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In that split second, that middle-aged man disappeared.

He instantly appeared behind Marvin, ruthlessly piercing his back with the dagger!


The expression on that middle-aged man turned from being ruthless and complacent to one of shock.

Because he found out that when his dagger pierced through Marvin's back, darkness appeared in the room!

And Marvin's body turned into a shadow of nothingness.

Shapeshift Sorcerer, Shadow-shape!

Physical damage halved!

No vitals!

This was the strongest point of Shadow-shape.

Marvin still felt the chill as he looked as his HP that had sharply decreased. He lost half of his HP in a split second from that ruthless attack!

If he hadn't switched to his Shadow-shape at the last second, he might have already died!

'Damn, he is from the Shadow Spider Order!'

Marvin noticed the crest on that middle-aged man's dagger.

Even if that crest was quite small and inconspicuous, Marvin still noticed it.

'Is it because of Black Jack's matter? Not too likely… When I killed him, Black Jack had already betrayed them and turned into a Outlaw of the Crimson Road.'

Marvin didn't have much time to think.

Before that middle-aged man could react, Marvin counterattacked!

Before Shapeshifting, he had already used [Eternal Night]!

This skill created darkness and endless shadows.

The Marvin relied on his powerful [Endurance] specialty to ignore the pain and use Shadow Bind!

But the middle-aged man was extremely nimble and dodged the skill, disappearing from where he was.

Shadow Bind failed!

'Quite skilled, at least a 4th rank Assassin. Most likely Half-Legend!' Marvin shivered.

Wasn't that one of the strongest Assassins of the Shadow Spider Order? With a few powerful tools, they could even assassinate Legends!

This kind of powerhouse actually came to assassinate him?

On the other side, the middle-aged man who retreated from the darkness also felt cold.

He was doubtfully looking at that strange patch of darkness in the center of the room, a bit afraid.

Being inside that area truly felt like it was night time.

What kind of skill was that? He had assassinated all kinds of people during his life, but had never met such a strange skill.

A shadow rushed out like a wisp from the darkness.

Blood was flowing out of his back as he frantically ran toward the Magic Mirror!

'Want to run?'

The middle-aged man sneered and disappeared and reappeared behind Marvin!

His straight dagger ruthlessly thrusted toward his back, following that wound and piercing Marvin's heart!


'It's a Doppelganger!'

The middle-aged man reacted very quickly.

He suddenly turned around.

The patch of darkness in the middle of the room had already disappeared. The true Marvin ran to the other side of the room while holding a rifle.

He took a deep look and memorized that man's appearance. He then opened the entrance and escaped.

The middle-aged man tried to go in, but he failed.

Because this was the first time he had entered the room, even if it was accidentally. If he wanted to get out of the Maze, he had to do it three times.

"Fuck… That kid managed to escape."

'To be able to become friends with so many Legends, he really has some skill… This deal might be bad!'

The middle-aged man was playing with his dagger in an irritable mood, but he didn't have an upset expression.

In any case, that kid was screwed.

Outside the Maze, in the depths of the cave.

Marvin was laboriously trying to cover the wound in his back. But he still couldn't stop the blood from flowing.

He face was extremely pale.

It was too dangerous this time.

If it wasn't for him being a former Assassin and being familiar with their hidden moves before an attack, he might have been unable to see through the other side's intentions.

He might have died before even noticing!

This was what made Assassins terrifying. They were a group of people living in the shadows. They were good are disguising, and good at killing with one blow.

'Fortunately I guessed right. This guy definitely arrived there by accident, so he couldn't leave through the door like me.'

'I don't know if this was his first time escaping the Maze.'

Marvin took out a bottle of medicine for wounds and a bandage, trying to wrap his wounds.

Thankfully, that [Quick Bandage] skill he learnt from Old Sean came in handy. Even if it wasn't as effective as Old Sean who had the [First Aid Master] bonus, stopping the bleeding shouldn't be a problem.

Marvin checked the log while bandaging himself up. The wound was on his back. This was really too inconvenient.

But at that time, two messages flashed on his logs, startling him:

[Unknown Poison infiltrated your body.]

[Your body will stiffen for two hours starting now.]

"Fuck!" Marvin cursed in rage.

His pulled out some antidotes, but before he could put the first one to his mouth, a feeling of dizziness spread all over.


That antidote fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

And Marvin stiffly fell. His back wound suddenly opened and blood flowed even faster.

He started seeing black. He exhausted all his strength to move half a step forward and firmly grabbed a blade of shining white grass!

'He should already be dead by now.'

'Even though it wasn't dipped into deadly poison, stiffness and a bleeding wound should be deadly enough.'

The middle-aged man unhurriedly strolled around the Magic Mirror Maze.

Just as Marvin guessed, he really didn't know how to solve that Maze. But he had plenty of time and could slowly observe.

These Magic Mirrors were very interesting.

But surprisingly he came across a white-clothed woman after turning a corner.

Both of them looked at each other, and the middle-aged man exposed his trademark smile. "Finally meeting someone else."

"Can you tell me how to go out? I have been going arou…"

Before he could finish his sentence, the white-clothed woman already made a move!

An extremely vicious flame condensed in her palm and rushed underground, before coming out to grab his ankle!

The middle-aged man awkwardly dodged, using an escaping skill to run away from the flame's claws.

He still felt pain on his ankle, but the other side simply remained silent and kept casting!

The middle-aged man kept complaining and turned to run.

'Damn… Why is there a nutcase like her in this maze…'

'Who's this woman?'

He hadn't recognized her at all!

"Look! He is waking up."

"Gasp, the little thief is waking up…"

"Is he the one killing our siblings? The one who made father so angry?"

"No he isn't. I didn't feel any grieving resentment from our siblings on this person. He shouldn't be the killer."

Bits and pieces of sentences could be heard by Marvin side. He felt a huge headache.

"How do you feel?" a gentle voice asked him.

He tried opening his eyes, and found that he was lying on a stone bed. Beside the stone bed was a girl wearing very simple clothes. She had beautiful light blue eyes.

Behind her was actually a group of young deers!

Those noisy voices came from them.

Marvin strenuously propped himself up.

"I'm still good. Did you save me? Thank you."

He took a deep breath and forced a smile.

He managed to survive.

It really wasn't easy.

"It's them." The young girl smiled and pointed at the White Deers behind her.

"You were poisoned and they helped you get rid of it. As for your wounds, they also used a skill to help you heal. I don't have that kind of skill."

Marvin nodded.

He thanked those cute young deers.

Without them, he might have really been in danger.

Even if the poison only made him stiffen, his wound kept bleeding. With such blood loss in this situation, even a sturdy Barbarian wouldn't have been able to escape death.

Let alone Marvin.

Thus, before he lost consciousness, he grabbed the shining white grass.

This was something he had experienced once before.

This kind of shining white grass was planted by the White Deer Holy Spirit to protect his children.

If someone touched any of the grass, these young deers would notice it.

To take treasures away from the White Deer Cave, you would have to be cautious and not run into the white grass.

But at that time, Marvin had no other choice. He could only do it.

He knew that with the curiosity of the young deers, they would certainly check on the shining white grass.

And at that time, if they found Marvin seriously hurt, they would definitely help him due to their benevolent hearts.

They weren't too powerful, but in the field of healing magic, they were stronger than any type of Priest.

This was the strength of a Half-Heavenly lifeform.

Even though they were only 2nd rank, they could easily cure Marvin's wounds. As for the poison, they could also remove it.

Marvin asked, and found that only fifteen minutes had passed since he passed out.

They found him eight minutes after he pulled on the grass, and used seven minutes to bring Marvin back from the brink of death.

This made Marvin very grateful to them.

This group of cute White Deers was really lovable. They kept chattering around Marvin, curiously asking him some questions.

They did not dare to be rash when the White Deer Holy Spirit was there. But now that their father left, they couldn't restrain their lively nature.

Marvin could only answer their strange questions one by one.

After a while, that girl stopped them.

"Oh right, this is what you were holding when you lost consciousness. I'm returning it to you now." She handed over the rifle.

Her expression was very pure, apparently not caring what kind of treasure it was.

Marvin excitedly received the rifle.

He gently caressed the decorations on the rifle.

Although the outcome of Inspect was a huge question mark, he couldn't miss the decorations.

[Weeping Sky]. This was its name.

Of course, it had an even fiercer nickname, [Dragon Slayer Rifle].

One of the three outstanding Dragon Slaying items.

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