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Three Dissociations cast by a Legend!


Marvin couldn't help but open his eyes wide, carefully sizing up that man in front of him.

His figure wasn't especially sturdy, but it was perfect. He was wearing simple black clothes all over which didn't have the aura of Legend or Magic items.

He had brown eyes and his appearance was a bit bashful.

He gave out the feeling of the older guy next door.

But a man like that was able to resist three Dissociation spells. Even his clothes suffered no damage.

This was simply inconceivable.

Seeing Marvin's puzzled look, that man laughed. "Hello Marvin."

"I am O'Brien. Don't worry, spells have no effects on me."


Marvin naturally knew this name!

This generation's Night Walker leader, the most mysterious and lowkey Night Walker. Rumors said that he was fighting against evil forces all year round in the north. Why did he take the time to run over to White River Valley today?

'Could it be because I awakened the Dark Knights?' Marvin guessed.

Constantine on the side actually let out a long sigh of relief after O'Brien appeared.

Marvin noticed that Constantine was somewhat uncertain when facing the Ogre Mage.

He might not be able to deal with that opponent.

A Legend Ogre Mage was a powerful existence, and the biggest feature of Constantine who relied on Night Walker and Battle Gunner to advance to Legend was being an all-rounder, but that wasn't enough. Unless he had Endless Ocean's help, it was very difficult for him to handle powerful casters. This was why he needed the help of the Great Druid when he chased the Crimson Patriarch.

And this Ogre Mage's burst power seemed to be a bit stronger than the Crimson Patriarch's.

In any case, after O'Brien's silhouette appeared, Constantine immediately became a lot more relaxed.

He glanced at O'Brien and greeted, "Long time no see."

"Yeah. Long time no see." O'Brien didn't go toward them, walking toward the Ogre Mountain instead!

"It has been many years since we fought side by side."

"Help me with a small favor. I'm now interested in raising a Legend Ogre as a pet."

Marvin listened, dumbfounded.

This Night Walker leader was too fierce. He dared to say those words?

With the Legend Ogre's power, he could clearly hear each sentence.

As expected, the Ogre Mage on the mountain suddenly became enraged.

In an instant, spells began raining down.

Every spell was targeting O'Brien.

The latter had no change in his expression, he walked forward step by step.

"Legendary Spell Immunity?" Marvin struggled to say those words.

The Ogre Mage's casting speed wasn't slow. If a spell hit Marvin, he would be finished.

But O'Brien was firmly resisting so many spells without any issue!

This was too exaggerated.

That was a Legend Caster!

"Hey kid, don't be so surprised."

"This guy's brain is really simple. If his body wasn't good enough, how could he be our leader?' Constantine joked, very relaxed.

Marvin was speechless.

O'Brien who was still walking forward turned around. "You know I can still hear you?"

"Forget it, I won't bicker with you, I'm indeed not that crafty."

Constantine seriously said, "Leader, I am praising you."

He turned to Marvin and said, "See, this is also one of his few advantages. He recognizes his own shortcomings.

"Thus, even though I didn't understand why everyone chose him as the leader, I didn't shoot him with Brilliant Purple."

Marvin coughed, refusing to comment.

Constantine more seriously suggested, " Let your people retreat three kilometers."

Marvin nodded.

He immediately ordered that besides himself, everyone had move back three kilometers.

No one questioned Marvin's command. Everything that happened today already toppled their understanding of this world.

There was surprisingly a Legend in the Ogre tribe? And it wasn't just one? An Iron Ogre and an Ogre Mage? Could people still open a new territory?

The Elven War Saint was Lord Marvin's friend? And that recently appearing angel-like woman, who was she?

The adventurers didn't need to think too much to realize that those two people with frightening auras standing at Marvin's side were Legends.

Wasn't it supposed to be a regular wilderness clearing military campaign? Why did it suddenly turn into a war between Legends?

They all silently retreated, and even those unsolicited adventurers standing on the sides began to retreat.

They weren't fools. They noticed that those powerhouses intended to go all out.

They came to get benefits, not to be caught in the crossfire.

"What's your plan?" Marvin asked in a heavy voice.

"Helping you flatten that mountain." A hint of killing intent flashed through Constantine's eyes.

Those three Dissociation spells had also frightened him. If not for O'Brien, he might have had no other choice but to block with Brilliant Purple!

This made him very angry.

He set up Brilliant Purple and adjusted the angle in an instant, aiming at the summit!

"Many thanks." Marvin put his hand on his chest. "This round is on me."

After all, since the six trebuchets were ruined, only Constantine's long distance firepower could force the Ogres down.

Ever since he became a Night Walker, he hadn't helped the organization and only asked for help. He felt a bit embarrassed about it.

This dragon tooth artillery shell could obviously be put on his tab.

Constantine asked with a strange expression, "Really?"

"Of course." Marvin looked at O'Brien resisting fierce spells one after the other and wondered what kind of classes and specialties that guy had, or if it was a magical ability that could let him accomplish this. He naturally wanted to know.

Constantine mischievously laughed," Worthy of Lord Marvin, rich and overbearing. I had originally planned to foot the bill."

"After all, one round of [Dawn Light] is more expensive than a round of [Dragon Tooth].

'Hold on!'

'[Dawn Light]?'

Marvin's expression instantly changed and he stared at Constantine. "What did you say? You aren't using Dragon Tooth?"

"Of course." Constantine seriously informed, "Dragon Tooth munitions are very powerful, but they are linear, and the scope of damage is limited."

"I just talked about flattening that mountain."

"[Dawn Light] is the best artillery shell for that."

Marvin gulped. He had a bad feeling. "Wait, don't act so quickly. I want to know, how expensive is a Dawn Light round?"

"A bit more expensive than Dragon Tooth."

Constantine took out a spotlessly white artillery shell from a storage item and resolutely inserted it in Brilliant Purple.

He readied the lever as he aimed at the summit.

"How much!?" Marvin loudly asked.


Constantine unhesitantly shot with Brilliant Purple.

The next second, a huge rumbling sound drowned out Marvin's voice while also shaking Marvin's eardrums. A white shooting star was shot from the cannon.

It had a different shooting pattern than Dragon Tooth. Dawn Light was shot in curve, flying toward the mountain's summit.

It wasn't that fast!

"What's that!"

"Such a frightening sound."

"Is that Lord Marvin's secret weapon?"

Three kilometers away, everyone was looking at that scene, dazed. They might never see such a shocking scene again in their lives.

Dawn Light quickly rose before splitting into countless tiny fragments that fell toward the summit.

Halfway up the mountain, the Ogre Mage felt something wrong. He raised his magic staff and tried to intercept these bullets carrying a frightening force.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

O'Brien suddenly roared and the Ogre Mage's spell was interrupted!


Marvin stood still next to Constantine. The previous shot almost made him deaf, and the following roar left him dazed.

'What's that guy class? Lion Roar? He can interrupt the enemy cast from this far?'

Marvin was looking at O'Brien full of awe.

Among all the powerhouses he met, that guy was an existence able to contend against Nicholas.

And compared with him, Inheim might be a bit inferior!

The Ogre Mage wasn't able to block Dawn Light. The next instant, those falling bullets suddenly burst with bright rays of light!


Each bullet penetrated deeply into the mountain before exploding!

The entire mountain exploded. Countless rocks flew and rolled down as the whole mountain shook!

A cloud of dust flew up. Marvin narrowed his eyes, focusing his gaze to see through the obstruction. He saw that one third of the mountain was gone!

Such a frightening destructive power!

A huge amount of rocks rolled down, smashing onto the Ogres who were hopping around.

Finally, they rushed down under the Ogre Mage's bellow!

They already had no way out. If they kept hiding on the mountain, as soon as Constantine shot another Dawn Light, they would be buried alive!

Marvin's goal was finally reached. He took a deep breath and nodded, "This round is on me."

O'Brien turned his head. "Let's go Constantine. I can't catch him alive alone."

Constantine quickly put away Brilliant Purple and took out a shotgun before hanging it on his body. He equipped handguns on both hands and quickly went up.

The two men disappeared in the cloud of dust.

Marvin made a decision.

With these two great Legends dealing with the Ogre Mage, he should be able to deal with the rest of the Ogres.

"Everyone! Get ready to fight!"

Marvin urged his horse and circled back. The army was naturally looking at the scene. Even if that cloud of dust was huge, these Ogres' huge bodies couldn't be hidden in it.

They were all properly prepared and split up in groups, following Marvin's strategy.

"Lord Marvin, they are charging!"

The person in charge of the Silver Church was still the familiar Gordian. This guy was already at the 3rd rank.

He solemnly said to Marvin, "If we don't start a counter charge, we might not be able to handle it! Our defensive line will be ripped apart."

"It's fine, you guys follow behind us. The others, surround them! Don't let any escape," Marvin lightly said.

Then he turned back and dismounted. He shockingly rushed over toward the Ogres!


Along with the tall Asuran Bear silhouette rushing into the cloud of dust were sixteen Dark Knights silently holding onto their greatswords as they followed Marvin to kill Ogres.

The most intense melee battle started at last.

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