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It happened so suddenly that Marvin didn't have time to react.

Diggles was controlling Deceiver with an ability clearly beyond the understanding of ordinary people. She snatched the Rainbow Stone and then disappeared in the cave.

She escaped!


Marvin was worried, and the young deers were panicking. Even if they weren't clear what losing the Rainbow Stone meant, they could still feel that this was something far from good.

'I have to quickly catch up to Deceiver to stop her from opening the Disaster Door,' Marvin decided.

But there was still something troublesome, Assassin Hawley. He didn't know where this guy had hid.

In a mere instant, this Assassin had used a high level hiding method.

Marvin felt a huge headache coming.

A 4th rank Assassin who wanted to assassinate him. He was a bit anxious.

He knew the strength Assassins.

But something surprised him. Just as he was getting anxious, a charming voice echoed, "Are you looking for him?"

The tardy Madeline.

Marvin tearing the Azure Letter was to let Madeline know that something huge happened here. But things happened so quickly. It was to the point that by the time Madeline arrived, she could only casually catch Assassin Hawley who tried to escape. In fact, it wasn't Hawley being incompetent, but during his fight with Deceiver, and then later Marvin, he used too many of his escaping skills.

Most of these skills were restricted to a certain amount of uses each day.

Madeline met him on the way, and with a Bind skill his life was under her control.

Then, after using all kinds of restriction spells, she directly bound the Assassin and brought him over.

But when she saw the dagger stabbed in the Asuran Bear's butt, she couldn't help but laugh. "Honestly, this is the first time I saw you in such an awkward situation."

Madeline had a great time laughing.

She really enjoyed seeing Marvin in such an awkward state for the first time.

This guy's strength clearly wasn't that high, but he was able to smoothly react properly regardless of the circumstances.

It was very difficult to catch him in such a situation. Madeline seldom felt so carefree like this.

But Marvin's next words made this joy disappear. "She took the Rainbow Stone."

Madeline's expression immediately became gloomy.

"Where is she? I'll pursue!" she said decisively.

The ownership of the Rainbow Stone would decide whether River Shore City would face a disaster or not. As the Lord of River Shore City, she would obviously care the most about it.

"Hold on."

Marvin looked at the Assassin Hawley. "First we need to settle the grudges between that guy and me."

Hawley forced a smile. "We have no grudges. To be honest, we only received money to help someone."

"Who hired you?" Marvin coldly asked.

Hawley replied back, "If I tell you, you have to let me go."

"Okay…" Marvin dragged this word.

Hawley bluntly answered, "That guy from the Unicorn clan… You should have heard, he works in the Alliance's finance department."

"If you let me go, I'll personally bring him for you. Then you can handle him as you wish."

But as he finished his sentence a paw swiped down, directly crushing him into mincemeat!

Madeline frowned. "So violent."

"And, didn't you say 'Okay'?"

Marvin casually said, "This kind of verbal agreement has no effect. Moreover, it would be leaving a loose end behind."

"But you might miss a lot of information by doing that," Madeline said.

Marvin shook his massive body and slowly regained his regular Human-shape.

He then clenched his teeth and pulled out the dagger stabbed into his butt.

The Holy Maiden Muse turned her head away as a young deer happily skipped over and used a strong healing spell and dispelled any poison.

Madeline looked at this scene with a smile.

Marvin quickly put on clothes. "It doesn't matter, I already know the information he could give me."

He took out a golden coin from the crushed corpse. On one side of the coin was drawn a huge spider and on the other side was the number 7.

Shadow Spider 7th killer. There were still six powerhouses above him.

To Marvin, this enmity was to be met in kind. Regardless of how many people were left in the Unicorn clan or the Shadow Spider Order, he would ruthlessly retaliate.

But the top priority was still to retrieve the Rainbow Stone.

He quickly searched Deceiver's trail.

Soon, with the help of the White Deers, he found a few of her hairs in the cave.

After he bid a simple farewell to the lovely deers and the Holy Maiden Muse, Madeline used a tool to open a Teleportation Portal and the two left the White Deer Cave, returning to the Deathly Silent Hills.

This was the location where Madeline had set up a Teleportation Portal.

The sky had yet to darken, so Marvin still couldn't use his Night Tracking ability.

But to set up the Disaster Door, one would need at least 8 hours.

As the sky would darken in roughly one hour, they still had some time.

Madeline and Marvin rode on the magic carpet, starting a simple search in the Deathly Silent Hills.

In the Saint Desert, countless Foul Anemones kept emerging from underground.

In the middle of that army of Foul Anemones was a White Deer neighing angrily.

These Foul Anemones were truly too disgusting. They had octopus-like tentacles and astonishing reproductive abilities.

Whenever the White Deer used a spell to annihilate a part, soon, more of them would emerge from the underground.

This was well designed.

A powerful Evil Spirit had planted countless Foul Anemone seeds here in order to trap him.

Stinky tentacles kept coming over to bind him.

The White Deer Holy Spirit was thoroughly infuriated.

But at that time, his heart instinctively felt something wrong.

Through that army of Foul Anemones, he faintly caught sight of a scene.

A woman snatched the Rainbow Stone from Muse's hands!

"Rainbow Stone!"

"How could this filthy Evil Spirit dare to covet my treasure!"

The White Deer Holy Spirit came to a realization.

He raised his head and angrily roared, and frightening Heavenly Holy Power was emitted from his body, purifying this area of the desert in an instant!

Heavenly Holy Power was a power full of Order. Not only this was the nemesis of Chaos power, but it was also the natural enemy of those filthy creatures!

In an instant, the entire field of Foul Anemones was cleared off.

The White Deer Holy Spirit started sprinting toward the Deathly Silent Hills!

Deathly Silent Hills, a hidden cave.

Deceiver's body was crazily convulsing. The Rainbow Stone was still in her hands, but her hands were constantly shivering.

"Build the Disaster Door."

"You'll get my reward. I'll release your brother."

"Think about it, he is your only relative in this world." Diggles' words were whispered besides her ear, as if it was a devil luring her.

But her willpower remained strong!

Her Numan blood was burning and she became more and more clear-headed.

"No. You are deceiving me."

"You lie."

She tried hard to lift the imprint Diggles put on her body.

But the Evil Spirit Overlord's command came:

"You dare to disobey your Lord's order!"

"You'll die because you violated your oath, and your soul will return to me, forever unable to escape."

She faintly moved back.

Then, a strange smirk appeared on her face.

"Diggles… Ah… Diggles. You call yourself crafty in vain."

"Could it be that you don't know what my name means?"


On a throne on the Decaying Plateau, Diggles' angry and shocked roar could be heard. "How could this be!?"

"How could she remove my contract on her own!"

He spared no effort to search for Deceiver's trail.

But he couldn't find anything.

This was because when he used her "brother" to force her to sign the contract, the contract itself had a problem.

Deceiver, as a descendant of the Numen, a descendant of the ones who drew their strength from a Devil's head, was naturally very proficient towards a contract's clauses.

Playing around the contract and faking clauses was what she was the best at.

Even the Evil Spirit Overlord didn't find any loophole.

Now he had no way to look for her!

Diggles angrily roared, "Head Knight! Douglas!"

"I have an important task for you!"

"Although Deceiver betrayed us, she definitely left traces in the White Deer Cave! We can still make a comeback!"

In the quiet White Deer Cave.

After Marvin and Madeline left, the young deers and Holy Maiden Muse returned to their living quarters.

They already sent the signal for help from Lorant, convincing him to quickly come back.

As for the Rainbow Stone.

They could only hope that Sir Marvin and the Witch that suddenly appeared could retrieve it.

But suddenly a sinister and foul power suddenly spread through the cave.

All the White Deers trembled.

Muse raised her head in disbelief, looking at the crack that suddenly opened before them.

A Knight emitting some nasty aura emerged from that crack.

His face was covered with moss, and was grinning at everyone, exposing a bloody mouth!

Then, screams were heard in the depths of the White Deer Cave.

But it soon returned to silence.

At nightfall, Marvin's Night Tracking finally became handy.

Relying on a hair, he found out that Deceiver didn't run far.

Following the red line in his field of view, they found Deceiver calmly waiting in a cave.

She was holding the Rainbow Stone in her hand, coldly looking at Marvin and Madeline.

"Do you want this Rainbow Stone?" she asked.

Marvin shrugged. "We actually have no interest in it."

"But it definitely cannot land in Diggles' hands."

"But it looks like it won't, because you are clear-headed."

Marvin felt that the aura of Diggles had disappeared from Deceiver.

But Deceiver silently shook her head, muttering, "You are wrong."

"Few people can stop Diggles from getting the things he wants."

"Even if I betrayed him, he will also…"

Her voice was abruptly cut short by an angry neigh coming from the White Deer Cave!

It was an exceptionally sorrowful voice.

That was the voice of the White Deer Holy Spirit.

Marvin's expression suddenly changed.

"What happened?"

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