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Facing Marvin's question, Deceiver sighed, "As expected, he will still succeed."

"This Rainbow Stone will definitely be his."

Marvin frowned. "What are you talking about? As long as you keep the Rainbow Stone away from Diggles, he won't have it his way."

Deceiver shook her head. "It's not that simple."

"But I don't have time to explain everything to you now."

"Let's make a deal. Tell me everything you know about my younger brother and I'll give this Rainbow Stone to you."

Madeline sneered, "Do you think you can escape from my sight?"

Deceiver coldly glanced at Madeline. "Wizard? Before you advance to Legend, these kinds of big words won't be convincing."

"I'll go where I want to. You can't stop me."

Madeline suddenly became angry and was about to act when she was pulled by by Marvin.

"In fact, even if you didn't exchange the Rainbow Stone for it, I would have told you about your brother," said Marvin sincerely. "I just don't want you to be used by Diggles."

Deceiver doubtfully asked, "Who are you after all? I know you possess the same bloodline as me, but you seem to have one of those prophetic bloodlines."

"I'm not one of them, I only coincidentally know a lot of things."

Marvin quickly asked, "You and your younger brother spent your childhood in the vast western sea, am I right?"

Shock flashed through Deceiver's eyes before she nodded.

Marvin continued, "Because of an accident, you were pursued by those natives and were caught into a space-time crack during the chase. When you woke, you found yourself in the Decaying Plateau. Thus you thought your younger brother fell with you and was in Diggles' hands, right?"

Deceiver held her breath.

Marvin's words perfectly described her own experience!

"Keep going!" She asked expectantly.

"In fact, he didn't fall in the Decaying Plateau with you. He is still alive in that vast western sea."

Marvin took a long look at her. "If you want to find him, and if you believe me, you should take a trip there."

"Despite people calling that place the [Dead Area], you and I both know that the descendants of a lot of ancient races live there. Right?"

Deceiver took a slow breath.

She hesitated for a long time before throwing the Rainbow Stone to Marvin.

Marvin deftly caught it and sighed in relief.

"I believe you."

"Because we are both Numan descendants, I'll remind you that Diggles definitely won't give up."

"You'd best look for a place to hide. Because your enemy might not be the one to make a move."

After saying that, she took another look at Marvin, apparently wanting to memorize his face, before soon disappearing into the depths of the cave.

Madeline was surprised.

Even if Deceiver was just a 4th rank Sorcerer, Madeline simply didn't know what spell she used.

It was as she had said: if she wanted to escape, Madeline and Marvin simply couldn't stop her.

"Is this stone real or fake?"

Madeline looked at the Rainbow Stone in Marvin's hand. "Her nickname is Deceiver, don't be tricked by her."

"She won't trick me," Marvin said confidently.

"We should leave soon."

His voice had yet to finish when a white ray of light rushed over!

The other side's aura was extremely frightening. In that split second, Marvin and Madeline felt a bit pressured!


Marvin immediately remembered Deceiver's warning. "Your enemy might not be the one to make a move."

After all, the one approaching was actually the White Deer Holy Spirit.

The White Deer nimbly rushed over, as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Marvin.

The radiance around his body spread out as he slowly turned into a middle-aged man.

"Return my treasure," demanded the White Deer Holy Spirit in a dignified tone.

Madeline held her breath. A hint of fear flashed through her eyes. She was a Half-Demon, and the other side was a Heavenly Legend lifeform, so both sides naturally disliked each other.

If the White Deer Holy Spirit was annoyed by her, he might get rid of her.

And his current mood really seemed to be bad.

Marvin composed himself and tightly held that Rainbow Stone as he said in a heavy voice, "Sir Lorant, we have no objection in returning something to its rightful owner."

"But I have to ask, what happened?"

The White Deer Holy Spirit sneered, "What happened? Do you still need to ask me?"

"Intruding in my cave, stealing my treasures… If not for you trying to protect my children once, I would have already taken them back!"

His gaze fell on the cloth bundle containing the rifle on his back.

Marvin's expression didn't change. "I want to know what happened after I left."

Lorant impatiently said, "Hand over the Rainbow Stone, don't force me to make a move."

"Don't think I don't know what you planned. You are like those Evil Spirits, people with filthy motives."

Marvin sternly argued, "We are different from the Evil Spirits. At least we don't want a Disaster Door to appear somewhere on Feinan."

"Thus, I want to know. What happened after we left!?"

The middle-aged White Deer Holy Spirit clenched his teeth.

Then, a screen of light was shot out from his eyes.

The White Deer Cave could be seen on the light screen.

He could see everything that previously happened.

Marvin carefully looked.

After Deceiver was controlled by Diggles into stealing the Rainbow Stone, Marvin and Madeline quickly gave chase.

The cave then regained its peace.

But not for long. A crack appeared in front of the young deers and the Holy Maiden!

Marvin shivered. "Plane's mark?"

The White Deer Cave originally was a place perfectly hidden. Before the Deceiver entered and left a plane's mark, even if Diggles was powerful, he couldn't find this place.

Sure enough, that crack spread and turned quite big. Ultimately, a Knight rotting all over emerged from the crack.

He pounced on the pitiful young deers.

His frightening aura made all of them lose their ability to move including the Holy Maiden Muse. All of them in the White Deer Cave were sent through the crack.

"Heaven…" Marvin bit his lips. "They were captured and sent to the Decaying Plateau."


Something suddenly clicked in his mind, and he looked at the White Deer Holy Spirit, somewhat startled. "Diggles got in touch with you?"

Lorant gloomily nodded.

"Thus you have an agreement?" Marvin attentively watched him, "You personally hand him the Rainbow Stone and then you'll get your children?"

"More or less. I don't have a choice." The White Deer Holy Spirit's face was filled with helplessness.

"I need this stone to save my children."

"No!" Marvin categorically answered, "You are crazy."

Killing intent flashed through Lorant's eyes, "If you try to stop me, I won't hold back!"

Decaying Plateau, supreme throne.

Head Knight Douglas slowly walked over from the distant sea.

"Lord, everything is ready."

"They are in most secure place. No one else knows about that secret prison you built."

"No one can find them, including Deceiver," Douglas said.

A satisfied smile appeared on Diggles' face.

"Very good, I only wanted to open a Disaster Door to vent, but I didn't expect to have an unexpected harvest."

"Lorant cares a lot about his children. Apparently, even Heavenly lifeforms would lower themselves after living in the human world for too long."

"But that doesn't matter. I just happened to lack a mount."

"Wait until he arrives to the Decaying Plateau, I'll entertain him, hahahahaha…"

Deathly Silent Hills, in White Deer Cave.

The hostile mood had gradually disappeared.

It was clear that Marvin's admonishing was effective. Lorant wasn't a fool, but he could only agree with Diggles' deal because he wasn't left any other choice.

In fact, even he knew that going to the Decaying Plateau would lead to a disaster.

Diggles was very powerful, about the same as a small god, and the Decaying Plateau was his world. Other people's strength would be weakened there and he would be able to display his specialties with no limits.

Just as Marvin said, even if Lorant handed the Rainbow Stone to Diggles, the latter wouldn't let him and his children off.

Because Evil Spirits were always greedy and never satisfied.

"There are three days before the trade between you and Diggles."

"These three days are enough for us to make a plan."

"You must believe in my plan. You aren't fighting alone," said Marvin extremely sincerely to Lorant in the depths of the cave.

Madeline already returned to River Shore City. Lorant, as a Heavenly lifeform, didn't look kindly at Succubi.

As for Marvin, because of some special reasons, he didn't seem to mind that bit of Devil bloodline.

Lorant looked at some empty space in the silent cave and sighed, "I don't have many friends, but I still have one or two."

"But I wonder if I should drag them into this matter."

The Heavenly Deer had his own pride, and would seldomly ask for help from his friends. Marvin could see that.

"Our only goal now is to rescue your children, along with Miss Muse, isn't it?"

He handed that Rainbow Stone to Lorant. "If you really feel that dealing with Diggles is the best way, you can try to do so anytime."

Lorant pondered silently over the Rainbow Stone in his hand for a moment before asking, "We won't compromise, so what should be done?"

Marvin smiled. "We counterattack."

"Don't you think that Diggles has been too active recently?"

"I actually have many friends. They should be very willing to help put an end to a few Evil Spirits."

Lorant thoughtfully nodded. It could be seen in his eyes that he had made a decision.

"Good, we counterattack!"

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