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Chapter 158: Waking Up Under the Frozen River!

False Divinity!

Marvin hadn’t dreamt that Endless Ocean would give him such a huge gift!

He already knew that regardless of which doppelganger was killed, there would be some Divine Power left. Auzin was the second son of the World Ending Twin Snakes after all.

But with so many Legends here, Marvin hadn’t thought of aiming for the Divine Power.

What’s more, even if he wanted that divinity, he didn’t have any vessel for it, or else he could have kept the Divine Power from the Lich’s finger for himself.

But he now had a False Divinity!

A False Divinity could be anything that could imitate a Divinity’s ability to store Divine Power. It might a kind of celestial magic item or it might be a product of alchemy.

Endless Ocean’s False Divinity seemed to be from an adventure in a different plane, and it looked like she and Constantine had similar things.

This bit of Divine Power completely transformed Marvin’s body!

There were very overbearing logs appearing!

[You gained a False Divinity and Divine Power (1)]

[HP +100]

[Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Constitution +1, Intelligence +1, Wisdom +1, Charisma +1]

[Your Resistances have slightly risen…]

Attributes +1!

This was the benefit of Divine Power.

Marvin who had been feeling weak began to gradually recover under the nourishment of Divine Power.

His Dexterity reached the 25 point threshold, so now he could use Flicker even without using Chaotic Battlefield Expert.

Each stat had been raised by a point. This was equivalent to leveling up twelve times!

This battle was worth it!

Besides getting Divine Power, Marvin also gained the [Legend Killer] title.

Although this title’s effect wasn’t suited for battle, it was still very useful.

[Legend Killer]: When you face a Legend powerhouse, the other side would maintain a certain amount of respect.

Legend powerhouses were known to not pay much attention to people under the Legend rank.

Hathaway took Marvin seriously because he was a Seer. Constantine did because they were both Night Walkers. Endless Ocean’s reason was because she owed Old Sean a favor from the time she was young. The old blacksmith didn’t have any particular wishes, and his daughter Jane was the same. As the old blacksmith’s disciple, Marvin naturally became the one she would repay the favor too.

Shadow Thief Owl taught Marvin Origami was because it was fated.

As for the others like Leymann and Inheim, even if they rather admired Marvin’s behavior, they would rarely talk to him.

This was the pride of Legend powerhouses.

But with this Legend Killer, Marvin could manage to speak a little with those Legend powerhouses on some occasions.

After killing the Devil Fish, Marvin gained 8731 battle exp. Along with the exp he got from the Hidden Granary, his battle exp reached a total of 18439!

And Night Walker’s 3rd level needed 18000 exp.

Marvin unhesitantly put enough experience to raise his Night Walker class to level 3.

He gained 36 SP, 58 HP, and one additional specialty.

This was also one of the specialties Marvin liked, [Superior Reflexes].

[Superior Reflexes]: Reaction Speed +1

Reaction Speed was a hidden attribute that was very easy to overlook. The reason Marvin’s fighting ability was a lot higher than others’ was because his Reaction Speed was a lot faster.

His fighting instinct would choose the best option in the shortest amount of time. This was Reaction Speed.

With Super Reflexes, his advantage would continue to increase, making him faster and nimbler. The coordination between his mind and body would improve.

Of the 36 SP, Marvin soon spent 20 points on [Night Jump]. This skill showed its worth in the fight against King Cobra. It reached 50 Skill Points, triggering the hidden effect, [Double Jump].

[Double Jump]: You

can make a small jump in the air!

Double Jump’s effect was very powerful, increasing his jumping ability in the night many times and greatly increasing his aerial maneuverability.

Of the remaining 16 points, 6 were used on [Summon Night Crow] and 10 on a newly chosen skill.

[Shooting Blades (10)]: Create a certain number of shadow daggers and shoot them at a target location.

This was a ranged skill and like the others, it was used during the night. It could completely make up for Marvin’s weakness of lacking ranged attacks.

After all the strengthening, Marvin’s Hp directly reached 456. His total level was 10, already on the brink of reaching 3rd rank.

One more level and he would be at the 3rd rank.

Marvin’s leveling speed would already be considered extremely fast, but after tonight’s fight, he still felt somewhat lacking.

If not for the nature of Shapeshift Sorcerer, his weird class, and if not for the power of the potion and scroll, he simply would be unable to get involved in this battle!

The feeling of not being able to lead the fight happening in his own territory felt wrong and difficult to bear.


‘It’s power after all! I must start carrying out all those plans!’

Marvin firmly made that decision while he was being helped by Constantine.

And at that time, a howl of grief could be heard in the wilderness not far from there.

That was the voice of Glynos at death’s door.

‘It ended… At last.’

Marvin shut his eyes.

He knew everything was over for the time being.

But history had also thoroughly changed as a result.

What would happen next... Marvin simply didn’t know.

He could only do some things he was still familiar with, and crazily increase his own strength.

The Shadow Prince was no longer active, which meant that there would be a lot fewer Legends dying.

The fall of the Universe Magic Pool might not be avoidable, but would the New Gods’ plans be as successful as they were originally?

Marvin wasn’t sure.

The only thing he knew was that he had to work harder, harder, a lot harder!

He needed to protect this territory.

And in the face of the Great Calamity, a level 10 class holder couldn’t protect anything.

"It’s over," Endless Ocean whispered.

Constantine nodded. He picked up Marvin and slowly walked toward the castle.

Late at night, on a tower outside River Shore City.

Madeline was flustered and awkwardly lying down on a soft sofa.

Her hair was messy and her forehead was covered with sweat.

That battle, it shook her to the core!

White River Valley and River Shore City were only this far apart. She immediately became aware of the fight when it started.

And this time, no one destroyed her crow, so she was able to see the whole incident.

When the Legend powerhouses appeared one by one in White River Valley, she almost choked.

And when Marvin recklessly rushed down from the castle, transformed in an Asuran Bear and fought with the Crimson Patriarch, she was completely shocked.

She suddenly found that she had really been looking down on that young man.

Even though she wasn’t clear on the whole context, to have five top Legends gather... In the entire south, perhaps only those few big shots of the South Wizard Alliance’s council could have this kind of power.

But this small countryside Baron was able to accomplish it.

She had no choice but to see Marvin in a new light.

‘Maybe this man has more worth than I thought.’

‘No no no… A lot more worth…’

She dazedly thought to herself and couldn’t help but lick her lip.

A fire lit in her eyes as Marvin’s somewhat delicate features flashed through her mind.

A bold plan started forming in her heart.

‘We are going to attacking the Scarlet Monastery together in a few days anyway. It’s an opportunity!’

‘Fresh and tender…’

White River Valley seemed extremely peaceful in the morning.

Last night’s world shaking battles felt like a dream.

The White River had melted and the depressions in the riverbank had been leveled. This wasn’t anything difficult for a Legend Wizard who had recovered her strength.

Anna brought the villagers back to the village.

Most people settled down well and with Anna’s help, the entire White River Valley regained its order.

It was like yesterday’s stuff was just a drill.

Everyone was farming like usual, everything was like it used to be.

Marvin was standing on the Lord’s balcony, calmly looking at the serene White River Valley.

There was a letter in his hand. It had come early in the morning from River Shore City.

Madeline was urging him.

It said that everything was ready, and only Marvin’s Holy Grail was needed before they could attack the Scarlet Monastery.

Madeline gave Marvin three days.

Marvin pondered, before ultimately deciding to take this trip to the Scarlet Monastery.

He now had a False Divinity, so he might be able to get a lot more benefits from the Scarlet Monastery!

As for that Madeline, he couldn’t see through her.

River Shore City’s City Lord was very mysterious during the game, rarely showing her true self. Marvin was unable to guess her thoughts.

But now that the Crimson Patriarch had died, the Twin Snakes Cult was like a headless dragon; none of them would dare invade White River Valley for the time being.

As for the Azure Matriarch, Marvin remembered that she should still be lying dormant, and she wouldn’t regain consciousness until the Great Calamity.

What’s more, although Owl, Inheim, Constantine, and Endless Ocean left after yesterday’s fight...

Hathaway stayed behind.

She said she was weary of the Three Ring Towers’ atmosphere and since they had successfully stolen the Shadow Prince’s Time Molt, taking a vacation was also good.

Her vacation spot was naturally White River Valley.

Marvin felt quite surprised by this, and even more happy. With a Legend Wizard keeping watch, White River Valley would be very safe.

Wayne also studied under her, which would have a lot of benefits for his future path as a Wizard.

‘Maybe it’s time to let this kid do some work for the territory,’ Marvin thought as he turned and looked at Anna standing by his work desk, which had a thick pile of documents on it.

Wayne had promising leadership abilities. He would definitely be a more suitable Overlord than Marvin.

And Marvin would definitely be away most of the time in order to raise his strength. This wasn’t too good for the territory.

But thinking of Wayne’s age, Marvin decided to not hand over the Overlord’s position to him for now.

Rather he needed to pick a suitable day to make him a Proxy Overlord.

This way, when Marvin wasn’t here, he could take his place and act as an Overlord.

White River Valley was a very small territory, and it would take a long time to build it into a large territory.

Marvin couldn’t wait.

He had to use all kinds of ways to raise his territory to a bustling level.

The current White River Valley only had farming. This was far from enough.

Marvin’s goals were to have animal husbandry, trade, and mining.

The military side would also constantly grow, requiring a completely new system that would allow them to cope with the approaching Great Calamity.

This wasn’t easy, but Marvin had a rough plan.

The first step was to develop trade, and if he wanted to do that, he needed to develop transportation. White River Valley’s geographical location was actually extremely advantageous. It was just 80 kilometers from the coastline.

If he could establish a harbor there, trade would certainly become extremely easy.

But the main point was that on the east side of White River Valley was another part of the Shrieking Mountain Range.

That section was occupied by many monsters. The most troublesome was the ogre tribe!

Marvin couldn’t get the harbor he wanted on the coastline if that tribe wasn’t eradicated.

‘When the matter with the Scarlet Monastery is over, I will have to start opening up the east.’

Marvin sat in front of his desk and began to write.

He finished writing his plan for the territory within the three days. As for implementing it, he was convinced Anna and Wayne would be able to carry it out.

North, inside a very old iceberg.

A girl wearing an azure dress was sleeping.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes.

"Little brother…" she whispered.

Her pupils shrank as images appeared in her mind: Constantine, Endless Ocean, Inheim, Shadow Thief Owl...

And there was one thin boy.

"Four Legends… One waste."

"I’ll avenge you."

Her eyes suddenly narrowed.

That huge iceberg began to crack.

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