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Chapter 174: Insane And Genius

In a corner of the hall, a bitter fight was underway.

The Demon God Enforcer who previously killed that Vampire grimly dragged his greatsword as he slowly moved toward the guards.

River Shore City’s knights displayed a grave expression.

Even though they had followed Madeline’s plan to split up the Demon God Enforcers and were obviously surrounding him, the atmosphere as he was approaching made them feel as if he was the one surrounding them.

This was simply too ridiculous.

Some people couldn’t help but want to rush out and attack this brainless killing machine.

But that Vampire’s body on the side was still leaking blood. It was a warning to everyone that even though they were at the 2nd rank, Demon God Enforcers were extremely frightening.

Gordian gripped his sword, feeling nervous.

He kept regulating his breathing.

This guy was too powerful. The Vampire only had time to remove that Enforcer’s helmet before he was already grabbed.

Gordian had clearly seen him only using one hand!

That arm which had been wrapped in ice cold armor for who knew how many years surprisingly had this kind of power.

In fact, the natural strength of Vampires wasn’t weak either.

‘Divine Spells won’t be effective unless his soul fire is hit.’

Gordian was extremely distressed.

The Demon God Enforcer walked toward them step by step, and the people surrounding him started backing away.

Suddenly, a soft voice echoed by his ear. "Help me out in a bit."

Gordian was startled.

There was surprisingly someone stealthed next to him and he didn’t even notice!

Such a powerful sneaking ability.

He soon realized, ‘It’s him!’

Demon God Enforcers were Marvin’s nemeses. But Avenger Fegan choosing a night attack was actually good for Marvin.

At least he could display his Night Walker abilities to the extreme.

That Vampire’s attack did have some effect, at least taking down the Demon God Enforcer’s helmet.

‘Demon God Enforcers don't have vitals. Their Magic Resistance is high, and their Physical Resistance is even higher.’

‘They don’t have HP, instead only having a soul fire in their head keeping them operational.’

‘The only way to deal with them is to remove that soul fire!’

Marvin inwardly considered.

But accomplishing this was easier said than done. Although the Demon God Enforcers had fallen to the ground, their armors were stuck to their bodies. This kind of monster was created with only one purpose, killing. Everything else was irrelevant.

Their helmets were also stuck to their heads. Even if that Vampire’s strength wasn’t enough to do any damage to that Demon God Enforcer, he still managed to get his helmet off, revealing his bloody rotting face.

A hole had appeared in his defense and Marvin would take advantage of it.

But he needed someone to cooperate with.

Gordian was clearly a very good choice.

He whispered a few sentences to the Paladin at his side, and the latter nodded afterwards.

Marvin didn’t say any more and made a detour as he slowly approached the Demon God Enforcer’s back.

Demon God Enforcers didn’t have high perception, or else Marvin wouldn’t have been able to dodge that one when he infiltrated the Scarlet Monastery for the first time.

His Stealth had now exceeded 100 Skill points, and with the wilderness and night bonuses, even a 2nd rank with very high perception would be unable to detect his existence, let alone a Demon God Enforcer.

Marvin slowly moved forward, finally arriving roughly five meters behind the Demon God Enforcer.

He stopped and took a deep breath.

Then, a shadow suddenly appeared at the Demon God Enforcer’s side!

As always, Marvin let the Shadow Doppelganger test the waters!

The Shadow Doppelganger directly pounced on the Demon God Enforcer’s head, both daggers about t

o slash dow. Suddenly, the monster extended his hand and grabbed the Shadow Doppelganger, ruthlessly smashing it on the ground!

"Crack!" The Shadow Doppelganger fell on a layer of ice and took heavy damage, but it didn’t die!

The Demon God Enforcer was thinking of finishing it with a slash.

‘The chance came.’

Marvin no longer hesitated, Burst!

He jumped from behind the Demon God Enforcer, both daggers ruthlessly stabbing down!


His Blazing Furys burst with powerful force, both daggers ruthlessly stabbing into both sides of the Demon God Enforcer’s head, but only piercing a few centimeters in!

Nothing could be done about it. That guy’s skull was too hard!

The Demon God Enforcer was extremely angry. He let go of his greatsword and used both hands to try to grab Marvin behind him!

The other knights were all startled. This Baron Marvin dared to attempt to kill a Demon God Enforcer alone after a Vampire died to it!

Wasn’t this risking his life?

As everyone watched in shock, Marvin pushed with his hands, his waist and abdomen turning as he released his daggers to do a difficult front flip. His feet landed on the daggers as he managed to avoid the Demon God Enforcer’s angry hands!

[Night Jump]!

The powerful jumping ability let Marvin easily avoid the Demon God Enforcer’s follow up attack.

But this wasn’t over, because as his body was still rising up, Marvin suddenly did a reverse jump!

[Second Jump]!

This time, Marvin kicked off of empty space.

This was another gravity defying skill!

All those who were watching were dumbstruck. Marvin was simply dancing on top of the Demon God Enforcer’s head.

Marvin flipped through the air and both feet once again landed on the daggers stabbed into the Enforcer’s head.


The two daggers finally cracked open the Demon God Enforcer’s skull, slightly exposing the pitch black mist inside!

That was the Demon God Enforcer’s soul fire!

"Gordian!" Marvin shouted as he landed on the ground.

His yell was clearly filled with worry.

But those men of the Silver Church didn’t forget their role just because of Marvin’s display and had their Divine Spells ready to be cast at the moment he cracked open the Demon God Enforcer’s skull.

Three holy lights fell down from above in a row!

Divine Spell – Discipline!

If that Divine Spell directly hit the Demon God Enforcer’s skin, it wouldn’t have much of an effect.

But if it was directly cast at the soul fire, the result would be substantially different!

Half of the black mist on the Demon God Enforcer’s skull immediately dissipated, and the remaining half turned extremely chaotic.

That guy even stopped moving.

Marvin was overjoyed and ran over.


He stomped on the Demon God Enforcer’ knees before jumping on his shoulder.

He tugged his Blazing Furys free and slashed!

The Demon God Enforcer couldn’t resist due to his chaotic soul fire leaving his body unresponsive.

He could only let Marvin brutalize him.

After slashing for less than a minute, Marvin relied on his Reckless Dual Wielder bonus to smash the Demon God Enforcer’s skull into pieces.


The Demon God Enforcer’s corpse fell on the ground.

Marvin was panting, and walked over.

But at that time, he found out that everyone was looking at him a bit strangely.

Those crazy dagger moves weren’t something a regular person could use!

This guy was simply insane!

But Marvin’s expression was incomparably calm.

Insane, cool-headed, brave and knowledgeable, all in one person. Every knight was filled with respect toward Marvin.

‘This guy is truly a genius,’ Gordian couldn’t help but praise inwardly.

Marvin didn’t care about these gazes. He was in fact pleasantly surprised about being able to kill a Demon God Enforcer.

Right now, he would need a huge amount of battle experience if he wanted to level up. The First Hall’s elite boss Corpse King only gave him about 1800 battle exp.

That was a 3rd rank elite monster!

Yet this Demon God Enforcer gave almost 1200 exp. This meant that the Demon God Enforcer’s strength was really outstanding.

His gaze stopped on the other battlefields.

Many people were injured and had to withdraw from the struggle between the Demon God Enforcers and knights.

River Shore City’s side had a massive numbers advantage. Even if the Demon God Enforcers had tyrannical individual strength, they would be eliminated sooner or later.

The only problem was that many people would die, and even more would be injured, losing their fighting strength.

If it turned out like that, there would be no choice but to stop at the Fourth Hall.

Marvin frowned. He also wanted to help reducing the casualties of River Shore City’s knights, but he was a little helpless.

After all, killing this Demon God Enforcer was already very difficult for him.

‘If the Asuran Bear’s shapeshift was still usable, it would be amazing.’ Marvin quickly took a glance as his interface.

Unfortunately this form still wasn’t ready to be activated.

The Asuran Bear’s fierce melee abilities were stronger than the Demon God Enforcers’.

But he was unable to shapeshift.

‘Wait… Shapeshift?’

Something flashed through Marvin’s mind and he suddenly thought of a way.

On the other side of the Second Hall, the fiercely rushing Fegan ruthlessly knocked against White Gown Collins.

But the expected scene of Collins getting knocked flying didn’t happen!

Collins’ body had suddenly turned pure silvery white.

4th-circle Exclusive Divine Spell – [Silver Body]!

Fegan’s fierce charge looked like it hit a soft but extremely flexible wall!

"Get lost!" Collins bellowed.

The next instant, Fegan and his mount flew out like a bullet.

That speed was more or less the same as his earlier speed!


The Avenger and his mount were smashed into a stone wall by Collins’ power, creating a huge hole in it!


Collins kept coughing. The silver-white color receded from his skin as he kept coughing up blood.

Even when using this kind of fierce Divine Spell, he still had to pay a considerable price when facing the powerful Fegan!


Fegan stood up from the crushed pile of rubble, both hands firmly holding his huge greatsword as he slowly advanced to attack again.

Collins pointed one finger at Fegan and said as if he was using all his strength, "Evil Spirit power, begone!"

Then, pure Divine Power rushed out from his body and converged into a beam of light, directly exploding on Fegan’s body.

The latter faced upward and bellowed. A huge face appeared again behind him.

At the same time, Madeline was spreading her arms. The second 4th-circle spell she had prepared was finally ready to be used!

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