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‘Gargoyles have high resistance to spells and most physical attacks, but…’

‘Blunt weapons deal double damage!’

This kind of information flashed through Marvin’s mind.

This was the only way to deal with ordinary Gargoyles. In the army only the Silver Church’s knights like Gordian carried a holy hammer as one of their weapons.

The other knights were equipped with pikes on their horses, and two handed greatswords when they were on the ground.

Only the Silver Church’s Paladins carried a holy hammer in addition to their greatsword.

The holy hammer, as a blunt weapon, dealt considerable damage to the Gargoyles. And those Paladins blows certainly weren’t weak. With the cooperation, the first wave of Gargoyles was completely wiped out!

All the Gargoyles trembled from the hammer smashes before being roughly flung toward the ground.

Once their stone wings were shattered, these flexible monsters wouldn’t pose any issues to the soldiers.

River Shore City’s guards immediately swarmed around, chaotically slashing with their swords.

As for the few Guardians that made a mistake, there were also Wizards nearby to help them, using simple restricting spells.

These Wizards could use a few Force spells, and alter the flying path of the Gargoyles, which would greatly help the knights.

Wizards, Guardians, and Paladins equipped with blunt weapons. This kind of set up was like the bane of Gargoyles!

Marvin already knew that the Gargoyle couldn’t all rush forward in one go, because they would lose the space to nimbly fly.

In order to coordinate with each other, they would keep first keep their distance from each other, forming a continuous wave of attack.

This was their instinct.

If they had really followed Madeline’s plan, the number of casualties might have rapidly soared.

But under Marvin’s command, an entirely different outcome was revealed.

After the first wave of attacks, besides a few unlucky people who received light wounds, the others were completely unscathed.

And those couple dozens of Gargoyles were smashed to the ground, turning into fragments and fine powder.

This kind of result could be described as brilliant.

And even more notably, Marvin’s plan would save up a lot of Wizards’ spells!

Wizards’ spells weren’t unlimited! The monsters deeper in the Monastery weren’t limited to just Gargoyles.

‘The Silver Church’s holy hammers are effective against those Gargoyles?’

Everyone thought it was an effect of the Divine Power enchanted into those hammers. Only a few people were wondering why Marvin specifically told them to use the hammers and not the two handed greatswords.

"Ready! The second wave is coming!" Marvin loudly yelled.

Now that Madeline had already given him temporary leadership, he would take care of every detail.

They couldn’t treat the second fight lightly just because of their first great victory.

Details could make the difference between success and failure.

All the knights focused. They tightly gripped their hammers!

The Gargoyles were reckless as if they hadn’t noticed their companions’ tragic deaths and kept pouncing down instead.

This wave had clearly a lot more Gargoyles than the first!

The Silver Church’s knights made their moves, their holy hammers accurately striking down one Gargoyle after the other.

And the Vampires who had been waiting on the side also began to act at Marvin’s order.

What they needed to do was support and control.

Relying on their speed advantage and Low Flight, they could keep extra Gargoyles busy.

This was very easy for the people of the Blood Race. They originally signed an agreement with Madeline, and now that the commander was Marvin, he naturally wouldn’t let these powerful helpers take a rest.

The Vampires kept using Low Flight.

The cloaked man Gwyn directly flew atop the head of a Gargoyle and grabbed its wing before accomplishing a stunning move in the air.

He actually used his power to fling the Gargoyle to its death!


Another one turned to dust on the ground.

They were very brittle, and this was the biggest weakness of Gargoyles. But Gwyn being able to make a Gargoyle fall to its death showed that he was definitely a excellent member of the Blood Race.


While Marvin was commanding everyone down to every detail, he noticed Gwyn’s performance.

This guy had always been lowkey before but now began to gradually reveal his own strength.

As a 3rd rank Vampire Count, it seemed more or less the same as that Karnoth, but he was a lot stronger than Karnoth.

Marvin thought that if he didn’t have his Shapeshift Sorcerer subclass, only relying on Night Walker and Ranger, he might not be Gwyn’s opponent!

Gwyn was faster and stronger, like the first time Marvin met the Dark Murderer Black Jack.

But he estimated that the suppression wouldn’t be that terrible.

Of course, the situation would be different if he Shapeshifted into his Shadow-shape or Beast-shape.

That strange Shapeshift Sorcerer class made Marvin’s strength vary a lot. The Beast-shape was still unusable after that night with the Crimson Patriarch, and Marvin didn’t know when he could use it again.

What happened next was just as Marvin expected. With the extra Gargoyles drawn away by the Vampires, the Paladins were much more relaxed.

To the Gargoyles who were pouncing down as if they didn’t want to live, they simply raised their hammers and smashed.

One hit one kill.

The Silver Church’s holy knights were like stone craftsmen, "Clang!""Clang!" And the evil Gargoyles would go back to being stone.

About fifteen minutes later.

Dust was everywhere in the First Hall and everyone kept coughing.

But they all felt happy.

"It was actually that simple?"

"Are these Gargoyles dumb? Coming into our trap by themselves?"

A Paladin rubbed his sore shoulder and couldn’t help but mention in shock, "I killed four."

"Hey, I killed five." His companion at his side proudly smiled and said, "You lost to me. Once again."

But regardless, everyone looked at Marvin differently.

In a short dozen minutes, from being suppressed by the Gargoyles’ surprise attack, in the end...

The Gargoyle’s troop was completely wiped out!

This was because of Marvin surprising tactic.

Even erudite Wizards hadn’t found the Gargoyles’ weakness. Clever ones would use a powerful spell to bind it and then let his followers kill it.

No one had found that blunt weapons were the bane of Gargoyles. In Feinan, bladed weapons were the most common by far, after all. This was a rare bit of useful information that wasn’t known by many, but Marvin knew.

This was his biggest advantage.

"A very innovative tactic." Madeline had a cold expression on her face as she examined Marvin up and down. "Is that another idea coming from your grandfather?"

"Worthy of Madam City Lord, I had yet to say anything and you already found out," Marvin said, all smiles.

"Hmph! Mysterious guy. Let’s go!" Madeline ordered

How could she have thought that Marvin would suddenly say, "Halt!"

Madeline frowned. "What do you want?"

Marvin coughed. "I’m sorry, Madam City Lord."

"But can I trouble you to stay to the side? Gargoyles aren’t the only monsters in the Second hall, this fight is still not over."

"I am currently the supreme commander, so please make way. Thank you for your cooperation."

As Madeline showed an ashen face, Marvin once again began to regroup and rearrange everyone.

After dealing with more than a hundred Gargoyles, only a few people had received some bruises. This was already miraculous.

The army’s morale was at an all time high.

And much more admiration could be seen in their eyes while they were looking at Marvin.

This was a world that respected the strong and knowledgeable. The first was simple, as fists decided everything, but the second was even more simple. Sometimes wisdom was more useful than the fist.

Marvin killing the Corpse King alone displayed his fist. His battle plan reflected his wisdom.

After showing both sides, not many people were still dissatisfied with Marvin being the temporary commander.

Even if they were, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to show it. These guys were all bright people.

Who couldn’t see Madeline looking like a bullied young wife behind Marvin’s back after her power was taken away?

The Lady City Lord didn’t say anything, so these people wouldn’t be stupid to say anything and give a reason to be beaten up.

"The Gargoyles wouldn’t take the initiative to attack us, only the Sirens occupying the Second Hall could instigate them into doing so."

"Everyone should know some things about Sirens. Everyone should have seen some paintings and information about them. These monsters like to rely on their Low Flight ability and sharp claws to move back and forth in a crowd, reaping our lives."

"I have a special plan. As long as everyone firmly follow the plan, victory will be easily obtained."

Marvin explained to everyone while taking out a sturdy fishing net from his bracelet!

His storage item had started to not be enough, so he had previously gone to the Ranger guild to buy two more.

This bracelet was one of them, and it was a lot more spacious than the Void Conch.

"Guardians, step forward. Each group of four take a fishing net. The guards also need to be in the front," Marvin commanded.

"I need you to form this kind of formation…" He began to make gestures.

"The Guardians will be at the forefront, while the guards will be placed in between groups of Guardians. Pay attention to protect your vitals."

"Once the Sirens sneak attack, the Guardians won’t need to be protected. They won’t be able to break your armor. You only need to throw your fishing nets."

"These Sirens will get stuck in it and won’t be able to break free."

"Then it will be time for the guards to act. Remember, you absolutely need to cut off those Sirens’ heads. "

"This is the most important thing!"

Thirty minutes later.

In the Second Hall, a bloody smell replaced the smell of seawater.

A mass of headless Sirens were piled together.

The mood had become somewhat feverish!

The expressions shown while everyone looked at Marvin had already far exceeded admiration, it was worship!

Marvin’s second plan was just as effective.

They effortlessly wiped out thirty Sirens!

There was close to no damage taken.

Marvin kept his promise.

When distributing the loot, Madeline didn’t raise an objection and just hinted at Marvin to pick first.

Marvin directly picked the best thing. That was a treasure chest with a magic lock.

It was also the only chest with a magic lock in the entire Second Hall.

He knew there was a scroll in this chest.

That scroll was called [Magical Scroll] and its effect was… Obviously extremely magical.

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