."

A lot of information related to the Astral Beast and the Void flashed through Marvin’s mind.

Most of the content of the game happened in the vast Feinan with its endless content, giving players an interesting game world, but from the words of various natives, and the lore of many quests, it could be seen that this world wasn’t simply limited to Feinan.

Feinan was only the center stage. A lot of people wanted to reach this stage because of its extreme charm.

They were going all out for this.

Demons Evil Spirits, Devils... and even gods!

The gap between planes was called the Astral Plane.

And below all the worlds, at the roots of the World Tree, there was an even more silent place.

That was the Void.

The depths of the Void had some kind of natural gravitational force. Things that couldn’t resist its attraction would fall.

Things like old discarded planes. They might have been born from the World Tree, but after experiencing countless periods of rise and fall, these planes gradually died and were slowly discarded.

They would automatically fall off of the World Tree and plummet into the abyss of the Void.

The Decaying Plateau was clearly not a dead plane. Its connection to the World Tree was artificially severed.

But its ending was the same because very rarely would something be able to resist the Void’s gravitational force. Thus, the Decaying Plateau was unable to escape its fate!

It wasn’t only limited to the Decaying Plateau. It was the same for many God Realms.

Above Feinan was the Astral Sea. It was a relatively distorted world where gods could establish their own God Realm and start spreading their own religions and nurture followers throughout various planes.

They would use their own power to resist the Void’s gravitational pull, and at the same time, with the help of these God Realms, the gravitational pressure would be a lot weaker.

But gods would inevitably die.

At this time, without the support of Divine Power, the God Realm would fall.

The Realms of these dead gods would also fall from the Astral Sea.

Even if some slumbering gods left enough Divine Power to resist this gravitational force before going into slumber, their God Realm could also fall because they didn’t plan their awakening well.

If they didn’t awaken in time, then their God Realm might fall into the Abyss, Hell, or even the Void.

The God of Wealth f

or example, was sabotaged during his slumber. He was unable to awaken on time and could only sleep as his God Realm fell.

His God Realm was buried along with him.

This Astral Beast’s body was half as big as Feinan. The reason Marvin could have such a clear look was because the space-time around the World Tree was distorted.

His body hadn’t changed.

But in his view, Feinan was a tree leaf while the monster below it seemed smaller.

It had countless pairs of eyes and was looking around, like a predator looking for its prey.

Its gaze made people shiver because it actually stood for destruction.

But Marvin knew that the Astral Beast wasn’t actually looking at him; it was simply curiously looking up.

He didn’t know how far the distance between them was, but if it wanted to enter Feinan, it would have to use up a lot of energy. Furthermore, there were many planes in the multiverse that were under the protection of the World Tree, so it wouldn’t be easy to find. Without huge movements to lead it there, the huge beast wouldn’t find them.

The beast was very powerful, but it was like a blind person in a vast and darm multiverse. If not for the explosion of the Universe Magic Pool, it simply couldn’t have found this place.

Thinking of this, Marvin made a decision.

He began resolutely using all his remaining strength to finish cutting the Decaying Plateau!

Suddenly, Diggles’ voice echoed besides his ear!

"Despicable Marvin! I curse you! I want you to carry the curse with the power of an entire world!"

Marvin was startled.

That rotten leaf quietly floated down from the World Tree.

In Feinan, people were still looking at the scene in the sky, startled.

The originally azure sky turned somewhat green. They saw a huge amount of monsters howling in grief, they saw their struggle as their world crumbled, they saw Diggles cursing hysterically… and they saw Marvin’s grave face.

At that moment, everyone in Feinan understood Marvin’s actions.

He destroyed one of the Evil Spirits’ worlds.

He brought peace back to Feinan, which had been suffering from the invasions of the Decaying Plateau.

He was a hero.

This feeling rose up in all of the common people of Feinan.

And all of East Coast was in an uproar.

Even if the people in the north had no clue who this youth was, East Coast’s inhabitants already knew about that Magical Marvin whose name had been resounding for a while.

"Long live Lord Marvin!"

People were cheering in the streets of Tornado Harbor.

"Great Hero Marvin!"

Noble ladies’ gazes were heating up as they foolishly looked at Marvin in the sky.

A feelling of happiness spread through the majority of the people.

The depressing feeling that had plagued them ever since Anthony’s death had lightened quite a bit.

Because, with the Decaying Plateau’s fall, Feinan’s atmosphere seemed to be a lot cleaner.

All of this, in everyone’s eyes, was thanks to Marvin!

On the World Tree, Marvin’s logs kept popping.

His Fame had already raised extremely high!

And it wasn’t just Region Fame, it was World Fame, and there was even Multiverse Fame!

This meant that not only Feinan’s inhabitants knew of Marvin, but even the gods started to pay attention to this guy who destroyed a plane!

Marvin was also a bit excited.

This Fame had advantages and disadvantages, but after he successfully returned to Feinan, and if he carefully used it, it would definitely be advantageous overall.

‘Hero Marvin.This is quite pleasant to hear.’

‘With the power to gather people like that, along with enough strength, it might be possible to gather most of the forces of Feinan after the Great Calamity.’

‘I want these gods’ schemes to be fruitless!’

As he thought of this, the Decaying Plateau fell near the Evil Spirit Sea.

Diggles tried to use his power to support the Decaying Plateau and let it merge with the Evil Spirit Sea once again, but this was already impossible.

Its descent was too quick because of the Void’s attraction, and the Evil Spirit Sea couldn’t support it. Thus, the Decaying Plateau fell deeper in the darkness.

There wasn’t enough time.

Diggles’ body and soul had already merged with the entire plane. It would be impossible to flee alone even if he wanted to.

Thus he could only hurl his most severe curse at Marvin.

He used the entire plane’s power, but the curse still didn’t affect Marvin.

The Golden Scissors protected the Plane Destroyer, not letting any curse harm him!

Despite the Scissors disappearing, before they were completely gone, they were still an extremely powerful artifact!

‘Finally took care of it!’ Marvin let out a long breath.

He watched the Decaying Plateau falling down and being swallowed by that Astral Beast that was waiting on the edge of the Void. This guy was clearly waiting there for food!

From that day onwards, Diggles and the Decaying Plateau would be no more.

The other planes of the Underworld were like the Abyss or Hell, far from Feinan.

Marvin also got his hands on the Plane Destroyer title.

But he didn’t have time to carefully check this title, because a huge power suddenly emerged behind him!

Marvin’s body couldn’t resist being pushed away!

He looked back in surprise, but all he saw was a woman’s face.

"You think you are the only one with a token from the Ancient Nature God?"

She softly laughed. "Farewell, Marvin."

Then, Marvin’s body started falling!


Everyone was shocked by what suddenly happened!

Their hero Marvin was actually sneak attacked and fell from the World Tree!

In an instant, they lost track of Marvin.

But everyone who saw what happened knew... Marvin would have the same end as the Decaying Plateau and Diggles.

He would fall in the Void!

Waiting for him was endless cold and death!


Thousand Leaves Forest.

Hathaway and Ivan simultaneously let out an unwilling roar!

Shadow Thief Owl looked at Marvin disappearing from the sky, in a daze. And that beautiful woman was still standing on the World Tree.

An image gradually condensed behind her back.

Eight heads, with the ninth still growing.

This was the mark of the Azure Matriarch!

Feinan got rid of the Evil Spirits only to sink in the shadow of the Twin Snakes Cult!

"They are asking for death!" Murderous intent flashed through Ivan’s eyes.

He then recklessly rushed out of Thousand Leaves Forest.

Shadow Thief Owl silently disappeared. Endless Ocean solemnly began to contact Constantine.

And White River Valley fell into complete chaos!

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