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Chapter 163: Heavenly Sword Saint

River Shore City’s Wizard Corps consisted of twenty-two high level wizards, with eight at 3rd rank and fourteen at 2nd rank.

Facing a monster like that Pain Monk, Madeline naturally didn’t need to act. Six of the 3rd rank Wizards made a move.

They used the same spell, Dissociation!

Due to the light of the Holy Grail, the resistance of those Pain Monks dropped considerably and the Dissociation spell that normally would have had a low success rate instead had a powerful effect!

As expected, before the Pain Monks could counterattack, the six 3rd rank Wizards successfully turned them into ashes!

Green light flickered at the closed entrance of the Scarlet Monastery, while inside it was completely silent.

River Shore City’s guards took the lead. A few Guardians with great strength holding huge shields suddenly charged towards the door.


Severals Guardians’ shields collided against the closed door, one after the other. The door appeared to have slightly moved.

"Keep hitting it!" Madeline’s voice was authoritative.

The first group took a few steps back and a second team of Guardians took over!


This time, one corner of the door was knocked open free, revealing the fog from the Scarlet Monastery.

Marvin knew that if it was another place, Madeline would have brought a battering ram.

But there was no good way to bring a battering ram up this small mountain, so she could only use the Guardians to knock the door open.

Thieves did have the Unlock skill, but the door was both magically and physically locked. Using the Wizards’ strength wasn’t worth it, as they could only cast a limited number of spells per day. Having the Guardians attack one after the other was the best solution.

After roughly four waves of impact, the monastery’s huge door was completely forced open!

The monastery shrouded in mist appeared before everyone’s eyes.

"Squad of rogues, forward."

"Wizards, follow me. Sir Collins, please have the Silver Church’s Paladins and Clerics protect our sides."

"River Shore City’s Guard squadron, ready yourselves!"

It could clearly be seen that the City Lord wasn’t just pretending. This woman had some decent commanding abilities!

The entire army seemed very organized under her commands.

At that time, Marvin had no choice but to temporarily leave Collins’ side.

His Holy Grail was a key point in the battle of the Scarlet Monastery, so he had to be at the front lines.

He asked Collins to take care of Isabelle and took the initiative to stand next to Madeline.

The group slowly entered the misty Scarlet Monastery.

"I thought you wouldn’t dare leave that old man’s side," Madeline softly mocked.

"Sir Collins is a good person," Marvin said indifferently. "At least he has integrity."

"This is the basis for trade or cooperation."

Madeline displayed a wicked smile. "You are really disappointing me, Mister Masked Twin Blades."

"I assumed that we were of like kinds. This world is full of variables. I thought that surely someone who could kill his own uncle would be a courageous guy."

"I didn’t expect you to be so inflexible… And I never thought you would actually trust me."

"To trust a woman too easily, this is probably the biggest weakness of men, isn’t it?"

Marvin smiled and shook his head. "I’m willing to trust anyone."

"But that doesn’t mean I am easy to bully."

"Don’t be complacent, Lady Madeline. After this fight, we will have many things to keep us busy."

The glint in Madeline’s eyes disappeared.

Marvin’s sentence was simply a threat.

If not for that thing in the center of monastery, she would have dealt with Marvin already!

Unfortunately… she had already signed that contract.

She had carefully read the contract. It was flawless. It wasn’t something an ordinary human could w

rite. Marvin completely saw through her abyssal bloodline, though she wasn’t surprised. The news of Hathaway advancing to Legend had already secretly been spread among the southern Wizards.

Madeline saw her in Marvin’s territory, which made her extremely jealous.

Both of them were more or less the same. They both had outstanding gifts, and quickly broke through ranks, only to be stuck at the Half-Legend boundary for a long time. They couldn’t do much about it. Lance’s Universe Magic Pool limited the Half-Legends from advancing to Legend.

Hathaway had now stepped into the Legend realm ahead of her, making her sense of urgency grow stronger.

‘Hateful… He is actually using Hathaway to pressure me.’

‘Wait till I get that thing. After advancing to Legend, I’ll carefully train this tasty little man…’

There was no visible change on Madeline’s face, but she inwardly made a decision.

The party continued forward. After going through the entrance, there was an are covered in mist.

There were two cliff walls on both sides, leading to a really steep cliff above them.

After passing by a rock, Marvin subconsciously looked up. This was the path he had taken when he came to the Scarlet Monastery last time, directly avoiding the two Pain Monks and easily reaching the Ghost Hallway leading to the First Hall.

The faint outline of a building appeared before them.

"Dame, this is the map of the monastery."

A Wizard of the Wizard corps took out a one meter long map of the Scarlet Monastery and spread it in front of Madeline.

This was a very incomplete map, many places had been erased due to time, but some small areas had been redrawn, filled with some signs.

The Scarlet Monastery was very huge, and moreover, there were monsters everywhere.

But the most frightening thing was still that Lich asleep in the 2nd underground floor.

Everyone thought he was already dead, but he had only pretended to die after failing to ascend to godhood and was in a timeless sleep.

He was saving his strength during his slumber, in preparation for his comeback. He deployed a large amount of monsters inside and outside the monastery.

Some were loyal, but some weren’t, like the Third Hall’s boss [Avenger Fegan]. From what Marvin knew, this guy had always been aiming at the Lich’s Divinity. Moreover, he was now building his relationship with an Evil Spirit Overlord.

This guy had to be eliminated. He was a lot more troublesome than the Half-God Lich.

Madeline carefully read the map. Even though she had looked at it countless time before, she still had to carefully compare it with the surroundings.

Some rogues had already carefully gone ahead at her command.

Their goal was to check the area before the First Hall.

But Marvin knew that they would most likely come back empty handed.

Because he had already cleaned that place out.

As expected, the rogues soon returned to the army waiting outside the building. They reported that the rooms ahead were completely empty.

This left Madeline rather stunned.

According to her information, there should be many mortals mind controlled by Demon God Enforcers in the Scarlet Monastery... Where did those people go?

A strange atmosphere filled the entire army.

Only Marvin knew that the Scarlet Slaves he killed had probably been found by the Demon God Enforcers, and then dragged to the Fifth Hall to feed that monster.

That guy would eat and eat, but would never be full.

‘The Scarlet Monastery has five halls. The first one is mainly filled with Corpse Seekers, and the boss is an elite Corpse King. The strength of River Shore City’s guard is enough to eliminate it, not to mention the Silver Church.’

‘The Second Hall is mostly Gargoyles and Sirens. The Holy Grail can restrain these monsters, so it shouldn’t be too hard to wipe them out.’

‘The Third Hall is the most troublesome as Demon God Enforcers don’t suffer from the Holy Grail’s halos. And Avenger Fegan is a Half-Legend. Victory would depend on Madeline and Collins.’

‘From what was said in the game, they suffered terrible losses in the Third Hall and met an enemy they couldn’t beat in the Fourth Hall, and thus they could only retreat.’

The lore of the game appeared in Marvin’s mind.

‘But I joined this time, so it will definitely be different.’

‘The crucial part is the Fourth Hall…’

That tall and steady shadow flashed in his mind, making him sigh.

The matter of the Fourth Hall wasn’t something he could control. They might be stuck there, as it was just the nature of the place.

That man was too frightening after all.

Even if Hathaway or Constantine acted, they might not necessarily be able to defeat him. Let alone just Madeline.

If they wanted to forcefully push forward, they would need someone on the level of Inheim.

Thus the Lich was reassured when he had him guard the Fourth Hall.

Because entrance to Scarlet Monastery’s underground area was in the Fourth Hall.

Only Marvin knew this secret.

That map was intentionally misleading. There was no entrance after the Fifth Hall; it was just an endless abyss!

The real entrance was in the Fourth Hall!

Marvin clearly remembered the spot. He had almost never succeeded when he attacked Scarlet Monastery in the past.

All the players were stuck in that Fourth Hall because no one could find a way to deal with that man.

Even if you used human wave tactics, it wouldn’t scare him in the slightest.

But he also took it pretty easy. As long as you didn’t do too much, he wouldn’t take the initiative to act against you.

This was his principle.

That man was called the [Heavenly Sword Saint] many years ago, and he was the strongest person in the Scarlet Monastery.

He appeared there not because he was corrupted.

But because he had something to protect.

Something more precious than his life.

"If there are no mortals, just advance!" Madeline ordered.


This time the rogues didn’t go in first, and instead the guards took the lead.

They entered the Ghost Hallway.

The paintings on both sides were coldly watching them.

Madeline looked at these paintings and suddenly sneered. A flame appeared at the end of her finger and flew toward the paintings.


Shrieks echoed from the paintings. The Ghost Hallway suddenly transformed!

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