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Chapter 175: Deceiver

4th-circle spell – [Expel Equipment]!

A blue light accurately hit Fegan, and his body began to violently shake.

Madeline had a solemn expression. Whether they could get rid of Fegan would depend on the success of this spell.

[Expel Equipment] was a very special spell. Its effect was to make the enemy lose all of his armors and weapons. The effect didn’t seem especially powerful, but when facing Avenger Fegan, this outstandingly equipped melee class holder, it would play a big role.

But this spell was like Dissociation, because it could be completely resisted.

Blue lightning twisted around Fegan’s body as his armor began to make a buzzing sound, seemingly wanting to leave him!


But at that time, a large holy pillar of light scattered away the face behind him.

The entire Hall suddenly fell into silence.

Only Collins’ coughing voice was left.

"Fuck off!" he said.

The power of Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles that was attached onto Fegan was dispersed by Collins!

His various resistances rapidly dropped.

Fegan alarmingly looked at his armor peeling off bit by bit. He tried to grab his weapon, but under that blue lightning, his greatsword also flew away to the other end of the Hall with a "Clang", fiercely stabbing itself into a wall!

In a few breaths, Fegan’s armor and weapons were completely stripped off, leaving only an ordinary training uniform!

‘It worked in the end!’

Sweat covered Madeline’s forehead.

If this 4th-circle spell had failed, then she and Collins would have a hard time.

But now, Fegan who had lost his weapon and armors was already trapped!

"Surrender, Avenger," Madeline softly said. "Make your subordinates surrender and I won’t kill you."


The unarmed and defenseless Fegan suddenly burst out laughing. "Madeline, you are too naive."

"I still haven’t avenged my deep hatred with a bloodbath. How could I surrender to you, humans?"

Madeline frowned and said, "You were human in the past."

"In the past," Fegan argued, "But ever since that group of ignorants regarded me as a source of plague and sacrificed me to some god, I stopped being human."

"I’ll take revenge upon all living beings."

"This is my fate."

Madeline sighed. She knew quite a bit about Avenger Fegan’s matters. His fall was tragic and pitiful.

But not every pitiful man could be forgiven after committing sins, and Madeline had never been a softhearted person!

"Since that’s the case, then die." Her expression once again turned extremely grim.

"I have already died once. Lemme tell you how death feels…" Fegan chuckled, "What’s more, Madeline, do you really think that just because you removed my armor I can’t do anything to you?"

As he talked, he body suddenly started undergoing an astonishing transformation.

A pair of wings made up of rotting flesh spread from his back.

His hands turned metallic with the sharpness of daggers!

"I didn’t stay idle these years. I made a few modifications to my body, and I’m quite satisfied with them."

"What do you think? Lady City Lord?"

Fegan chuckled in a low voice. His body suddenly sped up and his two wings flapped rapidly. He rose up from the ground, frantically flying toward Madeline!

"Careful!" Collins shouted with a pale face.

He also hadn’t expected Fegan to be this crazy with his own body!

A flying melee class was a huge threat to Wizards!

"If I can’t deal with a filthy undead, how could I speak of advancing to become a Legend?"

Madeline’s expression was extremely resolute as she firmly stared at the rushing Fegan, put both hands together in a sign of prayer and began to prepare a spell.

She had no intention of dodging, and in fact she wanted to directly compete with Fegan!

"Stupid Wizard!"

Fegan flew very quickly and shortly arrived in front

of Madeline, ferociously stabbing his sharp hands at her.

In a world of decay, on the supreme throne.

"Hateful humans…"

"Silver God, I’ll get rid of you sooner or later!"

"To actually dispel my shadow twice in a day."

The roars of Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles echoed throughout the entire decaying plateau.

All the Evil Spirits stayed silent. Their shapes were varied, but they all had repulsive appearances.

This place was filled with fumes, filth and large amount of negative energy. But for those Evil Spirits, that was the best nourishment.

"Lord, useless guys like Morris won’t accomplish what you desire."

"Please send me."

A huge monster that seemed to be the size of a small hill slowly ambled over from the distance.

His words were neither slow nor fast, but they carried a very powerful pressuring aura.

"It’s not the time," Diggles coldly said. "I know you want to get merits, but you still haven’t finished absorbing the entire Rotting Sea’s power."

"If you went to Feinan, it would be too easy to attract the eyes of others. Those Half-Legends or new Legends might not know what to do with you. But there are still many Legends who chose to remain in Feinan."

"Recently they seem much more active than before. Especially that Inheim who gave no face to a god from Heaven and killed his avatar. If you go, just one punch of that guy would turn you into dust."

The giant stayed silent for a moment before slowly asking, "Who are you preparing to send!?"

Diggles thought for a moment before suddenly snapping his fingers. "[Deceiver]!"

A graceful woman, beautiful like a fairy, appeared in front of him.

"Lord. Deceiver obeys your order." Her voice was also very pleasant to hear, giving a wonderful feeling.

Diggles frowned. "Don’t always turn into the Moon Goddess Faniya. Just seeing that bitch makes me upset!"

"Yes Lord." The woman’s figure suddenly transformed, and her hair turned golden as she transformed into another good looking woman.

"Now it’s the appearance of the Guardian God that you like," she softly said.

Diggles helplessly rubbed his forehead. "I have an important task for you."

"Kill that Madeline and Collins?" she asked.

"No, I want you to open the White Deer Cave and establish a Disaster Door," Diggles grimly said.

"This way, our Evil Spirit army can come pouring into Feinan, even though the Disaster Door would ultimately get closed."

"But River Shore City and the surrounding areas would definitely end up being destroyed!"

"This is my lesson for them!"

"Remember, before the Disaster Door is set up, you must hide your identity."

The woman nodded. "Lord, please rest assured."

"We Shapeshift Sorcerers are the best at transformation, I can very easily disguise myself."

"But after this task is completed…"

Diggles impatiently waved his hand. "After this task is completed, I’ll free your younger brother. You can go where you want after that."

"Many thanks Lord." The woman slightly bowed before disappearing into thin air.

Diggles coldly smiled on the throne.

"Release your younger brother?"

"Such a joke."

Second Hall. The fight between Demon God Enforcers and soldiers was still ongoing.

Even though the Wizard corps was providing support, the knights’ casualties kept increasing.

For each Demon God Enforcer put down, there would be two knights taken down with him!

And even more people received serious injuries.

The battlefield situation was extremely desperate.

The rest of the guards had already brought pikes and surrounded the Demon God Enforcers. This kind of strategy might be a bit safer, but the effect wasn’t especially good.

The morale of River Shore City’s army was extremely low.

"Lady Madeline and Sir Collins have still not dealt with that Fegan."

"The Demon God Enforcers are too troublesome, we can’t keep this up."

"Yeah, we are simply throwing our lives away."

Some people had already begun complaining in the nobles’ private armies.

There were only twenty two Demon God Enforcers remaining, yet they were pressuring an army of over a hundred men.

This fighting strength was too frightening.

Each of those encirclements had faint signs of collapse.

But at that time, a voice spoke from outside a small team surrounding a Demon God Enforcer. "Step aside."

"I’ll go."

Everyone looked back in surprise.

Baron Marvin!

It was him!

They had just witnessed Marvin killing a Demon God Enforcer and couldn’t help but caution, "Baron Marvin, it’s very dangerous alone!"

Marvin unsheathed his daggers and calmly nodded.

"It doesn’t matter, I’ll go."

Everyone was speechless, but a hole was opened in the encirclement.

Marvin took a deep breath and suddenly rushed in!

The Demon God Enforcer disdainfully turned his head and raised his oversized greatsword, slashing toward the oncoming Marvin.

"Careful! Lord Marvin!" Someone loudly yelled.

Regardless of their previous attitudes, Marvin had displayed powerful strength and incomparable wisdom, so most of River Shore City’s soldiers regarded Marvin as one of their people.

Seeing Marvin stepping forward during this crisis, facing that powerful Demon God Enforcer alone, they would naturally feel admiration, along with worry.

Many people already had a very favorable opinion of Marvin, even to the point of worship.

They didn’t want Marvin to die under the Demon God Enforcer’s sword!

Marvin was like lightning, as his Demon Hunter Steps and Flicker combo let him move forward in an elusive path.

After easily dodging the greatsword, Marvin launched his attack.

Burst! Night Jump!

Marvin jumped on the Demon God Enforcer’s arm, both legs winding around his wrist, and using the momentum to spin.


Edge Snatch was effective, and the Demon God Enforcer’s big greatsword fell to the ground.

The monster angrily raised his fist, wanting to punch Marvin to death.

But what happened next shocked everyone senseless!

Marvin body started to transform strangely.

He transformed from a thin human into a huge Basilisk twisting around the Demon God Enforcer!


The Basilisk’s tail whipped against the Demon God Enforcer’s arm, knocking it away.

Then, Marvin’s transformed body coiled, layer after layer, around the Demon God Enforcer!


The Basilisk’s tongue came out, before opening his maw and biting the head of the Demon God Enforcer, still covered by a helmet.

Quietly, the four incredibly sharp venomous fangs pierced through the armor and into the Demon God Enforcer’s skull.

[You killed a Demon God Enforcer, gaining 1189 battle exp.]

[You (Basilisk-shape) absorbed a Demon God Enforcer’s soul fire. Battle experience doubled. (2378 exp)]

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