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"There’s no point trying to bait me."

The Heavenly Sword Saint laughed. "But I’m very fond of you. Crafty young man."

"I can give you a chance. I’ll suppress my strength to your level and then compare my sword with yours."

"You said pure technique. If you can receive ten moves, you can take away one item from the underground floor."

Marvin nodded. "No problem."

The Heavenly Sword Saint slowly stood up and casually took out a sword, before suddenly stabbing it toward Marvin!

‘It started?’

Everyone took a deep breath.

They watched with their eyes wide open. They had the feeling that the Heavenly Sword Saint’s swordsmanship must be at a high Master level, while Marvin should have Expert Dagger Mastery. The difference between both sides was like that between the sky and the earth. Even if the Heavenly Sword Saint suppressed his own strength, Marvin couldn’t be his match!

But ever since they entered the Scarlet Monastery, in every matter involving Marvin, their judgment had never been correct.

They were looking forward to see whether Marvin could once again create a miracle!

The sword stab seemed ordinary, but it gave enormous pressure to Marvin.

He was very stressed. He was far from the relaxed appearance he displayed outwardly.

The Heavenly Sword Saint’s strength really wasn’t something Marvin could withstand. Even though that prideful guy was conceited enough to suppress his strength, his swordsmanship was still there.

There was a gap between Marvin’s Dagger Mastery and that guy’s swordsmanship.

But if it was ten moves, Marvin still had some confidence!

With his Super Reflex bonus, his reaction time, which was already a lot faster than that of ordinary people, was once again improved.

In cases where both sides’ strength didn’t differ too much, reaction speed would influence the outcome.

‘I can’t dodge this sword.’

‘Compared to swordsmanship, dagger techniques are focused on an extreme. Swords can be used to block and defend, but daggers are only used to kill.’

‘It can only be used to attack!’

This kind of thought flashed through Marvin’s mind.

He let a low shout and used the Demon Hunter Steps to rush forward with his curved daggers crossed, and then suddenly shoved upward.

The sword was flicked away.

"Eh?" The Heavenly Sword Saint was surprised.

To use this kind of method to break his first move... This was the first time he had seen such a thing.


But he didn’t hesitate.

Facing the approaching curved daggers, he only did a light sweep!

Second move.

Marvin could only helplessly move back.

This sweep was too clever. It completely stopped Marvin’s offense and took back the initiative.

Third move, quick thrust!

This was the same as the first move, but after avoiding the sweep, Marvin was in a bit of an awkward position, and he couldn’t couldn’t reuse his first trick.


Marvin suddenly burst ahead with his left dagger raised, striking the sword’s edge.

"Clang! Woosh!"

Sparks flew.

Marvin’s left curved dagger deflected the sword, creating space for his right dagger.

Shock appeared for the first time on the Heavenly Sword Saint’s face.

He had no choice but to retreat to dodge this move!

In a moment, both sides exchanged six moves!

And after those six moves, they apparently came out even.

This startled everyone from River Shore City, as their admiration of Marvin grew even more!

A 14 year old youth could actually match a freak that lived for more than a thousand years in terms of skill?

What kind of idea was that?

They simply couldn’t understand!

But Marvin knew that his battle experience was in fact stronger, much stronger than that of anyone in this world, including the freaks who lived for countless years, or even gods!

Could this world’s ordinary people PK everywhere? Or farm monsters?


Only players could do this.

In order to strengthen his abilities at that time, Marvin fought with a lot of different monsters, tempering his straight dagger skills which had been brought to the point of perfection. It only took him one dangerous move and he was able to kill the Shadow Prince Glynos!

Even though he had changed classes and was now using curved daggers, there were still a lot of points in common between the two types of weapons.

What’s more, weapons were merely one part of the fight.

There were also observation, judgement and reaction.

In these three areas, if Marvin claimed to be second, no one in Feinan would dare claim to be first.

His fighting instinct had already been tempered to a frightening level.

Despite this, the fight with the Heavenly Sword Saint made Marvin feel a huge pressure.

The other side’s swordsmanship was already approaching perfection while his own dagger mastery was still far from that realm. He only relied on his experience to fight with the Heavenly Sword Saint!

8th move.

9th move.

10th move.

Both sides stopped. Marvin wiped away a handful of sweat with his shaking hands, giving a polite nod to his opponent.

The Heavenly Sword Saint still seemed gentle, and didn’t show the least bit of shame. He only sighed and said, "Frightening."

"In a few years, I might no be your match. I thought I already was the top genius in Feinan, but I didn’t expect that I was wrong."

Marvin forced a smile. He wasn’t a genius. He had just crawled out of countless life and death battles with monsters.

"Go to the underground floor." The Heavenly Sword Saint pointed to his left. Suddenly, a dark tunnel slowly opened in the corner of the Fourth Hall.

"Remember, you can only take one thing. I know that underground floor like the back of my hand. If you take any more, I’ll kill you."

Marvin nodded and put away his daggers before quickly walking over.

The people from River Shore City were dumbstruck.

That was it?

Both sides only exchanged ten mediocre moves and it was over?

They couldn’t see what was so strong about Marvin’s technique.

Did the Heavenly Sword Saint throw the match?

Some unconvinced people immediately stood up. "Sir Sword Saint, I also want to compare skills with you."

The Heavenly Sword Saint was still as calm and collected as before. "Sure."

Following the dark tunnel downward, Marvin didn’t look back once, directly ignoring Madeline’s hinting expression.

He naturally knew what she wanted.

In fact, Marvin didn’t even know what to take.

The underground floor had too many valuable things. Half-Legend Items, powerful Magic Scrolls, fierce weapons, precious jewels… These were treasures the Lich plundered during his life. Each item was extremely precious.

Now they were all buried here with him, in the Scarlet Monastery.

The tunnel descended in a spiral. When Marvin stepped on the level ground, Wizard’s fire automatically lit up the hidden room.

Some things were in a mess, while others were arranged carefully.

But they weren’t covered with the single bit of dust from the passage of time.

Marvin walked in the center of the room where a reindeer’s corpse laid down.

He softly caressed the reindeer fur. "Heaven Rainbow Deer… Tsk…"

There was still a large amount of rainbow antler on the corpse. Each gram of the seven colored antler could be used to make a Goblin Bomb.

On his left was a pile of weapons, while on his right were a few bookcases.

Marvin hesitated for a while before finally walking toward the bookcases.

In the Fourth Hall.

"Clang!" A weapon fell to the ground. The knight’s forehead was full of perspiration.

A sword was on his throat.

As long as the other side wanted, he could kill him anytime.

But he didn’t do so.

"Eighteenth person…"

Madeline closely held her fists.

Including the Vampires, all of River Shore’s experts in swordsmanship had already crossed swords with the Heavenly Sword Saint.

But they weren’t his match…. Although that might not be the best way to describe it.

They didn’t even last three moves.

In fact, fifteen of them only managed to deal with the first move.

The onlookers were completely silent.

They finally figured out how powerful Marvin was.

The Heavenly Sword Saint’s swordsmanship was flawless. Even if he suppressed his strength and dueled them, they weren’t his match.

This really left people dejected.

"Is there anyone else?"

Madeline looked at the people behind her with an ashen face.

At that moment, she wished she could be a swordsman and fight that guy.

In any case, it would give her more hope than this group of unreliable men.

But she still had hope in her heart.

That boy Marvin was so mysterious, he should know what was the most valuable thing in the underground floor, right?

But even if he got it, would he give it to her… or even just lend it?

Madeline had a headache.

She knew she was smart and could clearly see through people’s hearts, but she found herself unable to see through this 14 year old youth.

This countryside Baron’s mental age was totally different from his real age.

‘Regardless, if he gets the Book of Nalu…’

‘Ah... As long as I can advance to Legend, I’ll do as he wishes!’

Madeline made up her mind.

At that time, a man slowly walked out from among the Blood clansmen.

He was wearing a cloak and his movements were very graceful. "Sir Heavenly Saint, sorry to bother you."

"I also want to give it a try."

The Heavenly Sword Saint nodded and simply said, "Sure."

In the second floor, third row of bookcases.

Marvin was extremely familiar with that corner and grabbed a book.

In his previous life, only the first group to clear the Scarlet Monastery could get that chapter of the Book of Nalu. Even if he farmed the instance multiple times, he didn’t that page of the Book of Nalu.

Even if everyone was unable to defeat the Heavenly Sword Saint, by relying on some tricks they could still divert his attention by sacrificing some team members, letting a few others secretly enter the underground floor.

But the time they had on their hands was very limited.

It wasn’t like today where he could take the time to choose.

Marvin hesitated in front of so many treasures, but he chose that book in the end.

This book’s name was "Ron Kail’s Science of Alchemy." It was an excellent alchemy book with no other copies left.

And that page of the Book of Nalu was stuck inside.

‘Whatever, better get this thing.’

Marvin reluctantly looked at the numerous treasures, before finally shed his unwillingness and quickly walked up.

He walked through the dark tunnel and when he arrived in the Fourth Hall he heard a stabbing sound.

The Heavenly Sword Saint’s sword pierced the cloaked man’s shoulder.

Everyone looked at him with pity.

Because this Gwyn of the Blood clan had managed to last nine moves.

But they had no time to feel pity for Gwyn, as Marvin appeared, instantly attracting everyone’s attention!

Madeline suddenly rushed toward him, asking him with a voice full of hope,"What did you get?"

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