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A deadly silence reigned among many God Realms in Heaven.

Nobody knew when it started, but laughter erupted from one God Realm.

What followed was endless laughter!

Every New God looking at this scene was convulsing with laughter.

But a roar came from a shadow in a corner. "You still dare to laugh!"

"If the Time Molt is stolen…"

A voice interrupted Glynos’ statement, "I already said that it would have been best to let me go to Feinan with the Time Molt."

"What can you do apart from sneakily assassinating people?" the Barbarian War God complained, "Your weak Divine Power can only be so effective against a spell like Space-Time Bind."

"It does not matter. We originally wanted to see if we could kill a few Legends. Unfortunately, those powers are more stubborn than we imagined," said a proud voice came from the distance.

"Glynos, you don’t need to worry, this isn’t your fault."

The Dream God.

The Delusion Wings artifact that flew out of Glynos’ hands belonged to him.

"Let us wait and see."

"In fact, it wouldn’t matter even if the Time Molt was lost. In any case, sooner or later, we will return to Feinan."

"Now let’s wait for those three guys to return from that savage area and then, after our last god meeting, the Universe Magic Pool will become history."

"Let them struggle."

After these words from the Dream God, the laughing voices gradually calmed down.

Glynos also no longer said anything, calmly watching Feinan instead.

These gods in the Heavens had to use a lot of Divine Power to watch Feinan.

But today’s situation was quite important. Almost everyone’s sights were focused on that small area in a southeast corner of Feinan.

They were all watching Glynos’ avatar. No one cared about Marvin and the Crimson Patriarch still tossing around!

Space-Time Bind.

One of the most frightening Legend Spells, even gods could only rely on their formidable resistance to firmly endure and couldn’t avoid it.

As a Seer, Hathaway’s talent had always been extremely amazing. And Legend Wizards broke away from the spell limitation and could freely cast spells.

But she also spent a lot of time and energy preparing for those ten Space-Time Binds and after using them all in a row, she weakly fell on the ground, dizzy.

In order to deal with the Shadow Prince, she had to use all her strength!

It was the same for the Shadow Thief.

Along with fifteen paper doll doppelgangers, which were all Legend Shadow Thieves, he kept using Legendary Steal. This was a huge burden.

But he had no other choice.

If he couldn’t steal Time Molt, today’s plan would be a failure.

He didn’t feel as relaxed as he looked!

Perspiration kept accumulating on his forehead as the seconds slowly passed!

Inheim was solemnly looking at this scene, prepared to attack at any time.

If the Shadow Prince showed any sign of breaking out of Space-Time Bind, he would immediately kill him.

Otherwise, Hathaway’s life would be in danger.

But if that happened, the plan would be a failure because artifacts and items on the avatar would automatically return to the god after its death.

The only way to get Time Molt was to steal it!

Of course, not all artifacts could be stolen. For example, that pair of Delusion Wings was an artifact bound by the Dream God’s Divine Power, so no one could steal it and walk away with it.

As long as the Dream God wished, this artifact could come back to his hands. That was the reason he dared to lend it to the Shadow Prince.

But Time Molt was different. It was an artifact that couldn’t be bound.

This gave an opportunity to Shadow Thief Owl.

Legendary Steal had a chance to steal it.

It depended on his luck.

Thinking of this, Inheim couldn’t help but clench his fists. Inheim who had always been calm felt his mood fluctuate. ‘You must steal it! You are the first person to steal from a god…’

He even recalled his first encounter with Shadow Thief Owl.

It was during a hot evening.

At that time a young careless thief named Owl stole his nearly empty pouch but was discovered by Inheim. He grabbed him and beat him up.

"Why do you want to be a thief?" he then asked.

The young thief’s face was bloody, but he still raised his head and proudly answered, "I like it."

So he was beaten again.

"What end goal is there in being a thief?" the young Monk asked, extremely puzzled.

"I want to become the first God Thief, what’s wrong with it?"

The young thief still said very proudly, "There will inevitably be a day I can pick everyone’s pockets, even a goddess... if I can steal a goddess’ panties…"

He got beaten for the third time.

The Monk disdainfully muttered, "Scum."

Many years later, when the two met once again, the latter had truly become Feinan’s first God Thief.

But that Owl had already not been doing dodgy work for many years. He even appeared in the East Coast to fight that Ancient Red Dragon!

After the two met, Inheim only asked, "Want to steal gods’ belongings?"

Owl froze, but replied, "Yeah."

Thus he followed him.

Inheim was tense, his eyes staring at the Shadow Prince and those sixteen shadows jumping around him!

He could see that Owl was squeezing out every last drop of his effort!

At the eleventh second he stole the Dream God’s Delusion Wings which were then taken away by their owner.

At the fourteenth second he even stole Glynos’ Nightfall, but unfortunately this artifact was bound to Glynos’ Divine Power and was also taken away.

There were only a few seconds left.

Owl’s forehead was covered in sweat, his complexion frighteningly pale!

Legendary Steal!

Legendary Steal!

It looked like he was wildly using Legendary Steal on the Shadow Prince. Every second at least eight of them were used.

His body was reaching the limit.

He thought his hand would break.

But he still persevered.

There were two seconds left!


‘I don’t believe that I can’t!’

‘I am the man who will steal the panties of a goddess while she is wearing them, how the fuck could I fail to steal an equipped Time Molt!’

An ominous glint flashed across Owl’s eyes. It felt as if he wanted to eat the Shadow Prince!

At the final second, he put everything into it and used both his left and right hands and thrusted them into the void at the same time!

Double Legendary Steal!

Two items were directly dragged out of the Shadow Prince’s storage by Owl!

In his right hand was a pink and sexy piece of a cloth, while in his left was a thin skin.

This piece of cloth had a crescent moon engraved on it, while the skin was light yellow and looked very ancient.

Owl immediately looked up and howled with laughter, "I fucking made it!"

He then instantly vanished from where he was, putting that piece of cloth away while throwing that skin at Inheim.

Time Molt!

He stole it at last.

A weary half-dead Owl instantly appeared next to Hathaway, grabbed the Legend Wizard and disappeared!

Inheim grabbed the Time Molt and let out a long breath.

At that moment, the Shadow Prince became able to move.

But what welcomed him was the Legend Monk’s iron fist!

Silence reigned in Heaven.

An ice-cold voice spread, "Glynos…"

No one answered.

Because the Shadow Prince had once again closed his God Realm, and as for his main body, it had already disappeared!

"Glynos. Don’t let me see you in Heaven again."

The owner of the voice seemed quite angry.

The other gods all stayed silent, but they were already gossipping in private.

"Turns out it was Glynos who stole Moon Goddess Faniya’s lingerie last month."

"Haha, this is too funny. Lady Moon Goddess doesn’t need faith, and has a powerful Divine Power. Glynos is done for this time."

As for the Shadow Prince, he already didn’t know where to hide. After losing the Time Molt, he was nothing!

Moon Goddess Faniya was a 3rd generation Ancient God, one of the few Ancient Gods not lying dormant.

She kept a neutral stance. Even when the New Gods prepared to join forces to attack the Universe Magic Pool, she only expressed that she was against fighting and didn’t intervene.

But Glynos’ action would definitely anger this Ancient God.

There would be no sign of the Shadow Prince in Heaven for the following days.

‘Wait patiently.’

‘Without the powers of those three, we are unable to shatter the Universe Magic Pool.’

‘Wait till they come back from exploring that savage area and we will have a chance.’

A thought was transmitted among the gods.

The ice on the White River was gradually melting.


The Asuran Bear heavily fell on the ground. His body had already shrunk to some extent, reduced back to five meters.

The potion and scroll’s effects had began to run out.

He was already struggling.

The Devil Fish took the chance and knocked Marvin down and prepared to use a Divine Spell to escape!

But Constantine arrived at the crucial time!

He crashed into the Devil Fish’s abdomen, surprisingly using his own body to knock that fish onto the White River.

The Divine Spell was once again interrupted!

The sound of them crashing through the ice and into the river water echoed out.

Endless Ocean also flew over, wearing a solemn expression as she threw two Legendary Weaken spells on that Devil Fish.

She then threw a Nature’s Strength spell on Marvin!

The Asuran Bear immediately shone with energy!

Under the effect of Legendary Weaken, the Devil Fish’s defenses rapidly declined.

Marvin grabbed that opportunity and desperately pounced on the Crimson Patriarch with his extremely sharp claws.


The originally tough fish skin turned frighteningly bloody from those claws’ scratches!

‘Showtime!’ Marvin blissfully thought. He recklessly and crazily devastated the extremely weak Crimson Patriarch.

The two Legends were supporting him, with Endless Ocean was constantly buffing Marvin and debuffing the Crimson Patriarch while Constantine was interrupting the Crimson Patriarch’s Divine Spells.

Marvin fought extremely relaxedly!

He pushed the Devil Fish back to the riverbank and crazily slapped, scratched, pounced, and tore at it!

It was a bloodbath.

Even Constantine and Endless Ocean were somewhat shocked.

Shocked at Marvin’s savagery!

In the end, before the Shapeshift ended, Marvin personally ended the Crimson’s Patriarch doppelganger’s life!

This appeared in the logs window:

[You killed a Legend (Doppelganger), gaining 8731 battle exp]

[Your World Myth +1]

[Your performance might attract the attention of the Twin Snakes Cult. Ordinary members will be afraid of you, but the World Ending Twin Snakes might pay more attention to you.]

[You gained the title – Legend Killer]

A large amount of logs flashed before Marvin’s eyes. He let out a relieved sigh.

The Asuran Bear then softly fell down on the riverbank and turned into the thin Marvin.

Constantine hurriedly helped him stand up.

"Kid, not a bad job." He patted Marvin’s back and laughed heartily, "We finally avenged Ron."

His eyes had a few twinkling tears.

Ron was the Night Walker who was previously tailing the Crimson Patriarch.

"Your courage and wildness are shocking."

Endless Ocean calmly walked over, her hand emitting a circle of light.

"There was a bit of the World Ending Twin Snakes’ Divine Power on that Devil Fish doppelganger. Constantine and I both have proper Divine Power already. In any case, since you have already attracted the attention of the World Ending Twin Snakes, this bit of Divine Power would do you good."

"But you have nothing on your body to store Divine Power."

"Thus, this can be considered my personal gift to you."

Marvin looked at that circle of light and couldn’t help but become startled, "Fake Divinity?"

Endless Ocean nodded.

The circle of light then merged with Marvin’s body.

The bit of scarlet light inside the Devil Fish also entered Marvin’s body under the attraction of the circle of light.

[You have received a False Divinity…]

[You gained a bit of Divine Power (World Ending Twin Snakes)]

[Your body has been greatly altered, attributes have changed…]

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