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Chapter 177: That Man

"You still had such a powerful Shapeshift spell?"

"With the ability to restrain Demon God Enforcers!?"

"Why didn’t you say it earlier?"

Late at night, in the tent, Madeline was complaining to Marvin.

When she found out that the Two-Headed Snake was Marvin, she was extremely shocked. Even though a Ranger using spells wasn’t anything inconceivable, Shapeshift Basilisk was something quite rare.

Among the World Tree’s Nature Leaves, few would have a spell able to shapeshift into an evil creature.

What Marvin had was truly rare. But, it was understandable for a Nature Leaf obtained from the Twin Snakes Cult to have an extraordinary spell.

In any case, who knew how many lives were saved by Marvin’s amazing performance?

Everyone was incredibly grateful to him.

Madeline hadn’t cared about that since Marvin’s strength wouldn’t be a threat toward her anyway.

But, she cared about why Marvin hadn’t used this spell earlier!

Marvin could only helplessly admit that he realize how strong the spell was until the last moment.

Especially its effectiveness against Demon God Enforcers.

This answer left Madeline speechless.

But ultimately, she was very satisfied with the outcome.

The Demon God Enforcers who had always been roaming near River Shore City were completely wiped out, and twenty-three of them had died under Marvin’s hand. Fegan the Avenger also lost his life.

An important goal of the attack on the Scarlet Monastery had already been reached.

The only thing that gave Madeline a bit of a headache was that Marvin had once again achieved great merits!

Fegan was killed by him, and two thirds of the Demon God Enforcers were bitten to death by him.

Marvin’s contribution in the conquest of the Third Hall was at least two thirds!

But the Third Hall was quite impoverished. Besides those armors glued to the Demon God Enforcers, there was no valuable loot.

This group of destitute ghosts didn’t even have a treasure chest to loot. Demon God Enforcers only knew how to kill. Killing them reaped no profits.

Madeline didn’t know what to use to reward Marvin.

But fortunately, Marvin was already very satisfied with the harvest.

Fegan and his subordinates gifted him a huge experience gift.

Thus he didn’t make it awkward for Madeline. He only took the bodies of all the Demon God Enforcers. Another weird request.

But Madeline could understand this request.

Even if the corpses were joined together with their armors, as long as he found a way to melt their bodies, the armors could still be used.

After all, these were armors crafted under the orders of that powerful Lich long ago. Each set of armor was extremely hard, and these thirty sets were enough to assemble a heavy cavalry unit.

These armors were in fact extremely valuable.

But melting the corpses lying inside was a very complicated matter. And rumor was that these armors were enchanted with the Lich’s curse, so that any who wore one would turn into another Demon God Enforcer monster.

Therefore, Madeline didn’t object to Marvin’s request, and the others wouldn’t say anything else.

After the Demon God Enforcers were eliminated, the group finally occupied the Third Hall.

They camped just like before. Madeline had twice as many people guarding for the night. She stayed at Marvin’s tent for a very long time.

Besides complaining and distributing loot, she very seriously inquired Marvin about the Fourth Hall.

It was the first time had Marvin seen her this serious.

It was clear that Madeline cared a lot about it.

Legend… Who didn’t wish to become a Legend? She had already stopped at level 20 for a very long time. Even though she had an abyssal bloodline and her fighting strength was a lot stronger than average level 20 Wizard’s, lifespan was after all very limited. If you missed the o

ptimal age to advance to Legend, trying to breakthrough would be very difficult!

They had captured more than half of the Scarlet Monastery’s five halls.

She was already close to being victorious.

At this crucial moment, she was ready to exhaust every means to achieve victory.

Just for that thing!

‘Book of Nalu, Third Page.’

In the tent, lights shone on Madeline’s serious face. Marvin sighed inwardly.

Sure enough, Madeline was looking for items that could let her advance to become a Legend, and the God of Deception’s Book of Nalu was one of them!

Hathaway had the 6th page, and the one underground was the 3rd page.

The 3rd page of the Book of Nalu also had a horrifying prophecy written down.

People could get boundless knowledge from it, letting them advance to Legend rank… Naturally, some would lose their lives.

But Marvin knew that the 3rd page of the Book of Nalu was a lot more dangerous.

Because in reality, each page of the Book of Nalu was a chapter. And every chapter had a unique name.

Book of Nalu – Chapter 6 – Rebirth

Chapter 3 – Destruction

Madeline didn’t get that Destruction chapter in the game, so she never advanced to Legend.

Marvin wasn’t too clear about her fate. After all, he only traveled around River Shore a few times when he was at a low level before farming the Scarlet Monastery, not paying too much attention.

But in the disaster, it was highly likely that a Half-Legend wouldn’t be able to pass the willpower check, dying in an explosion or turning into a monster.

Should he help her get that 3rd page of the Book of Nalu? Marvin sank into a dilemma.

"Hey. I am asking you."

Madeline saw Marvin getting lost in his thoughts, and felt a bit annoyed.

"That man, how much do you know about him?"

Marvin recovered.

He pondered and ultimately said, "In a fight, we are definitely no match for him."

Madeline frowned. "Collins and I still have trump cards…"

"How many cards could you use?" Marvin sneered, "Unless you can bring the kind of experts that were in my territory that night, you won’t have any chance."

"Is he really that strong? I only heard some rumors about him." Madeline’s heart sank.

"The Heavenly Sword Saint…" Marvin sighed, "Ordinary Legends might not be his match!"

"He can even kill gods! Do you think you could get rid of him with ordinary means?"

Madeline was silent for a moment before laughing bitterly. "Regardless of how, I need to try."

"This is my only chance."

Her eyes were resolute. Strangely, this Half-Succubus looked extremely pure and holy at that moment.

After Madeline left.

Marvin’s sight shifted to Isabelle on the side. The latter looked away guiltily.

"What were you doing during that fight?" Marvin asked.

"... I was hiding in the First Hall." The girl bowed her head.

"You still don’t know how to lie." Marvin solemnly looked at Isabelle. "Did you follow me?"

He had a feeling someone was next to him during that battle.

When when he searched with his perception, he didn’t find any trace.

And the fight was very stressful, so he couldn’t focus on too many things.

But he remembered afterwards, and his intuition told him that the person at his side was most likely the disobedient Isabelle.

As expected, the little girl raised her head, and after quickly mouthing a few words, she disappeared where she was!

Marvin was dumbstruck!

Strong Invisibility?

Wouldn’t she need a second rank class to get that skill?

He carefully used his perception and found out that he couldn’t find any trace of Isabelle!

Such a powerful ability...

"I can be very safe."

As the voice spoke, Isabelle once again appeared in front of Marvin.

"This was an ability I recently comprehended. You can rest assured Baron Marvin. This ability doesn’t burn my lifespan."

Marvin nodded.

As expected of an Innate Assassin...

He checked Isabelle’s levels, only level 4 Thief (Variant). Yet she had that Blink skill and Strong Invisibility.

After becoming a Legend, she would definitely be able to suppress the Shadow Prince’s avatar!

"Rest early, this war might be over tomorrow," Marvin softly said.

Isabelle nodded and obediently got into her sleeping bag.

And even after Marvin also lied down, his brain was working at full capacity.

That man...

Such a problem.

That underground floor didn’t only have that page of the Book of Nalu. It also had something Marvin wanted.

‘How do we solve this?’

The next morning.

River Shore City’s troops finished assembling under Madeline’s orders, and foot on the path to the Fourth Hall!

Between the Third Hall and the Fourth Hall was a very long path.

That path was filled with all kinds of traps.

This time, the team of rogues was put to use.

When facing the Demon God Enforcers, they simply couldn’t do anything. But clearing the traps in front of them was their specialty

The path took a long time to cross.

It was mainly because even there were a lot of rogues, there were even more traps.

And there were many different kinds of traps.

Despite Madeline bringing high level rogues with strong trap removal abilities, by the time they arrived in the Fourth Hall, three rogues had lost their lives.

One was poisoned, and the other two triggered an explosive trap.

Everyone silently entered the Fourth Hall.

This was an extremely wide area.

Above them was a vaulted dome with enchanting murals, and four sturdy but delicate pillars supported the ceiling.

A man was sitting in the center of the hall, empty-handed and eyes closed.

He seemed to be asleep.

But when Madeline took a step forward, that man suddenly opened his eyes.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

His expression was very gentle and he looked quite nice. He looked like the big brother next door.

"Stop there," he said, "Please don’t go any further."

"If you do so, it’ll be very difficult for me."

"He is sleeping very well, please don’t disturb his sleep, okay?"

"I am unwilling to injure you, but if you are thinking of taking another step further… I’ll have no other choice."

"Because I swore to protect him…"

His sentence was interrupted by another voice.

Marvin suddenly stood out and said, "Protect him?"

"You speak of protecting. Is that why a sword was stabbed into his chest when he was about to become a god?"

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