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A sharp sound echoed in the room.

Madeline’s eyes were wide open, looking at Marvin in disbelief.

He soft nightgown was roughly torn apart by Marvin, exposing her flawless skin.

Her mesmerizing bosom was clearly displayed under the light of the flames.

The next instant, Marvin’s hand pressed on Madeline’s chest.

"I heard that Succubi become extremely sensitive after transforming."

"Unfortunately, I never had the chance to verify that. But it seems Miss City Lord can now satisfy my curiosity." Marvin spoke very slowly.

Madeline was panicking.

"Stop, you bastard!" she dispiritedly protested.

Marvin abruptly put more force into it!

"Aaaa…." Madeline couldn’t help but let out a moan.

"But you look like you are enjoying yourself?"

Marvin laughed grimly, as both hands began to wander around the sensitive parts of Madeline’s upper body!

Three minutes later.

Madeline was burning hot all over, her skin gradually flushing as lust started filling her eyes.


He kept caressing all over her body. "Aaaa…. Don’t…"

"Damn Marvin… Ooohh…."

Marvin was still expressionless. But this was only on the surface. He had been secretly enduring!

Madeline was an extremely beautiful woman. Every man would want to have her.

As long as Marvin wanted...

He could take her anytime!

But he kept enduring, because he hadn’t forgotten his own goal.

Madeline becoming crazily aroused by Marvin’s touch wasn’t due to his skills, but due to the nature of Succubi.

If she hadn’t changed, she might have still been able to rely on willpower to endure. But after transforming, her body’s sensitivity went up a few times and she was unable to resist.

What’s more, Wizards were widely known for their Intelligence, when it came to Willpower, don’t even talk about it.

Otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many Wizards turning crazy after failing their will checks once the Universe Magic Pool shattered.

Madeline was breathing heavily.

She began to beg Marvin.

Marvin was indifferent.

After another three minutes, he slowly said, "True name."

Madeline still retained some reason. She bit her lip and a tear almost left her eye as she said, "I won’t!"

Marvin slightly smiled, as he once again put his dagger on Madeline’s neck!

"In fact, you should already know. If you do not tell your true name today, I’ll kill you."

"Even if I’m quite unwilling to do it, I will if there is no other way. I originally only thought of playing with you, but who could have thought you would be so uncooperative?"

"Lady City Lord, you are a Half-Demon, so your true name doesn’t affect you that greatly. I only want to defend myself, that’s all.

"Don’t force me to kill you. Two minutes left."

Madeline who was still not completely clear-headed was startled when the dagger touched her neck.

She twitched and very painfully shook her head.

However, there was an intense struggle in her heart!

Because Marvin wasn’t lying. There was a huge gap in strength between both of them. If Marvin didn’t manage to get any means to defend himself, then he would definitely not hesitate to kill her in this hidden chamber!

In other words, not telling her true name meant death.

As for how she would die, whether she would be humiliated by Marvin or not, she didn’t want to think about it.

She didn’t want to die.

But if she gave her true name to Marvin, she wouldn’t be able to go against him in the future!

She would have to hold it back.

The true name of a Half-Demon was really not as important as a Demon’s true name, but if another got a hold of it, it would also be a very troublesome matter.

Especially if it was Marvin who displayed knowledge beyond that of a 2nd rank Ranger. She was really worried whether Marvin could make use of her true name or not.

If a slave contract was signed, that would be worse than death!

Someone as prideful as her would definitely not be someone else’s slave.

But in theory, a Half-Demon’s true name couldn’t be signed on a slave contract...

At least as far as Madeline knew.

She struggled a lot, her body was burning hot, she really needed help… Or some tools.

At that time, the feeling of the sharp edge of the ice-cold dagger stimulated her even more.

Her mind was already unable to make a decision.

A Wizard without magic was as helpless as a child that lost its armor.

"Half a minute left." Marvin’s voice was grim, as if he was the true Demon.

Madeline angrily roared as she struggled to rise, but the sharp dagger cut into her neck!

Blood started flowing out.

The pain stimulated her mind, finally startling her into helplessly roaring a succession of complex and hard to understand sounds.

Marvin’s eyes shone, as a series of Abyssal letters immediately appeared in his log.

[You obtained the true name of a Half-Demon…]

True names were very complex. This one had no less than sixty characters, containing Madeline’s bloodline information.

Marvin carefully checked it once, and after confirming it was true and had no issues, he took out a new scroll.

"What are you doing!" Madeline realized her fate and lowered her head.

"Getting a protective talisman. I did receive quite a bit of interest today."

Marvin smiled as he sat at the desk on the side and took out a quill and ink he prepared beforehand before starting to write.

What he wrote wasn’t a slave contract, but another kind of contract: a command contract!

Command contracts were a type of contract only second to slave contracts. After learning Madeline’s true name, Marvin’s words could have a commanding effect on her through this contract.

Feinan’s contracts would be effective as long as they were written according to regulations.

Because these contracts were all guaranteed by the powerful Ancient God, the [Justice God]. Marvin’s knowledge of those contracts came from a time when he was dealing with Devils. He almost lost everything because these bastards were experts in finding loopholes.

After that he learnt how to write all kinds of contracts flawlessly.

It reached the point where he could make loopholes in the contracts that would be advantageous for him, just like he did with Madeline.

Marvin finished writing his name and Madeline’s true name based on his log.

The contract automatically took effect.

A pale green flame burned on the parchment and two concentric circles flew out of the parchment.

The smaller one flew in between Madeline’s brows, blending into her body.

She let out a cry, clearly feeling restricted by many layers of chains!

"It’s a command contract!"

"Damn Marvin, you dared to write this kind of contract…"

Madeline hysterically cursed.

Marvin remained calm.

The larger concentric circle entered Marvin’s wrist.

The contract took form.

Even if Madeline recovered her magic, she would be unable to harm Marvin. Marvin could even feel if she was thinking about him negatively.

This was the overbearing power of the command contract.

The only unfortunate thing was that the effect was reduced by half for a Half-Demon.

Madeline could still make her own decisions as long as she didn’t provoke Marvin.

Despite this, it was enough for her to be resentful.

"Quickly release me!" Madeline loudly yelled, "Damn Marvin, you got what you wished for, what else do you want?"

This time, Marvin actually seriously walked over and quickly untied Madeline.

Madeline pounced toward him, but a shadow flashed.

She then felt something hit her head.

Marvin had ruthlessly hit her neck, temporarily knocking her out.


He managed to endure the lust rising up from seeing Madeline and finished fixing the latter’s clothes.

Since he had decided to only collect interest today, he wouldn’t go too far.

Moreover, Marvin had this odd feeling, as if there was a pair of eyes silently watching him ever since he messed up Madeline’s clothes.

He recalled that kiss on the castle balcony.

He recalled that awkward woman with many forms who used Bind to throw him down from the cliff, but still wasn’t willing to let him fall too fiercely.

Afterwards, he restrained himself.

White River Valley, still on that tallest peak.

"Dame Hathaway, what are you looking at?" Wayne curiously asked.

Hathaway’s face was cold, her red dress contrasting with her fair skin.


She lowered her head and didn’t speak.

"What about this…" Wayne hesitated and said, "When Brother left, he told me to let you know. Don’t always stand there."

"There is too much wind, it’s very easy to catch a cold."

Catch a cold?

Hathaway sneered.

Can a Legend Wizard still catch colds?

Is it because I’m standing too high, looking too far?

‘Scoundrel… To dare do this kind of thing. Watch how I’ll deal with you when you come back.’

In a corner of the First Hall, Marvin’s figure quietly appeared.

Even though the path out of the Restraining Magic Field was very smooth and slippery, by relying on his Demon Hunter Steps, he easily ran up.

He used a rope to pull the unconscious Madeline up.

He closed the secret door and then took advantage of the darkness to secretly bring Madeline back to his own tent.

But he couldn’t have guessed that there would be two crimson eyes looking at him when he got Madeline back to his tent.

"Baron Marvin, are you having a secret love affair?" Isabelle seriously asked.

Marvin was speechless.

He shook his head and put down Madeline.

After a while Madeline woke up.

She saw Marvin and suddenly became angry.

"Are you a man or not…"

She kicked toward him.

But when her move was half finished, she suddenly twitched as if someone had also kicked her.

"You thought the command contract was fake?" Marvin disdainfully asked.

He grabbed Madeline’s foot and threw her out of his tent.

"Since you already woke up, you are free to leave."

"I’m going to bed, I’m tired."

"Good night, Lady City Lord."

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