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The white-clothed woman apparently hadn't expected someone else to be hiding in the surroundings of the White Deer Cave!

Greater Mage Hand immediately displayed an amazing effect. Madeline's spell flung the woman about twenty to thirty meters away!

The next second, a Teleportation Door suddenly appeared in her path.

Madeline was ruthless, sending her through the Teleportation Door.

It was a spell she was very proficient in. In the blink of an eye, Deceiver was more than eighty meters away.

Meanwhile, the door to the White Deer Cave was slowly closing.

Marvin unhesitantly rushed in, and Madeline followed.

Just as they entered the White Deer Cavern, a powerful force enveloped them and split them apart.

Marvin's surroundings spun, making him feel dizzy!

Outside, Deceiver's silhouette vanished.

As the door slowly continued closing, a squirrel nimbly jumped down from above, calmly going inside.

'Thankfully I kept a card hidden. Didn't expect that others would actually take advantage of the White Deer Cavern opening to go looting,' Deceiver angrily thought.

If not for her using a Doppelganger to attract Madeline's attention, she might have failed this mission.

The reward after painstakingly luring the White Deer Holy Spirit away being taken by others?

That man and woman had to die!

The squirrel was also dragged by a force, unable to move its body as it fell toward the depths.


The White Deer Cave's stone door slowly closed.

But at the last moment, a silhouette which seemed as light as a feather floated over. It hesitated there for half a second before finally getting inside.

'This kid can really run. I barely managed to track him… And there is a 4th rank Wizard at his side.'

'If it wasn't because I owed a favor to that guy from the Unicorn clan from that time, I definitely wouldn't meddle in this.'

But regardless of the conflict in his heart, since he had accepted the mission, he had to finish it.

Even if it was just for the reputation of the Shadow Spider Order, he had to assassinate that guy called Marvin.

After his surroundings stopped spinning, Marvin was standing alone in front of a mirror, focusing.

This was the depths of the White Deer Cave, the Magic Mirror Maze.

Even if he was already expecting it, when Marvin stood in between multiple Magic Mirrors, he still felt a bit apprehensive.

Especially since these Magic Mirrors could also speak!

"To the left or to the right? This is a question worth considering."

"I think there might be a way out on the left?"

"Of course, it is also possible on the right."

Each Magic Mirror kept whispering, but Marvin ignored their voices.

He already knew that after entering the White Deer Cave, people would be sent to the Magic Mirror Maze by themselves.

There were paths around him, and each path could lead to the exit of the maze, but it could also lead to a dead end.

In the dead end, there would usually be a deadly trap.

The Magic Mirror Maze was an artifact the White Deer Holy Spirit brought down with him when he descended. If an ordinary person wanted to leave the maze, it would be very difficult.

But it was naturally not the same for Marvin.

He knew the way to leave the Magic Mirror Maze: When looking at your own reflection in a Magic Mirror, the mirror would whisper something.

If the reflection was taller than yourself, the Magic Mirror was lying.

If the reflection was shorter than yourself, the Magic Mirror was telling the truth.

If the reflection was a copy of yourself, the mirror was the true exit.

Marvin didn't tell Madeline about this. He planned to tell her only after she asked for his help.

They had that [Azure Letter] after all, so they could still get in touch with each other inside the Magic Mirror Maze.

Marvin looked at all the mirrors around him and, using this strategy, he quickly got information out of them.

He started moving.

In about three minutes, he found a Magic Mirror that perfectly reflected him.

He softly touched the Mirror's surface, trying to pass through this mirror.

He succeeded.

Behind the mirror was a small room.

The room was completely deserted, there was only a table with one item on it.

It was a box. And inside the box was an extremely huge Night Pearl!

That thing was something from Heaven, and was invaluable.

But unfortunately, it didn't have any use.


The Magic Mirror Maze had a rule. You could only leave the Maze after finding the exit mirror three times. But every time you did, you would get a reward.

'Didn't expect to get a pearl this time.'

Marvin put the Night Pearl away and left the room.

Then he was once again inside the Magic Mirror Maze.

When he turned to look at a mirror, the reflection had changed and was a bit taller than Marvin.

This meant the Magic Mirror would lie.

"Go left, the exit is there," it advised.

Marvin ignored the left and started his second trip.

This time, he spent no less than ten minutes finding the true reflection.

He entered the room.

This room was a lot more spacious than the previous one. It was also rather empty, only having one cabinet. The first three drawers of the cabinet were empty.

Only the last one had something, a pair of shoes.

It was a pair of straw sandals.

Marvin didn't know whether to bitterly laugh or cry.

His luck was really too bad!

The White Deer Cave had so many good things, yet he got a Night Pearl on his first try, and that pair of straw sandals the second time!

Even if it was a strange item, it had a severe restrictions on use.

That was a pair of straw sandals that only Monks could wear!

It also only had one effect: Can't be damaged.

'Items from Heaven are all tricky items… I got nothing useful.'

Marvin grunted, annoyed. This effect on the sandals wasn't bad.

Monks would depend on very few external items due to their religious practices. But Monks would carry several pairs of straw sandals with them.

It was because their fights were really too violent. They basically had to change their sandals after every fight.

In the game, in that struggling leveling period, almost every Monk player had to learn [Craft Straw Sandals], that pitiful skill. Once they saw a suitable plant by the roadside, they would craft a makeshift pair of straw sandals so they could at least wear something.

And many Monks could be seen on the side of the road, crafting straw sandals. This could considered as one of the beautiful pieces of scenery in Feinan.

This pair of straw sandals actually fit Monks the most, and would save them from a lot of inconvenience.

But it was of no use to Marvin!

'Forget it… Just keep it.'

He sighed. Maybe later he would run across an amazing Monk and could use that pair of straw sandals to make friends with him.

As for Inheim, he should already be wearing the Void Boots, so he most likely didn't need it.

He once again returned to the Magic Mirror Maze. Marvin was about to continue onward by following the reflections.

Suddenly, a wave of heat was emitted from his waist.

It was the [Azure Letter].

Marvin faintly smiled and took it out.

It was Madeline, as expected.

- How do you get out of this place? You must know, right? I nearly died from a Dissociation spell from above! -

Marvin faintly laughed and quickly answered:

- I naturally know how to leave the Magic Mirror Maze, and you can also obtain many advantages. But you have to agree to one thing. -

Madeline mumbled while looking at Marvin's answer.

'This guy really seems to know something!'

'He was only a little Ranger, how could he suddenly become so fierce in such a short time.'

'Nevermind, let's trust him for now.'

Both sides quickly made a deal. Of course, because of the command contract, Marvin wasn't worried Madeline would go back on that deal.

Marvin told Madeline the method and then kept going forward.

This time, he spent a lot longer finding the exit than the two previous times.

He passed through the true reflection's Magic Mirror and arrived into an even more spacious room.

This time, there was another door on the other end of the room.

If Marvin went through that door, he would leave the Magic Mirror Maze and arrive at the true depths of the White Deer Cave.

That place had countless treasures.

But those treasures couldn't casually be taken away. If more than three were taken out, the White Deer Holy Spirit would notice.

It would follow their aura to find the thief. Marvin had the feeling that Constantine and Daniela might not be that Heavenly Beast's match.

This current hidden room only had a weapon rack set up.

On the rack was an average looking rifle.

Marvin, who already despaired because of his bad luck, opened his eyes wide!

This rifle¹ appeared here!

It could appear as one of the rewards of the Magic Mirror Maze!

Marvin impatiently rushed over, holding back his surprise to check and make sure he wasn't mistaken.

How could he have imagined that a shadow would come over, staggering, from another corner of the room!

That was a black-clothed middle-aged man!

Marvin was suddenly startled. There was something else in the White Deer Cave apart from him and Madeline?

Deceiver? Definitely not!

That guy looking at Marvin was also stunned.

Soon, he showed a friendly smile. "I finally met someone."

"I've been around this terrible place for so long, can you tell me where this is?"

He slowly moved toward Marvin as he talked.

He had a good-natured smile plastered on his face and wasn't carrying any weapon.

He didn't look like an enemy.

But Marvin already had his hands on his pair of pistols.

Suddenly, Marvin felt an acute pain on his back!


T/N1: It's not an automatic rifle. It's this.

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