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Chapter 238: The Fall of a World!

Plague God!

The six Legends slowly retreated, forming a defensive perimeter in front of the small World Tree, cautiously watching the hysterical Diggles and the Plague God who had so suddenly appeared.

That guy actually used his Divine Power to sever the rainbow passage.

This was the ability of an Ancient God.

Diggles coldly watched the Plague God. As an Evil Spirit Overlord, he clearly didn’t have a favorable opinion of gods.

But in the face of that small team of Legends, he would rather cooperate with the Plague God!

"We have the same goal, don’t we?" The Plague God looked at Hathaway among the Legends while smiling. "Before they are dead, we won’t be enemies."

Diggles was silent. At that time, his third doppelganger finally arrived.

The three doppelgangers and his main body completely surrounded the small World Tree.

And the Plague God was coldly looking at Hathaway from the sidelines. His target was clear!

He wanted to deal with this Seer while she was on this plane!

This would greatly increase his position in the Gods’ Assembly.

‘What can we do?’

That question flashed in the Legends’ hearts.

The Rainbow Stone was able to open a path to Feinan, but they couldn’t use it because of the Plague God!

And even if the small World Tree could support them, it wouldn’t last forever.

It would at most last for only a little while longer.

What’s more, Diggles’ main body already left his throne, as there was no point in him guarding it anymore. The six Legends’ odds weren’t good.

Retreat? They had no way out.

Their only hope now was Marvin!

"This is unexpected." Lorant shook his head. "Sir Plague God, why are you associating with the Evil Spirits?"

The Plague God chuckled. "Lorant, long time no see. I have no enmity toward you. Only toward that Witch, I have a bit of a grudge to settle with her. If you hand her over, I swear I won’t get further involved in this matter."

"You can fight with Diggles to your heart’s content."

Hathaway’s complexion blanched.

She already knew that she had attracted the attention of the Shadow Prince, but she hadn’t expected that even the Plague God was interested in her.

These gods were all itching to get rid of her.

But she wasn’t scared. Marvin had suggested that she should sit out this time, yet she still insisted to come.

Since she came, she would fight.

What’s more, since that guy said he had a way, he would definitely have a way!

Hathaway’s eyes were filled with resolve.

"We won’t give up on anyone."

Inheim took a step forward and coldly glared at the Plague God. "Even if I’m the only one able to escape today, your power in Feinan will suffer a huge blow."

‘What about that sneaky guy?’ Hathaway thought. She then suddenly yelled, "Careful!"

A shadow suddenly appeared behind Inheim!

Glynos’ expression was extremely sinister.

"You still think you can escape? Only by relying on your pair of Void Boots?"

"Do you think this is Feinan? I can only display a third of my strength there!"

"But this place is a lower plane, so enjoy it, Inheim!"

The other Legends wanted to give a hand when Glynos’ voice resounded, but it was already too late.

His Nightfall directly pierced the Monk’s back!

Inheim had an expression of complete disbelief!

The Shadow Prince sneak attacked him and he didn’t notice him at all!

"I’m very sorry, I tricked your perception." The Plague God was still keeping his trademark smile as a brown shadow had appeared behind Inheim without him noticing.

This was the Plague God’s Divine Spell, which could substantially reduce a Monk’s perception.

All he did was simply cover up the Shadow Prince’s sneak attack.

"Fuck off!" Ivan angrily rushed over.

Succeeding in his attack, Glynos sneered and disappeared.

Inheim’s heart had been pierced by [Nightfall]. He was dying!

Even though he had long since ceased to be mortal, and his body had no vitals, he was still left on the brink of death by the Shadow Prince’s sneak attack!

"Ivan, come back quick!" Endless Ocean loudly called.

Ivan grabbed Inheim and quickly returned above the small World Tree.

"Backs against the small World Tree! He cannot launch a sneak attack from inside it!" Endless Ocean reminded them.

They had heavy complexions. Despite there only being three opponents, two of them were low god powerhouses!

Moreover, there was also Diggles’ main body.

The Shadow Prince was hiding in the Shadow Plane to sneak attack, and the Plague God, this smiling bastard, was the most frightening!

He could silently put curses on people, making them unable to resist an attack.

"Miss Hathaway, your existence is a mistake."

The Plague God slowly extended his right hand and pointed at Hathaway as he gently declared, "You should die."

Boundless Divine Power suddenly condensed.

Hathaway looked at this Divine Power in horror. The Plague God was definitely using a frightening Ancient Divine Spell!

What could be done?

Among the six Legends, the strongest, Inheim, was already on the brink of death. The straight dagger Nightfall inflicted a large amount of curses on his body. For him to be able to stay alive thus far was already a wonder!

Lorant and Endless Ocean tried to dispel the curses on his body, but it had nearly no effect.

Diggles moved forward from all directions, resolutely setting foot in the World Tree’s halo.

He intended to go all out!

"Go." The Plague God faintly smiled.

A dull gray light shot out of his fingertips, completely locked on Hathaway!

‘I have to stake it all!’ Hathaway clenched her teeth and firmly thought of using a Legendary Spell she had yet to finish researching to block that attack.

Suddenly, the entire Decaying Plateau shook severely!


Diggles couldn’t help but howl in grief. He seemed to be in extreme pain, his main body and his doppelgangers all kneeling on the ground!

Then, countless cracks appeared on the Decaying Plateau.

The dull gray light shot by the Plague God was swallowed by a crack that suddenly appeared.

"This is…"

"That kid!"

"How could it be so fast!"

The Plague God suddenly shivered. That kid managed to find the Decaying Plateau among all those boundless leafy branches?!

This was something impossible even for gods!

But regardless of how unimaginable he thought that was, the entire Decaying Plateau truly showed signs of collapse!

The sky was also showing signs of collapse.



Diggles bellowed toward the sky, but it was too late.

What Marvin saw after going through the vortex was a tree spawning the whole multiverse.

This was the real World Tree. This place was the domain of the Ancient Nature God and apart from him, no one could enter.

The World Tree took root in Feinan and they extended downward through Feinan Continent. The God Realms as well as the lower planes were leaves on leafy branches.

Each leaf represented a plane.

The Ancient Nature God had a treasure, the Golden Scissors.

The Golden Scissors were formed naturally. Rumor was that before the World Tree was born, there were twelve scissors.

Before going into a slumber, the Ancient Nature God already used ten of them.

This was the eleventh.

Indeed, cutting a leaf was equivalent to cutting a plane, and each of the Golden Scissors could only be used once.

In front of the huge World Tree, Marvin could feel the peaceful surroundings.

This was actually the real World Tree.

Those Druids from the Migratory Bird Council thought the small part growing in Feinan was the World Tree. But in fact, it was only a leafy branch of the World Tree passing through Feinan.

There were still many branches in Feinan’s surroundings and each of them represented secondary planes.

They were absorbing nutrition from the World Tree as they kept growing.

As for the Nature Leaves who could teach spells to Rangers, it only grew on a special branch.

That was the World Tree.

This huge tree in front of Marvin was the World Tree supporting the entire multiverse.

It was said that even the Ancient Nature God himself didn’t fully grasp all the secrets of this World Tree.

He once ridiculed himself, saying he was only an arborist in charge of pruning branches.

Marvin followed the twisted roots and soon arrived at that leaf.

Despite it being small, its ash-black color made it distinguishable from the others.

This was Diggles’ Decaying Plateau.

That guy had recklessly grafted his own plane to the World Tree.

Unfortunately, this had some consequences. If someone had the Golden Scissors, they could cut down that rotten leaf!

Marvin took a deep breath and then bent down.

The Golden Scissors glistened in the darkness of the void.

The next second, the scissors cut across that leaf!


A third of the leaf was cut.

‘Quite tough…’ Marvin firmly held the Golden Scissors and sent some more power!

"This world is going to fall, we have to leave immediately!"

Feeling the changes of the entire plane, Endless Ocean reminded everyone.

"Leave? You are thinking of leaving?"

Diggles who was in extreme pain watched the six Legends with red eyes. "I want all of you to be buried with me!"

The rainbow passage opened once again, as Lorant’s face paled, preparing for a final battle.

But the tunnel was instantly closed by the Plague God!

"Sorry, you can’t run away."

The Plague God sneered, "I want you to die with that guy."

Then, he and Glynos disappeared in the Underworld!

They didn’t leave, and were in the surroundings, making sure those six Legends couldn’t return to Feinan!

"Let these foolish mortals perish together with the Decaying Plateau!" The Plague God was floating in the air while smiling.

But then a smooth voice resounded in their hearts. "Glynos, Ann Maria, long time no see."

The Shadow Prince and the Plague God glanced at each other, and their bodies couldn’t help but shiver out of fear!

Then, a huge shadow quickly descended.

The two gods were like ants in front of that newcomer.

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