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On a silent desolate plain, a violent storm rose!

The frightening destructive power engulfed everything within sight. The entire area faintly shook.

The grey storm kept whirling, ravaging everything in its path.

The originally green and lush plain was left in a mess in the wake of the gray storm.

In the middle of the storm, a beautiful woman unhurriedly ended her spell.

‘The test is finally a success. New Legend spell, [Ashes Storm].’

‘Time to go back and see.’

Hathaway looked over the field, seeing that more than ten meters of soil were blown away. She seemed pleased with the results.

This was just the prototype of Ashes Storm. She needed more grasp over it to make the Legend spell even more powerful.

With her specialties, [Unlimited Stacking] and [Legendary Instacast], this spell could burst with frightening power in an instant.

This time she had been hiding in her newly formed Half-Plane to research this spell.

It was time to return to Ashes Tower.

She used a Teleportation Portal to return to Ashes Tower’s tallest floor.

She was surprised to see that the green fire in the fireplace was restless.

She slightly frowned, looking at the fire. It had been active for a day.

Could something have happened to Marvin?

She gently used her hands to push aside the green flames. Marvin’s face was shown in the center of the fire.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Ah. You finally answered." Marvin seemed a bit fuzzy in the fire. "I planned a trip to a plane. The destination is the Decaying Plateau, interested?"

Hathaway deeply frowned. "What are you planning?"

"This isn’t something that can be explained with a few words." Marvin winked. "You know where you can find me."

"Help me contact Sir Inheim on the way."

"I originally didn’t plan on troubling him, but right now we really need him."

The flames started dispersing.

‘We?’ Hathaway was doubtful.

The final flames in the fireplace condensed into a crystal with coordinates written on it.

‘Isn’t that the White Deer Cave?’

Hathaway lightly scanned the crystal and her expression immediately changed.

She hesitated for a bit before hurriedly rushing out, without even changing her clothes.

A long while later.

Everyone was sitting around a round table. The atmosphere was somewhat strange and they were all sizing each other up.

But Marvin was calm and composed.

As the host, White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant was especially uncomfortable.

"To be honest, I really didn’t expect that… You actually found four people." He forced a smile.

"How did you do it?"

The awkward atmosphere was temporarily set aside.

Everyone at the table kindly smiled at Lorant.

One of Marvin’s acquaintances was sitting on Lorant’s left side, the Great Druid Endless Ocean.

She had gifted a False Divinity to Marvin beforehand. The last time they met wasn’t too long ago actually.

But Endless Ocean wasn’t called by Marvin. She was one of the few friends of the White Deer Holy Spirit.

Another friend of his also showed up, and was sitting on Lorant’s right. It was a very kind and good-natured old man.

His nickname was [Sky Fury]. Like Endless Ocean, Sky Fury was one of the members of the Migratory Bird Council.

A Legend Great Druid!

Aside from Endless Ocean and Sky Fury, the others were people called by Marvin.

The first was the Elven Prince, Ivan.

When this guy was informed by Marvin, he immediately rushed over to the White Deer Cave.

That guy was fearless enough to pick a fight with an Ancient Red Dragon, so why would he be afraid of an Evil Spirit Overlord?

The next one was Shadow Thief Owl.

The Legend Thief had no interest in this matter, but Marvin used something to convince him to to rush over.

The other two were the silent Monk, Inheim, and Hathaway, who seemed to be in a bad mood.

Apart from Marvin, there were seven Legends!

No wonder Lorant was a bit startled.

He could only find two Legends to help, but Marvin called out four!

Out of those, one was an old fox, one had an unreasonable strength rivalling gods, and the other two were newly risen Legends with extremely high potential.

This kind of lineup… Not mentioning just the East Coast, no one would be able to gather such a group in the entire South.

But Marvin’s answer left him even more speechless...

"There should have been six. But one suddenly got busy in a hand to hand battle with the emerging Molten Overlord. He told me that he most likely won’t make it on time, but I should tell him if another event like this comes up."

"And the other one also can’t show up, so he sent me this."

Marvin showed off [Brilliant Purple], which he had just got a hold of.

Constantine sent a Great Eagle to deliver it. Along with it was the entire set of equipment as well as two rounds of [Dragon Tooth] and one of [Dawn Light].

Constantine couldn’t participate in this trip, but as Marvin’s creditor, he said that he was scared Marvin would be in trouble against Evil Spirits and die on this trip. Thus he generously handed over his beloved weapon. But Marvin knew that guy was just bad with words. The middle-aged man still cared about one of his kind.

The other one who was fighting with the Molten Overlord was naturally O’Brien.

As the Night Walker’s leader, O’Brien’s power couldn’t be doubted. Originally, Marvin intended to call him and Hathaway.

But he unfortunately he was busy. Even if O’Brien was very interested in Marvin’s plan, he really couldn’t come.

Helpless, Marvin could only request Hathaway to ask Inheim. He didn’t expect that this Legend Monk would really take the time to help!

Inheim’s strength was no worse than O’Brien’s. With him, Marvin’s plan would be a lot safer.

"Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s not waste time."

Marvin stood up and looked at everyone. "Thank you so much for coming here. You might already know some parts of the plan, but not everything."

"Please allow me to run you through the whole sequence of events and then we can speak about my plan."

They all silently looked at Marvin, a strange feeling floating in their hearts.

Everyone here was a Legend, except for the 3rd rank Ranger standing up and constantly talking.

This felt somewhat absurd.

But it still happened. This particularly shocked the White Deer Holy Spirit.

‘I hope he is truly as amazing as he is rumored to be, and is able to help save my children,’ Lorant thought in silence.

Marvin finished his speech twenty minutes later.

They all looked at each other in dismay. They were startled by Marvin’s crazy and bold plan!

Shadow Thief Owl was the first to speak against it. "I suddenly lost all interest in this operation. Little Marvin, your invitation letter didn’t talk about that."

Marvin forced a smile. "What did I say?"

Shadow Thief Owl took out of a Thousand Paper Crane and put it on the table. Shivering letters formed on it.

– Trip to the Decaying Plateau. Opportunity to get Diggles’ artifact. –

"You assured me I could steal to my heart’s content from Diggles’ hidden treasury. Saving young deers on the way isn’t an issue."

"But your plan is simply declaring war on the Evil Spirit World!"

"Do you know what you are saying?" Owl asked in dissatisfaction.

Marvin seriously replied, "I know what I said."

"In fact, if it was only about rescuing Lorant’s children, I wouldn’t need to gather everyone here."

"Diggles keeps invading Feinan, and he is the most active Evil Spirit Overlord. Eliminating him is like giving a warning to the Underworld."

"He did quite a few evil things these years, didn’t he? What allowed him to be so rampant? Is it because the righteous aren’t strong enough?"

Marvin’s voice was loud and clear. "It’s just that people don’t wish to cooperate."

"Sir Owl, I guarantee you will have enough time to visit Diggles’ treasury. As long as you follow my plan."

Owl shrugged, no longer saying anything.

Marvin looked at Ivan. The Elven Prince shrugged. "No issues here. As long as you don’t want me to go near the coast, it’s all good."

As for the two Great Druids called over as helpers by the White Deer Holy Spirit, they originally wanted to go to the Underworld so they naturally didn’t have an issue.

Marvin’s sight focused on the last two people.

Inheim and Hathaway.

The former muttered, "The plan you just mentioned is very alluring."

"If we can truly get rid of Diggles, I am very willing to make a move. But I am very curious. From where did you get so much knowledge?"

"You just mentioned quite a lot of things that even I never heard of."

Everyone’s gazes once again focused on Marvin.

Indeed, for Marvin’s plan to be successful, his claims had to be true.

Did he really have a method to sneak into the Underworld undetected, and more accurately, find the young deers and the Holy Maiden Muse’s cage?

And did that artifact he mentioned really exist?

Marvin remained silent, only looking at Hathaway.

The latter took a deep breath and firmly spoke on behalf of Marvin, "I told him."

Inheim frowned.

"Everyone knows my identity. I know some things others don’t. Isn’t it normal?"

"What Marvin just said came from information I told him. But I hadn’t expected him to plan something this big…" Hathaway calmly said.

Marvin could feel that all the Legends relaxed when hearing these words.

They knew Hathaway was a Seer, and that because of this, the Shadow Prince tried to assassinate her.

They had somewhat heard of the powers of Seers, so if it truly was like that, then Marvin’s plan could really work out.

"So what’s our first step?" Lorant asked impatiently.

Marvin, seeing that no one had any more objections for the time being, smiled.

"Our first step is to look for the [Golden Scissors]."

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