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Next day. The temporary camp was officially completed.

All the forces settled in according to Marvin's arrangements.

And even more adventurers were lingering outside the camp, ready to pick up some benefits after the battle began.


All soldiers who were about to participate in this war had gathered outside the camp.

Indeed, no matter what your was identity before, when participating in a wilderness clearing military campaign, your identity would be that of a soldier.

You had to listen to the overlord's orders.

Regardless of what you thought, you at least had to show that you were doing your work.

Everyone gathered outside the camp grouped with the power they belonged to.

Marvin rode a horse and slowly rode over from the north.

He had a saber at his waist. This was the sword his grandfather used in those days to clear new territory.

It was his turn now.

This kind of pre-battle mobilization was mostly to boost morale. But the problem was that Marvin's troops were formed from all kinds of people.

Apart from a few people, they didn't have any loyalty to Marvin.

Marvin estimated that regardless of what he said, it wouldn't be very effective in encouraging them to fight bravely.

Thus, he simply drew his saber and figuratively locked swords with the soldiers at the front line before turning back to return to his previous position.

Then, he raised his sword high and shouted.




His voice was loud and clear, echoing in everyone's ears like a thunder clap.

That was because he used a magic scroll.

Apart from those Wizards, everyone's mind shook. Their sight all gathered on Marvin's body before focusing on the edge of that saber.

Marvin looked at this scene with satisfaction, as he looked over all the forces.


"Our elders explored the wilderness countless times, continuously clearing out safe pieces of lands from the monsters."

"Now it's our turn to follow their glory, to set out in the wilderness."

"I, Baron Marvin, according to the wilderness clearing order issued by the South Wizard Alliance, will guide you to clear new lands!"

"Today's battle is only the beginning. We can obtain wealth and resources far beyond what you can imagine."

"We can't stop."

"Every monster will be cleanly slaughtered by us. Five years, ten years later, this place will be extremely prosperous. And we will be rewarded for helping the Alliance open up new territories."

"Nobility titles, owning a territory, money, beauties… Everything would be readily available."

"Now, join me and draw your weapons!"

Marvin was roaring as he reached the final sentence.


A chaotic but clear sound of iron immediately echoed!!

Everyone drew their weapons.

They were silently looking at Marvin. It didn't matter what kind of goal they previously had for participating in this war. Since it was a battlefield, they only had one goal, and that was to beat down the enemies!

Their enemies were frightening Ogres after all!

One small team of humans might not necessarily match an Ogre.

At that time, thinking of casually fighting would simply lead to death.

Marvin lifted his sword and slashed it down toward the tall mountain!


A slashing sound could be heard.

"Set off!"

The army slowly started marching.

On the Ogre mountain, huge but inflexible silhouettes were frantically busying themselves.

They were building fortifications.

Ogres weren't just wild monsters. Some of the Ogres had high Intelligence and were able to speak Common language.

They had also heard some things about the wilderness clearing order.

Along with that black clothed old man's warning, they were already making proper preparations.

That entire Ogre tribe had forty-five Ogres, and each of them was in the prime of his life.

They had migrated from the Shrieking Mountain Range in order to survive, and they hadn't attacked White River Valley because the monsters of the Shrieking Mountain Range were restricted by a powerful binding force.

They were shackles set up by God Lance in those days.

But this binding power would stop working when outsiders came to attack them.

All the Ogres were very excited!

They had always wanted to go down the mountain to taste the flavor of humans, but they never had an opportunity before.

Gnoll meat was really too bitter, they simply couldn't swallow it.

And now, Marvin issued a wilderness clearing order, launching an attack on them first. This meant they would be able to freely retaliate.

They could wantonly rush into human territory and occupy their domain.

This was something every man-eating beast yearned for.

In fact, if not for their boss strictly preventing them, most of the Ogres would have already rushed down and swung their weapons to crush these weak humans like pieces of meat.

They had been holding back their desire for blood for a long time.

They clearly couldn't understand why their leader insisted on defending the mountain. Wasn't rushing down to kill better?

These humans couldn't be the match of the powerful Ogres!

Every Ogre was born with a racial specialty, Innate Divine Strength, which meant that their Strength wouldn't be lower than 20 points!

This was a very frightening number.

There was also their overwhelming recuperative abilities and their fierce Constitution. Apart from their Dexterity being inferior, Ogres were almost the perfect fighters.

What about humans?

Humans were only a type of food in the Ogres' eyes, and it tasted pretty good.

But the leader's orders were greater than anything else in this Ogre tribe. They knew of his power, so they wouldn't easily offend him.

Since the leader said to defend their position, they would defend their position.

In any case, their boss also promised that there would be a day when he would lead them down the mountain to rush into the human territory to wantonly feed on their favorite prey.

Three kilometers west of the Ogre Mountain.

At Marvin's sign, the army stopped moving.

Both sides could see each other from this distance.

Moreover, a handful of minutes was enough for an adult Ogre to rush into the group of humans. Thus, keeping a certain distance was necessary.

But tight fortifications could be seen from the bottom of mountain till halfway up.

This wasn't usual for Ogres.

Marvin frowned.

If they forced an attack, the battle might turn very miserable. The Ogres occupied the high ground and they had a lot of rocks on hand. With their frightening arm strength they could throw rocks half a kilometer away!

If they tried to climb the mountain, they might be crushed to death before even being able to attack an Ogre!

'This is just wonderful…'

Marvin noticed the fearful expressions of the people behind him. Their physical bodies were ordinary, and they would definitely die if they were smashed by a rock.

'There must be a way to get these monsters down the hill.'

Marvin brandished his sword and immediately issued his first command.

Soon, the six trebuchets, under the protection of the River Shore City's guards, slowly moved forward.

The other troops also scattered, keeping their distance while slowly moving to encircle the hill.

Since the Ogres didn't want to come down, they didn't have to worry about the Ogres charging for now.

Marvin's strategy was simple. Regardless of how, they had to force the Ogres down!

Forcing them to fight on level ground was the only way to achieve victory.

And Madeline's six trebuchets seemed to be the key to victory.

Ordinary trebuchets would have an effective range of somewhere from 1/4 kilometers to 1/3 kilometers.

But the trebuchets Madeline sent weren't ordinary.

They were enchanted and their range was doubled.

Each trebuchet had 4 soldiers in charge of operating it, while the last one acted as the commander.

The logistics group was in charge of moving a cart with rocks. The rocks were covered with pine resin and warm oil.

Even if it was a probing attack, Marvin still wanted to reveal as many of the Ogre's cards as possible.

Under the everyone's protection, the army arrived about 800 meters away from the foot of the Ogre's mountain.

Six trebuchets were at a fixed distance from each other as the soldiers nervously adjusted their angle while beginning to aim.

And the Ogres on the mountain were clearly uneasy.

Some Ogres violently threw rocks from the mountain.

They were thrown very far, but they were still some distance away from the human group.

Under Marvin's command, everyone got ready. Once Ogres rushed over due to being enraged, the army would fight according to Marvin's strategy.

Only in that way could they use the least amount of casualties to take over the mountain.

"Lord Marvin, the trebuchets are done preparing!" the commander loudly yelled.

Marvin's saber pointed at the "fort" the Ogres established halfway up the mountain and gave the order, "Fire!"

Then, bouncing sounds echoed as dozens of crushed rocks were sent out from the human front line. With the enchantments, each rock flew very far.

On top of that, because the rocks were smeared with oil and pine resin, they ignited themselves in the air as a result of friction!


The rocks were scattered as they hit the Ogre fort. In a short time, chaos began to appear on the mountain.

"Keep going!" Marvin firmly said.

Soon, another batch of projectiles were ready.

Everyone was extremely nervous as they watched the scene.

After three volleys, that spot in the mountain had already transformed into a sea of fire, and the Ogres were extremely angry.

Although these flames couldn't harm them, it still enraged them.

They bellowed one after the other, wanting to rush down the mountain while baring their teeth.

But what shocked Marvin was that this group of Ogres still hadn't come down to fight!

'Who is their boss after all?'

Marvin tried to find clues, but since the Ogres alike to him, he couldn't find out who was giving orders.

"Lord? Do we continue?" asked the trebuchet commander.

Marvin had yet to answer when an Ogre whose skin was light-black showed up at that spot!

He bellowed and directly jumped down the mountain!


After a huge noise, a trebuchet had been pulverized into pieces.

And the Ogre was safe and sound.

Everyone was frightened.

The corner of Marvin's mouth twitched... [Iron Ogre]?

A Legend Ogre?!

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