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Chapter 240: Astral Beast!

White River Valley. Everyone was looking at the scene in the sky, astonished.

"Heavens, isn’t that our Overlord Marvin?"

"Lord Marvin became a god?"

"How did he go to the sky!"

Ordinary people simply couldn’t know what happened.

They only foolishly looked at Marvin’s face in the sky.

Anna and Wayne were also extremely shocked.

"Brother… What is he doing?"

Even though he was a Seer, Wayne also didn’t understand Marvin’s actions.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat for no reason!

"No good! Brother is in danger!" Wayne abruptly said.

"Danger? What Danger?" A gentle voice could be heard behind him.


The future Ice Empress slowly walked over and leisurely looked at the sky while mumbling, "That guy really… Making such a commotion."

"What kind of method did that guy use to go up the World Tree…"

"That isn’t a place just anyone can visit. There probably won’t be any danger for Marvin."

Wayne’s expression relaxed somewhat.


"You have to trust me, Wayne!" Daniela confidently pinched his cheek, making his face redden.

"Furthermore, you have to believe in your elder brother. He is the most unpredictable person I’ve ever met. Since he dares to do something like that, he certainly made proper preparations."

"If you have questions, wait for his return."

Anna had a strange feeling as she listened to Wayne and Daniela’s discussion.

‘You must return safely,’ she prayed silently.

There were endless debates throughout Feinan about the appearance of this strange scene.

Marvin was still working hard at cutting that rotten leaf from the World Tree!

Destroying a plane wasn’t easy.

Not everyone could hold the scissors and cut away the Decaying Plateau.

The Golden Scissors were an artifact, and the minimum requirement to wield them was to have a Divine Fragment.

And Marvin had that Divine Fragment from the Crimson Patriarch, thus fulfilling the requirement.

Even so, cutting off a plane was different from cutting off a leaf.

When Diggles grafted the Decaying Plateau to the World Tree, he made a lot of preparations and protective measures.

This made it very strenuous for Marvin.

In no less than half an hour, he cut about three quarters of the base of the leaf.

And he had been sweating for quite a while!

‘Damn! Seems like the World Tree had already linked with the Decaying Plateau. During that game trailer, the Ancient Nature God used the Golden Scissors and with one snap, a world fell. It looked so easy.’

‘Why does this Lord have so much trouble!’ He felt a bit annoyed.

But Marvin knew that his strength couldn’t be compared with the Ancient Nature God’s.

He was able to cut three quarters so far simply by relying on the effect of the Golden Scissors.

If it was another plane, even a common secondary plane, the Golden Scissors wouldn’t work!

He couldn’t even open a hole in Feinan.

The Decaying Plateau originated from the Evil Spirit Sea, allowing Marvin could take advantage of this to separate it.

‘[Plane Destroyer], I never had this title before.’

‘With the fall of Diggles and this outpost of the Underworld, a lot fewer innocents would die during the Great Calamity.’

Marvin thought of this and then sighed, before going back to work.

In his eyes, Diggles and his plane had long been doomed to destruction.

The entire Decaying Plateau was already tilting downward from the gravitational pull of the Void.

Once Marvin cut the Decaying Plateau, Diggles couldn’t do anything to reconnect it to the Evil Spirit Sea, and under the pull of the Void, Diggles and millions of Evil Spirits would perish!

They would enter the ice-cold Void and would never be able to return.

This was the terror of the Void.

Thousand Leaves Forest.

The group of

Legends was watching Marvin’s actions nervously.

Inheim had already left for the north with the help of Sky Fury, seeking the help of another Great Druid, Mother of Creation.

The others spent a lot of energy in the battle, but weren’t injured.

"We need a way to bring Marvin’s back!" White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant said resolutely. "He won’t be able to return from the World Tree on his own."

"But what can we do?" asked Endless Ocean helplessly. "Your Rainbow Stone already stopped working."

Owl stayed silent for a moment and then vanished.

After a moment he reappeared and said in disappointment, "The Decaying Plateau doesn’t overlap with the Shadow Plane anymore."

"I can’t enter the Decaying Plateau, I can’t bring Marvin back."

They all looked at each other in dismay. No one had expected this outcome.

Originally, the plan was for Marvin to quickly cut the leaf before returning to the Decaying Plateau to leave with everyone.

Such unexpected variables had come up.

The Plague God’s appearance almost wiped out the team of Legends, and Marvin hadn’t expected the leaf to be so hard to cut!

He had spent more or less forty minutes by now and the scene in the sky was still flickering faintly.

Everyone could see that Marvin had already cut about four-fifths of the way through and that it was getting harder with time, probably due to exhaustion.

Just a bit more and the Decaying Plateau would be cut off from the multiverse!

And Diggles’ name would become history!

Marvin would truly become a hero.

But… The hero would most likely be unable to return after completing his mission.

This was something they didn’t want to see.

They all looked at each other in dismay, their gazes ultimately settling on Ivan.

Ivan forced a smile and slowly stood up.

"I’ll give it a try," he said with uncertainty.

"You Highness Ivan…" said Ollie worriedly, "I’m afraid that King Nicholas is unwilling to see you right now."

Ivan frowned, "Why?"

"He just gave me an order not to let anyone disturb him!"

Ollie had an awkward expression on her face.

"I’m not anyone, I’m his son!" Ivan coldly retorted to Ollie and then rushed toward the depths of Thousand Leaves Forest.

They were all silent.

They all knew the father-son relationship between Ivan and the Great Elven King was extremely bad, but from the way Ivan acted, they could clearly see how important Marvin was to him.

In any case, he had to try.

Following his heart’s perception, Ivan quickly walked through the Thousand Leaves Forest.

He finally arrived at a secret area in the depths of the forest.

What surprised him was that no one was there to send him away.

He frowned and walked forward, only to see a lake in the center of the secret grounds.

The Great Elven King Nicholas was soaking in the lake, completely naked!

"Father…" Ivan didn’t know what to say.

The Great Elven King slowly turned toward him.

His waist was underwater, and drops of water trickled down his pure white skin. But what shocked Ivan was that on his chest there was a constantly burning hole!

That hole was shockingly expanding!


"What happened to you?!"

Ivan abruptly started to rush over.

"Stop," Nicholas firmly said.

Ivan stopped.

He dazedly looked at the Great Elven King. Ever since he was a child, Nicholas had always been invincible in his eyes. He was imposing and no one could injure him!

He was so awe-inspiring, always at the top, never tired, afraid, or confused.

But the Great Elven King’s face was currently filled with exhaustion!

Gray hair could be seen appearing near his temples.

A frightening flame was still lingering on that hole in his chest, constantly destroying the Great Elven King’s body.

"Close your eyes, turn around, and leave." Nicholas’ voice was still cold but the fatigue could be felt from it.

"I might need to sleep for some time."

"And you are still an exiled elf, please leave."

"I once told you, don’t come back before you have truly matured. I can still see childish ignorance on your body."

"Ivan… You have really let me down." His voice gradually sank in the lake as he slowly submerged his body, ultimately disappearing."

Ivan stood by the lake in a daze, looking at the shadow of the Great Elven King, and then looking up at Marvin’s struggling expression. A lonely expression appeared on his face.

God Realm, a secret discussion.

"Thanks to those two fools, Ann Maria and Glynos, Nicholas was actually drawn out."

"Yeah, Nicholas had been hiding in the Thousand Leaves Forest for so many years, I didn’t expect that he would actually be unable to hold back and leave Feinan, giving us a chance."

"Your [Flaming Divine Spear] directly pierced his heart. He won’t be able to recover for a few decades."

"The threat has been reduced quite a bit."

On the World Tree, through Marvin’s tireless efforts, he finally reached the final step!

He took a deep breath, his forehead covered in sweat.

And the Golden Scissors also started to become faint because they were about to finish their task. They might disappear anytime now!

Marvin clenched his teeth and was about to start the final snap, to completely destroy the Decaying Plateau.

But unexpectedly, as he focused on the leaf, he noticed something below.

There was a huge shadow coming from far away.

It came from the Void!


Marvin took a deep breath.

It was an Astral Beast!

It had been drifting at the border of the Void!

It slowly raised its head and coldly looked toward Marvin.

Marvin froze, and his hands stopped moving!

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