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Those strangely smiling figures in the paintings began to distort.

However, they could only watch as the flames burned their bodies!

Because they were sealed within the paintings. These paintings protected them, but also restricted them.

And Madeline’s fire could directly pierce the defenses, burning their main bodies.

In an instant, besides the Headless Girl’s painting which wasn’t affected because it was completely empty, the inhabitants of the rest of the paintings were cleanly burnt.

Miserable shrieks could be heard. It seemed like countless people were buried in the fire.

The soldiers were extremely motivated.

Madeline’s expression didn’t change as she disdainfully said, "Filthy things."

Marvin inwardly ridiculed, ‘It’s not wrong to say that Evil Spirits are filthy, but Madeline has an abyssal bloodline. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.’

In a short ten seconds, the Ghost Hallway paintings had been cleaned out. The picture frames were still there, but the people in the paintings were nowhere to be seen.

Marvin was aware that these people were probably servants of the Evil Spirit Envoy Morris that were sealed inside.

Morris thought that no one would find them in these paintings.

Unfortunately, Madeline’s eyes were very fierce!

The flames she just used clearly weren’t from an ordinary spell, but a special spell, probably originating from her abyssal bloodline.

"Let’s go," said Madeline after all the Evil Spirits were burnt to death.

Everyone was preparing to advance toward the First Hall, but before they could, an angry voice rang out.

"You have the cheek to burn my servants!"

"Great Lord Diggles won’t forgive your provocation!"

A tall man came out of the last painting and angrily stood in front of everyone.

His gaze was directly locked onto Madeline.


Marvin felt somewhat helpless.

He naturally knew that tall old guy, Evil Spirit Envoy Morris. He had been chased by that guy’s crows and dark knights when he entered the Boknin World to help Vanessa the Headless Girl retrieve her head.

‘These Evil Spirit Envoys really do have brain issues."

Marvin looked at Morris with some pity.

He actually had the courage to jump out of Boknin and directly provoke Madeline...

Wasn’t this courting death?

Marvin could already predict his fate!

As expected, Madeline squinted at him. "Evil Spirit Envoy?"

Morris proudly raised his head, proclaiming, "Correct, I am Lord Diggles’..."

But before he could finish, Madeline had already opened her five claws and a powerful force pulled Morris toward her palm. The lively Morris was lifted from the ground and she took hold of him.

"Idiot," she muttered in a low voice.

A fierce and frightening flame rose up from her palm. It looked like Morris wanted to do something, but there was no time!


In the blink of an eye, he was burnt to ashes.

A flame shone brilliantly in Madeline’s eyes.

‘Not just a Succubus bloodline!’ Marvin shivered.

Although Madeline was only a Half-Legend Wizard, the type of magic she used was quite fierce. This meant her abyssal bloodline was also very outstanding.

Ordinary Succubi didn’t have this kind of magic ability.

The others stayed silent, as they already somewhat knew of Madeline’s strength. Otherwise, the chaotic River Shore City wouldn’t have been gathered once again under her strength.

In this world where only power reigned, politics were useful, but not as useful as a legendary spell.

Strength was the law.

"He seemed to want to say something," Marvin reminded. "Killing directly doesn’t sound like you."

Madeline displayed a splendid smile. "Don’t be afraid, Baron Marvin. I am actually a very gentle person. The reason I didn’t give him the chance to open his mouth was simply because I hate Evil Spirit Envoys, nothing more."

"Just a grudge, no need to care about it," she said.

Marvin shrugged. This didn’t quite look like a grudge.

But regardless, the strength Madeline so easily displayed greatly raised everyone’s confidence.

After the Ghost Hallway was cleaned out, the rogues were sent ahead and came back to report that they found traces of a Corpse Seeker.

Madeline waved her hand for them to advance when they were suddenly obstructed for the second time!

A huge shadow was cast from a distant place.

The shadow twisted in the Ghost Hallway, turning into a huge face.

"How dare you provoke me…" the face said in a low voice.

When that face suddenly appeared, every person who looked at it turned completely stiff!

Only a few people could resist this negative effect, including a few 3rd rank Wizards, Madeline and Collins.

Of course, Marvin wouldn’t be affected, as he had the Holy Grail.

"Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles!" Madeline’s expression became quite serious.

"Correct. That’s me…"

The face was missing its eyes.

But somehow it made everyone feel insignificant, like everything was seen though.

"Humans are such filthy creatures. You actually have the nerve to…" Diggles sneered.

Unfortunately, someone wasn’t willing to listen to that large projection of the Evil Spirit Overlord!

The white gowned middle-aged businessman took a step forward, raised the scepter in his hand and chanted!

In a flash, a twisting void appeared in the Ghost Hallway.

"You are…" Diggles’ tone suddenly rose, but at that time, the void fissure contorted and sucked the face in!


The hole closed and the Ghost Hallway once again recovered its peace.

Everyone immediately relaxed. Some looked at the white gowned Collins with worship.

Marvin was very surprised when he looked at him!

He knew that spell. It was the 4th-circle Divine Spell, [Banishment]!

This Divine Spell could banish most entities of Legend rank or lower that were from a different plane.

Even though Diggles was troublesome, he was from the distant Evil Spirits Plane. This temporary projection should only be at the 4th rank and could be directly banished by this Divine Spell!

But it also used up a good amount of Divine Power, so it was surprising that a stingy guy like Collins took the initiative instead for asking for a price.

Furthermore, this was simply humiliating the Evil Spirit Overlord. Both sides’ bridges could be considered burnt.

What was that about?

Marvin looked at Collins.

The latter smiled back. "Don’t mind me, Baron Marvin. I’m actually a very gentle person. The reason I didn’t let him say too much nonsense was simply because I didn’t like him, nothing more."

"Grudge. Grudge."

Madeline took a glance a Collins, clearly dissatisfied at him for shamelessly copying her own lines.

But Collins had acted and dealt with a trouble for her, isn’t that good enough?

She gave a command to calm down everyone who had been intimidated by the Evil Spirit Overlord.

In front of the First hall, three open paths branched out.

In the darkness of the hall, light slowly appeared as River Shore City’s guards cautiously lit the braziers on both sides.

The flames rose a bit as a rough breathing sound could be gradually be heard in the distance!

A tall figure dragging a rusted iron sword slowly came out of the darkness.

He was putrefied all over, his lower jaw was hanging down, and his face only had a thin membrane of sieve-like skin left.

His adam’s apple was continuously wiggling, and his chest was heaving up and down randomly, while his breathing sounded like bellows.

[Corpse Seeker]!

The Corpse Seeker’s appearance was more or less the same as zombies from the zombie movies he saw in the past.

This was a group of very pitiful people!

They were all living beings at first, but they were pushed into special coffins, and were transformed into this kind of half dead monster through some horrifying secret techniques.

Like the Pain Monks, they were always in an state of intense pain.

Killing them was actually the best way to free them.


Coffin doors from the neat row of coffins were slowly pushed open.

Corpse Seekers silently crawled out of the coffins, one after the other.

Under the faint flames, the soldiers also started tensing up.

Madeline squinted, meticulously looking over these Corpse Seekers before making a sign.

Then, the Silver Church’s Paladins took out their sword!


The sharp sound of the swords being drawn dazed some people. The Divine Power enchanted into the swords emanated a warm radiance.

A faint silver color spread to every soldier, focusing especially on those at the front line.

Their panic immediately disappeared.

It was replaced by great courage and confidence.

This was the effect of the Divine Spell. Sometimes it could attack people’s will, and sometimes it could give them courage!

"Forward!" Madeline ordered in a low voice.

The first row of soldiers immediately rushed out.

Collins also nodded.

A small team of Silver Paladins rushed forward with them.

For a moment, the two parties seemed like two torrents breaking into the mobs of the slow Corpse Seekers!


Swords slashed at them, but only the sound of flesh being cut could be heard.

The Corpse Seekers’ movements were very slow, but they had no vitals!

Even if you cut every piece of flesh, as long as they still had their skeleton intact, they would still be able to fight.

This was the reason these zombie-like monsters were so frightening.

"Cut their knees!" a Paladin loudly yelled.

Everyone automatically listened.

In the Hall, a chaotic fight was underway. Madeline calmly watched over the battlefield.

At that time, a huge coffin suddenly stood up in a corner of the hall!

The people who noticed it were startled!

Only Marvin was pleased with what he saw.

‘Corpse King!’

He quickly handed the Holy Grail to Isabelle, and then his body flashed forward, like an arrow leaving a bow.

"This guy is mine."

"The loot is also mine!"


A shadow split from Marvin’s body as he directly jumped on top of the coffin!

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