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Chapter 178: God and Man

Everyone was startled.

Others wouldn’t be able to understand Marvin’s words. After all, only a few people knew what was behind that Lich’s ascension to godhood.

But this sentence was clearly aggressive and doubting.

Wouldn’t it make this powerful man go berserk?

Everyone tightly held onto their weapons, ready to battle. They didn’t blame Marvin because, after all, they came here to fight.

But that man’s expression was still as gentle as before.

He was silent for a moment and looked at Marvin. "Apparently you heard some stories."

"But regardless of what they say, I don’t think I made a mistake."

"I couldn’t just helplessly watch as he turned into a subordinate god of the Slaughter God. The world would have become even more chaotic."

"Thus, I stopped him."

"But he was my beloved younger brother."

"Thus, I’ll protect him."

"Do you understand?"

He calmly asked Marvin, "Do you have a younger brother?"

To his surprise, Marvin nodded. "I have one. He is 9 years old this year."

The man nodded back. "Then you should understand what I did."

"I don’t want to know what you guys came here for. Maybe it’s to eliminate those evil lifeforms? If that’s the case, your goal has already been accomplished. You can leave."

"Don’t think of taking another step forward, it won’t go well."

"I failed him once, so I will make it up for a lifetime."

Everyone was speechless.

That guy in front of them, even if his tone was gentle and he looked calm, his words carried a strong bias.

He was completely crazy!

"The one who stopped the Lich from ascending was his older brother?"

"The Heavenly Sword Saint and the Half God Lich were in fact brothers?"

The knights had a shocked appearance as they quietly chatted about the topic.

Even Madeline and Collins had expressions of surprise on their faces.

It was very clear that among everyone here, only Marvin was already aware of this.

This was the story of a pair of brothers becoming enemies.

The Heavenly Sword Saint was rather famous in the Third Era, and his younger brother was a Wizard living in his older brother’s shadow.

Later, because of some unknown conflicts, both sides had a serious disagreement and the younger brother left for the South, leaving the North where they had lived for all their lives.

His character became evil and under the guidance of a power, he became a Lich and established a force in the north of River Shore City.

Of course, River Shore City had yet to be established at that time.

The Scarlet Monastery, which was the core of this force, had been an innocent monastery that was transformed by the Lich.

Of course, at that time, the Universe Magic Pool had yet to be established, and the 2nd Fate Tablet had split up into pieces which had been obtained by a lot of people. Many Legends of that time chose to ascend.

By chance, the Lich also obtained a small piece of the Fate Tablet, but the god status on that piece of the Fate Tablet was a subordinate domain under the Slaughter God. If he ascended, he would obtain the Slaughter God’s blessing and turn into a weak god.

At that time, weak gods could still come and go between heaven and the human world. Thus, many gods with potent divine power would be fond of expanding their own group of subordinate gods.

That way it would be easier to set up their influence in Feinan.

As such, the Lich and other similar people embarked on the path to godhood. He made proper preparations and condensed a divinity with the help of the fragment of Fate Tablet.

The only thing he needed was to be accepted into the god’s troops, officially obtaining his status.

The Slaughter God gave him a task. As long as he completed the task and proved himself, he could become one of his representatives on Feinan.

The mission was to

slaughter a city. At that time, each major city had at least a powerful Legend or someone about to ascend protecting it, so massacring a city wasn’t an easy thing to do.

The Lich, anxious to prove himself, made his preparations.

But while he was preparing, the Heavenly Sword Saint already heard the news and came over.

He was clear about his younger brother’s feelings. He only wanted to prove that he wasn’t inferior to his older brother.

He wanted to prove this by ascending.

But the Heavenly Sword Saint didn’t approve of his way of handling things. He loved the living, and he loved peace. Slaughter was the thing he disliked the most.

Thus he gave two fragments of Fate Tablet that he found to his brother.

"You want to ascend? That’s fine."

"Please change your domain," he had requested.

Unfortunately, his younger brother didn’t accept his kindness and threw the two Fate Tablet pieces into the stars.

If Marvin wasn’t wrong, the domain of one of those fragments domain was [Luck]!

Thus he was reminded of this story when he met Ding, Kate’s Fortune Fairy.

If the Lich hadn’t thrown away that fragment at that time, Ding the Fortune Fairy wouldn’t have been born.

This was quite a coincidence.

In the end, they both fought.

The Half-God younger brother wasn’t the match of his extremely famous older brother.

In Feinan, gods were only another kind of lifeform. They might generally be more powerful, but humans were the race with the most potential!

The strength of humans didn’t have an upper limit. Becoming a Legend wasn’t the end.

Rumors said that a lot of Legends from the 3rd era didn’t choose the path to ascend, instead choosing continuous practice, the path to strengthen themselves. They might not be very active in Feinan, but they were still there. Their strength was unlike those weak gods!

People like Inheim couldn’t compare. The only one of those Legends Marvin had met was the Great Elven King Nicholas.

He was someone who could face gods with powerful divine power.

Thus, the Heavenly Sword Saint defeating his younger brother wasn’t very surprising.

Ultimately, he thrusted his own Legendary Sword [Starry Sky] into his brother’s chest.

He didn’t die from it, only falling into a deep slumber.

Before closing his eyes, the Lich saw his own future and said, "You can’t kill me, Older Brother."

"When the true calamity arrives, we will meet once again."

And that man only nodded and replied, "Okay, I’ll wait for you."

Thus he stayed in this ice-cold hall, waiting for over a thousand years.

In this thousand something years, Feinan’s order stabilized with the establishment of the Universe Magic Pool.

No one cared if there was a man powerful enough to kill a god quietly sitting in a monastery.

Only some wandering bards would sing about the glory of the 3rd Era in taverns in some distant corners of the continent. They occasionally mentioned that man whose sword split the starry sky in two.

And most people only thought it was fake.

It was only an exaggerated rumor. How could someone genuinely split the sky in two?

"Regardless, since we came, we have to try."

Madeline stood out.

The Heavenly Sword Saint nodded. The next second, countless cyan lights appeared on his body.

These dots of lights finally condensed into bright swords.

A total of twelve swords calmly floated around his body, slowly rotating.

Those watching that scene were stunned.

Even though it wasn’t Marvin’s first time seeing the Heavenly Sword Saint’s skill, looking at these twelve swords also stunned him.

There was indeed a difference between the game and reality!

This guy really was at the peak of swordsmanship. These dots of light were cores of discarded stars he had collected and successfully transformed into Legendary weapons.

In other words, every sword was a Legendary Weapon!

In the game, this Heavenly Sword Saint’s skill was cursed by countless players...

"How is this a world of swords and sorcery, he is fucking using flying swords…"

"Three chances," he simply said.

"I am just sitting here. If you can break through my defense, I’ll let you go to the underground floor to pick out one item."

His swords weren’t used to kill, but to protect.

Marvin shook his head.

Breaking through was impossible.

Madeline didn’t believe it. She and Collins joined hands and soon, a great amount of Arcane Power and Divine Power filled the Fourth Hall.

The ending of the battle between the two Half-Legends and the Legend powerhouse was bound to be hopeless from the start.

Twenty minutes later, Madeline’s face was ashen. She had nearly run out of spells and she couldn’t harm a single hair of that Heavenly Sword Saint!

White Gown Collins was also bitterly smiling.

Unless he used the God Descent Divine Spell, he could even begin to think of competing against this guy.

River Shore City’s knights already didn’t know what to say.

The Vampires and the others were also the same.

Was Madeline strong?

Was Collins strong?

They were very extremely powerful!

Those two were basically at the peak under the Legend rank.

But that man before their eyes was actually sitting there, letting them use spells and Divine Spells to bombard him, with only his barrier of swords!

"Stop." He still had that gentle expression.

"None of you are my match." His tone was very peaceful, but his words were extremely arrogant.

But no one dared to disprove him!

That was the truth.

Madeline bit her lip.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know the Fourth Hall had such a powerful old freak protecting it.

But she was unwilling to believe it before personally experiencing it.

It was the Legend rank after all… The Book of Nalu was almost in her sight.

As long as she cross this mountain, she could obtain an almost eternal lifespan!

A Legend’s lifespan was at least one millennium. Very rarely would anyone hear of Legends dying of old age.

This was the reward of the plane toward those who kept making great efforts to increase their own strength.

This mountain, were they really unable to cross it?

The mood of the River Shore City group was depressing.

Madeline sighed, silently turning around.

She was about to order a retreat.

But at that time, a thin person walked past her.

"Giving up so soon?" he asked.

"Let me try."

Madeline looked at Marvin, full of shock.

The latter quickly walked in front of the Heavenly Sword Saint and seriously looked at him. "Great Sword Saint, I know you are a Legend. I also heard many rumors about you.

"Most of them are about swordsmanship."

The Heavenly Sword Saint smiled. "Young man, what are you trying to say?"

Marvin pulled two daggers and gently spun them in a circle.

"Nothing much."

"I want to compete with you in pure technique."

"I wonder if you dare to accept my challenge."


T/Reminder: The first three Fate Tablets all appeared during the 3rd Era.

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