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Chapter 242: Legends' Wrath!

Marvin died!

The Overlord died?

These kind of thoughts lingered in the hearts of the territory’s inhabitants.

They didn’t know why they would think that way, but after the scene in the sky disappeared, they had this kind of intense feeling in their heart.

Because Marvin’s situation was extremely dangerous.

Moreover, he was falling in the boundless darkness.

It looked very frightening.

The unlearned people gathered at the castle, hoping Miss Anna or Lord Wayne could give them an answer.

But they didn’t wait for long.

"How could this be!"

"How could someone else enter the World Tree domain?"

When Marvin’s silhouette fell into the darkness, Daniela’s face was filled with disbelief.

Especially when she saw the person who pushed Marvin!

"It’s that woman!"

She hatefully gritted her teeth.


When they fought last time, she faintly felt that Bamboo’s strength was somewhat suppressed, but she would have never expected that she would be able to see through Marvin’s operation!

That was the World Tree! Falling from there would lead to a tragic end!

No one could resist the Void’s gravitational strength!

Daniela was blankly looking at that scene.

Did that guy really die?

"Impossible!" Wayne firmly shook his head. "Brother will be fine! I can sense it!"

Anna’s countenance was filled with sorrow. She looked at Wayne’s firm expression and didn’t know what to say.

Marvin was White River Valley’s pillar. If he died… she didn’t know what would happen to White River Valley.

She had no idea of what was happening to Marvin, so she quickly walked to Daniela and forcefully kept her emotions in check. "Miss Daniela, Lord Marvin, he…"

Her eyes were still carrying a hint of hope.

Daniela dazedly looked at Anna, strangely feeling a bit mournful.

If that man really died… then what would she do?

Ancestor’s Mystery would follow him to the Void. The Archdevil’s head would be unsealed sooner or later.

All her work in White River Valley also felt like it would be meaningless.

"Lady Daniela!?" Anna raised her tone.

Daniela bitterly shook her head. "Falling from that place… Returning alive shouldn’t be possible."

Anna only felt her limbs turn cold as she fainted.

The people around couldn’t help but cry out in alarm!

A newly recruited maid hurried over and helped Anna up, to return to her room.

Only Wayne and Daniela remained on the city walls.

"Impossible, Brother won’t die." Tears flickered in Wayne’s eyes, but his words were resolute. "I can feel it!"

Daniela took a deep breath.

She remembered that before Marvin was pushed down, Wayne said he had a bad feeling.

Afterwards, something really happened.

In such a safe and restricted area, something that should have been impossible happened: an enemy infiltrated the place.

Then, Wayne’s perception...

She hurriedly asked, "You really can sense that your older brother is alive?"

"Of course!" Wayne quickly nodded.

But his two fists were tightly clenched and his fingernails were unconsciously digging into his skin, drawing blood.

His eyes were full of despair.

Daniela realized.

He actually didn’t have that kind of power.

The reason he insisted that his older brother was alive was just delusion.

Thinking of this, the future Ice Empress suddenly had an urge.

She gently held Wayne and softly promised, "Rest assured, your older brother will definitely return."

"Before he comes back, no one will be able to bully White River Valley."

"I’ll protect this territory on his behalf."

"Who made me his fiancée…"

The entire world saw Marvin falling from the World Tree.

A lot of people felt regret.

A hero finally appeared, but he was strangled by more evil forces.

Many pe

ople knew the Azure Nine-Headed mark!

This was the Twin Snakes Cult displaying their strength to the entirety of Feinan!

She was sowing the seeds of fear.

But not everyone was afraid.

Some people were angry.

Bamboo, who had entered the World Tree’s space with the help of the World Ending Twin Snakes, would have never imagined that Marvin’s death wasn’t the perfect display of strength of the Twin Snakes Cult.

In fact, it was the beginning of a disaster for the Twin Snakes Cult!

East Coast.

A bare sand dune.

"This should be the seventeenth, that is, East Coast’s final Twin Snakes Cult’s stronghold. Lady, Do you want to…?"

On a magic carpet, a wretched Thief was pointing at the sand dune below and talking.

"No need!" Hathaway coldly said.

What the Thief asked was whether he should check it out or not.

But Hathaway currently didn’t have that patience. The scene of Marvin falling into the abyss of darkness kept replaying in her mind!

That woman killed Marvin!

The scene of Marvin dying that was played in front of the entire world, was like a knife stabbing in her heart!

To be honest, the feelings between her and Marvin were somewhat subtle.

The first contact between them was related to that page of the Book of Nalu. Then it was followed by the Shadow Prince’s assassination attempt. The feeling she got was unusually intriguing. She knew that if it wasn’t for Marvin giving her that page of the Book of Nalu, she would have taken some time before advancing to Legend.

She always subconsciously treated Marvin as the benefactor who saved her life.

And this benefactor was quite interesting. He wasn’t stuck with ordinary ways of thinking, usually doing things that would shock others.

Such as this plan to attack the Evil Spirit World!

He was a 3rd rank Ranger and shockingly had that kind of boldness and courage. This was something Hathaway loved about him.

She didn’t know what kind of feelings she had toward Marvin, or how deep they were.

But she didn’t want to think about it now.

The current her only wanted to vent her anger!

Ashes Storm!

The terrifying arcane spell leveled the land. Wherever the storm of ashes went, it only left a barren landscape behind.

In an instant, the sand dune collapsed and countless shadows could be seen rushing up, but those people couldn’t escape the roiling ashes.

The storm of ashes was like a meat grinder, crazily sucking the Twin Snakes Cult’s followers inside and turning into a rain of blood and flesh!

This even included one of the purple-gowned evil priests!

After a short three minutes, no life could be found near the sand dune.

The Thief shivered, this Hathaway already eradicated seventeen Twin Snakes Cult strongholds in a week.

Regardless of the size, and regardless of who was inside, she only one had intention...


This was a Legend’s wrath!

"Next," Hathaway coldly said.

"There isn’t any," the Thief cautiously said, "You already wiped out all of East Coast’s Twin Snakes Cult’s strongholds!"

"There are none left in East Coast?"

Hathaway was apparently quite vexed, but soon, she lifted her head and resolutely ordered, "Then let’s head west."

A sour expression appeared on the Thief’s face!

A city in the North.

"Constantine, even if the officials of this city are pawns of the Twin Snakes Cult and the place is one of their headquarters, isn’t doing something like that a bit over the top?"

"As far as I know, there are still many innocents in this city."

The night wind blew as a handsome middle-aged man wearing a windbreaker silently assembled his Brilliant Purple with a grave expression on his face.

Marvin had handed this Legendary Weapon to Endless Ocean before going into the World Tree’s domain, but as a Legendary Weapon, it could automatically go back to its owner. When Marvin fell, he immediately recalled it to use it.

A slim man was standing next to him, apparently trying to dissuade him.

But Constantine ignored him.

"Do you know what it feels to lose everything you invested?"

"Do you know that I looked for you to dissect a Red Dragon, and now there is no Red Dragon?"

"Do you know…"

"... What it feels like to lose a friend?"

The slim man sighed, "That isn’t as bad as massacring everyone in a city."

Constantine slightly laughed. "Some people need to learn."

Then he pulled on Brilliant Purple’s lever.

Frightening power burst out of the Cannon as a pure white radiance, like the first rays of dawn, illuminated the city.

"Woosh!" The bullet split into countless fragments and dropped from the sky.

Constantine carried Brilliant Purple on his shoulder and said to the other person while lighting a cigar, "Let’s go, next city."


A thunderous sound echoed.

A furious wind lifted his windbreaker, and soon, it merged into the darkness.

Similar scenes appeared in every corner of Feinan, constantly repeating.

Apart from the seriously hurt Inheim, as well as Sky Fury and Endless Ocean who were focused on healing him, every member of that Legend team made a move.

They acted spontaneously.

They didn’t plan anything.

But regardless of how, the Twin Snakes Cult’s forces began to suffer from a crazy retaliation.

In just a week, all their forces around East Coast had been extinguished, and a few of their cities in the North had been completely reduced to ruins. Other forces also received a destructive blow!

No one thought that the death of a mere Baron would bring such a disturbance to the Twin Snakes Cult.

All of Feinan talked about those Legends making such a high profile appearance and crazily retaliating!

The Twin Snakes Cult was finished!

This was what everyone was thinking.

Far in the North.

The Legend Barbarian and the drunk old man kept watching the changes in the glacier.

But at this time, a black-clothed man walked over from the south, step by step.

"What do you want to do!" The old man looked at him and loudly asked.

"Kill her."

The black-clothed man’s answer was blunt.

He was still holding a huge head in his arms. The Legend Barbarian saw that head and was frightened!

That was the Molten Overlord’s head!

"She killed my brother."

"Night Walkers will always take revenge."

"Please get out of the way."

Then, the black-clothed man suddenly rushed past them and pulverized the glacier in one blow!

In the quiet World Tree’s domain.

After Bamboo left this space, perfectly satisfied.

A sneaky shadow slowly appeared from another branch.


‘This Lord still had a hidden card.’

‘Otherwise it would have really been over.’

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