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In fact, Marvin already knew. And this was the core of the second part of his plan.

Why had Diggles never left his throne?

Because if he did, he would expose his biggest flaw!

If this flaw was exploited by Marvin, Diggles and his Decaying Plateau would be completely destroyed.

But to do this, he had to make Diggles leave his throne, or at least move it a bit.

Even if it was just a little bit, Marvin would have an opportunity.

The Legends’ hearts sank when they heard Marvin.

Marvin had warned them to expect the Shadow Prince. But they weren’t prepared to fight any other gods!

Especially the Plague God, who was an Ancient God. Although his strength was relatively weak, he had many ancient Divine Spells.

Even if it was an avatar, it would still be very troublesome to handle.

But no matter what, since they had already come to the Decaying Plateau, everyone was ready to fight to the end!

"Go!" Inheim was the first to react to Marvin’s words, sending a heavy punch at Diggles’ doppelganger.

They all nodded.

The most important moment had arrived!

Ivan and Inheim instantly disengaged from their opponents and used their formidable burst power to get past them!

They avoided Diggles’ doppelgangers and aimed at his main body!

‘They really knew!’

Diggles’ mood was terrible!

His main body definitely couldn’t leave the throne, and the throne couldn’t leave this spot!

He clenched his teeth, having his doppelgangers rush back to him. Suddenly, a dragon chant echoed through the Underworld!

To the shock of Diggles and the countless Evil Spirits, Sky Fury, who had been silently pouring magic into the World Tree, erupted!

He left Endless Ocean and leapt high in the air.

His body changed multiple times. In the blink of an eye, the Underworld lost a Great Druid, but gained a huge Bronze Dragon!

This was Sky Fury’s ultimate Shapeshifting skill, Bronze Dragon.

Bronze Dragons were also powerful and wise like Copper Dragons, very different from the evil Chromatic Dragons.

The Bronze Dragon swept down and used his Dragon Breath, ending who knew how many Evil Spirits.

At the same time, it also stopped a doppelganger in its tracks!

The Bronze Dragon grabbed it directly and began the most primitive kind of melee battle!

The World Tree was now handled by Endless Ocean alone causing the pressure on her to sharply increase.

Hathaway and the White Deer Holy Spirit kept clearing away the surrounding Evil Spirits.

The roiling ashes kept swallowing countless Evil Spirit powerhouses and ruthlessly ended them.

Diggles could only condense a maximum of three doppelgangers. One was hurrying back from the treasure vault, the second was tangled with the Bronze Dragon, and as for the third…

Ivan didn’t turn around as he directly threw his Glorious Wind back!

He recited a strange and difficult incantation out loud.

Then, Glorious Wind began to twist and turned into a copy of Ivan!

This was the strongest secret of one of the Nine Elven Swords!

Glorious Wind transformed into a copy of Ivan with about 90% of his strength, more than enough to stall that third doppelganger.

Thus, Diggles’ main body was about to face the Elven War Saint and the Legend Monk challenging him to a melee fight.

In an instant, Ivan and Inheim, one left and one right, arrived above the throne!

While feeling extremely gloomy, Diggles condensed a large amount of negative energy on his body.

He was gathering the energies of the entire plane!

He condensed the same three-layered barriers from before. He didn’t believe these two mortals would be able to break his barriers!

After all, Inheim’s Meteor Fall had only been able to destroy one barrier!

But everything that followed was totally out of his expectations!

Ivan and Inheim didn’t attack. Instead, many coils of ropes suddenly appeared in their hands.

It was no ordinary Wishful Rope, but an extremely tough and durable one mixed with fine gold, called [Prisoner Rope].

Rumor was that the High Elves used it to imprison Ancient Giants!

The two caught Diggles’ off guard and before he knew it, the Prisoner Rope already surrounded the entire barrier around the throne!

‘What are they planning!’

Diggles angrily made a move. His frightening power condensed into two pure fists, one going left and one right.

Ivan and Inheim nimbly dodged.

The next second, the two ran away in the same direction while pulling the rope!

But rather than forcefully pull, they chose another method.

‘Pulling me off my throne?’

‘Such a joke!’ Diggles felt like laughing.

These two guys were definitely brainless! To try to drag him away with their strength?

But the next second, Diggles turned green!

The two ran for some distance while increasing the rope’s length! The rope tied around the throne split into several as six shadows began to gradually condense!

Someone else had come!

Diggles couldn’t help but curse. Today’s Decaying Plateau was unusually lively.

He wanted to stop them from entering, but he found out that the other side didn’t come through a spacetime crack.

This was a Summoning skill.

Ivan had his right hand on his chest as he chanted in a low voice.

The six shadows as tall as mountains each grabbed one of the messy ropes and wrapped it around their hands in circles.

This truly frightened Diggles!

Stone Giants!

It was actually six elite Stone Giants!

"Long time no see." Ivan smiled proudly.

He wasn’t just a freeloader in the Stone Giant territory!

Before he left, the Stone Giant Leader gifted him a summoning badge. Regardless of where he was, he could summon six elite Stone Giants to help him.

"Please, get that guy down from his tattered chair!" Ivan shouted.

The Stone Giants slowly nodded.

They moved in one direction, slowly pulling on the Prisoner Rope with all their strength!

"Krrr!" To Diggles’ disbelief, his throne moved one centimeter to the right!

One centimeter was enough.

Everyone looked below the throne.

What was the secret under the throne?

"We should make a move!" The Shadow Prince grew more and more impatient. "I don’t know what secret is hidden under Diggles’ throne, but it looks like the humans have the advantage."

The Plague God hesitated. "It’s better to wait, Diggles has yet to go all out."

"Let’s first take a look at what’s under that throne!"

Glynos could only helplessly restrain his temper and watch.

Despite only moving one centimeter, a strong change appeared under Diggles’ throne.

A strange halo was emitted from below.

That was a hole with a vortex within.

Inside that hole was an unknown world and apart from Diggles and Marvin, no one knew this world’s secret.

No one knew that as the Overlord of the Decaying Plateau, Diggles had actually linked his own plane with the World Tree!

He drew power from the World Tree to let the Decaying Plateau mature and grow stronger, and for that, he took many risks. In any case, the Ancient Nature God had already been slumbering for a very long time, so no one was taking care of the World Tree.

As long as he subdued this entrance, it was absolutely safe, and he could enjoy the World Tree’s power up till the Ancient Nature God awakened.

And by that day, his power might already be stronger than the other party’s. His ambitions would have long since been achieved.

When the time came, the whole universe would be serving under his foot.

He thought that no one knew of his plan, but because of Marvin’s appearance and a bit of carelessness...

The moment the throne moved, Marvin made his move!

He wore the previously prepared Time Molt and disappeared.

With the help of this artifact, he directly drilled in!

Diggles was once again startled and furious as he saw this. He hadn’t thought that this seemingly weak Ranger was actually the key of the enemies’ plan!

The Shadow Prince and the Plague God were also stunned!

They hadn’t thought Diggles would be so daring.

He had actually peeled off the Decaying Plateau from the Evil Spirit Sea and then grafted it to the World Tree, thus drawing power from the World Tree secretly!

It was true that this kind of method would increase the Decaying Plateau’s plane strength, but this was extremely dangerous.

Because the World Tree was part of the Ancient Nature God’s domain, and the Ancient Nature God had an artifact called Golden Scissors!


All the Legends were happy about it!

Even Inheim who usually never smiled was also smirking.

Him and Ivan attracting Diggles’ attention was Marvin’s plan.

Even a god’s attention would be limited. It becomes difficult to focus on other things when you are already focusing on what you believe to be the greatest threat.

Then the six elite Stone Giants had suddenly appeared.

Their goal was to move Diggles’ throne, even if it was one centimeter!

And this one centimeter was enough to ruin Diggles and the entire Decaying Plateau!


Diggles loud roar echoed throughout the entire Decaying Plateau!

He felt an unprecedented threat. He couldn’t enter the vortex because only those who had the Ancient Nature God’s token could enter!

Marvin held the Golden Scissors.

Everyone else couldn’t enter!

He was already going crazy!

"If I have to wait for my destruction, then don’t you think of leaving here alive!"

In an instant, the world turned dark!

The entire plane began to rapidly heat up, to the point of melting!

Diggles walked down from his throne!

"No good! He is going to fight with his life on the line!" The White Deer Holy Spirit loudly reminded, "We should retreat!"

The Rainbow Stone suddenly blossomed with seven-colored light and opened a planar passage.

They all planned on withdrawing, but suddenly, a forceful power emerged out of nowhere and cut the passage created by the Rainbow Stone.

It was Divine Power!

The Plague God chuckled as he left the Shadow Plane.

"Diggles, I never thought we would be cooperating one day."

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