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The Iron Ogre was a relatively outstanding variant Ogre.

This kind of Ogre was usually very overpowered in melee battles, and had a very resistant body.

And this ogre up there was clearly one of those.

Legend Ogre!

Marvin frowned. He already knew that there was a Legend in this Ogre Tribe, but he thought it would be an Ogre Mage. He hadn't expected it to be an Iron Ogre!

This creature's attack power was really too frightening. It was also known as the "King of the Battlefield"!

In a few seconds, he had already destroyed two more trebuchets!

The soldiers next to the trebuchets weren't spared.

This guy falling from the sky was too exaggerated, and the others were shocked by his frightening strength.

The army Marvin gathered suddenly showed signs of falling apart.

'This Legend Iron Ogre's goal is to destroy all the trebuchets!'

'But, is it his idea, or someone else's instruction?'

This group of Ogres were determined to not leave the mountain. They want the humans to go up.

If that Iron Ogre was the leader, it would be manageable. As long as they got rid of him, the other Ogres would definitely go out of control.

Marvin would be victorious at that time.

But if it wasn't the case, it would be huge trouble.

Marvin couldn't tolerate the changes on the battlefield, so he quickly made a decision!

No matter what, this Legend Ogre needed to be stopped by someone!

He suddenly raised his voice and shouted, "Ivan!"

The next instant, the Elven Prince's athletic silhouette jumped down from another mountain on the side.

His jump was even more outrageous than the Iron Ogre's!

And his action was smoother than the Ogre's. He charged toward the Ogre in a flash!


The Iron Ogre reacted, abruptly turning and sending a fist toward Ivan.

But the fierce Elven Saint didn't meet the Ogre's fist with his own. He adjusted his body in mid air and grabbed the Ogre's arm.

At the same time, he rotated his body, spinning in the air before landing on the ground.

"Roar!" The Iron Ogre snarled.

There was no change on Ivan's face. He used his hold on the Iron Ogre's arm to throw him away with a shoulder throw!

He sent him toward the uninhabited area in the north.

He clearly understood Marvin's goal, which was to send this Iron Ogre away from the battlefield!

They couldn't allow him to keep destroying the trebuchets!

Because apart from magic, this the only way to force the Ogres down.

Ivan's strategy was very successful, as the Iron Ogre was sent hundreds of meters away. Not waiting for him to get up, Ivan frantically attacked him.

Even if the Iron Ogre was a Legend, his fighting ability couldn't compare with the Elven Saint.

In their fight, the Iron Ogre immediately fell in a disadvantage and was beaten down by Ivan's fists.

In a few instants, he was blown a few kilometers away by Ivan, far from the battlefield and unable to come back.

"That's the Elven War Saint, Sir Ivan!"

"Heavens, it turns out Lord Marvin still has these kinds of allies. No wonder he dared to issue a wilderness clearing order."

People gasped, extremely surprised.

Ivan's appearance gave that group of people someone to rely on.

Their morale rose up once again.

Marvin coldly said, "Keep firing!"

At that time, a group of guards from River Shore City and a group of knights from the Silver Church went next to the trebuchets.

They knew that those remaining three trebuchets definitely couldn't be destroyed.

They also didn't believe that the Ogre tribe had a 2nd Legend Iron Ogre!

The trebuchets' soldiers weren't just mildly scared.

The soldiers they fought shoulder to shoulder with were crushed by the Iron Ogre in an instant.

That wasn't the type of shock that average people could support.

Fortunately, these soldiers sent by Madeline were elites among elites.

Even under such dire circumstances, they still clenched their teeth and persevered to complete their own assignment.

They kept firing the trebuchets.

Volleys after volleys of burning rocks kept exploding on that fort halfway up the mountain. This time, the Ogres seemed to be unable to keep waiting.

They began to become extremely angry and no longer dodged those rocks.

Some Ogres angrily used their fists to smash those rocks out of the air. But even with Ogres' strong physical bodies, they would still be harmed from flying burning rocks.

Many Ogres began to loudly wail.

Marvin squinted, sneering in his heart, 'I don't believe the Ogres will be able to keep enduring for long in this kind of situation.'

Based on his experience, the arrogant and easily enraged Ogres should have already come down.

This kind of creature, even if they knew that defending their position would be quite favorable, they would still choose a direct and tenacious battle against the humans. This was their fighting style.

There was definitely someone restraining their behavior.

And from the current circumstances, it wasn't the Iron Ogre.

'Could it be…'

'There is another Legend!?'

This kind of thought appeared in Marvin's mind just when a red cloud suddenly formed above the three trebuchets!

'Shit. That's a [Burning Firerain]!'

'These Legend Wizards have no creativity. Even the Ogre Mages are the same!'

Marvin immediately became frustrated. He was about to order the soldiers to run away from the trebuchets, as running away with the trebuchets would have been impossible. They should save as many lives as possible!

This was a reduced version of Burning Firerain, but it had a good goal, which was to destroy the remaining three trebuchets!

For a spell to be cast from this far and form this fast… The caster must be a Legend!

The Wizards from the Three Ring Towers couldn't interfere with the casting!

But at that time, an extremely dark cloud flew over from another corner of the sky!

This black cloud came in contact with the red cloud, and instead of the expected exploding sound, the clouds merged together, extremely docile.

The two clouds smoothly fused and the Burning Firerain ended up as ordinary rain.

Marvin heard an unfathomable snarling voice coming from the top of the mountain.

He looked over there and saw a relatively small Ogre. He was holding a long scepter in his hands. The Ogres at his side were looking at him with fear etched in their eyes.

'That's the Ogre Leader!'

Everyone had realized.

But what happened with that failed Burning Firerain?

Marvin's heart was moved, as he looked toward the south.

A luxurious carriage had stopped there without anyone noticing. The adventurers gathered closed to it didn't dare to approach.

There was also a Knight next to the carriage.


She was the one who sent out that black cloud.

At the moment she was floating above the carriage, a pair of ice wings had solidified on her back and slowly spread open.

She had a few other changes. She became colder, and lively ice particles twisted and moved around her body. And she wasn't looking at that Ogre Leader.

'Is this the Ice Angel Shape?'

Marvin was also a bit stunned.

The Daniela in front of him already had some of the imposing manner of the future Ice Empress. As someone that controlled ice, quashing a Burning Firerain wasn't too difficult for her.

Marvin was about to thank her, but before he could, she turned and flew up north without a word!

On that side, a woman wearing an azure dress was leisurely approaching.


Marvin had already expected today's fight to not be simple.

But he hadn't expected so many things to happen before the battle even started.

Ivan was facing the Iron Ogre, yet the reborn Bamboo was quietly approaching. If not for Daniela, he wouldn't have noticed her yet.

His younger cousin was true to her words. If she saw Bamboo, she definitely wouldn't rest until she killed her.

The Ice Angel filled the sky with snow and crazily charged toward Bamboo. The latter sneered and released a great amount of Divine Power.

An incredible battle was about to begin.

Everyone behind Marvin was foolishly looking at what happened.

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Collins couldn't help but force an awkward smile.

A simple wilderness clearing actually attracted so many Legends and Half-Legends. How could these 2nd rank and 3rd soldiers influence the outcome of the battle?

Fortunately, Marvin also had many people backing him.


At that time, the Ogre Mage took advantage of everyone being focused on Bamboo and the Ice Angel Daniela to send out a few Lightnings, destroying the remaining trebuchets!

This guy was apparently determined to not leave the mountain.

Marvin angrily grit his teeth and brought out Brilliant Purple's suitcase.

Since it came to this, he couldn't worry about money.

They wouldn't be able to fight unless that group of Ogres left the mountain. He couldn't miss!

But suddenly, a pair of steady hands landed on that suitcase.

"Let me."


He took the suitcase from Marvin's hands and opened it. In a mere handful of seconds, and to everyone's shock, he assembled [Brilliant Purple]!

This frightening killing device was facing the Ogre Mage.

"Let this Legend explode the mountain to see whether they will run down or not." Constantine sneered, ready to fire.

But that Legend Ogre Mage apparently felt the threat.

His magic staff suddenly aimed at Constantine and he casted three Dissociations in a row toward Constantine!

Instant Casting, Long Distance Casting, Multi Casting!

Three powerful Legendary Specialties!

Marvin felt worried. This Legend Ogre Mage was a lot more troublesome than he'd imagined.

He was so far away, yet was still able to cast three Dissociations!

Constantine was also startled. He clenched his teeth and carried Brilliant Purple as he tried to dodge.


At that moment, a tall shadow appeared from nowhere and blocked in front of Constantine.

The three Dissociations exploded on that person's body.

But the latter came out unscathed.

That person softly laughed and turned around to say, "Shoot, Constantine."

"This Legend Ogre is a bit annoying."

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