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The Asuran Bear roared while running across the river bank.

He had thrown a potion in his mouth before starting to run!

"Crash!""Crash!" He completely ignored the glass bottle and directly chewed on it!

Dragon Strength!

And he had also roughly torn the scroll in his left hand.

This came from the old Blacksmith Sean, and was called [Berserk Beast]. Its effect was to substantially increase a beast or a monster’s strength and could almost increase it by a whole rank!

In other words, with the combined effects of Dragon Strength and Berserk Beast, Marvin’s strength suddenly approached the Legend realm!

The torn scroll emitted a weak yellow light and wrapped up around Marvin.

The Asuran Bear’s silhouette then grew up, reaching about six meters from its original three meters. Its fur also stood straight, like steel needles!

His eyes turned crimson.


The Asuran Bear fiercely pounced on the Great Fish on the frozen river!

"Bang!" The ice shattered, creating a huge hole. The two of them were entangled in a fierce struggle!

The Crimson Patriarch felt that today was absolutely crazy.

He had just thought that he would be safe after the two Legends disappeared.

But just as he focused his attention on the place the meteor landed, he was suddenly surprised by an Asuran Bear pouncing on him.

He knew of Asuran Bears.

But this was the first time he saw such a berserk Asuran Bear!

The Crimson Patriarch’s Great Fish doppelganger was roughly at the Legend level. It was safe to say that he should be stronger than the berserk Asuran Bear in a fight.

But a real battle wasn’t mere theory.

The Devil Fish had short legs. Even if his defense was good and his ways of attacking extremely diverse, he was completely not the match of a bear!

This was the importance of choosing the monster to shapeshift into. Bears were just under Dragons, Behemoths and Titans in their physical combat abilities.


Marvin slapped, making the Crimson Patriarch dizzy.

The Crimson Patriarch was smacked into a crack in the frozen river and was unable to move!

The Asuran Bear then fiercely sat down on him!


This time, not only did it make the White River shake. The entire White River Valley felt a small earthquake!

"Bold move! Truly a kid not scared of death."

In the castle attic, the old blacksmith was holding a cup of red wine while leisurely looking at the two monsters fighting on the White River in the distance.

Jane was sitting next to him, wearing a white dress, her eyes somewhat worryingly looking at that place.

"I’ve never seen such a frightening thing," she softly whispered. "You never let me see that kind of thing before."

"I wanted to protect you." The old blacksmith took a sip of wine and clicked his tongue. "The stock in this kid’s castle isn’t bad. Coming here isn’t a loss."

Jane had an heavy expression.

Sean hurriedly said, "But it’s different now. I admit, even if that kid doesn’t want to live, his words are correct."

"Times are changing. There are some things you want to hide, but won’t be able to hide."

"I wanted to protect you, but recently I am somewhat powerless. We all have things we want to protect and that would give us the strength to move forward. Yeah, see that kid? He is desperately fighting with that Devil Fish because he has people and things to protect."

"That is one of the two Patriarchs of the Twin Snakes Cult; killing him would definitely make the other one appear."

"He is fully aware of this and still made such a detailed plan. I never saw a youth with such confidence before."

"He did so much and in my opinion, it’s very reckless."

"However… I do like that kind of person."

Jane carefully reflected on the old blacksmith words before suddenly asking, "Since you like him so much, why are you sitting here drinking?"


The old blacksmith choked because of his daughter and his face immediately flushed red.

He patted his old leg and pretended to sigh, "Can’t go. I don’t have the qualifications to participate in that level of battle ever since that battle with the Black Dragon."

"I can only sit here and pray for that kid. Hoping the Night Monarch blesses him."

Jane rolled her eyes, clearly not convinced by the old blacksmith’s words.

The latter helplessly shrugged.

Jane didn’t notice his eyes flashing with a hint of sorrow.

Along with a hint of anger.

The meteor streaked across the sky, falling in the wilderness south of the Shrieking Mountain Range.

This area was one of the few uninhabited regions all of Feinan. It was close to the Spider Crypt, but also close to the Northern Mine.

From the huge crater a shadow crawled out with difficulty.

"Damn. This Great me has to do such a thankless job every time."

"Shitty War God! Still wanting to snatch my [Time Molt]. If that fool was allowed to descend, he would simply be eliminated by those Wizards."

"These brainless gods don’t know what happened in Feinan’s Fourth Era after they got sealed. Fucking got pressured into teaming up with them and now they want to attack the Universe Magic Pool in a rush. Not doing much and wanting the Fate Tablet while not offending the Wizard God? Bah! How could there be such an easy thing!"

Shadow Prince Glynos crawled out of the crater while swearing.

His body was somewhat distorting. This was because this avatar had yet to adapt to Feinan’s atmosphere.

‘No good, I have to leave immediately.’

He rested where he was for a moment before he considered that this place wasn’t as safe as he remembered.

‘That nutjob Legend Monk. Now that I’ve borrowed the [Delusion Wing], if I meet him again I’ll seal him forever in the Delusion World.’

He slowly stood up from the ground, fury flashing through his eyes.

Being chased by a Legend as a God was already very humiliating. And despite being widely known as the rogue god of escape, he was actually unable to escape an idiot Monk’s pursuit. This was a huge blow to his pride. After his avatar was destroyed, he had his fair share of mockery from the other New Gods.

At that time, he claimed he wouldn’t return to Feinan again due to his anger. And the numerous New Gods didn’t raise an objection.

They instead demanded that he hand over the [Time Molt] artifact that could let him go to and from Feinan. This artifact was said to have been forged from the moltings of a Time Worm.

This was the only known artifact that could allow his owner to freely move between Feinan and the Heavens.

The Shadow Prince naturally didn’t agree. Both sides were in a deadlock for a long time and the Barbarian War God eventually launched a large scale attack on Glynos’ God Realm!

The Shadow Prince didn’t have many friends and didn’t have a way to ward him off. However, if his main body wanted to escape, the other gods wouldn’t be able to catch him!

He directly closed his God Realm and disappeared for some time.

In the end, the gods reached a compromise.

They appeased the War God and the other deities who had something against the Shadow Prince, while borrowing the [Delusion Wing] from the Dream God.

This artifact was specially designed to restrain Monks. The higher the willpower, the easier they would be to seal.

Thus, Glynos had three artifacts: Delusion Wing, Time Molt, as well as Nightfall.

This was very unfathomable for a New God. Most New Gods don’t even have a single artifact, instead only having incomplete artifacts.

Thus after coming back to Feinan, the Shadow Prince was brimming with confidence!

With three artifacts in hands plus Divine Pressure, he didn’t believe that Legend Monk would still be able to defeat him!

Thinking of this, a hint of a smile appeared on his gloomy face.

A list of people he had to kill flashed through his mind before he stopped on one name, the one he previously failed to kill.


It was said that this woman was a Seer and could see into the future, even peering into the gods’ secrets.

‘Can’t leave her alive.’ Her appearance flashed before his eyes.

And Hathaway suddenly appeared in front of him.


The Shadow Prince stared blankly as he had a bad feeling! He saw through Hathaway’s level in one glance.

Legend Wizard!

This woman had actually advanced to become a Legend Wizard in such a short time!

"The Book of Nalu…" His originally gloomy expression turned even uglier.

The Book of Nalu was really extraordinary. It actually let her rise to Legend in such a short time.

But so what if she became a Legend?

Anthony was extremely powerful and he still managed to assassinate him, even if that assassination had gone a bit differently from how he’d calculated.

But Hathaway was only someone who recently advanced to Legend.

He could still easily kill her!

"Long time no see, Glynos." Hathaway calmly looked at the Shadow Prince covered in dust.

"You aren’t that bold." The Shadow Prince looked around, "There are others I presume…"

Before he finished his words, a silhouette dropped from the sky with a bang!

Inheim emotionlessly appeared behind Glynos.

"Fuck!" Glynos let out when he saw Inheim.

"Don’t worry Glynos, the true protagonist has yet to appear."

A joking voice echoed from the side.

Shadow Thief Owl was looking at Glynos, his hands behind his back as he smiled.

‘Shadow Thief, three Legends…’

‘Damn, the Universe Magic Pool’s Divination magic has obviously been sealed. Could someone have leaked my whereabouts?’

The Shadow Prince was extremely sullen!

He had used a great amount of divine power with great difficulty to come to Feinan. And just when he arrived and there were already three Legends waiting!

What is this shit?

"Glynos, don’t think of escaping, I already sealed this place’s connection to the Shadow Plane."

"You are already trapped," Hathaway said with disdain.

Glynos sneered, "You mortals are really underestimating gods too much!"

"Even if I die here today, there will soon be stronger guys descending!"

"You can’t stop fate!"

Inheim took a step forward and indifferently said, "We can’t stop fate, but we can stop you."

Hathaway also nodded, "You think we really need three Legends to stop you? Because Mister Inheim can do that on his own."

Glynos frowned and suddenly had a bad feeling.

At that time, Owl stretched and said while still smiling, "I already told you."

"Tonight, I am the main character."

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