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The two sides were like two powerful currents rushing through the cloud of dust.

The Asuran Bear was as massive as the Ogres. Marvin made the first move and fiercely pounced on an Ogre.

Sure enough, with Burst activated, that Ogre was pushed to the ground by his force.

"Bang! Bang!"

His paws viciously smacked the Ogre's head, creating bruises. But that guy's Constitution was too high. Even when pressed on the ground by the Asuran Bear, he could still resist.

His thick wooden club had fallen on the ground. He tried to grab it, but Marvin wouldn't give him this kind of opportunity.


The Bear's paws ruthlessly plunged into the Ogre's eyes and dug out the eyeballs.

The Ogre wailed in pain, thoroughly losing his ability to resist!

Even if the Ogres were innate 2nd rank monsters, most adult Ogres were at the 3rd rank, but that was because of their huge bodies and strength!

The Ogres' extraordinary strength, special constitution, and fierce recovery ability were the reasons they could so easily advance to 3rd rank, or even 4th rank and have the strength of a Half-Legend.

But most Ogres stopped there, and very rarely would an Ogre advance to Legend by relying on his fighting strength.

They might have a very high strength, but they weren't comparable with the dragon race and such lifeforms.

The only exception might be the Iron Ogre and other variations. Under regular circumstances, it was slightly more common for Ogre Mages. This kind of creature was a moving mana pool, and if they had enough creativity and comprehension, they could advance to Legend.

Thus, Marvin didn't feel that the appearance of a Legend Ogre was something unexpected, but he was surprised by the appearance of the Iron Ogre.

But it didn't matter now.

Ivan was dealing with the Iron Ogre, Daniela and Bamboo were having fun, and if the Ogre Mage wanted to escape Constantine and O'Brien who joined hands, he would have to pray for a miracle!

These remaining Ogre Fighters would naturally be handled by his army!

Marvin led the sixteen Dark Knight to attack the Ogre army first.

They were just like a sharp blade, piercing through the center of the Ogre troops.

Marvin noticed that these Ogres still kept a certain type of formation, even under the threat of landslides.

This meant that they were trained.

But the Asuran Bear was fierce and unmatched. His strength could suppress them!

And even if the Dark Knights were only at the 2nd rank, they wouldn't lose to the Ogres in the Strength department.

They had the Brave Souls Pressure on their bodies and were greatly lowering the Ogres' fighting strength.

The sixteen silhouettes entered the Ogre army and opened a big hole in it.

"Let's go! Follow the plan and support Lord Marvin!"

Gordian's roar was followed by more than forty Silver Church Paladins setting out!

And on the side, River Shore City's Knights also set off.

They tightly followed Marvin and rushed to attack that gap.

Forcing the Ogres down the mountain was the first step of the plan.

The second step was to split them apart!

They couldn't let the Ogres stay together!

These monsters might be experts when fighting alone, but when they were together, they were like an invincible army. It would be a nightmare for whichever army met them on a battlefield.

And dividing up the battlefield was what Knights and Paladins excelled at!

Even if they were facing Ogres that were at least two meters tall, making them feel a bit weak, only by advancing courageously on the battlefield could the Knights and Paladins have a chance to survive.

The charge initiated by Gordian and River Shore City's Head Knight followed Marvin's opening and cut through them, forming two groups in the Ogre army.

Of the forty Ogres, the few 4th rank elite powerhouses and a dozen 3rd rank Ogres were fighting Marvin and the Dark Knights.

Those remaining were broken up into two groups separated from each other by Knights and Paladins.

The recruited adventurers swarmed around, and followed Marvin's previous military formation and held special weapons as they approached under the cover of the Knights.

The 2nd rank Wizard corps also moved.

Each 2nd rank Wizard could ride on a magic carpet and float at a low altitude, which could ensure their safety.

They began to attack the Ogres with well-timed spells, according to Marvin's previous command.


After an intense fight, the Asuran Bear finally crushed the Ogre's head into paste!

This also used up quite a bit of stamina for Marvin.

The Ogre's recovery ability was too powerful and it's melee abilities were top class. Killing one used up so much of his stamina.

Fortunately, he wasn't alone!

Each Dark Knight could fight a powerful Ogre one on one.

Their armors were extremely sturdy and their bodies very strong.

Even if they were swept by an Ogre's thick club, they would be standing up a few seconds later, slashing their greatswords at the Ogres' chests.

Both sides were in an endless struggle, creating a deadlock for the time being.

Marvin didn't forget to check the situation around the chaotic battlefield.

It seemed to be moving in the direction he wanted.

The battlefield was split in three parts. The main battlefield was happening around him and his Dark Knights.

The Ogres locked there were the strongest.

And to the north and the south, even if they lost many people during the cavalry charge, they had successfully split the Ogres.

Each Ogre was facing the attacks of ten or more enemies!

These enemies included the Knights or Paladins who rushed, adventurers holding iron chains, specialized in restraining their movements, sturdy Fighters, rogues holding bows or crossbows sneak attacking, and Wizards who kept using their spells to attack, effectively injuring the Ogres!

Even though the Ogres were powerful, but in the face of Marvin's tactics, they were seriously weakened.

Even if someone could die any moment, Marvin had already done everything he could to deal with the Ogres, those war machines.

Both the northern and southern battlefield already had an Ogre collapsed on the ground.

The tactics seemed to be effective.

Next would be a very long heated battle. They just had to keep going and the Ogres would be defeated!

After the cloud of dust rose up, the Ogres were the first monsters to rush out, but they weren't the only monsters living on the mountain.

Soon, loud howling sprung all around as a large amount of wolves swiftly rushed down from the mountain. Behind them was a huge swarm of Goblins, Gnolls, Kobolds, as well as other relatively strong creatures.

In all likelihood, these monsters were the Ogres' subordinates.

Marvin had already included them in his plan.

He leapt high and used [Intimidating Roar] toward those beasts in the distance!

The Dark Knights also used their own [Brave Souls Pressure] to scare those monsters!

In an instant, that side was in chaos and most low level lifeforms couldn't help but be completely intimidated by such a fierce aura.

The Wizards corps immediately switched the target of their firepower and a large amount of long range spells were sent over, reaping the lives of groups of these insignificant lifeforms.

It was all going according to the plan!

After Marvin helped a Dark Knight kill another Ogre, his stamina was more or less exhausted.

He had to turn back to a human.

This was definitely somewhat dangerous on the battlefield.

Two Dark Knights immediately rushed over, one on the left, one on the right, protecting him.

He intended to retreat and take command of the army once again.

This was a huge war, which was far from a simple and refreshing adventure. As long as there were enemies in front of you, you had to kill them.

As the commander, Marvin had to understand the overall situation. After breaking through the enemy line, victory was only a matter of time.

They needed time to be victorious. And Marvin had to stay calm, looking for any variables that might appear.

He temporary withdrew from the battlefield.

In the north, two unrelated battles were still underway.

Bamboo and Daniela.

Ivan and the Iron Ogre.

Both sides occupied a side of the wasteland to fight their extremely vicious battles.

Despite both battles having the same intensity, their ways of fighting were completely different.

No matter if it was Daniela or Bamboo, they were both powerful casters. Even if their battle was just as lively, it was a battle of spells.

In any case, the Ice Angel Daniela was indeed extremely powerful!

'To actually be able to face off against one of the strongest Half-Legend Chosen, Shapeshift Sorcerer's bloodline is really extremely valuable.'

'No wonder the Cridland clan values the purity of the bloodline to that extent.'

But judging from the fight between both sides, Bamboo clearly hadn't recovered to her peak. She had moved so quickly to look for him, wanting to use this opportunity to wreck his operation.

But she hadn't expected that Marvin's group would have a variable like Daniela.

Both sides were in a stalemate. The one who would end up winning had yet to be determined, but Daniela shouldn't be in too much trouble. She was the woman who would become the future Ice Empress after all.

As for the other side, Ivan and the Iron Ogre's battle looked very uncivilized.

Both sides' strength wasn't as balanced as the women's.

The Iron Ogre was being suppressed. Ivan was basically toying with the Iron Ogre.

But the Iron Ogre's Constitution was really too fierce. Ivan had the strength to kill a Dragon but he could only beat the Ogre until the latter kept vomiting blood.

After a moment, he would stand up once again and keep fighting Ivan.

'It is simply the most perfect training partner.' Marvin shook his head.

He assessed that the Iron Ogre's legendary specialties were bound to be [Major Recovery] and [Rapid Regeneration].

These two great legendary specialties made him able to barely survive under Ivan's rain of attacks.

But It was only barely surviving, as his defeat was already set in stone.

Marvin sighed in relief.

He already assessed the situation.

But at that time, a roar was issued from the biggest Ogre.

He had brown skin and only had one eye.

After that roar, all the Ogres surprisingly took the same action and began to move closer to him.

'No good!'

'This guy is their battlefield commander. He has the power to gather his people.'

'Can't let him do that!'

Marvin's heart sank and he immediately roared, "Gordian!"

The Paladin in the cloud dust clearly understood Marvin's intention!

And that was to stop those Ogres from gathering!

They needed the Knights and Paladins to set up another charge to scatter them.

This also meant that they would lose many more people.

The Ogres weren't that easy to handle. Every time they charged, a Knight or a Paladin would get forcefully dismounted and crushed to death.

But even then, River Shore City's Knights and Silver Church's Paladins still silently gathered.

The adventurers had no way to trap the Ogres. They were too strong.

Even if more than ten Ogres had already fallen on the battlefield, once these monsters gathered, they would be an overwhelming force.

They had to stop this!


Under the lead of Gordian and that Head Knight, the cavalry charged once again!

They were set on keeping the Ogres split into the north and south group.

As for Marvin, his sight was set on that Ogre issuing orders!

'The commander needs to die!'

'As long as I kill him, this war would end up in our victory!'

Killing intent filled Marvin's eyes.


Suddenly, two daggers appeared in his hands as he took a few steps back and started running toward a Dark Knight.

"Gimme a boost!"

Following Marvin's shout, the Dark Knight put his hands together to allow Marvin to jump on it, before using force to senD him flying toward the battlefield.

Anti-Gravity Steps, Flicker!

26 points of Dexterity gave Marvin such frightening nimbleness. It was as if he was using those movement techniques from the novels in his past life as he quickly walked through the battlefield by stepping on his enemies and his allies' shoulders.

In a few seconds, he arrived at the commander.

With a flash of cold light, his daggers slashed down as he said, "Move! This Ogre is mine!"

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