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"You… You dare to leave Feinan!" The Plague God turned his body and forced himself to stay calm.

Losing an avatar would be quite painful, but with how things had developed, he couldn’t do anything about it.

What surprised him though was that this huge silhouette in front of him actually dared to leave Feinan, dared to leave the protection of the Universe Magic Pool!

"What’s wrong? Is it because I haven’t gone out in many years?"

A handsome man slowly walked out from the middle of the huge shadow.

Great Elven King.

He wasn’t wearing a crown this time. He wore simple clothes, but for the two gods, he was emitting endless pressure.

"What’s more, what happens under that layer of fog is always unexpected," the Great Elven King slowly said.

The Plague God and the Shadow Prince glanced at each other, and then the two silhouette immediately disappeared!

They split up!

With this monster appearing, they could only run away!

Nicholas wasn’t surprised or angry. He only firmly looked at the stunned Ivan and softly sighed.

His expression while looking at Ivan was full of emotions for the first time, but Ivan still couldn’t understand what his father’s expression meant.

The next second, the huge shadow behind Nicholas suddenly moved.

Its hands flew to both sides of the void!


"That fog suddenly appeared without warning, we can’t see anything."

In the God Realms, countless gods were spiritedly discussing.

In fact, ever since Marvin started to cut that World Tree’s leaf, the gods in the God Realms sensed something!

All the gods had high Perception. Even if they weren’t like the Ancient Nature God who could work on the World Tree’s branches, they could still notice some things.

Thus they immediately found the source.

A small team of Legends attacked the Decaying Plateau, Stone Giants pulled Diggles’ throne, and a young mortal entered the vortex...

These shocking events happened right under their noses.

And Marvin’s move shocked these gods even more!

An insignificant mortal who wasn’t even a Legend actually dared to do something like that?

He destroyed a plane! That guy’s courage and temperament didn’t match his strength!

Some smart gods tried to find knowledge on Marvin.

But they were surprised to find that they could only get surface information about Marvin.

They could only find rumors about him from Feinan’s inhabitants.

They wanted to use divination type skills to learn more about him, but they were blocked by that vile fog.

This was strange.

But for the Gods, the one they felt they had to pay more attention to was still Hathaway.

This was currently the only Seer they had confirmation on in Feinan. In the various gods’ eyes, this operation was highly likely planned by the Seer Hathaway. And Marvin was only a young guy used to draw attention.

He was only an insignificant mortal after all.

There was too much of a gap between Legends and non-Legends after all.

Mortals beneath the Legend rank were mere ants in front of gods. As for Legends, they had already more or less evolved to a rabbit that could bite.

As for some of the peak existences above Legends, even the gods were forced to admit that they were already qualified to fight them.

When they saw the Plague God and the Shadow Prince’s avatars descending, they were looking forward to a show.

After all, even if those guys’ fighting strength was only average among the gods, they could display pretty good strength in the Underworld. Along with the hysterical Diggles, eliminating this team of Legends shouldn’t be a problem.

Who could have thought that as the Plague God Ann Maria kept interrupting the Heavenly Deer’s portal, their view would suddenly get cut off!

It was that hateful fog once again!

The gods were in a bad mood.

This fog seemed to be lingering between Feinan and the God Realms and would occasionally appear. Even their perception couldn’t see through it.

It had conveniently appeared after the disappearance of the Wizard God.

The fog apparently emerged each time something important was happening.

"What’s happening in the lower plane?"

"How about we condense an avatar to check?" a few gods whispered.

"Stupid, do you want it to be buried with Diggles’ Decaying Plateau?" A cold voice echoed among the God Realms.

The Dream God.

He deeply said, "Something like the fog can obstruct our sight, but it is unable to block our brains."

"Someone is going to suffer."


Because of the Great Elven King’s appearance, the situation changed once again.

The shadow behind him was extremely powerful and managed to block Diggles’ attack on its own.

And those two hands that rushed toward the void soon returned!

In the left hand was Shadow Prince Glynos.

In the right hand was Plague God Ann Maria.

"You can kill our avatars, but you won’t be able to stop fate!"

"Nicholas, even if you are powerful, you can’t resist the gods!"

The two yelled in frustration!

"Noisy," the Great Elven King calmly dismissed.

Then the two hands lightly clenched.



Two sound echoed as the gods’ avatars were popped by the Great Elven King.


Even if the Legends couldn’t see clearly that shadow behind Nicholas they felt sincere reverence!

One man could block Diggles and easily kill the Shadow Prince and Plague God’s avatars, alone.

How powerful was that!?

But they also thought of something: If he was so powerful, why did he always stay in the Thousand Leaves Forest and almost never leave?

But they didn’t have time to think too much about it.

Diggles’ crazy roar echoed.

He already felt very desperate!

He wanted to bury them with him, but was ruthlessly denied by the Great Elven King.

Under the effects of the plane’s power, the small World Tree started to wither. Sky Fury and Endless Ocean were unable to stop it.

"Let’s go," Nicholas said.

Before they could react, a huge hand wrapped around them.

The world abruptly spun, creating a space-time distortion!

They returned to Feinan from the Decaying Plateau in a split second!

The first person that appeared in front of them was actually Shadow Thief Owl.

"Are you okay?" Owl saw the dying Inheim and was startled, not sure what he should say.

This Legend Monk was their strongest guy!

"Take him to get treated. The Migratory Bird Council’s Mother of Creation should be able to deal with the curses on his body."

"Welcome to Thousand Leaves Forest." Nicholas said those few sentences, turned and walked away. He soon disappeared in the depths of the forest.

A few Elves were waiting on the side to wait upon them. Among them was Ivan’s old acquaintance, Ollie.

"The Great Elven King is really as unapproachable as the rumors say," said Owl with a bitter smile. "When Marvin told me to go look for him, I doubted whether he would make a move or not…"

Hold on!

They all froze.

"Didn’t we forget someone…" White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant said with difficulty.

"Marvin!" Hathaway suddenly raised her head.

Then, an illusion appeared in Feinan’s sky!

All of Feinan’s living beings could feel their hearts beating faster.

This feeling was similar to what happened through the East Coast when Anthony died, but this time, it happened throughout Feinan.

From the East Coast to the western Dead Area, from the White River Valley to the northern cities.

The entire continent’s intelligent lifeforms lifted their heads in shock.

An illusory scene was displayed in the sky that they wouldn’t be able to forget for the rest of their lives!

They saw a youth completely focused on the Golden Scissors in his hands working hard to cut a rotten leaf!

They could see an unfathomably huge tree, and everyone who saw it was filled with reverence.

But what made them feel strange was that the leaf was actually really tough. The youth was using all his strength but could only cut it bit by bit!

Suddenly, more information filled their brains.

They understood.

Countless patterns were reflected on that leaf, the Evil Spirit Overlord’s roar, the countless Evil Spirits running about...

And above that leaf was an emerald leaf full of vitality. Countless people were reflected on the leaf, hurrying about.

That was Feinan.

This strange scene spread through the entire continent. Some people thought they saw a miracle and thus kowtowed.

Some believed it was an hallucination.

And many more thought of those old hero stories.

Among those stories, such an event would happen when the greatest hero protected Feinan from the evil entities trying to invade it!

Rocky Mountain.

On the tallest Mountain Peak, three purple-haired sisters were standing shoulder to shoulder, dazedly looking at this scene.

"Marvin…" Kate whispered.

"You know him?" asked the woman with an heroic aura in surprise. "I’ve never heard you mention him."

Facing her older sister’s question, Kate didn’t know how to answer.

After a while, she said, hesitant, "We had some contact. He should be a good man, kind-hearted."

"Kind-hearted," the woman sneered, "Do you know what he is doing right now?"

"He is destroying a plane! A Plane Destroyer, tskk, how could it be related to being kind-hearted?"

Kate was speechless.

At that time, the youngest girl interrupted, "But I think he is very handsome."

"He is obviously weak, but he still managed to do something so world-shaking. Doesn’t that make him handsome?"

The little girl opened her adorable eyes and looked at her two older sisters.

The two were speechless. After a long time, the eldest patted her younger sister’s head and said unwillingly, "Well, I have to admit that he has some courage."

"In that case, should I put him on my fiancé list?"

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