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The situation suddenly became unstable on the battlefield.

Marvin's powerful thrust made the other Ogre a bit unnerved. A few Ogres in the surroundings immediately broke away from their fights and immediately rushed over.

They wanted to protect him!

This reinforced Marvin's assessment that this guy was truly the battle commander. As for those two Legends, whether it was the Iron Ogre or the Ogre Mage, they were only leaders.

War was an art. The difference between those who knew how to command people and those who didn't could clearly be seen on the battlefield.

Marvin ignored those other Ogres, his two daggers still ruthlessly slashing down!


The Ogre Commander did his best to raise his wolf teeth club. "Clang!" Sparks flew everywhere.

Marvin took advantage of the fact that he was falling.

His daggers locked with the wolf teeth club as he sent power to his waist, and his legs went under the club and pressed against the Ogre's forehead!

The few Ogres in the surrounding who wanted to gather together didn't have their wishes fulfilled!

The Dark Knights appeared, holding their greatswords, and ferociously forced that group of Ogres back.

For these Dark Knights, Marvin was just like the former Night Monarch, someone they swore to protect with their lives.

Marvin wanted to make it a one on one situation, and they would accomplish this even if it cost their lives.

In fact, they also had the ability to do so.

Gordian and River Shore City's Head Knight initiated the second charge on the northern and southern battlefield.

The sounds of war horses' hooves resounded on the battlefield. The armored cavalrymen with pikes were ruthlessly charging towards those groups of Ogres.

They vowed to split these Ogres into pieces.

But it was a lot more difficult this time.

The Ogres were recklessly rushing toward their commander, this made the cavalry a lot more passive.

Even though this charge temporarily stopped the Ogres from moving, killed three of them and kept them split between the northern and southern side of the battlefield, the losses on Marvin's side were even more disastrous!

A third of the Knights and Paladins lost their war horses, and a quarter of the men were smashed, lightly hurt or seriously wounded. A young Knight died on the spot!

This was the cruelty of war.

Those adventurers hovering around the battlefield didn't dare to approach. They could only try to kill an Ogre that got isolated. But for common adventurers, Ogres were very dangerous creatures.

Despite over ten people attacking one Ogre at a time, they still lost ten people before successfully killing this Ogre.

This displayed Ogres' power. If not for their rather limited intelligence, and their low reproductive ability, these guys would have been mankind's nightmare.

A howl was heard on the battlefield.

Most of the soldiers' faces carried a hint of fear.

They couldn't do anything about it. Each Ogre was more than two meters tall and extremely strong. Even they were cut down by a greatsword, they would quickly recover, as long as they weren't hit in the heart.

This made people feel very helpless!

And Marvin's allied armies already had a lot of casualties. This seriously influenced their morale.

If not for Marvin still fighting, and the Dark Knights doing their utmost, the army might have already collapsed!

At that time, White Gown Collins strode forward and loudly chanted a Divine Spell.

That old fox finally acted.

Silvery white light condensed on the battlefield, and a large scale Divine Spell could be seen appearing.

The silver light enveloped all the Ogres. Each Ogre's movements seemed to get delayed!

Divine Spell - Slow!

The Ogres were originally slow, but after the Divine Spell, they movements were so slow they seemed to be full of gaps.

This would give time for Marvin to kill Ogre Commander.

Collins' grasp of the battlefield was also first rate.

Under his lead, the Silver Church's Clerics also began to use the Divine Spells they excelled at on the battlefield.

These Divine Spells couldn't directly kill the Ogres, but they could debuff them or buff their allies, and that was enough to even out the odds.

On the battlefield, Marvin's body twisted, dodging under the wolf teeth club. He was hanging upside down on the Ogre's body!

He attacked behind his own back with the two daggers!

The Ogre Commander's painful howl erupted.

Because those two daggers were stabbed extremely precisely into the Ogre's kneecap by Marvin!

He let go and once again used his waist to immediately roll past the Ogre's head!


Marvin kicked the Ogre's back.

This extremely strong guy wasn't able to control his own body and fell to his knees!

"Snap! Snap!"

The daggers stuck into the Ogre's kneecap forcibly scraped it out due to the latter's body weight.

A painful roar once again echoed. His hand holding the wolf teeth club was shaking!

Marvin turned around and extremely nimbly retrieved the two daggers.


The wolf teeth club was ruthlessly sweeping over again. This time, the Ogre Commander's attack range was very wide. Despite Marvin promptly jumping back, it still brushed past his chest.

The stinging pain irritated Marvin.

It was bloody.

Marvin's heart was beating quickly.

If that truly hit, he would have lost his life!

This was the terrible issue with fighting a huge creature. Despite Marvin's huge Dexterity, the other side could still find an opportunity.

The creature might survive dozens of his slashes.

But if it hit Marvin once, he would be done for.

A Dual Wielding Ranger would be really helpless when facing some monsters. It was truly a class walking on the edge!

But there would be some changes once he advanced to Ruler of the night.

As a rogue, Marvin didn't lack high speed movement skills, but he lacked skills to disengage during battles.

Assassins were skilled in that field, with Vanish, Strong Invisibility, Shadow Dodge… All kinds of high level disengaging tools would make them have an easier time when fighting meat shields.

But if an Assassin wanted to kill an Ogre, it would be very troublesome. Their defensive power and Constitution was really too strong.

It was almost impossible for short weapons to deal a fatal blow to the Ogres.

Cutthroat? The neck was extremely thick, so even if Cutthroat cut through it, they could still rely on their powerful recovery.

Stab the heart? With the Ogres' tough skins, ordinary assassins simply couldn't break through.

Apart from this, they nearly had no weak points.

To kill them, the only option besides spells was a direct confrontation.

And Marvin was doing that!

Relying on his super high Dexterity, his dismembered this Ogre Commander little by little!

This was something he was good at.

Painful roars kept echoing as Ogres on both sides were doing their best to try to help.

But the Dark Knights were a lot tougher than they imagined.

They formed a defensive formation, leaving enough space for Marvin and the Ogre Commander inside.

No other Ogre could come closer.

Their battle experience was frightening. Even if they weren't on the same rank as those Ogres, they could keep them out easily by relying on their strength and willpower.

The Knights and Paladins on both sides were also extremely tired. Even if the Clerics treated them, every survivor of those charges had deep and shallow wounds, and these wounds were ghastly.

There were three bloody scars on Gordians' face. He wiped his sweat and said, "What did Marvin do, to make that Ogre howl so miserably?"

His gaze swept through the battlefield, stopping on a fierce fight.

The next second, he felt a shiver running down his spine!

Because at that moment, an expressionless Marvin suddenly attacked from behind and forcefully cut off half of the Ogre's arm!

The thick forearm flew in the sky before finally landing on the ground.

Marvin looked like a grim butcher, cutting the Ogre's body little by little.

He already couldn't stand up after his kneecap was scraped out, so he could only kneel on the ground and fight Marvin.

But Marvin didn't give him an opportunity after that.

His wolf teeth club had already been kicked away by Marvin.

His body was slowly being chopped apart slash by slash.


Reckless Dual Wielder!

He moved around the Ogre Commander, using the same kinds of methods as Black Jack back when he was toying with that Bear.

His Demon Hunter Steps kept becoming more illusory.

The Ogre simply couldn't resist. He received another slash carrying enough strength to cut down his body.

In thirty seconds, the entire battlefield fell silent!

Every Ogre was dumbstruck.

Marvin was like a bloody devil king standing next to the Ogre Commander whose limbs were cut off.

The pitiful Ogre Commander was like a limbless doll… It was what they liked to do to humans.

The Ogres were thoroughly angry, and they raised their head and bellowed, incessantly roaring.

Marvin coldly said, "Noisy things."

He kicked on the Ogre Commander lying on the ground. He then crossed his daggers above the Ogre's nape and slashed!

The two daggers penetrated the Ogre's neck, and were stuck inside.

"Fucking annoying…"

Marvin was ready for that. He leapt in the air and did a flip, and his feet stomped on the daggers!

The two daggers sank down, beheading the Ogre Commander on their way.

Then, all the Ogres went berserk.

But this was what Marvin wanted.

They began to fight their own battles, disregarding everything as they randomly attacked people next to them, no longer using group tactics.

'Phew, the plan is successful…'

'Now it's time to surround and kill them.' Marvin sighed in relief.

At that time, the graceful Elven Prince came from the battlefield in the wasteland up north, dragging something with him.

"How did it go?" Marvin asked.

Ivan shrugged. "His Common is too messy."

"Before he lost consciousness, he said the word, [Devil]."

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