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The two bodies tightly intertwined together!

Under the pull of a mysterious force, they both fell down.

Madeline panicked.

In fact, when Marvin grabbed her waist, she had intended to cast a few instant spells to properly teach each him a lesson for daring to go on the offensive.

But she had discovered that her spells didn’t seem to be working.

Damn it!

That was the only thought in her mind.

She was tightly held by Marvin as the two kept falling down, continuously rolling on what appeared to be a smooth path. Thanks to that, they didn’t get injured too badly!

"I said, tonight you are mine."

Marvin spoke near her ear as he turned and held Madeline in front of him, stopping himself from falling by catching two stones with his legs.

"Go on!" He sneered as he let her fall on her own.


The pitiful City Lord of River Shore City fell very hard on the wooden floor.

But fortunately, her constitution was also special. She wasn’t an average human, so this fall wouldn’t have consequences that were too serious. Some bruises appeared on her fair white skin, but that was all.

She stood up extremely angrily and noticed Marvin sliding down the passage. "You dare plot against me!"

This made Marvin terribly angry too.

"This kind of thing, weren’t you the one who acted first?" Marvin bluntly answered.

He had started plotting as soon as Madeline tried to snatch his Holy Grail.

He wasn’t one to be bullied.

"Puff!" A flickering ray of fire appeared in the darkness.

These were a Wizard’s flames that would automatically light the whole room if a living organism entered.

They had entered a hidden chamber.

The room was round, and in a corner of the hidden chamber was an assortment of things along with a bed.

This place seemed to be someone’s bedroom. But the extremely smooth wall gave a strange feeling.

"Where are we!?" Madeline hatefully looked at Marvin.

She felt insecure!

Because she had just tried countless times; her spells and magic related skills completely lost their effectiveness!

Needless to say, there weren’t many [Magic Restricting Fields] in all of Feinan!

Rumors said that they were places that had buried countless Wizards.

Even if Legend Wizards went there, they would be at a disadvantage, while those below Legend would completely lose their magic abilities.

In other words, Madeline had no way to threaten Marvin anymore.

On the contrary, if Marvin wanted, tonight she was his.

She was angry, but even more nervous!

This was something she had never experienced before.

She was always the one to take the initiative, she was on top!

She didn’t have any issue with doing it, but there was one point: Madeline wanted to be the one in control!

This was her nature.

But it looked like something would change tonight.

Thus she was like a 16 year old flustered toward her first love.

‘Ridiculous,’ she thought.

"Do you still need me to explain?"

"This place is a Magic Restricting Field, the place you Wizards are the most scared of," said Marvin indifferently.

He didn’t seemed worried about handling Madeline, and instead just leisurely walked across and sat at the bedside.

There was a cupboard there.

There was a piece of parchment on the cupboard, but most of the words were already blurred beyond recognition. Marvin opened each of the cupboard drawers.

In the first drawer, there were a few diaries. Marvin put away the diaries and the parchment, as these things might be useful later.

There was a lock on the second drawer, and it was sealed with a high grade rune combination lock. The current Marvin couldn’t open it, and ordinary thieves certainly couldn’t open it. Only someone like a Legend Great Thief could.

In the third drawer was a crystal ball wrapped in silk.

‘Prophecy Globe.’

Marvin felt very satisfied. The things in the hidden chamber were still there.

The Prophecy Globe was a very good item for Wizards. It could increase spirit power and willpower.

The best part was that it could keep himself clear-headed and allow him to clearly see through his own state of mind. This would be extremely important in the upcoming disaster.

Marvin collected all those things. The Prophecy Globe was prepared for Wayne. As for the diaries and that parchment, they were like the ancient book he gotten long ago: they were closely related to the history of the Scarlet Monastery and could be deciphered in the future, perhaps getting him a windfall.

"Have you been to this place? Or, did you know about this place?"

Madeline crossed her arms, a subconscious action due to being on guard.

Right now she was no different from a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

She tried to calm herself down.

But Wizards had always relied on their magic, so after suddenly losing her most important thing she naturally couldn’t stay calm and serene.

Marvin could even see her slightly shivering.

"Of course. I went through a lot of information, read many books. My grandfather was a high level Wizard. He left us a lot of useful things."

Marvin once again used his grandfather as an excuse.

But then again, his grandfather was really quite mysterious enough, so Marvin continuously using him as an excuse was understandable.

"There are only the two of us here now."

As Marvin walked forward step by step, Madeline began to panic, continuously retreating before finally knocking against the smooth wall

"Didn’t we agree and sign a contract…" She stared at Marvin.


Marvin’s tone was relaxed. He took out that contract written in blood and before Madeline’s shocked gaze, he tore it to shreds.

The contract burnt and turned into a pile of ashes.

"Your arrogant self didn’t detect the loophole in the contract?" Marvin asked.

Madeline bitterly shook her head.

How could she have known that the Scarlet Monastery had a Magic Restricting Field!

Her body slowly went limp as she looked at Marvin with some fear in her eyes.

"You aren’t planning on taking me, are you?"

Marvin laughed. "Why are you so flustered?"

Madeline stayed silent for a bit.

She tightly grabbed her clothes and suddenly said, "Treating me like this, aren’t you afraid I’ll take my revenge later?"

"Or… Are you planning on killing me?"

Marvin slowly advanced.

"Killing you? I’m not that kind of person. There is no deep hatred between us."

"We simply have a very small debt to settle, with some interest…"

But before he could finish, great changes occurred to Madeline’s body!

A thin tail started growing from her back, her aura suddenly transformed, her skin turned slightly redder, and her eyes became even more enticing!

Her body suddenly burst with a powerful strength, ruthlessly charging into Marvin!

"Don’t be too complacent, Baron Marvin!"

Madeline threw out a punch. "Since you know I have an abyssal bloodline, you should be clear about something…"

"It’s not that easy to take possession of my body!"

This fist flew with great momentum, and in a flash it arrived at Marvin’s chest.

But Marvin’s right hand moved like lightning and grabbed her fist!

He retreated half a step, but there was no change on his face.

"I am aware that Demons’ fighting abilities are not necessarily inferior to mine."

"But you only have a bit of Succubus bloodline, and a tiny bit of other demonic blood. This is far from enough."

"And it is night."

Marvin winked. The night was the realm of Night Walkers!

Madeline didn’t understand the meaning of the final sentence.

She still tried to resist!

Her tail suddenly targeted Marvin’s abdomen!

Half a minute later, in the smooth hidden chamber, Madeline was harmlessly lying on the bed.

She was sprawled out on her back, firmly tied on the bed with two ropes.

As Marvin said, Madeline only had a bit of demonic blood, so she was simply unable to face Marvin during the night.

After a simple but fierce fight, Marvin easily subdued Madeline and directly bound her on the bed.

Madeline still felt angry, and kept struggling, but she was also nervous.

But what shocked her the most was… She surprisingly was looking forward to it.

‘What the fuck is going on?’

‘Why am I looking forward to this kind of nightmare…’

‘This hateful man… Wait until I regain my magic, I will fuck him tens of thousands of times! I’ll fuck him dry!’

River Shore City’s City Lord roared in her heart… but Marvin couldn’t hear it.

He was sitting at her bedside while smiling, looking at her exquisite appearance. He couldn’t help but click his tongue and sigh, ‘Succubi are really too beautiful.’

Even without using Charm skills, most men would go crazy just from their looks and figure.

But anyways, In the Magic Restricting Field, even magic related abilities were completely useless.

This was the paradise of physical classes, and the casters’ nightmare.

"What do you want!"

"If you want to kill, just kill! If you are a man, then be straightforward!" Madeline yelled impatiently.

"Are you scared?"

Marvin gently caressed her cheek, "An unprecedented experience, isn’t it?"

Madeline bit her lips and gave him a tearful look.

A woman with a Succubus bloodline showing such an expression, one could die from it.

If not for Marvin’s steady willpower, he might have already thrown himself at her.

But he knew he couldn’t do that.

A curved dagger was quietly unsheathed and as Madeline looked on in desperation, was placed on her neck.

Marvin coldly said, "Tell me your true name."

The hidden chamber was silent.

After a long time, two words managed to get out of Madeline’s mouth. "I won’t!"

A Demon’s true name was an absolute secret and if an enemy got hold of it, the Demon’s fate could be worse than death. She was a half Demon, so her true name’s restriction wasn’t as great, but if Marvin learnt about it, she wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to him anymore.

"Don’t be like this, you make me look like a villain," Marvin seriously said. "Tell me your true name and I’ll let you go."

"I won’t!" Madeline ground her teeth.

A slashing sound echoed in the hidden chamber.

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