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In the tent, Marvin carefully set that treasure chest with the magic lock on the ground.

Marvin and Isabelle were the only two people in the tent. The little girl was silent most of the time, making it very easy to overlook her existence.

She watched Marvin’s every move. A hint of curiosity would sometimes flash through her eyes, but she didn’t say anything.

She tried to understand the world in her own way.

Marvin didn’t interfere too much with her progress. The Hammons’ bloodline was already awakening. Isabelle had her own path, so he didn’t need to guide her unless she was wasting her time.

He took out a small stack of scrolls, each of which was a high level Unlock Magic Lock scroll.

If others saw, they might get left completely speechless.

A high level Unlock Magic Lock scroll was different from a common one. It wouldn’t lockout the chest after too many failures!

But its price was also several times higher.

But after looting the Twin Snakes Cult’s Hidden Granary, Marvin was rather wealthy. He was able to prepare all kinds of necessary supplies and tools, and was totally ready.

He used six scrolls in a row to open the treasure chest, revealing a dusty scroll calmly lying inside.

‘Using scrolls to open a chest and get a scroll. Isn’t it fitting?’ Marvin inwardly mocked.

He took out the Magical Scroll and carefully inspected it before pleasantly confirming that this thing was exactly the same as in his memories.

By using [Inspect], he could only find out the scroll name, and that part was only because the creator had written his name on the sash around the scroll.

Normally, he would have to look for an an appraiser with a relatively good understanding of scrolls to know the effects of the scroll.

But Marvin could skip this part.

He didn’t need to learn the details of the scroll. He only needed to use it!

He spread the Magical Scroll on the ground.

A lot of runes were written on the scroll, but these runes were different from magic runes. It looked like a language, but it contained a large amount of alchemy symbols.

Marvin didn’t know the slightest bit about alchemy.

He firmly put Blazing Fury on top of the scroll.

He then took out a quill and began to go over the runes on the leftmost side of the scroll.

The tip of the quill was dipped in dew gathered by a virgin at dawn. It was extremely pure.

This was the only way to trigger the scroll’s effect.

Following Marvin’s tracing, the scroll began to automatically ignite.

As the fire wrapped around Marvin’s hand, he didn’t feel any discomfort. On the contrary, it felt very pleasant.

He finished writing the four lines of runes, and then the Magical Scroll’s flame completely transferred to Blazing Fury.

Isabelle opened her eyes wide, closely watching Blazing Fury, trying to see what kind of change would occur.

She was afraid to miss anything, so she kept her eyes open, meticulously watching.

The flames slowly burned, and then burned some more, before finally disappearing.

Only a dagger remained on the floor.

Isabelle showed a hint of confusion, her eyes also somewhat itching.

Thus she couldn’t help but blink.

And then she saw two identical curved daggers lying on the ground.

The little girl opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Marvin was satisfied as he held the two daggers in his hands. It felt extremely amazing.

Even his Fangs had minute discrepancies because there would be some difference when forged by a craftsman.

But these two Blazing Furys were exactly the same. From their properties to their weight, completely identical!

This was the Magical Scroll’s magical nature.

It could copy a Magic Weapon.

Moreover it was a perfect copy.

It sounded overbearing, but in reality, this scroll wasn’t very valuable.

It could only copy a weapon. Moreover, the weapon’s length couldn’t exceed the length of the scroll. This meant that most weapons, including two handed greatswords, pikes, and axes, couldn’t be copied.

Only some short weapons could be copied.

And from another point of view, if you had a pretty good Magic Weapon, why would you need to make a copy? To have a backup?

That would clearly be quite a luxury.

But for Thieves or Dual Wielding Rangers, this scroll was simply a godsend!

Especially for Marvin who possessed the [Two-Weapon Fighting] and [Reckless Dual Wielding] specialties. With balance between both his weapons, he would definitely be even more proficient in battle.

Needless to say, Blazing Fury’s properties were already very outstanding.

With the pair, Marvin didn’t have to rely on Shapeshift Sorcerer and could use Arcane Missile six times every day, along with two Blazing Fury spells!

‘It’s time for Professor’s gift to gloriously retire.’

‘And it’s time to officially start using Blazing Furys as my main weapons.’

Marvin put away his Fangs, satisfied.

This pair of weapons had been with him for a long time. Even if they were not especially sharp, they had helped quite a lot meanwhile.

He had obtained Blazing Fury a while ago, but because of the differences between weapons, he wouldn’t get the most out of his specialties while using it. Therefore, for that period, he mostly used Blazing Fury as a third weapon.

Now he could finally change weapons.

A pair of Blazing Furys, as far as Marvin was concerned, was outstanding.

They could make up for the slight deficiency in his attack power.

Saying that this pair of weapons was already a top item among Magic Weapons wouldn’t be exaggerated. Marvin knew the whereabouts of a few similarly outstanding weapons, but they were hidden in very dangerous locations, so there was no chance to get any in the short term. It was highly likely that his Blazing Furys would accompany him up till the 4th rank.

After all, above Magic Weapons were Legendary Weapons, which were even harder to obtain. Marvin wouldn’t think about it for the time being.

Late at night, most people had gone to sleep.

After eliminating the Sirens, Marvin wasn’t satisfied and arrogant, immediately returning the leadership to Madeline instead.

This left the latter greatly shocked.

She thought that after getting the command contract, Marvin would keep trying to get more.

But Marvin didn’t do so. He knew his leadership ability was in fact very average. He only knew tactics to restrain those two monsters in the Second Hall after all. In the Third Hall, there were countless Demon God Enforcers, along with the powerful Avenger Fegan!

Fegan wasn’t an ordinary Demon God Enforcer and would be very difficult for Marvin to handle right now.

Even killing a Demon God Enforcer in a one on one would be very challenging!

This was due to class restraint. Demon God Enforcers had a bigger advantage than Guardians over Night Walkers.

For the attack on the Third Hall, Marvin already had a plan.

Hide in the back and watch.

Madeline was also cautious, she didn’t make use of the high morale to charge forth, using the same old method instead.

She once again blocked the path, this time from the Second Hall to the Third Hall, and then used a few wooden logs as supports.

They would rest for the night again and attack the next day.

This kind of slow but steady attitude made Marvin admire Madeline’s patience. She was clearly worrying about advancing to Legend, but she still maintained her reason. This was something really hard to do.

This woman was very formidable.

Fortunately he had made the first move and gained an advantage, signing that command contract in the Magic Restricting Field, or else he might have already died.

‘I have no idea how the battle will progress tomorrow…’

‘If it was the same as the game, River Shore City’s army would suffer terrible losses there. Madeline would team up with Collins, making Fegan flee as a result. And the Fourth Hall would become the hurdle they would never be able to cross.’

‘Demon God Enforcers… That group of monsters truly gave others a headache.’

In the tent, Marvin was still reflecting on the problem.

"Lord Marvin, you seem confused?"

The small girl seemed to have felt something and she surprisingly took the initiative to ask Marvin.

This was something unprecedented.

"Hmmm. Yeah, there is something. The enemy ahead is very troublesome," Marvin said realistically.

Isabelle tightly held the dagger in her hands and declared with a resolute expression on her face, "I’ll do my best to protect you."

Marvin laughed involuntarily.

He pinched Isabelle’s little cheeks and made fun of her, "What will you use to protect me? That Blink-like ability?"

He couldn’t have expected Isabelle to seriously nod.

"If I burn all of my remaining lifespan, I can take you very far," the little girl answered.

"Burning lifespan?" Marvin was suddenly startled. "Your ability is burning lifespan?"

Isabelle nodded, not seeming to worry about her life.

"Can you see your own lifespan? How many years are left?" Marvin frowned.

This was the first time he heard about that!

No wonder that boy had said his life would soon...

No wonder when Marvin had already helped him get a conclusive victory, he rushed into an ocean of fire in order to kill that last enemy.

It turned out that Hammons were powerful, but it was at the cost of their lives!

Isabelle was silent for a moment before slowly saying, "18 years."

"What!? Only 18 years?" Marvin gasped.

Isabelle was only 6 years old! This meant that even if she didn’t use that Blink-like ability in the future, she would only live until she was 24?

This was too pitiful!

"It doesn’t matter, Lord Marvin," said Isabelle seriously. "Living long isn’t important, is it?"

Marvin was silent. He grabbed Isabelle’s shoulder and solemnly said, "Promise me to never use this ability in the future, okay?"

Isabelle froze. Marvin’s expression was very serious. "Promise me."

The small girl hesitated for a long time before nodding.

Marvin gently petted her head and was about to say something.

But a loud sound burst out not too far from there!

Something had collided against the iron door blocking the path to the Third Hall!

Marvin rushed out of the tent in an instant.

With the help of Darksight, he clearly saw the iron door being severely deformed!

A huge azure greatsword slashed from the darkness and directly pierced through one side of the iron door!

Marvin recognized that sword.

‘Avenger Fegan!’

‘This guy took the initiative to attack!’

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