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Chapter 173: Ice World

Marvin instantly rushed back to the tent and told Isabelle, "Hide in the First Hall! Protect yourself!"

The latter nodded, but as Marvin turned and headed to battle, a strange expression flashed through her eyes.

Everyone was woken up by that loud noise.

Madeline directly flew out on a magic carpet.


A deep and low horn could be heard echoing as the trained soldiers quickly gathered!

Madeline had brought the elites among the elites. Not one soldier had taken his armor off to sleep, and their weapons were also at their sides.

In a mere three minutes, no matter if it was her personal bodyguards or the three large troops, everyone had gathered.

The Wizards from the Wizard corps weren’t sleeping at that time!

Because dawn was approaching, they were preparing the spells they wanted to exchange with the Universe Magic Pool.

They hurriedly finished converting spells and arrived at Madeline’s side.

On the other side, along with Collins’ Paladins, there were some Clerics strictly waiting.

Marvin looked over this scene and he felt a little better.

A real army was very different after all.

If they were undisciplined adventurers instead, they might have been caught unprepared.

‘There would be a difference of at least five minutes.’

Marvin made an assessment.

Those nobles’ private soldiers were many times slower. By the time River Shore City’s main force had gathered in front of the door, some aged Lords were still struggling to armor themselves.

If everyone here was like those fools, there would be no need to fight this battle.

Because in just a bit over three minutes, a few wooden logs supporting the iron door burst open!

Those wooden logs and the iron door were fixed there with Madeline’s magic.

Ordinary people would never be able to crack that door open.

"Bang!" The iron door fell down!

Sounds of horses could be heard coming from the path.

The azure sword was glistening in the darkness.

A group of heavy armored knights mounted on skeletal warhorses rushed out from the darkness, as if they were envoys of the apocalypse!

And the one leading the way was Avenger Fegan!

"Die!" A low voice came out of Fegan’s mouth.

He then prompted his horse and ruthlessly charged towards the front of River Shore City’s army!

‘Totally different from the game.’

Marvin was horrified, seeing those charging heavily armored cavalrymen.

In the past, Madeline didn’t startle Fegan and easily took the initiative to attack.

But for some reason this time, Fegan had actually noticed something.

He launched a night attack!

This was something Marvin hadn’t thought about.

Only those who experienced a battle would know how terrifying the charge of a heavily armored cavalry was.

Rangers and Thieves, these classes wearing leather armor, could only be reduced to cannon fodder!

The terrifying impact offered by the mounts would be hard to resist, even for the more powerful Guardians.

Standing at the front of River Shore City’s troops, the Guardians nervously gathered together and a few of them raised their two meter tall tower shields!

They made up the first line of defense for the time being.

But there was an unspeakable fear in every Guardian’s eyes.

Those were Demon God Enforcers!

They could easily tear apart any defense. These tower shields seemed very stable, but they would be completely unable to stand the Demon God Enforcers’ charge!

This was a group of undead slaughter machines.

There was only one person supporting the Guardians that hadn’t crumbled.


River Shore City’s City Lord was standing in midair, coldly watching Fegan as she said in an ice cold voice, "Avenger Fegan."

"Greedy and wicked creature. You’ll be buried here today!"

Following her ice-cold wo

rds, the atmosphere in the Second Hall suddenly became frigid.

The water in the air condensed into snowflakes, fluttering down.

Marvin’s eyes shone!

Madeline was prepared.

Worthy of a Half-Legend Wizard. By acting, she completely changed the situation.

4th-circle spell, [Ice World]!

The moisture in the Second Hall turned out to be a good medium for Madeline’s spell!

The 4th-circle spell’s effect was outstanding.

A thin layer of frost began to solidify on the ground!

The Demon God Enforcers’ skeletal warhorses were unable to stop themselves from sliding. There was only one outcome for the skeletal warhorses as they rushed forward at high speed!

And that was slipping!


Apart from Avenger Fegan, whose warhorse was rather outstanding, able to ignore the slippery ice and keep going forward, the cavalry of Demon God Enforcers behind him were in chaos!

The skeletal horses couldn’t avoid sliding, as they lost control of their movements and knocked against each other before finally falling down on the ground.

Thirty Demon God Enforcers were ruthlessly thrown on the ground in just a few seconds!

This was an extremely rare scene.

‘I’m afraid Fegan hadn’t predicted that Madeline actually prepared [Ice World]’

‘This was a clever move. The moisture in the Second Hall is pretty high, reducing the casting time of Ice World by about a third. Otherwise, Madeline might have not had time to stop those Demon God Enforcers from breaking through the first line of defense,’ Marvin analyzed.

It was good now. Apart from Fegan, all the Demon God Enforcers fell down from their horses… Losing the armored cavalry’s powerful impact force!

This was like losing two thirds of their strength!

Marvin was already moving around to the sides using Stealth. He had no intention of fighting in the front lines, and was going to wait for an opportunity to act.

After all, there was still the class suppression.

Those Demon God Enforcers who fell down their horses were like strengthened 2nd rank Guardians. They were too troublesome!

Might as well take a look to see if he could throw in an attack somewhere.

As Ice World persisted, it froze the ground in front of the Guardians, and added layers upon layers of frost on the armor of those Demon God Enforcers!

They struggled to get up from the ground and pick up their weapons, but their movements had already become relatively slow.

Despite this, this was already a proof of their strength.

Other people would have already been turned into ice sculptures under the effect of Ice World!

While the Demon God Enforcers were actually still able to walk!

This was already quite outstanding. They were only 2nd rank monsters!


‘How many high level curses did that Lich put on these bastards!’

Madeline was hatefully grinding her teeth while looking at that scene.

A 4th-circle spell only had this much of an effect. It was really too shocking.

But nothing could be done about it. Unlike the monks and other lifeforms, the Demon God Enforcers had voluntarily received high level curses on their bodies.

This kind of high level curse wasn’t something Marvin’s Holy Grail could dispel, and even weakening it would be impossible.

They could only use force!

"Protect me!"

"Leave that one to me!"

Madeline firmly ordered.

At that time, the silently speeding Fegan finally arrived at the first line of defense!

The warhorse under him suddenly surged with strength and directly charged through the Guardians’ tower shields, stomping a few people to death on its way!

A knight behind them bellowed and rushed forward, trying to use his two handed greatsword to chop the warhorse’s knees.

But the ice cold blue light was like a reaper’s caress, instantly beheading him.

Fegan single-handedly stormed into the River Shore City’s troops.

His warhorse was frantically galloping as Fegan himself was extremely calm, the large blue greatsword repeatedly swinging, harvesting life after life!

In mere seconds, he killed six of those elite guards!

He indeed had the strength of a 4th rank Half-Legend. No wonder he dared to lust after the Lich’s Divinity!

"Get out of the way, go handle the Demon God Enforcers."

"Leave this monster to me!"

Madeline’s expression was ashen. Every soldier here was loyal and devoted to her!

She felt pained each time a soldier died to Fegan

As she said those words, she cast a binding spell!

A 3rd rank binding spell should be able to lock him up for at least five seconds.


Fegan only needed two seconds to free himself from the binding spell!

"Foolish caster," Fegan sneered. "You think you can kill me?"

"My ally granted me the power to resist magic!"

Madeline frowned. It felt wrong!

How could Fegan’s Magic Resistance be so high?

But at that time, a figure that couldn’t be regarded as tall, steadily stood not very far from Fegan, looking at him.

White Gown Collins.

"Diggles’ power. The power granted to you by an Evil Spirit Overlord."

Collins indifferently declared, "Even if I can’t banish you, I can banish that power."

"You dare!"

Fegan yelled in a stern voice. A huge face faintly appeared behind him!

That was the reflection of Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles.

"Nonsense. Of course I dare." Collins suddenly spread his arms and began chanting.

Fegan suddenly pulled on his reins, and his warhorse charged toward the chanting Collins.

Madeline hurriedly moved forward, throwing a few spells in a row to try to impede Fegan’s momentum.

But Fegan actually resisted her spells and ruthlessly crashed into Collins!

On the other side of the hall, a more intensive battle broke out.

River Shore City’s guards formed small groups of three to five people and began, with the help of the Wizard corps, to divide up the Demon God Enforcers to annihilate them!

This was one of Madeline’s previously prepared plans.

Dismount them, then divide and conquer!

Despite this, the high Magic Resistance of Demon God Enforcers’ armors made everyone suffer.

An attention-seeking Vampire tried to mount a sneak attack on a Demon God Enforcer, but the latter put his hand behind his back and caught him before throwing him to the ground with great force.

He then fiercely slashed!

No one had time to save that Vampire on the ground!

"Fools! Use pikes!"

In the confusion, no one knew who yelled.

The soldiers came to a realization and a part of the army retreated to fetch pikes in the camp.

And at that time, the Stealthed Marvin aimed at that powerful Demon God Enforcer.

He moved toward him, step by step.

That Vampire’s attack revealed a flaw in the Demon God Enforcer’s defense.

And Marvin was the best at using flaws.

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