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Chapter 231: The Lake Monster

In the western part of Thousand Leaves Forest there was an extremely vast lake.

There was only one mountain separating this place from Ivan’s previous exile location.

But even those powerful Stone Giants didn’t dare to get involved with that lake.

In fact, this was a cursed area.

According to the adventurers’ rumors, no one would be able to return alive from the lake. This lake seemed to have been inflicted with some kind of curse. It would devour all the lives that approached.

When the moonlight hit the surface of the lake, it would be covered in a dense pink mist.

This mist would cause all kinds of hallucinations and make people forget themselves.

The lake was called [Eye of Soro]. It was said that after the evil god Soro fell in the ancient times, his left eye fell onto Feinan, transforming into this lake, and a monster resided in the lake ever since then.

Three hundred meters above the lake, a huge magic carpet slowed to a stop.

Marvin and Hathaway were calmly sitting on the magic carpet.

The others had long since disappeared.

"You are really too bold," Hathaway suddenly said.

Marvin nodded.

He knew what Hathaway meant. Decaying Plateau was a name worth respecting even for Legend Powerhouses.

Diggles was an existence on par with gods.

But Marvin actually planned to destroy the whole Decaying Plateau!

Even if everyone hated Diggles’ actions, Marvin’s bold move still startled them.

Apart from Ivan, everyone had second thoughts.

But in the end, Marvin convinced them with the help of Hathaway.

"Why can you see more things than me?"

She took a deep look at Marvin. "I only saw the destruction, but you can see so much more."

Marvin shrugged. What could he answer when facing this question?

He could only laugh insincerely. "How could I know, there will always be some strange things going through my head."

Hathaway went silent.

Marvin saw her deeply worried appearance for the first time.

Even when she was waiting for the Shadow Prince with Inheim and the others, she wasn’t so worried.

"Hey, believe me. They’ll quickly get a hold of those Golden Scissors. This will be proof that the things I see are real."

Marvin gently held Hathaway’s hand. "They will believe me. Following my plan, we will be able to rescue Sir Lorant’s children and then destroy the entire Decaying Plateau, effectively warning the Underworld."

Hathaway’s body stiffened, but her expression slightly relaxed. "I’m not worried about this."

"I’m worried about you."

"You really want to go with us?"

Marvin looked her in the eyes. "Believe me, apart from me, no one can quietly sneak into the Decaying Plateau undetected."

"The aura of a Legend is really too strong. Even if you conceal it, you’ll be detected by Diggles as soon as you enter the plane. I won’t."

"I am the most suitable person to rescue the White Deers."

Hathaway shook her head. "I have a bad feeling. I’d prefer if they couldn’t find the Golden Scissors."

Marvin froze, stunned.

At that time, huge waves rippled through the always peaceful Eye of Soro!

A long and barbed tentacle emerged from the lake, followed by a huge silhouette!

"Turns out to be an Octopus Monster!"

Ivan’s laughing voice could be heard from below.

The next second, the entire lake’s surface was frozen.

After casting her spell, Endless Ocean stood by the lakeside looking at that struggling Octopus Monster and said to Ivan, "It has a name. It’s called [Lumu.]"

"It was once the pet of an Ancient God, and is somewhat related to Sir Lorant."

The White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant was standing on the shore, looking at the angry Lumu with a helpless expression.

This guy really was like him. He once served the Ancient Nature God. But his arrival was different from his own. Lumu had desc

ended for a long time, long before the Nature God fell into slumber.

Lumu had a savage nature, and hid in the Eye of Soro to evade the Nature God’s search. But how could he have expected Marvin to easily find him?

A pair of golden scissors were hidden in his belly. They were the most important thing to enter the Underworld.

"Despicable Deer, you actually got so many helpers… Ugh!

A fierce pain shot through his abdomen before he finished his sentence.

A meteor penetrated his body from below, leaving a bloody hole!

Inheim then landed on Lumu’s head. The tentacles thrashed around, but they were unable to make him move.

"Hand over the Golden Scissors," Inheim calmly demanded.

Lumu bellowed, "Don’t even think about it!"

But he then howled grief!

A carefree shadow grabbed one of his tentacles and sharply pulled it!

Ivan actually ripped the tentacle from the body using his full strength!

Blood started flowing as a mournful roar echoed!

"No matter how much you shout, no one will help you."

Marvin’s mocking voice rang out from the magic carpet. "The lady at my side already arranged a three-layered soundproof barrier around the Eye of Soro."

"You won’t be able to escape. The surface of the lake is already frozen."

"The sky has also been sealed, and as for your surroundings, you can take a look yourself."

"Hand over the Golden Scissors. We don’t have much patience."

Lumu’s nearly fell apart!

He had never felt this sullen in all his lifetime!

As one of those serving the Ancient Nature God, he was very impressive back when he was in Heaven.

When he came to the mortal world later, no one could stop his strength.

If he wasn’t afraid of that great expert in Thousand Leaves Forest, he might have already tried expanding his influence.

But he didn’t think that obediently staying in the lake and occasionally eating a few people could actually attract a disaster!

Just as Marvin said, the lake’s surface had already been sealed off by Endless Ocean, and even the bottom of the lake slowly froze.

A huge eagle slowly circled the sky.

He recognized this eagle. Sky Fury! A Great Druid from the north, even more powerful than Endless Ocean!

And that Monk on his head was even more savage and shocking with his body like diamond!

The elf on the shore was rarely seen kind of elf. This guy didn’t seem as robust as the Monk, but he had a frightening burst power, making him hard to ignore.

And there was still the Wizard who had yet to make a move and his old friend, White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant.

He was already surrounded by so many powerhouses. What did they plan in the end?

Lumu struggled to say, "I don’t know anything about any golden scissors."

Marvin coldly said, "Pull another tentacle? Understood."

Ivan shrugged as he grabbed another tentacle and started pulling.

This move scared Lumu into repeatedly shouting for them to stop!

"Wait! Wait!"

Ivan let go.

Marvin smiled. "Mister Lumu, we actually don’t have the intention to become your enemy. I know that when you stealthily descended, you had the Golden Scissors previously used by the Nature God. This thing is useless to you… It’s not as important as your life, right?"

Lumu stayed silent.

After a while, he struggled to say, "If I give it to you, will you leave me alone?"

Marvin looked at the others. Everyone looked like they would listen to his decision.

He immediately nodded.

Lumu’s tentacles went inside, going deep into his abdomen. After some time, a bright gold light emerged.

A very small pair of scissors appeared on his tentacle.

Golden Scissors, check.

Apart from Hathaway, they all gave a cheerful look. Marvin was really right!

The Golden Scissors were the Nature God’s artifact.

After finding them, they let Lumu off and moved away.

The Golden Scissors were given to Marvin because he would be the one actually using them.

Once the gold halo disappeared, this pair of scissors would appear mundane, but few knew that this was an artifact able to cut through planes!

"Since we have the Golden Scissors, we can start our operation."

The group went north from the Eye of Soro into the area of the Millennium Mountain Range, which divided the North from the South.

There was a small secret passage there that led to the edge of the Decaying Plateau.

According to Marvin, by going through this passage, he would quickly find the [Moss Prison] where the White Deers were being held, completing a part of his plan.

"Good, I’ll go ahead. In about three hours, you guys should make your move."

Just ahead was a small cavern. Marvin smiled and waved at everyone before unhesitantly entering.

The seven great Legends were silently standing in front of the cavern, watching as Marvin disappeared inside.

After a while, Endless Ocean lowered her head and sighed, "I hope that everything will be smooth."

At that time, a strange scene flashed through Hathaway’s mind.

She saw Marvin falling into the void, falling toward the bottomless Abyss!

She suddenly opened her eyes wide, but then the illusions disappeared without a trace.

‘This can’t be true.’

Unconsciously, her forehead became full of sweat.

In some corner of the God Realms, a shadow was in the middle of cursing.

At that time, a voice echoed from the distance, directly imprinting itself into that shadow’s heart.

"Glynos, I found something very interesting."

"You might have the chance to get your revenge."

That shadow shivered. "Go fuck yourself! This God is being chased by the Moon Goddess. It’s already very difficult to find a place to hide. Don’t cause troubles for me."

"No no no." That voice clearly carried a hint of joy when talking about Glynos’ misfortune. "You can go to a place outside the God Realms to lie low."

"For example, the Decaying Plateau."

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