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The bear roar echoed throughout White River Valley’s wilderness.

The villagers who had been moved to the Northern Mine got frightened when they heard that roar.

Anna and the guards were trying to appease them.

Even though the sounds were frightening and they all had frightened expressions, there was still calmness in their eyes.

They had faith that their Overlord could lead them through any crisis.

After tonight’s battle, they might need to rebuild their homes, but as long as Lord Marvin was there, there would be hope.

The current Marvin was someone who could create miracles, in the eyes of White River Valley’s inhabitants.

"Mommy, I also want to go out and fight bad people with Lord Marvin." A young voice echoed from the depths of the cave.

It came from a cute little girl. Her skin was a little rough, probably because she was born in a peasant household.

Anna walked over and gently hugged the little girl and rubbed her head. "Good kid. Wait until you grow up and you’ll be able to."

After saying this she turned to the crowd in the cave and grimly said, "Although I don’t know what kind of enemies appeared tonight, Lord Marvin is working hard to protect this land."

"Everyone probably has heard about the Twin Snakes Cult. This is a group of extremely vicious evil followers. But Lord Marvin invited many friendly experts, we have to trust him."

"We just need to stay here and wait for dawn."

"Dawn will soon come, believe me."

On the river bank and frozen river side.

The melee struggle between the Bear and the Devil Fish was still underway!

Marvin had the upper hand. The Bear’s strength was originally greater than that of the fish, so with the Dragon Strength bonus, it made h!im quite overpowered.

But what made Marvin worried was that the Devil Fish’s defense was too abnormal!

He ruthlessly slapped and swiped and the Devil Fish could only silently bear it.

But after such a long time, only a few bruises had appeared on that guy.

There was no way to kill him with that kind of vitality!

Marvin’s transformation had a time limit, and so did Dragon Strength and Berserk Beast.

And what made Marvin feel even more annoyed was that even if the Devil Fish transformation of the Crimson Patriarch was a relatively weak doppelganger, he also knew some Divine Spells for fleeing!

Marvin was familiar with the starting motions of the Divine Spells, thus he was carefully watching the Patriarch’s movements.


Another slap staggered the Devil Fish, making him collapse on the riverbank.

Another Divine Spell interrupted!

The Asuran Bear unhesitantly pounced on it.

He couldn’t give any chance to the Crimson Patriarch. He raised both hands and hugged the Devil Fish before body slamming it!


A huge hole was created on the soft riverbank.

‘Damn. He really has thick skin…’ Marvin could feel his own strength slowly diminishing.

With his strength diminishing, if he kept dragging out the fight, he would have no chance of success.

‘Hurry up!’ He felt somewhat worried.

On the other hand, the Crimson Patriarch was also in an extremely painful situation.

This Devil Fish doppelganger was originally good at fighting in water. If Hathaway hadn’t frozen the river, he could have toyed with the Asuran Bear.

But the Legend Wizard’s spell instantly made him lose his advantage.

He could only let Marvin trample on him!

He was thrown left and right by a Bear, how could it be a pleasurable experience!

Although his defensive power was very strong and his Constitution very high, it still felt terrible.

He was the lofty Twin Snakes’ Patriarch, second only to the World Ending Twin Snakes.

But he was actually being thrown around like that by a stupid bear? This was simply intolerable.

But he couldn’t do anything about it.

His Divine Spells would be interrupted every time they were about to be cast.

This big stupid bear appeared clumsy, but each attack had such frightening timing.

This instant spell Life Severing Shriek had already been used, and Void Shift couldn’t be used in Devil Fish’s form...

He had already fallen into a vicious circle.

Want to use Divine Spells? Interrupted. Want to fight back? Flipped over. Want to flee? Overtaken...

The Crimson Patriarch quickly collapsed on the ground!

Countless ideas spread through his mind, but he couldn’t find any way to escape.

The worst part was that this Bear seemed to know everything about him. Every move was easily seen through by the Bear.

This was such a shitty feeling!

But Auzin still had hope.

Because he could feel that this bear had reached that realm through special means.

His strength was slowly declining.

Auzin was waiting for an opportunity, a chance to escape.

The Bear was wheezing more and more often. He pushed the Devil Fish under his body, wanting to dig out his eyes, but Auzin closed his eyes and his eyelids were tough. The Bear’s claws were unable to break through!

Both sides were locked in a tough stalemate.


Endless Ocean’s voice resounded in the night sky.

"Got it." Constantine smoothly stepped to the side, avoiding the attack of a Basilisk’s head, his firearms continuously shooting at the spot where the Basilisk’s heads split!

Because Inheim killed the Goshawk, only two heads were left.

Endless Ocean used a spell to lock one of the heads. The other head was crazily spraying a light yellow poison mist.

But Endless Ocean’s Warding Wind immediately dispersed the poison mist without leaving any traces.

"Hurry up!" Endless Ocean took a look at the fight in the distance. She knew Marvin wouldn’t be able to last long.

Constantine also knew about this.

But the Basilisk was the main body of the Crimson Patriarch, and was thus the strongest. His Divine Spells kept being cast one by one. If not for Endless Ocean continuously helping him out, Constantine might have already suffered defeat!

The Basilisk’s defensive power was also extremely strong.

Constantine’s firearms and bullets were enchanted, and each bullet was cast from fine gold! The cost was frightening.

If it was another monster, it would have already been full of holes.

But there were only bruises on the Basilisk’s neck.

This defensive power was too outstanding...

‘Hathaway is definitely worthy of being called a Seer, she didn’t deceive me.’ Constantine thought.

He ground his teeth, revealing a extremely pained expression.

‘I can only use that thing.’

The next moment, he jumped and dodged the Basilisk’s attack while putting away his two pistols.

He nimbly leapt onto the Basilisk’s head and slid down his neck.

Suddenly, his body stopped, as if his feet were glued to the Basilisk body.

There was a bruise at that spot!

"Damn, forcing me to use the Demon Slaying Sword. Auzin, you are already dead!"

Constantine put both hands together in a praying position, before separating them. A light gray greatsword suddenly appeared from his palm!

The Basilisk apparently felt a threat and began to violently shake, trying to dislodge him.

But Endless Ocean had quickly coordinated with Constantine!

[Legend Divine Spell – Swamp Prison]!

The area around the Basilisk suddenly collapsed as soft soil tightly grabbed his body.

Constantine slowly raised his Demon Slaying Sword high up, his body excessively twisting, before slashing with that greatsword toward the Basilisk’s bruise!

A cryptic rune suddenly flashed on the Demon Slaying Sword.

The edge of the greatsword silently cut through the Basilisk’s neck, directly cutting down the main head!


A weird noise echoed. Because of the main head being cut off, the entire Basilisk’s body quickly turned into stone.

The stone shattered into countless pieces. The Demon Slaying Sword in Constantine’s hand suddenly left his hands and flew up. It turned into a shooting star flying toward the north!

"Truly stingy… I won’t be able to borrow it another time."

Constantine mumbled while walking out from the remains of Auzin’s body, a pained expression on his face.

The Demon Slaying Sword was the best thing he had. He had managed to borrow it for three uses and he just used it for the third time.

After being used, it would return to someone else.

‘That was a half-artifact…’

"Go!" Endless Ocean urged, "Marvin is almost at his limit."

In the wilderness, the Legend trio was surrounding the Shadow Prince.

"Regardless of what you want to do, I’ll at most lose one doppelganger tonight, and one of you will definitely remain behind forever!" Glynos gloomily said.

He then suddenly turned fuzzy!

His target was Hathaway!

But at that time, ten light blue crystals suddenly appeared on Hathaway’s chest!

‘Space-Time Diamonds!’

Glynos’ pupils shrank and his heartbeat suddenly sped up.

His body was locked in place!

[Legend Spell – Space-Time Bind]!

This was one of the frightening spells she mastered after advancing to Legend. But this spell had extreme requirements to be cast. It needed Space-Time Diamonds as casting materials, with each cast consuming one!

‘So what if you have Space-Time Bind?’

‘My avatar also has Divine Power, it has a great resistance toward this kind of spell!’

‘Twenty seconds of Space-Time Bind would at most bind me for two seconds!’

That was what the Shadow Prince was thinking.

But what happened next thoroughly exceeded his expectations.

The Space-Time Diamonds on Hathaway’s chest disappeared one after the other.

Her face also looked a bit pale.

In less than three seconds, she actually used [Space-Time Bind] no less than ten times!

In other words, even if the Divine Power resistance kicked in, because of the ten layered spells he would still be confined for twenty seconds!

After casting the final spell, Hathaway weakly fell on the ground!

She had already used all her strength.

"What are you trying to do!?" The Shadow Prince was somewhat panicking.

He looked toward Inheim, but how could he have thought that Inheim wouldn’t move.

"Hehe… Is it finally my turn?"

"How many years have I gone without making a move, I wonder how many people remember…"

"The title of the first to steal from a god!"

Owl came over while evilly laughing. In an instant, fifteen paper doll doppelgangers appeared!

Including Owl, a total of sixteen Shadow Thieves threw themselves at the Shadow Prince and began to crazily caress Glynos!

[Legend Steal]

The Shadow Prince’s face turned green!


The first second, his clothes and underwear were snatched away, directly thrown into the wilderness.

The next second, the portrait of the goddess his was so fond off was snatched and exposed on the ground.

The sixteen Shadow Thieves crazily worked together on the immobilized Shadow Prince!

Countless hands were naughtily fondling the Shadow Prince godly body.

It already couldn’t be considered as fighting!

This was fucking filthy!


The Shadow Prince felt like he was going insane!

These short twenty seconds felt like an endless era.

As the Shadow Thief Owl was creepily laughing, his things were snatched and messily thrown on the ground, regardless of whether they were useful or useless.

At the eleventh second, a pair of wings suddenly appeared in the Shadow Thief’s hands.

Before he could examine them the pair of wings suddenly flew up toward the Heavens!

"An artifact…" Owl sneered, and without saying anything else, kept putting his hands on the Shadow Prince’s body.

Inheim was simply coldly watching the Shadow Prince.

The reason he looked for Owl and Hathaway wasn’t to kill the Shadow Prince, nor to humiliate him, but to steal something from him.

Time Molt!

There were seven seconds left. Owl began to sweat a bit. The pressure of Legend Steal was very high.

The Shadow Prince stood naked in the wilderness, as cold wind blew on his body.

At the same time, sixteen wretched men were continuously fondling his body.

This made him feel so sullen.

He kind of wanted to cry.

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