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An earthquake-like noise spread through the wilderness!

Most barbarian tribes living on the plateau were alarmed. They looked at the ancient iceberg in shock.

A crack appeared on that iceberg.

The Barbarians ended up kowtowing while muttering quietly.

There was also a Legend Barbarian wildly charging toward the iceberg.

But before he could even arrive near the iceberg, he was stopped by a frightening force.

The Legend Barbarian watched with horror.

The iceberg split open, and a girl wearing a blue skirt coldly looked out at the world.

There was a snake tattoo on her forehead.

This snake was faintly inked and had eight heads on the sides, and one head still growing in the middle!

Five-Headed Crimson Patriarch. Nine-Headed Azure Matriarch.

This was something widely spread by the players of Feinan Continent.

While there are many people who wanted to slaughter the Crimson Patriarch, no one had this thought about the Azure Matriarch.

She was still sleeping in the ice before the Great Calamity, practicing her secret technique.

But the Crimson Patriarch’s death changed everything.

She woke up earlier than before.

She took a step forward when suddenly two lightning bolts appeared from the Spirit Plane and ruthlessly struck her body.

Her body immediately began to spasm, continuously twitching.

Her face was full of pain!


"Why aren’t you letting me avenge him!"

The woman’s expression was extremely angry.

But there was only silence.

The Legend Barbarian was carefully watching, puzzled. He had already heard the elders of the tribe say that the ice was suppressing a demon.

Ever since he became a Legend, he took up the role of Protector of the Northern Wilderness.

But this woman emerging from the ice made him feel threatened for the first time!

A really terrifying threat!

She didn’t even look at him. He was a Legend! When was the last time people looked down on him?

But that feeling seemed very natural and the Legend Barbarian didn’t dare to move.

He just continued to quietly observe the situation.

At that time, a low snake hiss echoed, coming from the Spirit Plane.

The Barbarian didn’t understand that sound, but he knew that this was the language of an Ancient God.


His scalp felt numb.

Not every Legend had the courage to stand off against gods.

He even wanted to stealthily run away.

But unexpectedly, the girl calmed down after hearing that hiss.

She took a glance at the Barbarian before completely disregarding him.

Her body slowly sank back down before the ice ponderously closed itself.


After a moment, everything was restored to its original state, as if nothing had happened.

The Barbarian was left staring in a daze.

At that time an old man carrying a small jar of wine suddenly walked over.

He patted the Legend’s shoulder and sighed, "Go. She won’t come out."

The Legend Barbarian froze. He knew that old man. He was a poor old wretched from the tribe he was protecting.

How did he suddenly appear here?

Everything that happened today seemed so incredible that the Barbarian’s brain couldn’t completely follow.

He asked, "That woman, isn’t she the rumored demon?"

"Her? Just a small snake."

The old man took a sip of wine. His red face displayed a hint of regret, "What a shame. A real shame."

"It would have been great if she was more impulsive…"

"Eight heads, I could still chop them one by one."

"With nine heads… I won’t be able to handle it."

In an underground cave in the north, a young lady stood respectfully.

Her body was covered with fragrant oil, and in front of her was a shallow pond.

She slowly stepped into the burning hot pond.

The next instant, a powerful consciousness descended on her body!

Pictures flashed one by one in her head.

The Crimson Patriarch’s death, the Azure Matriarch awakening from the ice along with the warning from the World Ending Twin Snakes from the Spirit Plane!

"These five people… I understand."

"Azure Matriarch, I will definitely not disappoint you."

"Ah… This Divine Power, my body…"

The girl’s voice suddenly spread through the entire cavern.

Half an hour later.

The young girl stepped out of the cave, wearing a thin silk dress.

Two guards wearing blue gowns bowed their heads and gave their respects.

"Lady Bamboo…"

Bamboo’s hair was in disorder, showing that on her forehead was the mark of a snake with eight heads.

She cheerfully said, "I’ll go south."

White River Valley.

Marvin was bidding everyone farewell.

Yesterday at noon, Marvin took the chance to announce that Wayne would be the Overlord Proxy in front of all the territory’s inhabitants.

When Marvin wasn’t there, he would have Marvin’s authority.

The 9 year old Wayne was naturally very excited to be trusted by Marvin. He read the thick letter that Marvin left more than a dozen times that very night. He remembered each of his brother’s words.

That part of the territory would be left as is for now. He had to wait for Marvin to launch an attack to eliminate the ogre tribe occupying that mountain in the east. Making rapid progress would be difficult.

But the important thing was still to create a strong foundation. Marvin was fully aware that establishing power was a necessity for the chaotic times ahead.

Even though the current White River Valley was very barren, in his plan, this place was bound to become Feinan’s jewel, especially after the Calamity!

At the moment, it was Marvin making great efforts to build White River Valley. But in the future, it would be White River Valley giving Marvin endless support.

A loner has no future. This isn’t a game anymore. This is reality.

Today was the day Madeline’s army gathered to attack the Scarlet Monastery, and Marvin had to go to honor his agreement.

In any case, Hathaway was in his territory, so he wasn’t worried of anything coming to cause trouble.

The only inconvenient thing was that yesterday Anna had left White River Valley. She didn’t leave without reason. That soldier sent by Marvin to get Lola had yet to return. She could find him in on the way. Marvin had already told her about the Spider Crypt path.

Naturally, the most important reason was still Anna needing to advance.

After that battle, the butler also felt that her strength was too lacking. Her strength had already reached the peak of level 5 and it was because of having to deal with all kinds of issues in the territory that she hadn’t had time to advance. Now that she had some rare free time, she immediately requested a week off from Marvin.

She could arrive to the south of the Moonlight Forest during that week and find a half-elven teacher to let her advance to 2nd rank, before finding that guard and bringing him back.

As for Lola, it would depend on luck. After all, that swindler might have already fled with the gold.

With Anna leaving, a lot of things in the territory suddenly became a bit complicated. There was naturally no issue on the garrison side. After getting rid of a spy and with the leadership of Gru and Andre, the territory’s order had been properly maintained. But when it came to internal affairs, Wayne alone couldn’t handle it.

Fortunately, a common carriage arrived in the evening. The old butler had returned from Magore Academy. With his help, Wayne should have an easier time.

Marvin left the castle, riding a horse toward the west.

Suddenly, a woman descended from the sky, barring the way.

"What about saying goodbye to me?" Hathaway was sitting on a pink magic carpet, looking at Marvin.

Feeling somewhat speechless, Marvin answered, "If a Legend Wizard wants to hide, I most likely won’t find her."

Hathaway curiously looked at him and said, "To be honest, I’ve never seen an Overlord running all over the place like you. Even pushing the territory’s affairs onto your nine year old younger brother."

"What are you thinking after all?"

"Becoming stronger," Marvin immediately answered, "White River Valley isn’t as rich as the Ashes Tower. This Overlord can only run around the place. Trying to find an opportunity."

"The Scarlet Monastery isn’t a good place," Hathaway sneered. "Madeline’s plan will most likely fail."

"Perhaps." Marvin smiled. "I don’t care."

"I am only temporarily working with her, checking if I can get some profits."

Hathaway stared at him, coming to a realization. "You fancy that Lich’s Divine Power?"

Marvin calmly said, "I have a rare False Divinity, so not using it would be a waste."

"Madeline won’t let you succeed."

"She is a crafty woman full of ambition."

Hathaway’s magic carpet suddenly rose up and disappeared in the sky, only leaving a sentence behind.

"Friendly reminder. Half of that woman’s blood comes from the Abyss."


Marvin solemnly pondered.

Hathaway told him so much, it was already giving him a lot of face. It wasn’t easy for a prideful Legend.

If Madeline had an Abyssal Bloodline, then which one was it?

Marvin felt a little annoyed. There were too many Demons in the abyss after all.

But even if he knew, he still wanted to go.

He was familiar with the structure of the Scarlet Monastery structure anyway.

Hathaway was worried he would be used by Madeline but perhaps it hadn’t occurred to her: why wouldn’t he use Madeline?

Although a 4th rank Half-Legend was difficult to deal with, as long as it wasn’t a direct battle, Marvin was resourceful enough to find ways around it.

Thinking of this, he sped up, heading onward to River Shore City.

West of River Shore City. An army had already finished gathering.

Madeline was lazily sitting in a carriage with the door open. Her exposed pure white thigh could be been from the outside.

It was late summer and the weather was sizzling hot. Lots of soldiers gulped, but they didn’t dare to look for too long.

They had seen the methods of the City Lord.

"Dame, Baron Marvin arrived," a female servant respectfully said.

"Have him come." Madeline’s eyes shone as she gently put a fresh and tender lychee into her mouth.

Marvin walked over, step by step, and arrived in front of the cart.

"Come up," Madeline said in a soft and tender voice.

Marvin suddenly felt countless murderous gazes converging on his body!

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