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The rifle looked average, but that was because it had yet to be activated.

Even if Marvin felt that the name [Weeping Sky] was a bit unnatural… Rain wasn't made of the sky's tears… But this Legendary Item's power was beyond ordinary people's imagination.

This rifle was a specifically designed item. It might actually be better to use Magic Weapons against ordinary lifeforms.

But its effects would be totally different against a Dragon!

This thing was built by a Dragon Slayer madman to be used against Dragons!

He was a Master Blacksmith whose wife and children died in the first Dragon Disaster. Thus, he personally built three weapons.

These three weapons were considered taboo by the Dragons. Rumors said that many Dragons joined hands and destroyed those three weapons.

But countless warriors who wanted to slay a Dragon were still diligently looking for these three weapons.

These three weapons were called the "Dragon Slayer Set" by the players. With any of those three items on hand, you would have the strength to slay a Dragon.

Because each of these weapons had three unique properties.

First, the person holding the weapon would be immune to Dragon Might.

Just this attribute made countless warriors run around everywhere, looking for one of them. What was the most powerful point of a Dragon? Its huge body? Its frightening Dragon Magic?


What made Dragon gain the upper hand in fight were usually two things. The first was the ability to fly, and the second was the pressure of Dragon Might.

Most people couldn't resist Dragon Might. Under the suppression of that natural pressure, many people would be unable to pass the willpower check and would directly lose their battle ability.

How could one fight if one was unable to stand?

During the attack of Tornado Harbor by the Ancient Dragon Ell, the Elven Prince Ivan was the name that was the most praised. But the main reason was that his first attack was able to catch Ell off guard.

It had to be known that when Ell arrived, he had accumulated energy for a Dragon Breath, and his Dragon Might was earth-shattering!

If the Dragon Might spread to everyone, those Legends might be temporarily suppressed and those guards wouldn't be able to do anything.

But Ivan struck down Ell with a punch. This not only interrupted his spell and stopped his advance, it also scattered his Dragon Might.

This detail was extremely important. Even if ordinary people didn't know, the knowledgeable Wizards obviously knew.

If not for Ivan's punch, it would have been a huge question as to whether or not the South Wizard Alliance's small squad of Legends would have been able to stop Ell!

This showed the frightening power of Dragon Might.

When Marvin used the cannon to shoot the Dragon, he got a bit of resistance to Dragon Might.

But with this rifle in hand, he would be completely immune to Dragon Might!

It would counter the superior advantage of a Dragon!

But this was only one of the three properties of the set of weapons.

The second property was even more overbearing.

[Ignore Defenses if the Target is a Dragon]

Ignore Defenses!

Why is it so hard to kill a Dragon? It naturally was because of their frightening defenses and recovery abilities. Not mentioning an Ancient Dragon, even an ordinary Red Dragon was still able to escape after being beaten up by Ivan.

If not for that precise shot by Marvin, he might have actually gotten away.

This was the strength of a Dragon's defenses.

In fact, if he handed that gun to Ivan, Marvin guessed than an ordinary adult Chromatic Dragon wouldn't be able to take more than ten bullets!

No matter how though their defenses were, the gun would do the trick!

This was the property the Dragons dreaded the most.

The defenses they were the most proud of were gone. In front of the Dragon Slayer rifle, it was as if they were naked...

As for the third property, it was a passive, and it was a negative property.

[Dragon Enmity +100]

When holding the weapon, Dragons would dread him.

Because who knew how many Dragons had already died from this weapon. There were some evil Dragons and some kindhearted Dragons, so this depended on who the user was.

Openly revealing this weapon would be like declaring war to the Dragon Race. There would be a lot of troubles.

As far as Marvin knew, the expert who held this weapon before and sought fame… Died.

They might have been able to kill many Dragons, but the Dragons, who couldn't stand it anymore, joined hands and stood up against him… That's right, the always arrogant Dragons allied in front of a threat to their lives, and used some plots to target that individual.

Regardless, the Dragon Slayer set hadn't come out for a very long time.

Marvin already expected the rifle to be hidden in the White Deer Cave.

Thus he made a deal with Madeline earlier. If she found this rifle, she had to hand it over to Marvin.

But Marvin hadn't expected that after two really bad draws, he luckily got the rifle while almost dying to a Shadow Spider Assassin!

This rifle had to be carefully kept away or it could lead to some disasters.

Marvin's storage wasn't big enough for this long rifle, but he was already prepared. He wrapped a huge piece of cloth around it and put it on his back.

That girl and the young White Deers had been enthusiastically revolving around Marvin all along.

This gave the feeling of not having seen anyone for a long time.

The girl was called Muse, named just like the Goddess of Art. She was serving the White Deer Holy Spirit.

She also was one of the Bai's three Holy Maidens. But she hadn't came out of the White Deer Cave since she was a child, always waiting upon the White Deer Holy Spirit.

From Marvin's point of view, the person serving the White Deer Holy Spirit was in fact just a nanny taking care of these young deers.

Apart from the White Deer Holy Spirit, there weren't strong guys in the White Deer Cave. Marvin could kill these young deers in one clean move. As for the Holy Maiden Muse, she was the only Holy Maiden without any power.

But Marvin definitely wouldn't do something like that.

He originally came to the White Deer Cave to try his luck with treasures while stopping Deceiver's plot.

Now, he not only had something good in hand, but this group of cute young deers had also saved his life.

He would naturally repay the favor of his life being saved.

He soon started telling everything about Deceiver's conspiracy to Muse.

The girl's expression became very grave.

In fact, if Marvin didn't say anything, she was about to ask why Marvin had appeared in the sealed White Deer Cave.

After all, it had been so many years without an outsider coming in.

"It's more or less like that. Deceiver, with her Evil Spirit subordinates, wantonly slaughtered these guys' siblings in the Saint Desert."

"Then she hid outside, waiting for the White Deer Holy Spirit to leave before entering to take away the Rainbow Stone."

"This way, she could establish a Disaster Door outside the Deathly Silent Hills and let the Evil Spirits invade Feinan," Marvin solemnly said.

Those young deers listened and immediately became extremely nervous.

"Ah! I know these Evil Spirits, they are very disgusting. They like to harm others."

"Turns out it's a thief wanting to steal father's Rainbow Stone. We have to tell Father."

"What can we do if the thief is very troublesome? I still haven't learned how to fight!"

"So, did Mister Marvin come to stop that thief?" Muse asked Marvin.

Marvin faintly smiled. "It could be seen like that. Even if it wasn't like that before, it now is."

Muse nodded. Even if she was pure and kindhearted, she also wasn't a fool. Marvin's purpose in entering the White Deer Cave wasn't necessarily that simple.

But she also didn't need to expose him.

"So what should we do?" she asked, "Immediately get in touch with Sir Lorant?"

Lorant was the name of the White Deer Holy Spirit.

"There might not be enough time," said Marvin said in a heavy voice. "Sir White Deer Holy Spirit already left the cave and should have arrived at the Saint Desert. He might be surrounded by Evil Spirits."

"Their goal should be to stall for time. Deceiver was delayed and I got in the cave first, but she should have been able to get in. Deceiver should soon appear from the Magic Mirror Maze. She knows where the Rainbow Stone is located."

"We have to immediately shift it to a secret location."

"Rest assured, I have no interest toward the Rainbow Stone," said Marvin sincerely.

Muse slightly frowned.

At that time, a young deer skipped over from behind her back and a white light swept through Marvin's body.

"He didn't lie, Big Sis Muse," that young deer said.

Muse nodded.

These young deers had remarkable abilities, able to distinguish between truths and lies. They could see through someone's heart and see what they felt.

Since they felt Marvin was reliable, there shouldn't be any issue.

Thus she told Marvin, "Follow me, I'll bring you to the Rainbow Stone."

Hawley was very depressed!

As the best Assassin of the Shadow Spiders, he was one of the highest ranked staff. This assassination of Marvin wasn't something he wanted to do originally.

It was rumored in the East Coast that Baron Marvin... oh wait, it was Viscount Marvin now, had a good friendship with at least a dozen Legends.

If that kind of guy died, who knew what kind of powerhouse would drop by to retaliate.

But the favor he owed that Unicorn guy was really too huge. And the other side currently had a high position in the South Wizard Alliance. Reportedly, he was an assistant in the Finance Department. He held a lot of money in his hands.

The favor and a large sum of money gave him no choice but to continue this horrid assignment.

The result was pretty good. He killed his target, but unfortunately, he was chased by an insane woman!

He staggered on his way, dodging that woman's attacks while relying on his extremely good Perception to escape the Magic Mirror Maze.

The only pity was that those two rooms appeared to have something good. But he didn't have enough time to get a hold of them.

As an Assassin, he knew that he had to give up on some things to keep his life.

This was something he encountered countless times in his long career. As long as that woman paused to pick up something, he would be able to get rid of her!

But what made him mad was that the crazy woman apparently ignored those very good items and kept chasing him!

Hawley truly wanted to cry.

He also didn't consider fighting back. Even though this woman was at the same rank as him, as a peak Sorcerer, her spells were enough to send him on his way.

She apparently also had a special method to pursue him. This made him feel extremely depressed.

The two kept speeding through the depths of the cave.

Suddenly, a fork with three different paths appeared in front of them.

Hawley intended to use one of his trump cards, a Doppelganger, to escape that woman's chase.

How could he have expected that a group of adorable deers would appear in his field of view at that time!?

Behind that group of young deers was a girl holding a seven-colored stone in her hand. She looked stunned as she saw the two people.

What startled Hawley even more was that behind that girl was Marvin, who should have been dead a long time ago!

'He is still alive?' Hawley couldn't help but blink repeatedly.

And most shocking of all was that the crazy woman instantly stopped her attacks when she saw that group.

'Fuck!' Marvin cursed inwardly.

Misfortunes never come alone.

He originally thought of taking the young white deers to escape from Deceiver, but he hadn't expected meeting her here.

Moreover, there was that Assassin!

The Assassin's gaze was full of ill-intent. He probably wanted to attack. After all, the Shadow Spider's creed said that they must kill their target.

As for Deceiver, she was staring at the Rainbow Stone!

"Sir Marvin, what should we do!"

The group was panic-stricken.

Marvin took a deep breath and then tore an azure letter behind his back and crumpled it into a ball, letting it fall on the ground.

He then took two steps forward, blocking the path of those two.

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