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Next morning, River Shore City’s army once again gathered.

After a night of rest, most of the soldiers had a pretty energetic appearance.

But there were a few people who looked like they didn’t have a good night’s rest.

"Open the door."

Madeline’s voice was somewhat rough.

Her eyes were red, and she clearly didn’t sleep well. Marvin dragged Isabelle with one hand while holding the Holy Grail in the other. He calmly stood there as if the previous night’s events were completely unrelated to him.

Madeline hatefully glanced at Marvin.

She got a bit angry yesterday and as a result, that bastard put her to sleep.

Due to the command contract’s existence, she couldn’t do anything to him!

This made Madeline extremely mad. She couldn’t vent her fury and could only tolerate it. Thus, Madam City Lord’s sleep wasn’t very good.usd

On top of that, since she couldn’t sleep comfortably, she chose her spells really early this morning, before the sun was up.

Everyone naturally noticed Madeline’s appearance, but with the Lady City Lord’s fierce looks, no one dared to say anything, even in private.

Marvin noticed that the group of Vampires was closer to the center today.

When he looked at them, the cloaked man, Gwyn, greeted him with a nod while that Karnoth on the side was a little unfriendly.

The Silver Church’s people were ready.

Under the efforts of a few powerful Guardians, the door which was previously blocked loudly opened.


Madeline’s voice hadn’t even ceased when dozens of shadows came out from the passage!

Those shadows pounced toward the soldiers and knights, and even the Wizards couldn’t stop them.


They had actually hid behind the door from when it was still night.

A few unlucky soldiers were grabbed by the Gargoyles and thrown down from great heights, their survival uncertain.

And there were some who got their heads crushed in an instant from the sneak attack. The army turned into a mess.

Madeline angrily raised her finger and threw two consecutive Fireballs, shattering two Gargoyles into dust.

The Wizards from the Wizard corps also cast Barrier, one after the other, and intended to strike back.

But it was no use.

Many more Gargoyles quietly flew out from the passage at that time. Although they flew as slow as Vampires, they had true flight.

This was why they were in trouble.

Shouts could soon be heard here and there in the First Hall. Knights pulled out their swords and swung, Guardians lifted their shields to block, and the Silver Church’s people were fighting their own battles!

Gargoyles kept appearing, and there were soon more than two hundred!

‘We can’t continue like this!’

‘Damn, Gargoyles, those things that just follow their instincts would mount a sneak attack? It was definitely instigated by those Sirens.’

‘As expected, there is a difference between the game and reality.’

Marvin shivered as he grabbed Isabelle to protect her.

He looked at the chaotic hall and decisively raised the Holy Grail!

The next second, he launched one of the halo of the Holy Grails, [Banishing Holy Light].

This was a spell that didn’t have a very powerful material effect, but when facing evil life forms, it would have a very strong banishing effect.

Bright light was emitted from Marvin’s hands, and in an instant, it illuminated the entire First Hall and that gloomy corridor.

The shining holy light, made the numerous Gargoyles wail and fold their wings one after the other, before settling the ceiling, glaring at everyone, like tigers watching their prey.

Banishing Holy Light didn’t harm them, but it made them feel very uncomfortable.

Gargoyles always followed their instincts, or their master’s command. Marvin knew their master was the sleeping Lich. The Lich couldn’t command the Gargoyles now, so these evil lifeforms attacked enemies on impulse.

"One minute," Marvin shouted in a loud voice, "They will soon adapt to this powerful light and then they will attack again."

Madeline nodded and immediately gave an order, "Everyone gather!"

"Guardians protect the Wizards, knights group in tight formation, rogues scatter. Everyone properly protect your own life and the lives of the people at your side. Don’t get caught by the Gargoyles."

"Wizards, get rid of these things!" Madeline said while grinding her teeth.

She had been careless. She didn’t get anyone to use Detect before opening the door, leading to three soldiers losing their lives in vain, and many more people getting light and heavy injuries.

She wouldn’t normally have made that kind of amateur mistake!

‘Calm down, I must calm down.’ She took a deep while looking at Marvin. Now wasn’t the time to settle personal grudges.

But at that time, Marvin rushed over, "You didn’t make the best choice."

Someone immediately drew his sword. "You dare question the City Lord’s command?"

"I’m only stating a fact." Marvin coldly looked at Madeline. "This is not the best option."

"Gargoyles have an extremely high magic resistance to most spells, only Force Magic could somewhat injure them."

"Using magic to deal with the Gargoyles isn’t suitable."

Madeline took a deep breath. She was questioned by Marvin in front of everyone! If it was anyone else, she might have already finished him off with a spell!

But she couldn’t do anything about it because of the command contract.

"What’s your opinion?" She clenched her teeth and asked.

Marvin calmly said, "Give me temporary leadership over the attack on the Second Hall. I’ll perfectly bring you to destroy all monsters in the Second Hall! As long as you follow my methods, I can guarantee that there won’t be any casualties."

These words created an uproar.

This Baron Marvin was too arrogant, wasn’t he? Even if Lady Madeline invited him as a guest, he was now trying to act like the main character… And even claiming that he could let them get through the Second Hall without losing anyone?

This was a madman!

After experiencing that Gargoyle attack, just a few dozen Gargoyles pouncing over would be enough to cast a huge shadow above their heads.

Destroying that flying troop would be very difficult.

Madeline’s plan would let fewer people die. This was already pretty good.

Marvin said he actually had a way to have no casualties at all?

No one believed him.

Everyone’s gazes were cold and doubtful.

If not for him using the Holy Grail to repel those Gargoyles, gaining everyone some time, someone might have already tried to arrest him.

Marvin didn’t pay attention to the others, only looking at Madeline.

Madeline was in a very bad mood!

Because Marvin didn’t use the power of the command contract, but simple words.

She very much wanted to shake her head and say: ‘This is my army.’

But seeing the Gargoyles covering the skies, unless she was willing to use that 4th-circle AOE attack spell early, or let Collins act, they would definitely have a large amount of casualties!

Others didn’t believe Marvin, but she did.

This guy was extremely familiar with the Scarlet Monastery, as if it was his own house.

Yesterday’s trick to deceive her into that hidden chamber showed that this man’s thoughts were meticulous and that he would definitely not speak nonsense.

If he said no casualties, it meant no casualties.

Madeline took a deep breath.

"Thirty seconds left," Marvin reminded.

"Fuck off!"

A knight among Madeline’s personal bodyguard was extremely and raised his sword, ruthlessly stabbing toward Marvin.

"Stay your hand!" Madeline angrily shouted.

The entire hall turned silent.

The knight had stiffened and threw a hateful glance at Marvin as he stopped on the spot.

The Gargoyles on the ceiling began to become restless.

"Will you bear the responsibility if you fail?" Madeline solemnly asked.

"If I fail, the Holy Grail will be yours," Marvin calmly replied.

"But if I succeed, I should get a commander’s share of loot, is that an issue?"

Madeline was angry. ‘This Lady already belongs to you, and you actually still aim at the loot.’

‘What’s going on in that guy’s brain after all... No wonder that old guy Collins would bet on him.’

"The leadership is yours. You have less than twenty seconds to give an order." Madeline didn’t look at Marvin, coldly sweeping her eyes over everyone else instead.

She was displaying her stance. Everyone had to follow Marvin’s orders.

Even if a lot of people weren’t convinced, and that knight who drew the sword was even angrier, they had no choice but to obey Madeline’s order.

Marvin stood out and looked at Collins. "To annihilate the Gargoyles, the key is the Silver Church’s knights."

Collins laughed, "At your command."

Marvin immediately sent his command, and a few sentences formed a set of tactics specialized against the Gargoyles!

Some people had an understanding and admiring expression, while some were doubtful but still followed suit.

The Gargoyles on the ceiling began to stir.

It had to be said that the people Madeline gathered were really elites.

If they were common adventurers, it might have taken a long time for them to understand what Marvin meant.

They weren’t like these soldiers who only needed a short moment before assembling as Marvin ordered.

A Gargoyle was unable to hold back and rushed through the range of the Holy Light.

The Holy Light made it feel painful, but its killing instinct suppressed it.

It aimed at what seemed to be a less armored target, ruthlessly flying past!

The next instant, every Gargoyle took off, rushing toward the army.

The hundreds of Gargoyles looked like hungry tigers pouncing toward food, splitting up into a few batches.

And the Silver Church’s knights were tightly gripping their weapons.

There was only three small squadrons of those knights, about thirty people.

But they were a crucial part of Marvin’s plan.

Even though there was lighting, the first Hall immediately became somewhat dusky.

The first wave of Gargoyles rushed over.

"Indeed, as expected," Marvin sneered. All the Gargoyles aimed at the Wizards who were less armored.

As for the rogues, Marvin made them enter stealth so the Gargoyles wouldn’t prioritize them.

‘It’s instinct after all…’

There was a Guardian next to every Wizard, along with a Silver Church’s knight!

The first Gargoyle pounced over, trying to grab the Wizard, but it was blocked by the Guardian to the side suddenly raising his shield.

Shield Bash!

The Gargoyle’s attack was blocked. It was about to spread its wings and fly away, but at that time, the Silver Church’s knight finally acted!


A firm sound echoed. Gordian’s Hammer Smash actually shattered that Gargoyle into pieces!

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