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‘Double the experience!?’

This was something Marvin hadn’t expected.

The huge Basilisk tossed away the soul fire he absorbed from the Demon God Enforcer and aimed at the next enemy!

All the onlookers were completely stunned.

The Demon God Enforcer that gave them so much trouble… died like this?

"Help me out!" Marvin hissed with his Basilisk body, "Use any means possible to disarm the Demon God Enforcers, and then I’ll be able to get rid of them."

"Got it!" Gordian and a few Paladins immediately began arranging themselves.

They formed a small temporary squad and approached the next Demon God Enforcer.

Earlier, when Marvin was annoyed at not being able to shift into the Asuran Bear, he suddenly remembered that he had another Shapeshift skill.

That night in the Hidden Granary, he got a Nature Leaf after killing King Cobra.

The spell in the Nature Leaf was [Shapeshift Basilisk]!

Maybe he was in too much of a hurry after getting it, or maybe it was because of Marvin’s subconscious dislike toward the Basilisk’s evil appearance, but he had never considered using this transformation.

But this didn’t mean that the spell was bad.

Marvin had immediately checked the details of the spell description.

He was overjoyed after looking it over. After shapeshifting into a Basilisk, Marvin would not only have extremely powerful defensive and constricting abilities, but also his Basilisk fangs with extremely strong piercing.

Marvin used an experimental approach and used EDemon God Enforcer Snatch on the Demon God Enforcer before shapeshifting and trying to kill it.

He hadn’t expected the Basilisk’s fangs to be so sharp, easily piercing through the Enforcer’s skull.

What shocked him even more was that after transforming into a Basilisk, he gained [Soul Absorption] as an innate ability.

His venomous fangs could absorb the enemy’s soul to strengthen his own.

This ability felt like it leaned towards being evil, but using it to deal with Demon God Enforcers was certainly good!

After absorbing the enemy’s soul, Marvin found out that this way of killing them earned him double the experience.

Every Demon God Enforcer suddenly seemed like a very attractive gift of experience to Marvin!

"Let’s go!"

The Two-Headed Snake Marvin rapidly glided across the floor, impatiently pouncing toward the next enemy!

The knights also seemed to have found hope, doing their utmost to cooperate with Marvin.

They might not be able to kill a fully equipped Demon God Enforcer, but by working together, they could still manage to disarm it.

Therefore, the originally fierce battle turned strange in one corner of the hall.


With the aid a few knights, Gordian fiercely swung his holy hammer, disarming the Demon God Enforcer who was caught unprepared.

Marvin immediately rushed in, ferociously pouncing on his prey.

The Basilisk’s shape was really easy to use, and he firmly coiled around the Enforcer in an instant.

The sharp fangs once again dug deep into the Demon God Enforcer’s skull, absorbing his soul fire!

After a short two seconds, the Demon God Enforcer who was trying to resist suddenly died.

The soldiers began to cheer!

The tactic was effective!

Every soldier began cooperating with Marvin.

The Demon God Enforcers were surrounded and the ground was covered in frost, making it impossible for them to break out of the encirclement.

Under the lead of Marvin the Two-Headed Basilisk, River Shore City’s morale rose precipitously!

Now they saw a way to defeat the Demon God Enforcers.

They saw hope!

"Long live Lord Marvin!"

Even such a cheer could be heard from the troops.


Marvin pounced once again, resulting in another Enforcer’s death.

He didn’t pay any attention to the flattery and praises, simply looking for the next prey instead.

His shapeshifting time was very limited.

It would be a shame if he didn’t take the chance to collect more experience.

Marvin hadn’t expected the Basilisk shape to have such an astounding effect. Obviously, he wanted to make full use of it.

On the other end of the hall, the fight was also about to conclude.

Avenger Fegan was very strong despite his armor getting stripped. He was still a powerful melee class holder after all.

Being able to still resist the joint attack of Collins and Madeline for this long was already quite impressive.

After all, this was the era where casters had the advantage!


As Madeline streaked through the sky on her magic carpet, all sort of markings appeared on her body.

Every mark represented one of the specialties she had activated.

There were all sorts of caster specialties. Compared to those of melee classes, Wizard specialties, when coupled with the spells they picked, usually displayed an even more frightening effect.

Of course, there were also some specialties that were essential. For example, one Madeline had activated, [Mobile Casting].

To be able to precisely aim spells at enemies from a magic carpet moving this quickly, a high level in [Mobile Casting] was the bare minimum.

The Slice spell flew across and severed Fegan’s fleshy wing.

Fegan howled in grief as he fell down unwillingly.


Four swords of light intersected together, nailing Fegan’s body to the ground.

Four [Chosen Paladins] emitting silver light coldly looked at Fegan.

Collins’ complexion had become even paler. Summoning four Chosen Paladins was clearly something too strenuous for him.

The swords of light in their hands had a bonus restraining effect toward the undead. If Fegan acted without thinking, he would be hacked to death by those swords!

"It’s over at last."

After consecutively casting so many spells, Madeline was also somewhat tired.

She slowly descended and took a glance at the other end of the hall.

She originally thought there would be a bitter struggle, and that her subordinates would be locked in a close fight.

How could she have expected that when she looked over, all the soldiers had already finished their battle!

All the Demon God Enforcers were already dead.

The knights were helping the wounded to the camp while the medics began their own tasks.

Madeline was dumbstruck.

How could this be…?

Even if those Vampires acted, they would still be unable to so quickly suppress thirty Demon God Enforcers, right?

White Gown Collins was also shocked.

The battle on the other side of the hall unexpectedly ended faster than this side’s? He had thought that after getting rid of Fegan, he and Madeline would still have to help the soldiers.

What happened?

Could someone have found a way to handle the Enforcers?

When Collins thought of this, Marvin’s silhouette suddenly flashed in his mind.

‘Could it be him?’ the old fox thought in silence.

Madeline relaxed. Regardless of how, that battle ending much faster was a good thing.

Perhaps one of the experts she invited had some real skill.

That’s what she thought.

But Fegan, who was still pinned to the ground by those four Chosen Paladins, suddenly began muttering an incantation.

"Want to run? No way!"

Madeline reacted pretty quickly. She cast Bind in a certain direction by following her Perception!

As expected, Fegan’s silhouette disappeared from the ground and appeared in that direction.


The Bind successfully caught Fegan’s right hand.

But Fegan bellowed and forcefully severed his arm!

Madeline had caught him, but it was only an arm!

"No good!"

Collins and Madeline hadn’t expected that Fegan could use this kind of spell!

He frantically continued to flee.

A door was slowly opening ahead of him.

The Temporary Teleportation Gate would stay open for at most three seconds. But that time was enough for Fegan to run through and escape from this place.

Would he really get away after all this?

Madeline glanced at Collins.

The latter also bitterly smiled. The Chosen Paladins were already chasing after him, but it was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to catch up!

After using those two spells, they had nothing left to stop Fegan!

"Too cunning… He deliberately made it look like he would rather die fighting than flee."

"Damn. He actually ran, and he is even faster when fleeing!"

Madeline angrily ground her teeth.

If they let Fegan escape, she wouldn’t be able to relax!

Fegan had suffered a serious injury which actually slowed him down somewhat, but he had rushed right for the door.

‘Still managed to escape,’ he thought.

The next second, he started rushing through the gate.

But suddenly a strong force coiled around his body!

It was a snake tail!


It forcefully pulled him back and raised him up before ruthlessly smashing him against the ground!

The pitiful Fegan suffered a serious injury and then was caught by Marvin, who had been lying in wait.

The Two-Headed Snake pounced on him, and Fegan was simply an arrow at the end of its flight. The throw left him dizzy and unable to resist.


Marvin controlled a head, making it ruthlessly bite down.

The venomous fangs pierced through Fegan’s forehead, easily absorbing his soul fire!

Even though he was was the leader of the Demon God Enforcers, he was still unable to change his soul.

As long as his soul fire was absorbed, he would definitely die!

Under the assault of the Two-Headed Basilisk, Avenger Fegan couldn’t even let out a shriek before he was killed by Marvin.

[You killed Fegan the Avenger. You obtained 4786 battle exp.]

[You (Basilisk-shape) absorbed Avenger Fegan’s soul fire. Battle experience doubled. (9572 exp)]

[You have killed a sufficient number of people during the night. You have unlocked the hidden specialty – Night Kill.]

A lot of logs flashed in front of Marvin as he relaxed in satisfaction.

But he suddenly felt like he was in danger!

Madeline and Collins both locked onto him!

They looked ready to cast a spell at any time.

"What’s this?"

Madeline and Collins were both somewhat startled. Where did this Two-Headed Basilisk come from?

It wasn’t here before.

"Long live Lord Marvin!"

Many knights’ cheers echoed from behind them at that time!

Madeline was stunned.

What was going on?

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