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Outside the Silver Church’s carriage.

Madeline was crazily knocking on the door.

But the middle-aged Priest remained unmoved.

Other people were looking at this scene, extremely shocked. They had no idea what was going on!

Who could provoke this City Lord? And make her so agitated?

"What are you looking at!?" Madeline turned around and glanced at them.

"Keep moving forward!"

Everyone suddenly went silent and busied themselves with progressing through the Hall Mountain Range.

Collins was leisurely sitting in the carriage. He indifferently said, "Lady Madeline, wait three minutes, and then I would have honored my end of the deal."

Madeline’s complexion turned red. She was also quite shocked by Isabelle’s instincts.

Out of all the forces of the Scarlet Monastery expedition, only the man in that carriage could block her.

It was this loathsome Collins!

‘Nonsense… This guy only thinks of money… Could Marvin have given him a high fee?’

Madeline quickly thought and said, "Collins, open the door."

"No matter what he offered, I’ll double it!"

Madeline simply didn’t believe that Marvin could have more resources than her!

Sure enough, Collins immediately opened the carriage window after hearing Madeline’s words and seriously looked at her. "A gold mine, you are serious?"

Madeline immediately froze.

Gold mine?

What gold mine?

Before she could react a "Bang!" was heard. Collins had directly closed the window.

"Turns out it was fake," he sighed.

"This wretched guy…" Madeline angrily stomped her feet.

As the City Lord of River Shore City, she was almost the strongest in the city. But it was still "almost".

That Collins guy, even though he was also a Half-Legend, his strength was absolutely no weaker than Madeline’s. In this era where gods couldn’t access Feinan, only the Silver Church could grow so big. Accordingly, the Silver Church’s Priests were very powerful.

Madeline didn’t make friends with Collins, but the other guy pressured her a lot.

She invited him to join the expedition and had spent quite a bit of money.

But she didn’t expect to meet this kind of situation.

The Holy Grail wasn’t in her hand, and everything was controlled by Marvin at the moment. This went against her nature.

‘This won’t do, seems like I’ll have to use force.’ Madeline had a strong temper. Looking at the sturdy carriage, she was about to start using spells.

But then the carriage door suddenly opened.

"Lady Madeline, please come in."

"Regarding today’s matter of the Scarlet Monastery, I believe we have to talk."

This was Marvin’s voice.

Madeline coldly snorted before entering.

She couldn’t have guessed that what awaited her was a page of parchment written in blood.

"Sign this contract, or else I won’t stay." Marvin was hugging Isabelle as he calmly talked.

Madeline looked at the contents of that contract with an ashen face.

Marvin’s requirements were mainly what both sides had agreed on last time. After learning of Madeline’s true nature, Marvin wouldn’t easily trust her.

This blood contract had a special binding restriction toward those with the abyssal bloodline. It was fortunate that Marvin was knowledgeable enough to be able to write it in such a short time.

If Madeline didn’t agree with his conditions, the Holy Grail would stay hidden.

He would also leave this expedition.

He was convinced that Madeline didn’t dare do anything to him. After all, she had certainly watched that fight between the Legends. 

She still wasn’t a Legend, so she wouldn’t dare to do anything excessive.

"Apart from taking away Isabelle, I can accept the rest."

Madeline was very gloomy.

"That is non-negotiable," Marvin calmly said, "I’m taking Isabelle away."

"Why?!" Madeline sneered, "Is it because she saved you?"

"No, it’s because I’m the one with the Holy Grail," Marvin sneered back. "Your previous behavior has already seriously harmed our partnership. I’ve already lost my trust in you."

"This contract is the only way we can barely work together. And Isabelle is my friend. You owe me compensation from your previous attempt to snatching my Holy Grail. In short, she will leave with me."

Madeline tightly clenched the contract, her fingernails lengthening. "You are really too arrogant."

"A 2nd rank class holder actually dares to speak like that to me?"

Marvin sneered, "If you haven’t gone blind, you should be able to see that big shot sitting next to me."

Collins shrugged as he responded, "Don’t look at me like that. I am now standing on his side, Lady Madeline."

Madeline opened her eyes wide in shock. She couldn’t imagine what kind of benefit Marvin had offered for that old money grubber to change sides. Surely he didn’t actually have a gold mine?

"There is a Legend inside my territory. You know her methods."

Marvin continued, "You also saw the fight that night. Demon Hunter Constantine, Legend Monk Inheim, Shadow Thief Owl, Endless Ocean. They are all friends of mine."

"I may only be a 2nd rank class holder, but ask yourself. Am I able to negotiate with you? What do you think?"

He then leisurely looked at Madeline.

Madeline was a very rational person. Marvin using his powerful connections to intimidate her would certainly be effective.

Sure enough, she hatefully looked at Marvin with an extremely unsightly face, before nodding to the contract.

She carefully examined the contract, making sure there weren’t any gaps or pitfalls, before finally signing it.

The contract was set.

Marvin relaxed. This meant that Madeline wouldn’t do anything too excessive for the rest of the expedition.

A hint of craftiness flashed through his eyes.

This contract actually had a very unfair one sided restriction. It constrained Madeline to make sure Marvin was safe. She couldn’t act against Marvin and so on. However it didn’t restrict Marvin from taking the initiative to act towards Madeline. Although if Marvin chose to act, Madeline could strike back. But the initiative was in Marvin’s hands.

It would seem that Marvin was unlikely to pose a big threat to Madeline.

But in fact, there were some wonderful areas in the Scarlet Monastery...

Thinking of this, Marvin silently put the contract away. Regarding Madeline’s previous offense, he would soon pay it back.

After signing the contract, Madeline furiously left Collins’ carriage.

Soon, the sound of a woman’s anguished wailing could be heard from Madeline’s carriage.

Marvin acted as if he didn’t hear it.

To make Madeline give up on Isabelle while also enduring that much, it could clearly be seen that there was something extremely important to her in the Scarlet Monastery.

Marvin carefully thought about it and had an inkling as to what it could be.

For the current Madeline, the most important thing was to become a Legend.

She had already been staying at the peak of 4th rank for quite a long time, and she longed for power.

This was a woman full of desires and ambitions.

And there was something that could fulfill her goal in the Scarlet Monastery.

Madeline’s expedition should have failed and they would have retreated because of the excessive losses.

But this time there was Marvin’s Holy Grail, so everything would be different.

Marvin began thinking, would Madeline get that thing?

At that moment, Collins on the side reminded, "Let’s talk about that gold mine."

"I’m very interested in what you just said."

That gold mine.

It was under a mountain occupied by an ogre tribe, but these fools were clueless about it.

As for the gold mine’s records, Marvin had found them when he read the documents in his father’s study.

He had once sent scouts to investigate the region before ultimately finding an ore vein containing huge amounts of gold with extremely high purity.

But those ogres and monsters on the mountain stopped his father from being able to extract the gold.

He could only record the information, setting it aside for future generations.

Marvin had always been someone that wouldn’t suffer a loss. And it wasn’t without reason that he promised half of the gold mine to the Silver Church.

The current White River Valley was too weak.

The Silver God was an Ancient God that didn’t impose too many requirements on his followers. As long as you used money, it would generate a lot admiration and faith for him. His Divine Power came from many fields.

And the Silver Church was a rare non-exclusive church.

Most churches required followers to believe in one god. But it wasn’t like that for the Silver God. After all, you could believe in love while also believing in money.

The two didn’t conflict.

Therefore Marvin wanted to rope in the Silver Church. And this time he’d incidentally entered Collins carriage, giving him an opportunity.

What’s more, Collins was clearly not a fool. He had definitely noticed that night’s battle. Even in the face of Marvin’s empty promise, he still steadily helped him stall Madeline for three minutes. It was proof that he very strongly wished for cooperation.

Both sides hit it off.

Marvin wanted to borrow the strength of the Silver Church to eradicate the ogres, while Collins naturally had some plans of his own.

In the carriage, a big fox and a small fox were fiercely negotiating.

Two hours later, the troops arrived at the small mountain.

Everyone including the horsemen could only go up the hill on foot.

The great group of soldiers opened the path and scared away the small monsters.

Marvin helped Isabelle who had difficulty moving and slowly advanced.

The party finally arrived in front of the Scarlet Monastery.

The two Pain Monks suddenly raised their heads.

"Baron Marvin!" Madeline’s voice was exceptionally cold.

Before she said anything, Marvin had already started using one of the Holy Grail’s halos.

[Curse Dispel]!

The Pain Monks’ buffing curses were suddenly reduced by a third!

Even though these Pain Monks were at the 3rd rank, their strength had reached the level of Half-Legends due to the various curses put in place by the Lich!

But if there was a way to lift the cruses, their strength would drastically drop.

This was the reason Madeline looked for Marvin!

The Holy Grail’s halo kept shining.

Before those two monsters could react, Madeline’s Wizard corps made a move!

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