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"Decaying Plateau?"

The Shadow Prince’s tone clearly showed some hesitation.

"I just obtained some information. The Legends we have been watching for... our old friends who have been silent for a while, apparently made a move."

"The reason isn’t clear, since there is a layer of fog separating the God Realms and Feinan after all. But one sure thing is that they will go to the Decaying Plateau to deal with Diggles."

That voice seemed very tempting. " They can’t possibly know that I have a secret path to the Decaying Plateau."

Glynos disdainfully said, "What secret path? The Decaying Plateau is in the Underworld where I can send an avatar at most. Inheim can restrain me too easily. After that disgrace, I won’t do it a second time. When the matter of the Universe Magic Pool is settled, I’ll personally deal with him."

"Don’t be nervous. This time, I’ll go with you."

A feminine-looking man appeared in front of Glynos.

"This is a perfect opportunity to kill the Seer Hathaway. Our position in the Gods’ Assembly would rise quite a bit."

The shadow stayed silent.

In a hidden cave in the Shrieking Mountain Range.

A hot spring was boiling. Bamboo’s eyes were tightly closed as a power from the void repaired her body.

Her previous injury had yet to be healed, but when she heard that Marvin was about to attack the Ogre Tribe, she wanted to take the opportunity to make trouble for him. But she ran into an unfathomable woman there.

Even if Daniela’s strength wasn’t as good as hers, their magic abilities were more or less the same. Moreover, her style was very wild, seeing through the fact that she was injured and making risky moves.

She forcefully stopped Bamboo by herself.

It was to the point that later on, after Ivan took care of that Iron Ogre, she had no choice but to retreat, waiting for another chance.

Now, that chance arrived. Even though Lady Azure was slumbering, when she woke up before, she had found Marvin whereabouts and condensed an eye, giving it to Bamboo.

This thing would give out Marvin’s location at regular intervals.

‘That reckless guy wants to go to a very dangerous area this time.’

The water temperature kept rising and the red color on Bamboo’s face slowly deepened.

She could feel the power poured into her by the World Ending Twin Snakes!

She never had so much Divine Power before!

‘This is a good opportunity!’

‘These people overestimated their ability and went to challenge an Evil Spirit Overlord. It just so happens that I’ll get to take care of the few who killed Lord Crimson.’

Images appeared one by one before her eyes: Marvin, Endless Ocean, Hathaway, Constantine, Shadow Thief Owl, and Inheim.

These guys… Would die!


The hot spring’s water suddenly exploded and spread everywhere.

Then, a naked Bamboo rose up.

There were countless minute holes on the cave’s walls, the size of drops of water.

‘My strength already rose up to a pseudo-Legend level. Even if it’s only for three days, it should be enough.’

Her eyes were full of confidence.

The Underworld was the closest plane to Feinan, and the Decaying Plateau was its first outpost. When Diggles established the Decaying Plateau, it was with the intent of getting involved in Feinan. He once launched countless invasion into Feinan. And even though they ultimately failed, this left countless paths to the Decaying Plateau.

An organization like the Twin Snakes Cult naturally controlled a few secret paths and could go to the Decaying Plateau.

When the time came, she would wait for an opportunity to make her move.

Thinking of this, Bamboo felt an unbearable itch.

‘Marvin… Wait for me…’

Marvin was alone in a gloomy cavern, progressing forward.

Compared to the South, this cavern was fairly dry, perhaps because this place was already close to the Millenium Mountain Range.

The Millenium Mountain Range split apart the North from the South, so if Marvin crossed all the way through, he’d arrive in the North.

The nameless cavern he was now taking had once been the exit of a Disaster Door set up by Diggles.

That was the second Evil Spirit Invasion. Afterwards, all of Feinan’s living beings made great efforts to banish the Evil Spirits.

This cavern was also sealed by a Saint and no Evil Spirits were able to come through afterwards.

But what Evil Spirits didn’t know was that this seal targeted only Evil Spirits.

The passage wasn’t destroyed, and only Evil Spirits were unable to take it. Humans or other races could still freely come in and out as they pleased.

Due to the ingenious sealing method used by that Saint, even Diggles himself didn’t notice that detail.

For many years, that place was forgotten and neglected.

And in the game, it was only activated by chance by a player after the Great Calamity.

After that, a major expansion released, called [Planar Adventures: First Chapter – Underworld].

It was also after this expansion that Marvin delved into the depths of the Underworld.

After following the tunnel for about two hours, the dry cavern reached its limit.

There was a huge door, about twenty meters tall!

On the door was hanging a firmly locked rusty copper lock.

Apart from this, a large amount of runes, spells and seals were lying above the door. Although they were some distance away, Marvin could still feel their powerful energy.

Even if a god wanted to open this door, it would require a lot of skill.

Marvin obviously didn’t have such ability.

He looked to the side.

In a wall hidden by a mountain of weeds, Marvin found small man-sized door.

This small door was the true entrance.

There was also a lock on this door, but it wasn’t actually locked. It only symbolically hanging there.

Marvin took a deep breath and removed this lock.

This apparently normal lock that looked a bit rusty was not to be looked down upon; as long as it was hanging there, the Underworld’s monsters were unable to open the door!

Once Marvin took it down, this path would become a two-way path.

Fortunately, Evil Spirits had mostly given up on this place, or else Marvin wouldn’t dare to do something so dangerous.

Naturally, the reason he was so daring was those seven Legends!

They would attract the attention of Diggles and the whole Underworld. Only then would Marvin have the opportunity to stealthily sneak in and rescue the White Deers.

He gently pushed open the door.

A decaying and rotting smell would make anyone disgusted filled the air.

This was the distinctive evil energy of the edge of the Underworld. The closer to the center one was, the stronger the energy would be.

Evil Spirits were the most filthy and disgusting beings in the universe. Most of the world’s negative energies would gather in this place, giving birth to more of those lifeforms.

Living beings souls ghosts result from Order and Chaos overlapping. Evil Spirits were freaks created from negative energies.

Hate, Resentment, Jealousy, Slaughter… Every dirty emotion would hasten the expansion of the Underworld’s foundation, the Evil Spirit Sea.

Thus, the Evil Spirit Sea would quickly grow in every era of war, birthing countless Evil Spirits.

And during each period of great chaos, one being at the level of an Evil Spirit Overlord would be born from it!

There were currently nineteen Evil Spirit Overlords, meaning that Feinan had experienced nineteen periods of unrest.

This didn't include that next era of unrest.

The fall of the Universe Magic Pool made Feinan’s negative energies reach their peak. As a Prime Material Plane, this world’s energies would be at least ten times stronger, regardless of whether they were negative.

The Evil Spirit Sea would double in size. And this time an Evil Spirit Sovereign would begin forming in the sea for the first time.

In fact, a prophecy had been spread in the Underworld for a long time:

[When gods violate their oath, the sovereign will rise from the sea, leading the Evil Spirits into Feinan.]

Marvin didn’t know whether or not this prophecy was reliable because when he transmigrated, that powerful Evil Spirit Sovereign was still under the sea. The gods were busy dividing Feinan’s territories. Dragons, Liches, Devils, and Demons were all aiming at Feinan.

And the few people remaining, the weak, began to follow gods. Powerhouses sought the Fate Stones, and tried to kill gods or seal them. It was a time of unprecedented chaos.

Evil Spirits also tried to invade.

Marvin didn’t wish for this to happen, and though he couldn’t stop the Universe Magic Pool from collapsing, he still had a way to delay the invasion of the Underworld.

That was to destroy the Decaying Plateau!

Thinking of this, he walked forward with determination.

Behind the door was a dull gray sky.

He used his Shapeshift Sorcerer’s Disguise. This Disguise could not only change his appearance, but could also change his aura.

Disguise’s effect was pretty high, so it should be able to deceive most of the Evil Spirits.

In the distance was a continent floating in the sky.

And in front of him was a bridge made of giant mushrooms.

Each mushroom was separated from the next by over a kilometer!

Mushroom Bridge.

Marvin took a deep breath and rushed over, landing on the first mushroom!

Without needing to use any strength, his body sank in the elastic mushroom before flying high up, soaring through the air to the next mushroom more than a kilometer away in a single jump.

Thus, Marvin jumped up and down, gradually approaching the flying continent!

South of the Millenium Mountain Range, time slowly passed.

"It’s been three hours."

Hathaway had been slowly keeping time.

The others got up one by one and looked at the White Deer Holy Spirit.

He nodded and took out the Rainbow Stone.

"Ladies and gentlemen… Please!"

He took a deep breath and activated the Rainbow Stone.

The next second, a rainbow-colored tunnel appeared in front of them.

"There are so many of us here to beat Diggles, no need to be polite." Ivan laughed and walked up to Lorant first. "In fact, I already wanted to get rid of the tumorous Decaying Plateau, but I had no way to do it before."

Inheim approached next. This Legend Monk gave the White Deer Holy Spirit a rare pat on the shoulder, reassuring, "There are so many of us. There's no need to be worried, as Diggles should be the one scared instead."

"Let’s go! Diggles would have never dreamt that there would be such a surprise dropping out of the blue!"

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